Vox Lindeni

by prokofy on 27/02/07 at 10:49 pm

Mastersvoice Francis Barraud, His Master’s Voice.

By Prokofy Neva, Dept. of Linden Trees Falling in the Simulated Forest And No One Hearing Them

The Lindens’ announcement that they’re going to add voice to Second Life will likely be met with mixed responses.

In the typical upbeat LL fashion, the Blob tells us that “many” residents wanted to have voice, but in fact this isn’t something we can determine accurately that “most” wanted. Those who truly need voice within SL tend to use Skype, Shoutcast servers, Ventrillo, etc. already. But having it Always On will pose problems for significant numbers.

First, the price tag. We knew when the Lindens said they were “grandfathering the island tiers for a year” that we should count the silverware. We just didn’t think that it would mean they’d add on new features, and then say, oh, you can’t have that new feature unless you pony up the new full freight now. So if you want your island voicified — and the cybering masses may want this or come to feel as if they need this — you’ll have to increase their rent by 50 percent likely, or go out of business, because now you’ll have $295 tier, not $195 tier per month. Mercifully, you may not have to make this radical choice; it seems that IMs between two people can go to voice without having to have the feature on the land where they’re located.

Whenever I think of the voice issue, I think of Richard Bartle’s marvelous essay, “Not Yet, You Fools!” an anti-voice piece about X-box, on gamegirl.advance. It’s perfection. Voice breaks immersion. He’s absolutely right. Here you are all slaying dragons and saving damsels from distress and all of a sudden, thunk, the damsel turns out to be a male trucker, the dragon is your Mom, and you’re bashfully aware that you flat Midwestern accent doesn’t have that Harry Potter plumminess that you imagine your game in, while dashing around a pre-Enlightenment landscape.

The eggheads at Terra Nova talked about this as “Mike Fright”, and while recognizing that voicing breaks the magic circle, they were all for the team-speak of Team Speak because, well, they’re gamerz over there and they got used to X-box.

But you know, we’re not doing NASA flight simulation or organizing raids in WoW as complex as air-traffic controlling a hive of bees through a sieve. We’re just playing Second Life.

We all know who “needs” voice. The Lindens do, first of all. They need it because they want to be like There, WoW, X-Box, and whatever else is out there that either has voice right in the client or uses voice services more routinely than Second Life. They also want to sound like they are really Business-Ready and Business-Savvy and nothing says “Business” like “A Conference Call”. But when Second Life turns out to be nothing more than a conference call, will it be as cool?

And we all know how doesn’t need voice — the deaf, the transgendered, the shy, the insecure, the old, the foreign. That is, all the people who have Second Lives unlike their first lives — and we’re about to find out just how many of us there are like that.

But there will be a lot more conundrums and inconveniences coming along with this voice thing that we haven’t all worked through.

Let’s take the live music. The beauty of a Frogg Marlowe and Jaycatt Nino concert, of course, is that they talk live to you while playing live music. You’re on the keyboard, and Jaycatt’s on the keyboard, but they’re different keyboards.

You can’t interrupt their singing and playing with your own ridiculous voicing inappropriately while they are trying to play. Or…you can, of course, because they may opt to turn ambient world noise off and just play, but then the rest of the venue’s patrons are stuck with you if you voice, just as they are stuck with your clattering keys because you didn’t use the /Harvard Hush backslash, or stuck with your “Ohhh yaaaeah” dumbass noiseclips.

Just like it can be kind of a jarring and unsettling experience flying over the world and listening to 101 god-awful mass-taste horrid radio stations and blasting music of all sorts, so the cacophany of voices may be such a din that you’ll turn it off.

We might see the emergence of type-only sims or communities or events. “She’s a typist,” may come to be a disparagement in some circles, impugning her RL female gender status, or it may become the hallmark of refinement and intelligence — we shall see!

And the big wildcard is performance, lag, visibility or audibility (is that a word?). The Lindens hint at possible trouble by saying you might notice a bit of reduction in speed. That’s their way of admitting that adding voice may be as big a show-stopper for some people’s systems as adding audio and video for movies and music has been. If even they admit there might be trouble — look out! We’ll see. Let’s hope they’ll be truthful about this.

