Harvard Law Mock Trial: Jury Votes Bragg 6, Linden Lab 3

by Alphaville Herald on 06/02/07 at 11:06 am


Since our interview with Bragg Attorney Jason Archinaco we’ve heard plenty of pontificating about the Bragg vs. Linden Lab case from the breathtakingly uninformed, but what would happen if a group of Harvard Law students held a mock trial? What would the jury decide? What would be the nature of their deliberations. Well, now we know. Virtually Blind sums up the deliberations thus:

The nine-member mock jury held 8-1 that Bragg was the owner of the virtual property he purchased. It also found 7-2 that Bragg’s exploit was improper, justifying Linden Lab’s decision to take the property that he acquired using the exploit. However, on the question that is arguably at the heart of this dispute, the mock jury found 6-3 that Linden Lab was not justified in taking property that Bragg had acquired without using the exploit.

There is a transcript of the jury deliberations here, and the course wiki is here. Valuable stuff and well worth the read.

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