AgePlay Sex Groups Grow 1% per Week

by Pixeleen Mistral on 09/03/07 at 10:11 am

Linden crackdown not completely effective
Intersexed avatar children up 57% in 21 days

by Pixeleen Mistral, National Affairs desk

Second Life child sex ageplay involving mothers and sons has been dropping in popularity over the last three weeks – and is now down nearly 7% as compared to a Herald study 3 weeks ago. But all other forms of ageplay appear to be growing in popularity, with the hermaphrodite child avatar group growing by over 50%. An escort service group for ageplayers has also sprung up – charging L$300 for the first 10 minutes and L$200 thereafter.

ageplay has been rebranded as “roleplay”

In an exclusive scientific study of fetishes in the metaverse, Herald researchers found 3% overall growth in ageplay group membership over the last 21 days. This is despite a recent Linden Lab crackdown on public advertising of sexually-orientated adult/child ageplay. Researchers concluded that Chadrick Linden’s notecard-based metaverse cleanup program has little effect – other than to prompt groups to change their names from “ageplay” to “roleplay”.

the state of play – by the numbers

As in the previous study, a rigorous scientific methodology was employed. Teams of top-notch researchers looked up groups in the Second Life search tool, then read the group charter to characterize the group, and recorded the group membership numbers.

This exclusive longitudinal study indicated that daddy/little girl remains the favorite of those expressing a preference for what sort of child they play with. In what may be a welcome development for some residents, an escort service group has started.

Chadrick Linden was unavailable for comment at press time.

Little girl escorts growing in popularity – L$300 for 10 minutes of service

15 year old german schoolgirl – member of daddy/little girl roleplayers

42 Responses to “AgePlay Sex Groups Grow 1% per Week”

  1. Worker

    Mar 9th, 2007

    I really like the fact that Second Life Herald is so safe for work lately.

  2. Chromanoid

    Mar 9th, 2007

    topic related:
    an article which says that it is illegal for germans to gain access to those ageplay services… the german criminal code prohibits displaying sexual acts between graphical representations of children and adults. To have sex with a child-avatar in second life as a german citizen can be punished with prison sentence…

  3. Urizenus

    Mar 9th, 2007

    Wow, overnight rebranding. Viral marketing at work.

  4. Ickabod Humphreys

    Mar 9th, 2007

    Now the question remains: What about the baby Furs?

  5. Janice Henway

    Mar 9th, 2007

    Wouldn’t they have to punish the AV, or does that person’s AV get off scott-free?

    I know they’re into necrophilia over there, so is sex with dead children AVs still okay?


    What do the germans say about beastiality? For or against? Do they like it or dislike it? Is it better in a barn or a regular bed? Sheep or dogs, any preferences? What about animals with human names, like Henry Jones? What about animals that dress like they’re just asking for it?

    Let’s say you engage in inappropriate sex in Germany, but you borrow someone else’s penis attachment – are they responsible too? If the penis attachment also has an AI and talks, can it be punished separately?

    And, where can an animal AV go for psychiatric counseling if molested by a German? Are there any hospital facilities for Tiny AVs that have been assaulted by Germans (or Texans)? And how does one prove it? AV DNA samples? As I understand it “protien stains” are temp-on-rez objects so there’s no real evidence after the fact, right?

    Man, I’m getting hot just thinking about this. Any Germans online yet? Gekommen nehmen Sie mich, ich sind eine riesige Ente!

  6. Sabian

    Mar 9th, 2007

    The Lindens new policy was only revealed yesterday how can you “conclude” that it has no effect!!??? this article is complete pointless bollox. Write sumfin interesting!

  7. Urizenus

    Mar 9th, 2007

    The article observed that it had an effect, Sabian. The group names were changed from “ageplay” to “roleplay”. Pay attention! *smack*

  8. Chromanoid

    Mar 9th, 2007

    …well i must say that i do not accept the commercial age play thing as just a form of erotic art or harmless virtual roleplay… everybody who offers ageplay related stuff does not know in what way their services are interpreted. paedophiliac individuals maybe feel accepted by a community. i understand age play as an erotic roleplay, but if even the users behind the ageplay avatars pretend to be children the difference between real child abuse and a virtual representation of it is too small. in not that far future of realistic rendering techniques nobody will know if this new ageplay video on youtube from secondlife 2.0 is real or virtual. why there must be child looking avatars? childish cloth for adult looking avatars should work the same way (this is the way ageplay in rl works). the ones who do not accept a kind of this solution i think are paedophiliac (which is a mental disorder and people suffering from this should go to psychologist).