I, for one, am personally unhappy about the move to voice, for obvious reasons. When I came to Second Life, as when I came to the Sims Online, I opted to chose an avatar of the opposite gender because I can. That’s all the reason you need. “The community” as the slathering jackals on various vicious forums describe themselves, have opted to hack and slash at this, first unlawfully outing my RL gender on the official forums, with the Lindens belatedly awarding only mild wrist-slaps, then continually pilloring me and harassing me endlessly for this choice, trying to use it as a lever to prevent my dissent or humiliate me in some way. It’s an astounding double standard, as male-to-female transgendered like Torley get nothing like that sort of harassment. However, it’s a choice I continue to defend, and refuse to yield on, though everything that Second Life has been about for me, whether forums or SLCC or packs of griefing asstards, has tried to erode this. Being forced to use a voice in a virtual world, something not of my choice, against my will — because people in business will all be forced to do this — feels like the ultimate blow. It won’t be — but you do get tired of this crap after awhile.

It’s a sad day when a virtual world, which is supposed to be special, which is supposed to have a magic circle even if it isn’t a game, which is supposed to be about freedom and creativity, makes you do something against your will. There will be many, many others more anonymous than me who will keep typing and therefore endlessly invite suspicion and speculation.

Most of all, what I dislike about this is that it is not truly Vox Populi, the voice of the people. Nobody clamoured for it. It’s a Linden thing. It’s not *necessary*. There are 1000 issues that should be solved before this — like not taking inworld accounts history out of the viewer, like improving FPS and grey squares and being able to teleport. Are they counting on voice to tide them over the worsening performance issues, so that we will be talking to each other because the teleporter won’t be working much of the time?!

Check out the Features Voting Tool and it tells the story about “Voice” in Second Life.

There are five proposals having to do with the word “voice”.

o Prop 2839 has a mere 80 votes from a tiny number of 27 people supporting voice chat in Second Life.
o Prop 2616 calls for voice adjustment meaning the distance at which your typing is “heard” in the existing SL system.
o Prop 2604 talks about people who “have no voice” who are against propositions becuse there is no “no” vote (I have a proposition on this subject, too, as a half dozen others do — one of the deep flaws of the voter system)
o Prop 2186 also has 74 for voice chat from a mere 25 voters because they wish to know “who is an adult and who is a kid”. Hey, watch the grid empty out? And the ageplayers evaporate? That would be nice.
o Prop 2135 is a repeat asking for “hearing back” on a voice proposition, with 15 votes.
o Prop 2111 is a proposal again referring to the lack of voice meaning the lack of a “no” vote, this time with 18 votes from 13 voters.

Telling, eh? And in predictable fashion, the Lindens are defaulting the whole mainland to voice, with an opt-out, just like they defaulted to push, though in fact we may find that the voiced may be a distinct minority. In any event, only 52 people happened to vote for this as far as we know — the rest clearly have other priorities — as the fact that three out of the six “voice” proposals illustrate. They didn’t have to do with RL voice audibility, but having the real voice we need to have in Second Life — a real say in what features are developed and put in the client.

141 Responses to “Vox Lindeni”

  1. like_ummm

    Mar 1st, 2007

    Actually that previous post – that was sarcasm. Actually, I think you are a f*ken dick.

  2. Wayfinder Wishbringer

    Mar 1st, 2007

    JaT, I apologize in advance, but I can’t help point this out in this one instance:

    For a guy who supposedly makes other people dance to his tune and plays other people like puppets– you seem to be oblivious to the fact that like_ummm is feeding you some of your own medicine. Man, you’re dancing like a moth on a hot plate.

    Just got through tellin’ ya… don’t call names, have respect, don’t lable, yet you totally ignore that and are right off again with the “valley girl” and twit nonsense. For someone who claims to be so aware of life, the universe and everything, JaT, you’re just not getting it. Do you understand that in all that “lecturing” I was actually trying to help?

    Now if you don’t care, that’s fine. Troll away. Dance away. Your life. I’m not likely to chastise Like for effective payback. LOL

    If ya wanna get in the game, stick to the thread. Ignore the taunts. Stop taunting others yourself. Clean up the act.

