Thrown to the Wolves: A Newbie Discovers Yiffing.

by Alphaville Herald on 23/03/07 at 8:46 pm

[This article originally appeared in the in-world magazine Players, published by Second Life uberwoman Marilyn Murphy. Some names have been changed to protect the yifficent. If you are (i) at work or (ii) under 18 or (iii) easily offended by things like yiffing FOR GOPOD's SAKE STOP READING NOW!. -- the management]

Thrown to the Wolves

by Leda Swanson

I sat across from the big beautiful lion and relaxed a little as he answered my questions. We were at a Furry nightclub, he’d kindly agreed to help me with my story for Players, and his presence at the little table made me feel better. Nonetheless, I was still the only human in the place and I was self-conscious about it.

“Yiffing,” he said in answer to my questions, “is just the word for sex when it involves Furries. ‘Scritching’ is just a cuter, more affectionate version of the word ‘scratching.’ Like you do with a kitty when you scritch him behind the ears.”

I wrote it all down and I looked around the club. it was packed with Furries from all of the critter kingdom. There were beautiful cats, wolves, foxes and even a skunk or two. I’m new to SL, and I’m really new to furries, I found the whole experience of being in a crowded place full of beautiful and exotic creatures to be exhiliarating. I looked at my companion across the table.

Thomas, not his real name but what I’ll call him for the sake of this article, is gorgeous. He’s very tall and his leonine head is perfectly formed and suggesting of the strength and power of a lion. His body is both muscular and lean. This is a cat who has spent time on his appearance and it paid off. I was afraid I was staring so I looked away and reviewed my notes.

He had been amused at my request because I was so vague. I told him that I was doing a story on “Furry Sex” and he wanted to know what I was looking for. I had to admit, despite my efforts to sound informed, that I wasn’t sure. As I said, I’m new to SL and when I saw an advertisement looking for writers, I IM’d the woman who had placed the ad. “I think we’re all set,” Players editor Jamie Wheeler had said, “we just have one more story on Furry Sex we need covered, but I don’t think that would interest you.”

I didn’t even know what a furry was, though I had seen a couple of cartoonish animal avatars when I first landed in SL. I didn’t realize that there’s a massive Furry presence here in Second Life, all of them into their own things just like the humans here are into their own things, the only difference being that the Furries look like anthropomorphic animals. Said one furry I interviewed, “trying to generalize furs is hard though, everyone is so different, hence the array of characters we all use. We’re just like the humans, only we don’t wear bare skin like you.”

So now I sat across from this gorgeous lion, I had to admit to myself I was wondering what was under his loin cloth. Would his penis look human? Would it look like an animal’s? I couldn’t believe I was wondering these things, and even more, I couldn’t believe how much this line of thought was turning me on. I tried to focus on my story, but I kept imagining myself before him, pulling the loin cloth to one side…

“Is it a problem that I’m here? I’m the only human in the place Thomas, how do Furries feel about humans in general?” I asked.

He smiled, his fangs showed, I felt my heart race. “Well, some will not really invite you with open arms because we get a lot of human griefers here, but if you’re nice and come back to the same places so that the regulars see that you’re just into the community, you’ll generally be accepted.”

I started to hesitate before the next question, then plunged in anyway. “Is there a taboo about having sex with humans?”

He smiled again. “Not really, but that’s up to the individual. Many furs won’t touch a human, many will.”

“Which are you, Thomas?”

He smiled again and looked at me a minute, I was literally on the edge of my real life seat.
“Is that a question for your story, or are you curious for your own sake?”

I almost melted into my chair I was so turned on by thoughts of this gorgeous creature. “Both,” I said.

The editor of Players hadn’t wanted to let me try this story because I’m so new. Polite and articulate, she beat around the bush a while until finally she asked “Have you even had sex here yet? How can I send a reporter to cover a story on something they haven’t done with people they didn’t know exist? I was thinking of finding a veteran in the arena of SL to go have sex with Furries and come back and write about it.”

“Let me try,” I said, “maybe I’ll surprise you.” I had no idea how I’d surprise her, I still hadn’t figured out anything about SL sex, but here I was, real-life excited about a Second Life lion, with a beautifully heavy tension floating in the air between us.