  9. Empathic

    Mar 9th, 2007


    …well i must say that i do not accept the virtual murder thing as just a form of violent art or harmless virtual killing… everybody who offers virtual killing related stuff does not know in what way their services are interpreted. homicidal individuals maybe feel accepted by a community. i understand virtual murder as an violent roleplay, but if even the users behind the murderer avatars pretend to be human the difference between real murder and a virtual representation of it is too small. in not that far future of realistic rendering techniques nobody will know if this new murder video on youtube from secondlife 2.0 is real or virtual. why there must be killing of avatars? Paintballs for simulated murdering should work the same way (this is the way Wargames in rl works). the ones who do not accept a kind of this solution i think are homicidal (which is a mental disorder and people suffering from this should go to psychologist).

  10. OMG!

    Mar 9th, 2007

    Secondlife Herald is displaying Child Porn! the naughty shaun pic!

  11. shockwave yareach

    Mar 9th, 2007

    (Applauds Empathic)

    That was a good bit o’ parody there. Bravo!

  12. Chromanoid

    Mar 9th, 2007

    well there is a severe difference between violence and child abuse in media… of course virtual violence is dangerous for people too. because of this there are strict laws in what way violence in media is allowed.
    this indifferent arrangement by my namesake is very crude (look “((WARNING, PARODY AHEAD))”)… to lump every kind of inhuman behavior together is not a very humane way of seeing the human being.
    If you think it’s the same to rape a child or to kill somebody or to steal somebody’s purse you should reconsider your opinion. beacause then every criminal act or its virtual representation should be treated and punished the same way.

    of course the affection for violent media is an indication for a perverted mental behavior too, but it seems that the mankind has decided (by making laws which show that) there is a difference between a film (or other media) of war etc. and a film of child porn.

  13. Chromanoid

    Mar 9th, 2007

    hehehe i hate that the name who wrote the comment is located under the comment an not on the top of it… so i thought my parodist chose the same nickname like me… so forget this namesake stuff (“this indifferent arrangement by my namesake”…) it actually was Empathic who wrote this parody :)

  14. Petey

    Mar 9th, 2007

    Gambling and sex are the two largest economic powerhouses in Second Life. Why not combine them? I’m putting four hundred Lindens on the sisters-twins market doubling in the next two weeks. Out of all this sodomy, the lack of bangable sisters is by far the greatest sin.

  15. Lothar

    Mar 9th, 2007


    If someone gets off on violence in the same way that someone gets off on pornography, than of course seeing images of violence is bad for them. But most people aren’t like that. There’s no analogy in violent imagery to what concludes after a session of pornography: the orgasm.

    Viewing and “using” pornography involves a sexual event: masturbation. There’s no analogous event in watching or viewing violent material.

    Most people realize this intuitively.

    The rest of you are fucking morons.

  16. Viajero

    Mar 9th, 2007

    Exactly, Chromanoid and Lothar. Anyone who can equate online sex between adults with the online sex between adults and children needs to get his head and his priorities examined. Our society appropriately defends children from screwed-up adults messing with young lives, no matter what these adults call it. Anything in Second Life which might even remotely encourage pedophilia ought not to be tolerated at all by the SL community and Linden Labs.

    It is so great the LL has kept an open atmosphere in SL that encourages expression and creativity (a sterile and boring PG metaverse run by Disney will surely come along soon), but the limit to this is protecting children. We cannot afford even one child molestation to be encouraged by age-play in SL. That’s one young life seriously messed up, and we all should care about that. And if you nurse the delusion that age-play doesn’t encourage at least some RL acting-out, then there’s really no arguing with you. I just hope that LL does the right thing (and looks at it’s bottom line) and allows for zero-tolerance on breaking RL society’s last taboos.

  17. Prokofy Neva

    Mar 9th, 2007

    No, I’m not going to be fooled by outliers like this pump-and-dump 57 percent increase in the hermaphrodite category. I can see that mother-daughter is making a not-dramatic, but solid and steady increase to 5.7 percent, unfazed by Chiding Chadrick. Yes, I’m thinking mother-daughter is the stock to be betting on and I’ll put $500 on that for the next week. Escort stock is likely to fall due to Linden notecarding and we’re likely to see mother-son continue to tank due to attachment issues.

    Could we ask the WSE to put up a board for these sorts of wagers?

  18. Natasha

    Mar 9th, 2007

    I do agree that limiting ageplay in SL is good thing, but I do see massive problems with enforcing that issue…

    1st is that ppl do it willingly, as long as they dont promote child sex, do it publicly and keep a low profile, I must say that I dont care what those ppl do in the privacy of there own sims/islands.