    Geez, I don’t need to be raising kids. LOL

  3. Just a Thought

    Mar 1st, 2007

    Wayfinder – I’ll be as blunt as possible on this one: When it comes to people like Umm – i don’t play nice, ever.

    :Yawn: and yes – I’m aware …. Thing of it is, I’ve got all the time in the world and quite frankly in this case it’s just like dealing with Prok. eventually – Umm will give up – just like Prok.

  4. Ordinal Malaprop

    Mar 1st, 2007

    Yes. Well. All that nonsense aside: the issue really is “will the introduction of voice affect those who don’t wish to use it for whatever reason?” and I believe that the answer to that is “no”. Voice chat is impractical for many of the functions that text is currently used for, and cannot replace it (co-ordinate three IM conversations plus a local chat? deal with a crowded sim where you can’t even scroll back to see what the hell someone said five seconds ago?)

    IRL, voice i.e. the phone has become just another communication channel and in many cases a defunct one compared to SMS, IM and email. It is only the dinosaurs and con-artists (or HR as we call them) who insist on using it for everything. I see no reason that it would take over in Second Life, merely become just another option, and an optional option at that.

    I do not wish to use voice chat, and I do not think that I will at all be forced to do so, thus: good luck to anyone who finds it convenient.

  5. not_like_ummm

    Mar 1st, 2007

    Well done like_ummm – you really pwned that mafugga. All he has left now is: ‘Oh boohoohoo – I hope he goes way soon’ – hahaha. And he’s still yawning! Its contagious you know :yawn:

  6. like_ummm

    Mar 1st, 2007

    Oh thanks not_like_ummm – You know you always give credit when credit’s due – I really do respect you for that you know. See you down the valley bra!

  7. not_not_like_ummm

    Mar 1st, 2007

    hmmm – I see what you did there.

  8. AddisonL

    Mar 1st, 2007

    Backing up to the voice thing.

    What is to stop someone from recording and using/selling your

    Given the hyper-sexual nature of SL, is anyone concerned about this?

    I have been investigating the possibility of starting a business in SL, but that is suspended until I see how voice
    effects the population. i do not think SL can keep profitability for the Lindens, let alone players, if this option becomes wide spread.

    I have been researching and found very little support for Voice among dedicated players. I do not understand why they
    insist on having it. I will never use it.


  9. Wayfinder Wishbringer

    Mar 1st, 2007

    AddisonL, if I may offer some unrequested advice: before investing in SL, examine RL options. There are very few Ansche’s. In the amount of time expended on an SL business, a RL investment can offer a much greater return… and it’s not prone to the raggedy program foundation of the SL platform.

    What with lost inventory, crashed asset servers, extremely counter-customer Linden Lab policies (basically “you’re on your own, bub”), repeated bugs, hackers taking advantage of the same vulnerabilities time and time again, etc etc… investing in SL is like carrying a basket of eggs while walking barefoot on glass.

    No investment is 100% safe. But at best, SL is a questionable investment with low returns, high risk and lots of headaches.

  10. Cocoanut Koala

    Mar 1st, 2007

    A nice guy is a nice guy even after he gets fed up or loses his patience. In fact, that is the test of a nice guy.

    And if he does on occasion stop being nice due to losing his patience, he generally apologizes after cooling off. That is, if he really IS a nice guy.


  11. Nacon

    Mar 2nd, 2007

    Wayfinder said: “You don’t have to be a jerk to get a point across. If you choose to act like a jerk anyway– who cares what point you’re trying to make? Grow up guys.”

    O_o! Guys? What guys? I thought you were talking to me, I’m only one person… who the fuck is guys?

    Hmm, interesting.

    Just a Thought said: “With that in mind Wayfinder we come to the part I am not repeating – you’ll either get it and understand or you won’t. are you paying attention? Here we go: I frankly do not give a damn how old you are, what your world view is, what your opinion of Humanity is, or anything at all that relates to any of the prior listed items. To me, you’re just another useless piece of trash living in a fantasy world where everyone looks out for each other (which only happens when the race or society as a whole is threatened)and deserve the treatment afforded such until such a time as you prove you’re not worthless. ”

    God damn… he beat me to it. However, I don’t think I could’ve said any better than that. Thumbs up, JaT.