“I’ve never cybered,” I blurted out to Thomas, for whatever reason, then I added, “but I’d love to try it.”

“Let’s go to my place,” Thomas said with a smile.

A few moments later we were in a big, well appointed and tastefully decorated bedroom. I was very very nervous, and he seemed to know this. “Relax,” he said, echoing exactly what I was telling myself. “Take off your clothes,” he said with a purr.

I stood before the giant lion naked, happy that I’d splurged on a nice skin as he looked at me. He removed his armbands and leggings and I looked at his beautiful tawny fur covered body, his belly and chest creamy white, as he undressed. I couldn’t believe how excited I was as I waited for him to unveil whatever furries have behind their loincloth. He directed me to click on a pink ball, which put me on my knees near him, his loin cloth came off and I moaned with delight.

Behind the loin cloth Thomas had what I guess I should describe as a white furry “sheath” with a large white furry scrotum hanging below it. looking at his sheath, I could see the tip of what I assumed was a big pink cock, I moaned, incredibly excited, it was all so bestial and taboo.

“Click it” he said, as he clicked the blue ball near me, and I did. His big pink penis slowly slid from the white sheath and was soon a fully erect animal cock dangling before me. I took it in my mouth and was soon lost in ecstasy. My first experience with cybersex was magical. Thomas was both gentle and commanding, and we used many of the positions his poseballs and his bed allowed. I watched the big beautiful lion mount this naive human reporter from all angles. I came more than once in real life, especially when his lion cock erupted in a fountain of white cum all over me. I was hooked.

The next day in my First Life, I replayed the sex over and over in my head. By the time I sat down at my keyboard to log on, I was already excited, doubly so when I saw my new friend was on. I IM’d him. “I want more,” was all I said, then I added “and I want to meet your friends.”

We met at Thomas’s room, and he introduced me to Starfire, a beautiful young Fox in harem clothes. She was charming and articulate and explained that her specialty is transforming humans; if a human wants to become a Fur, she will roleplay with them to make it happen in a magical way. She showed me some pictures of the process in which she mates with a human and her ejaculate triggers a transformation, so that at the end of the picture sequence the human is a Fur. Given that I was already excited when I sat down to talk with her, the pictures and her story got me going rather quickly.

A couple of pictures into it, it occurred to me that there must be more to her than meets the eye. “Oh my god,” I said “you have a cock!”

She and Thomas both laughed, and he said, “Yes, meet Starfire, she’s what’s called a Herm.”

Herms are relatively common in the Furry Community, they are female figures, often beautiful females in fact, with either the male sexual part or both the male and the female parts. The term “Herm” is used to cover both those with just the male and the true hermaphrodites. I moaned as I looked at Starfire, which is not her real name, because I realized I was looking at an exceptionally beautiful herm.

She began stripping for me, and as she removed her top I saw that she has six breasts, two where all women have them and then two more sets of smaller breasts below her “normal” set, much like a female fix would reall have for her litter I presume. She must have seen me looking at them for she said “I let many of those I transform suckle, so I need the extra nipples.”

She took off her pants and there was a big floppy pink cock, already out of its sheath. Starfire is a fantastic lover, though i worried about the “transformation” aspect of sex with her. She explained that she only transforms those who want to be transformed, and that if some day in the future I want to join the Furs I was welcome, but she’d happily play with me as a human as long as I liked.

The three of us played for quite a while, when Thomas brought in a deliciously fierce looking black wolf friend to join us. If you remember being a child and being scared of Little Red Riding Hood’s big bad wolf, the wolf you imagined may look a lot like this guy, who we’ll call Dick. His avatar is gorgeous- black and dangerous, with a toothy muzzle and enough flexy fur to make him look like an actual scary werewolf. If I met him under any other circumstances I might have been intimidated or frightened, but in my mood at that time I couldn’t wait for him to fuck me with his big animal cock.

Thomas and Starfire gave me to him, and I lay on the bed with my legs open while Dick undressed. His cock was hidden in a big black sheath but soon revealed itself; huge and black and menacing. He used me, roughly and forcefully, as I told him that that’s how I would like it from the Big Bad Wolf. Some time and a couple of orgasms later, we all cuddled around the room, the poor naive human and her three animal lovers. Spent and happy, scritching after our Yiffy time. My pussy almost purred.