    2nd – SL as positioned, promotes ppl to play out there fantasies here. Now, I am a 27 y.o. female in RL and I have a premium account(So for Lindens there should not be any problems with verifying my age), lets say my fantasy for next week will be “I am a school girl again :) ))”, does that automatically puts my account for ban? Will they put a rule saying your AV cant be less than 40 in height? Do I have to do something bad in public while I am in child AV form to get a ban, will the same actions in Adult form be ok?(swearing for instance). Do I have to go only to PG areas just because I put in height 30 or what ever height ppl use as children, Do Lindens think that if a I put child AV on my IQ drops from 140 to 40 as well? Those are just some of the questions…

    The moral of my note is, Sims/Islands are private property, who in hell Lindens think they are, to tell ppl how to look in the 1st place. The only issue that we need to address is PUBLIC BEHAVIOR, that’s it. And that can be resulted in a way of note cards you get, then TP into the area, so for instance, if you dont like to see Slaves or Children on your property let ppl know. And to tell the truth it`s all bul*sh*t compared to BEING SHOT AND KILLED IN SL! Picture this… you just got your money from PayPall and are happily going off shopping. You browse excitedly in shops, trying things on – happy, relaxed and unsuspecting, then BANG!! YOU ARE DEAD, or you find your self on the Moon or in Hell. You cant TP, cant move, cant do sh*t and have to Log Out. At list those ppl that are in ageplay do it willingly by mutual concern, witch you dont get then being shot at. So if we start banning things I will be the 1st to cry Ban All Weapons and Sale of Weapons, and I am sure I will find support for this, because there is only a handful of ppl who are into guns. But that’s not the way is it, because in about a month SL will be boring, it will loose its appeal as being land of the free and I will be the 1st one to… abandon ship..

    So, there you have it, I don’t see any easy ways to solve problems like this in SL, but what I am sure of, is that, its not up to Lindens to tell us what to do as well. We, the residents/owners have to do it somehow.

  19. Janice Henway

    Mar 9th, 2007

    Lothar – whatchoo got against masturbating?

    I think your argument is assgravy. They’re not talking about whether you can beat off to it or not, ya perv. It’s about the level of right vs wrong. Most people have a value system that places murder a little higher on the “shouldn’t do” scale than Uncle Squirmy porking you when you were 12.

    This has an interesting scapegoat/witch hunt trendiness to it that I enjoy watching, though. Sure don’t want to miss the burnings at the stake that are sure to follow. I’ll make popcorn.

  20. Lothar

    Mar 9th, 2007

    “It’s about the level of right vs wrong”

    No, they were reducing child pornography to “just an illegal thing being depicted, no different from violence being depicted.” Obviously images of violence (i.e. your typical videogame or movie) and images of pornography are different things.

    “an interesting scapegoat/witch hunt trendiness ”

    Oh, heavens, not a pedosecution! After all, hating people who get off on fantasies of children being raped is just as wrong as hating Jews or blacks, am I right?

  21. Viajero

    Mar 9th, 2007

    I have no idea how to enforce a ban on age-play, and obviously nothing would work entirely, but any thoughtfully conceived plan would set up barriers to knock down most of it, and it could evolve. It’s important to do.

    In RL we don’t say that it’s only public age-play that is evil. In the area of sex age-play the community reaches into private homes and tells people what they can and can’t do. That’s why NAMBLA is no more. This is fine with most sane people, even uber-Libertarians. Why is banning sexual age-play important to do in SL? Because of the possibility that pedophiles will be encouraged, stimulated, or more likely to use what they’ve done in SL in the RL. Whether that occurs 10% of the time or 2% has no bearing. Only 0% would be acceptable, and you’d be dope if you thought that there are no pedophiles learning their shit in SL.

    The analogy between violence and age-play is lame, it doesn’t work. Violence is everywhere, it’s an annoyance in SL, but it doesn’t have the potential to promote the kind of life-altering destruction that a child predator has on a child. The only thing that matters in this discussion is vulnerable kids. I’m sorry that it inconveniences anyone’s fantasy shoe shopping, but come back to RL reality for a minute and look at the issue of “porking a 12 year old”. It’s devastating. Prisons and rehab clinics are full of kids who have been “porked” by a crummy adult acting out his fantasy. Meet a few victims and maybe you’ll get that NOTHING that possibly encourages pedophilia should be tolerated in SL. I think child avatar-fucking clearly falls into this category. Sorry to dampen anyone’s “fun”, but there are limits, even in SL.

  22. Chromanoid

    Mar 9th, 2007

    @Prokofy Neva
    Well, for example there are these “nice” “daddy and his little girl” stores all around the virtual world of sl. did you visit one of them ever? you should cause this is really horrible… and if this kind of store is next to your parcel… this really sucks… so the problem is not only hidden on lonely private islands…

    i can tolrate guys shouting their fantasies all over the sim while fucking their virtual butts next to my parcel. i tolerate thousands of sex offerings while walking through this virtual cosmos. i can tolerate being shot here and there…
    but i do not tolerate marks of inhumane and disgusting cruelty towards defenceless beings on the same database where i live.