    Wayfinder said: “I’m a realist.” …realist emo, yes… that I only can agree upon.

    Wayfinder said: “Standard netiquette: * Don’t call names. * Don’t use labels. * Don’t get personal. * Stick to the subject. * Don’t insult others. * Respect opinions, whether you agree with them or not.”

    Huh… interesting. Didn’t you already called me a tard? Labeled me as a troll? Actually got personal few times in here and there. Insulted me as a “monkey boy” and…. do you actually respect pervert’s opinions about ageplay too?

    Holy fuck… good job, Wayfinder.

    Seriously… you’re not old enough to play this game and don’t… I mean really DON’T pretend you have Ph`D.

    *crosses his fingers, hoping Wayfinder can take a can of “STFU” stew and let us get back on the original topic …which we seem to forget what was it about*

    AddisonL Said: “What is to stop someone from recording and using/selling your conversations?”

    GIVE THAT MAN A GOLD MEDAL! Yes, that’s a very good question…. well uhh… just don’t screw up.
    Honestly, I don’t think the voice feature would get abused in the long run. At first week or month, people will be goofing off with it… but after a while, it’ll become a boring feature… Just like the Flexi-prim hypes back in July of 2006. There was a lot of giant sperm moments back then, but now seem be to ….uhh, dried up.

  12. Wayfinder Wishbringer

    Mar 2nd, 2007

    And again, another troll shoots off his mouth. And no Nacon, I didn’t call you a tard. I richocheted your own insults right back your direction. And yes, I do respect the opinions of people who are pro-ageplay. I may not respect their deeds, but they are entitled to their opinions. That’s the difference between you and me. You respect no one and nothing but your own opinions, which you shove down people’s throats on a daily basis.

    Sorry the “monkey boy” label offended you. It was a joke from the movie “Buckaroo Banzai”. As intelligent as you claim to be, I thought you’d pick up on that reference. It was meant to be satrirical, not insulting.

    And as for calling you a troll, dude, that was a statement of obvious fact… one that you continue to prove with just about every post you put on these blogs. So rather than telling other people to grow up, might try a dose of that yourself. If you can’t blog without flaming, hang it up, monkey boy.

    Oops. Bad dog, Wayfinder. XD

  13. AddisonL

    Mar 2nd, 2007

    Wayfinder, I dont mind your advice.

    Fortunately, I have also been investigating other types of online business because, even if I do start anything in SL, it will be on a very limited basis.

    I dont think I have any Anshe Chung aspirations, but I would have liked to experiment with an SL business and see what happened. I thought it might be a good way to apply some of the marketing and astistic skills I have been learning in real life.

    This move to VC underscores your point about the lack of stability and dependability. The Lindens seem to be recklessly pursueing the “latest thing” to tout in advertising without really considering all the implications.

    I think the Voice Chat sound bite will attract newbies, but I don’t think they will stay and become engaged in the game.

    I can understand the introdction of voice for the corporate and educational angle, but I don’t think it will benefit anyone else. I hope, like others have stated, it will become an annoying feature that a few people use and most ignore. Otherwise, it is the end of the game.

  14. Just a Thought

    Mar 2nd, 2007

    coco – I apologize when it is due and to whom it is warranted.

    I do not apologize to immature internet twits with nothing better to do that go around forums and the like with the sole intent of causing trouble – which is what people like the twit who cannot even change his/her E-Mail Address between false posts do all the time.

    Funny part of it is? The twit actually thinks he/she is geting somewhere …

    Ah well, back to the topic at hand….

    second Life is no different from any newer venture – there are risks involved. If you are not willing to accept those risks, don’t put your money into it.

  15. Cocoanut Koala

    Mar 2nd, 2007

    There is a third option: One can put one’s money in something and ALSO do what one can to try to reduce those risks.

    In other words, either give your money and shut up or don’t give your money and shut up aren’t the only options.

    When people are doing when they express their opinions is trying to ultimately reduce those risks.