It turns me on greatly to think that I lost my Second Life virginity, and that I lost it to non-humans, and that I lost it in public by writing about it. I was gang banged by three delicious furs, causing me the best first life orgasms I’ve ever had from masturbation, in the course of writing this article. Will I go back to Fur Nation? Will I prowl the furry bars looking to be their human slut? I might, I just might, the rest of this article is as yet unwritten. :-)

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    Mar 27th, 2007


    This month perversion in the spotlight is yiffing. For those of you who missed the term, that is sex among or with furrys. If you missed that much that the term furry is strange to you, maybe it is not bad idea to visit wikipedia:
    Furry fandom is a su…

  2. dandellion Kimban

    Mar 27th, 2007

    Exactly. Actual post you may like or not, but it is not only the post that makes the blog, sometimes there is real drama hiding in the comments.

  3. Tenshi Vielle

    Mar 28th, 2007

    I love how this turned into an “I Hate Furries” campaign… lay off, you stupid fucking furaphobes. My god.

  4. Tavasha Martynov

    Mar 29th, 2007

    wow, you really are a talented writer! I think it was a wonderful article, especially since it’s your first! I can’t wait to read more of your work. :) It’s a shame people have to be so closed-minded all the time. It’s fantasy, folks. ^_^

  5. chicao

    Apr 5th, 2007

    yeah! and nothing wrong with reading about sex… nice to read about sex

  6. BenjaminLupanai

    Apr 5th, 2007

    Well hello boys and girls. I was enjoying a nice google search when I managed to stumble across this. It’s time to play. First off.. Lets level off the shotgun at the article itself. How in the 15 hells did it get published in the first place? It’s uninformative filth with a severe pro-furry bent. Now… I gladly expose myself to the fires of the bigoted when I admit that I AM a furry. Before you start hurling the virtual feces, I’ll admit hands down that you’re right. You’re all right. Furies are freaks. Every last one of them. I speak from inside the culture itself and I will tell you that you don’t get in unless you’re at the very least an asocial mutant. We breed drama like normal people breathe, sex soaks everything we do, and we can be loud, obnoxious, and downright annoying 24 hours a day. That being said… If you take the time to actualy get past our inperfections you find a truely wonderful group of people. We have been forced to accept everyone and everything. Once you’re on the inside you are, for the most part, universaly accepted regardless of what you do. Personaly I don’t agree with this as I believe the fandom needs to look into itself and forcibly remove some less pleasent elements but if we ever actualy did that the purge would never stop until there were nothing but gay foxes so I swallow my pride (and occasional disgust)and do what I can to tolerate my fellow furry. I know it’s alot but I ask you do the same. You don’t have to look at us and I wish articles like this didn’t make you. Please ignore us and we shall try to do the same.

  7. Katie

    Apr 11th, 2007

    I pity what people must subject their real life pets to after all that furry roleplaying shit *shudders*

  8. Cyrus

    May 18th, 2007

    I agree that this should not have been anywhere near the front of the website open to young children but holy crap people simmer down. Its just a story and if you don’t like what some people do, dont do it. I’m sure most of you people on here have engaged or dreamed about a fantasy at one point and time in your lives, guess what, furs just take it one step further. I admit those costume are kinda scary and most furries highly need a life (then again same can be said about most people on second life) Get over it. To the author welcome to the furry world of yiffing where everything with two leg…four leg…fi..wing..anything with orafices or something to stick in an orific will be yiffed.

  9. JRUJR Centaur

    Nov 2nd, 2007

    Yes that is my SL name, but if you start spamming me, ill just mute you ^_^ First off, i’d like to say that i am a female neko, as is my female fiance. she also has a furry fox av that she plays when the mood strikes her (i love her neway ^_^) what i have to say is this: not all people in one group are the same. as in real life, in SL some ppl are sex addicts, just because they are furries does not mean they do it with animals, it’s a game for christ’s sake! my fiance and i are both SL and RL virgins and we intend to stay that way until we get married. i’m just angry that ppl think that just because they have seen some members of a group do something, they think that Every member of that group does the same thing. some ppl want to be furry because they like animals (not that way) /me sighs. it seems that some ppl are soo sick minded that that’s all they see anywhere, i know that that is the subject of the article, but this discussion has gone far beyond the original topic. just suffice it to say, not all furries are sex crazed lunatics.

    ps. great article, but not for here.