  16. Wayfinder Wishbringer

    Mar 2nd, 2007

    >I do not apologize to immature internet twits with nothing better to do that go around forums and the like with the sole intent of causing trouble – which is what people like the twit who cannot even change his/her E-Mail Address between false posts do all the time. — JaT< JaT, the only problem here (and I’m not flaming here, so don’t misunderstand) is that the only ones here that think there are “twits” on this board seem to be you and Nacon. And you’ve had three different people now call both of you down for it. Yet both of you still insist that you’re in the right. Coco said it: people do have a right to voice their opinions without someone calling them an idiot for doing so. Once that starts– there’s only one idiot in the blog– and that’s the one with the attitude.

    The person you’re angry with (so far as I can tell) is guilty of nothing but echoing the same attitudes and methods right back at you two… and with equal or better skill. But like I said before– it takes no real skill to be a troll. That’s why it’s called “Trolling”… trolls are all mouth and no brains. That’s why most people find it offensive.

    Now in your case– you’ve got some brains. That much is obvious. I’m sure Coco and Like would agree with me that we’d like to see the brains come through rather than the attitude– because then we could have a really interesting discussion. I don’t really care what your opinioins are– I don’t care whether they agree with mine or not– I’ll still enjoy such a discussion and will respect your opinions– so long as they are voiced with respect for others.

    You said above that you had gained respect for me… yet your messages insulted me every other sentence. All we can go on is what we see. You claim to be basically a nice guy? Then let’s see the nice guy show through. Let’s take it for granted you’ve been having a rough few days and put it behind… and have some fun discussing these issues without the flaming. That’s all we really want to see. And when that happens, you’ll be amazed at how friendly we’ll be in turn. ;)

    I’ll prefer making a friend over an enemy any day.

  17. Just a Thought

    Mar 2nd, 2007

    I’ll be as clear as possible on this one wayfinder – when someone decides to be so paranoid as to assume a person who does not often speak out against LL is one of their workers and refuses to see the reality and truth, even going so far as to make up excuse after excuse using false information to ‘support’ their claim …. they earn the title “twit”.

    Until such a time as Umm can prove he/she is not a twit – the label stays when addressing or referring to him/her.

    As for you – sorry …. as you can see there are times where I just don’t give a damn, and quite frankly a lot of people end up caught in the fire line.

  18. Wayfinder Wishbringer

    Mar 2nd, 2007

    JaT… I’m actually a little surprised at this… but it seems that you don’t realize Like doesn’t actually believe you’re a Linden Lab employee. Nor do I think Like believes you and Nacon are the same person (although on SL and any blog/forum, that’s always a possiblity).

    Like was just saying that to get your goat because you were sticking your thumb up other people’s noses– and he/she succeeded bigtime.

    I mean JaT, you were up there congratulating yourself and gloating in your opinion that you had everyone dancing to your tune (which obviously wasn’t teh case) and Like just decided to feed you your own medicine. You’ve been dancing ever since. Every time you call Like a twit… you’re still dancing… much to everyone’s amusement. Hey sorry for being blunt, but man, you had no concern for anyone else’s feelings, did you? Pomposity has a way of turning on a person, doesn’t it?

    Now mind you, I don’t condone Like’s actions. But I’m not going to condemn it either. To be blunt– you had it coming, in spades. I told you there were always consequences for actions but of course, by your own words, my opinion is garbage. So hey, keep on dancing. Wallow in it. But the way out of it is to wise up, change your attitude, and stop being an “intentional ass”.

    Like Coco said, nice guys quickly apologize for being asses at all, much less intentional ones. If you don’t think that’s good advice, that you’re too good for that and everyone else is a twit while you’re the only smart one in the group– well, stay in the gutter. As with every human on the face of this earth, it’s your choice. Always has been.

  19. Wayfinder Wishbringer

    Mar 2nd, 2007

    >As for you – sorry …. as you can see there are times where I just don’t give a damn, and quite frankly a lot of people end up caught in the fire line. — JaT<

    Oh, almost forgot about this. No, I didn’t ignore it… apology recognized. Hopefully more respectful postings accompany the sorry. That would be great.

  20. like_ummm

    Mar 2nd, 2007

    ‘I see Humanity for what it is – a waste of space. Thus far? Not a single person has managed to make me think otherwise – the exceptions are too few and far between.’

    People like this guy – they’ve grown up in an environment with no descent role-models, nobody has ever treated them with kindness or love – so it’s no surprise that they think everyone’s an asshole since they’ve never met anyone who is not. After a while – they cant see beyond themselves – and when they look at others all they can see is the worthless piece of sh*t that they themselves are.

    So heres’s one of those life-lesson’s you were talking about – this one’s for you: Just because you are a worthless piece of sh*t doesn’t mean everyone else is.

    Aahh well chin-up, stiff upper lip and all that – you have a life of being an asshole to look forward to – where everyone else in your life is also an asshole… your family, your friends, your children… :( But hey you can do it – you’re an internet tough guy.

  21. like_ummm

    Mar 2nd, 2007

    Don’t forget people:

    Nacon and Just a Thought are the same idiot employed by LoL Labs – LOL!

  22. not_like_ummm

    Mar 2nd, 2007

    ‘the twit who cannot even change his/her E-Mail Address between false posts’

    like_ummm – i thought you made it obvious to all that you were false posting when you posted as ‘not_like_ummm’. JaT – I’m sure you’ll aggree with me here – your stoopidity in missing this is astonishing!

  23. like_ummm

    Mar 2nd, 2007

    ‘Ah well, back to the topic at hand…’

    Hey JaT – look who’s trying to get the thread back on-topic now – LOL – you are running to your mommy and crying like a wittle baby – aaawww cute! U r sooo fun.

  24. Just a Thought

    Mar 2nd, 2007

    :Yawn: enough is enough …. Umm, please get a life and cease your little game. It stopped being amusing around the time you started being paranoid (acting or not, I frankly don’t give a damn).

    Oh – and please, in the future kindly refrain from spouting off as if you actually know anything about people and where they get their world view from: try, you know, thinking or even asking the person next time.

    Oh – and thanks again: Net etiquette rule – never attempt to counter a person by mimicking them … Just shows a lack of maturity.

    Yet another reason wayfinder has my respect …. and why you’re a twit.

  25. Wayfinder Wishbringer

    Mar 2nd, 2007

    OK, just to be fair… let’s stop flaming on both sides and at least give JaT a second chance… if he wants one.

  26. like_ummm

    Mar 2nd, 2007

    ‘enough is enough …. Umm’ – how do you spell pwned?
    ‘It stopped being amusing around the time you started being paranoid.’ It stopped being amusing for you, obviously – for me – i was just getting started.
    I will not kindly refrain from nuthin dear sir.
    Looking for allies again huh? You better come up with another username if you want an ally.

  27. Just a Thought

    Mar 2nd, 2007

    Bah – Wayfinder as far as I’m concerned Umm lost the chance to earn any amount of respect …. at least from me.

    As far as a ‘second chance’ goes …. This isn’t a bloody message board. I can guarantee you that another topic for which I hold a strong opinion is going to show up and I can guarantee that it’ll degenerate as they all do …. I can say this as a fact simply because I’ve seen it happen several times before and half the time it’s become such without my involvement. Other times I’m the one in the cross hairs.

    All I can say is this … You’d be better off reacting the same way I do (until given sufficient motive to do otherwise) …. on a post by post basis.

  28. like_ummm

    Mar 2nd, 2007

    alright wayfinder – aggreed.

  29. Wayfinder Wishbringer

    Mar 2nd, 2007

    But JaT, as a note, your reactions to Like’s posts are identical to our reactions to your posts. So now you know why such things are so counter-productive. The basic concept is to state one’s opinion while respecting the right of others to state theirs– no matter how opposed those opinions might be. I’ll readily tell a guy I think he’s wrong. I hopefully don’t insult him personally for daring to have such an opinion. That’s where the line is drawn. And if I ever cross it, I hope I have the courtesy to step back a pace.

    Now mind you, if a guy intentionally lies and slanders, I’ll get right back in his face, as he deserves. But a statement of opinion? I don’t care if he proclaims the wonders of serial murder– if he’s earnest, we should discuss it with him respectfully.

  30. Wayfinder Wishbringer

    Mar 2nd, 2007

    >alright wayfinder – aggreed. — Posted by: like_ummm <

    Well Like, at least we tried. An honorable response on your part, regardless. Some people just don’t get it… and never learn.