  10. Bloodkip

    Nov 4th, 2007

    By the gods this is one epic troll or one sorry human being. More likely than not it’s number 2. A perfect example of why furfaggotry must be purged in a holy firestorm of goatse.

  11. Retired Succubus

    Nov 4th, 2007

    Personally I enjoyed the article – it was an entertaining and arousing read. I’ve only fucked a couple of furries in SL, and I didn’t ask them what their thoughts and feelings were about it – I just enjoyed the moment. And I never heard any complaints.

    I would like to put forward a suggestion – maybe a seperate section for articles that would be viewed as erotica? A lot of posters here are bitching that this isn’t what they came here to read -they wanted news.

  12. Ho-G

    Dec 6th, 2008

    Just don’t screw my yahoos, skinfags

  13. Wolfiy.D.W

    Apr 13th, 2009

    Oookay, i’m confused, who are furries and who are either whining gits or humans?

  14. frieza1880

    Aug 4th, 2009

    how do you get to that site please give me the link pls pls pls pls

  15. Darien

    Aug 13th, 2010

    I am a fan of the furry fandom and i am interested in yiff but i do not know much im guessing that thes animal cocks are fake ones or is it some sort of a external piece were they put there real cock in?

  16. Slayer

    Aug 13th, 2010

    Here are the furries in RL “Yiffing”

  17. Nelson Jenkins

    Aug 13th, 2010

    @ Darien

    Did you really have a bump a 3-year-old entry?

    @ Slayer

    Did you really have to troll a 3-year-old entry?

  18. Peigne

    Nov 11th, 2010

    How Can I play this game?

  19. Miss J

    Nov 12th, 2010

    lulz @ peigne :P :D :P

  20. Yep

    Nov 12th, 2010

    @ Slayer LOL that is a funny video. RL furry porn?

  21. had enough

    Nov 12th, 2010

    LMAO!!! here is what will be happening to the kids when LL opens the door for the kiddies to enter SL.

    I wonder how long it will be until some sick fur fag gets LL in trouble for humping some kids leg in the PG sims?

  22. Nelson Jenkins

    Nov 12th, 2010

    @ had enough

    I’ve “had enough” of your trolling…

  23. Obvious Schism

    Nov 13th, 2010

    Please remember that all these comments are archived and that your children will read them eventually.

  24. had enough

    Nov 13th, 2010

    “Please remember that all these comments are archived and that your children will read them eventually.”

    Daddy what did you do when you were little?

    ” I was a fur fag little one”

    Like any one gives a shit about fur fags.

  25. Nelson Jenkins

    Nov 13th, 2010

    @ had enough

    Pretty sure your sadomasochism and submissiveness under your transvestite slave driver master isn’t that great of a record for your future children, either. Oh, who am I kidding, nobody would be psychotic enough to date you.

    That being said, pretty much every teen develops some sort of s3xual fantasy that persists well into their adult years. If it’s furry s3x, that’s frankly none of your business and you should be ashamed for calling people out on having perfectly healthy, common s3xual fantasies like every other normal human being on the planet, including you (that is, unless you chopped off your own testicles whilst experimenting with s3xual self-mutilation and now no longer have s3xual urges). People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

  26. had enough

    Nov 13th, 2010

    Hands nelson a tissue “get over it fur fag, help is there for sick little fags like you”

  27. Nelson Jenkins

    Nov 13th, 2010

    @ had enough

    I thought nobody cared about furfags? Oh that’s right, trolls are all hypocrites, anyways. Nobody cares about furfags but you’re quick to devote all your time on this website flaming them. Cool story bro.

  28. Yep

    Nov 13th, 2010

    lol Nelson

    get him tiger :P

  29. Flip

    Jul 6th, 2013

    What the fuck? So much homophobic shit in the comments. I’m a gay fox and I know a lot of people that care about “furfags”. So shut the fuck up and act your age. Am I a yiffer? Not much anymore but seriously, stop hating on gay Furries because I’ll start hating on straight humans.

  30. seb fox

    Mar 9th, 2015

    you need to calm down and stop swearing over nothing

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