  31. like_ummm

    Mar 2nd, 2007

    wayfinder – about protest.

    I am the same as you – I would love to get involved in something – but i dont have the spare time or energy or perhaps know-how to be the main organiser of such a thing. Who has?

    Hey i know! JaT is always on about how he has nothing better to do!

  32. Nacon

    Mar 2nd, 2007

    …Wayfinder, finish your can of “STFU” stew and I don’t speak for JaT.
    (I don’t know who the fuck he is.)

    Now it’s interesting that you’re accusing on people, JaT and me as the same person because you can’t handle the pressure that we both just happened to press against you, thought it would be easier to accuse us something to get your way out.

    Meaning, you’re still an idiot.

    Good luck with finger pointing going on which no one is going to believe anyway.

    However, if you DO have a problem with me, I’m sure you can leave JaT out of it, he’s not using his SL name or whatever for any reason (to keep dickhead like you from finding him out)… you can pay me a visit in SL, like a fine gentleman that you “claims” to be and talk it out like a real man would do… Not wahh wahh wahhhh, crying like a beaten up baby elf.

    And that’s just too bad that I don’t play nice with someone who isn’t soft, retarded, weak, fragile, girly-girl or someone who can’t take shit for shit. Jesus! Look like the topic went dead.

  33. Wayfinder Wishbringer

    Mar 2nd, 2007

    You know Nacon, for someone who calls other people “idiot” all the time, strikes me somewhat humorous that you failed to comprehend that it was Like, not me, that was saying you and JaT were the same person.

    I’m pretty sure JaT isn’t you. For one thing, JaT does have some level of intelligence. And JaT, although abrassive, doens’t act like a spoiled 12 year old with a god complex.

    Now, run along and play with your Gameboy like a nice little troll.

  34. Nacon

    Mar 2nd, 2007

    …and who’s pretending to be an elf?

  35. Wayfinder Wishbringer

    Mar 2nd, 2007

    LOL. You have got to be joking. LOL.

    Nacon, I no longer support Second Life. Who’s pretending to have a life?

    LOL. Geez, you must have a big red nose and size 20 shoes.

    Go chew on some slippers and leave the big dogs alone.

  36. Halzel_Lightworker

    Mar 3rd, 2007

    Wow. Lots of negativity on this discussion! O_O

    Ps. No to Voice on Sl.

  37. Wayfinder Wishbringer

    Mar 3rd, 2007

    Yeah Halzel, that seems to be the general feeling, at least voiced here. I remember we tried using Skype and SL… and it just messes with the “feel” of things.

    Not to mention what someone mentioned in a related thread: that typical of SL programming, expecting it to work and not further damage the system would be a pipe dream. Myself, I can’t imagine with an already lag-laden and data-damaged system, LL would even consider this. And especially that they would conceive of charging extra $$$ for it.

    Sometime I’d love to be a fly on the wall at a LL planning meeting… just so I could see what they’re smoking and drinking. LOL

  38. Nacon

    Mar 3rd, 2007

    Yes, Barbie.. I’m a big pissed off clown, waiting to shove my big foot up your anal…

    Wayfinder said: “I no longer support Second Life”

    REALLY? Then get the fuck out of here, stop wasting people “second” lives, ya freaking emo.

    and since there’s so many comment posts in this thread that no one going to care, I’m done with this crap.

  39. Wayfinder Wishbringer

    Mar 3rd, 2007

    And the other posters applaud in a appreciation. LOL

  40. like_ummm

    Mar 3rd, 2007

    Nice doin’ bi’ness with u Wayfinder – you r a scholar and a gentleman/woman.

  41. Wayfinder Wishbringer

    Mar 3rd, 2007

    :) yeah, I didn’t know which ya was, Like. Another drawback of blogging– gender unawareness. Wayfinder: guy.

    Hey, you’ll maybe get a chuckle out of finding out that since Nacon ostensibly left this thread, two troll posts have appeared elsewhere directly attacking me– both under bogus names. LOL. That’s the trouble with trolls. You chop off their heads… and they still keep yappin. XD

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