  23. Vargas Cleanslate

    Mar 9th, 2007

    I don’t know where you live, but in my country, consenting adults can roleplay whatever they want in private. Thousands of people are probably doing things I’d find disgusting this very second, but it doesn’t bother me. Why? Because as long as they’re consenting adults, what right do I have to judge them? Who is being made a victim of?

    Now, I understand your concern about online predators, but children aren’t supposed to be on the main grid in the first place. Obviously there are plenty, but how many of them do you think dress their avatars as children? How many hang out in ageplay clubs?

    Ageplay makes me squeamish, but not as squeamish as giving up our freedom. When you’re making roleplaying illegal, you’re essentially making ideas illegal. It doesn’t seem like a good step for society to me.

  24. Angel

    Mar 9th, 2007

    “but i do not tolerate marks of inhumane and disgusting cruelty towards defenceless beings on the same database where i live.”

    Tee Hee

    You do of course realise that the children you are trying to protect are not defenceless? That they are adults in child Avi’s who choose to appear as a child, they have adult skills at saying stop if their boundaries are crossed and they have TP Home abilities if the RP becomes uncomfortable.

    You people really should be concerned more with RL children than virtual children, you keep spouting the “it will inflame the paedo’s desire” line, this is bunkum, if anything it will reduce their need to enact their perversion on a real life child.

    Let me be *very* clear about something…

    If ageplay is banned in SL then the child molesters *will* take it outside through CP or though actual molesting, even onto IRC or MySpace where they can/do pick up real life children.

    Would you rather RL children were directly put at risk wither through contact or through creating a market for RL CP?

    Me, although I find it distasteful I would rather them be tied up in a game than abusing children as I was when I was young.

  25. Viajero

    Mar 9th, 2007

    Vargas, roleplay between adults in RL is not at issue, I share your belief that regulating that would be attacking our freedom, protected in first amendment rights in the U.S. I was referring to actual child-fucking in the real world in relation to role-playing children in SL.

    I happen to think that protecting children is one of those special cases where we can voluntarily relinquish some rights of expression because children really are delicate, no doubt about it.

    Sure there are some kids on the main grid, and sure some are dressing as kids and doing nasty stuff. One is too many, so until LL can age-verify, it should be tough luck for sexual age-play enthusiasts. Kids are sacrosanct, that’s what it comes down to.

    Even if there were no actual kids there, though, we should ban this from SL. You don’t need a pile of academic papers to tell you the obvious–that increasingly life-like sex with virtual kids will influence at least some latent predators to seek victims in real life. That trumps freedom, that’s a minimal community standard: don’t do things that may lead to fucking kids.

    “Sexual age-play” (which is really fucking virtual children) is the one subset of roleplaying that makes me more squeamish than giving up a small bit of freedom. Banning it from SL is recognizing that the idea of protecting children is basic. Making it illegal would only slow it, not stop it, but it seem to me to the only responsible thing for Linden Labs to do.

  26. Rumgoat Pugilist

    Mar 10th, 2007

    I hate to be the one to break this to the ‘we must protect the children’ crowd, but Linden Labs decision to post a notecard stating their firm disapproval of having sex with children really has nothing to do with someone at LL worrying about children. It has everything to do with LL worried about all the noise being made about the perverts in SL when LL is relying on bringing in the corporate clients to subsidize all this rampant growth. They don’t want some executive from IBM to log in and find a dude in a schoolgirl dress screwing a diapered wombat in the virtual boardroom.

    Seriously, the more corporations come in the more they will try to clean things up. You don’t want too many news stories on FoxNews about sex clubs and pedos when your trying to attract serious real life money.

  27. Chromanoid

    Mar 10th, 2007

    “Seriously, the more corporations come in the more they will try to clean things up. You don’t want too many news stories on FoxNews about sex clubs and pedos when your trying to attract serious real life money.”
    That’s the point…

    “but i do not tolerate marks of inhumane and disgusting cruelty towards defenceless beings on the same database where i live.”
    i say “marks” (symbols, signs…) which means pictures or representations of somethig… i do not want somebody to see that next to my house there is a big and little shop where you can fuck virtual representations of children… even if there is a blue “curtain” before the shopentry…

  28. Baba

    Mar 10th, 2007

    Wait, you’re on INTERNET?! That’s for pedos and sick animal pornos!

    I wouldn’t do business with anyone who uses the same technology as a pedo.. Internet? It’s not for me!

  29. Michael Fairplay

    Mar 10th, 2007

    o Whom it may concern:

    I am writing to protest Linden Lab’s new policy regarding age play and
    to express concern on what seems to be very vague wording used.

    Please do not take this letter as a personal attack or a personal
    insult. I do not have a problem with you as an individual, but rather Linden
    Lab’s apparent policy.

    First, I think we as a Second Life community can whole heartedly agree
    that we do not want real world children harmed or exploited in any way. That
    being said, I don’t think LL nor the Second Life community at large
    understands what age play, both in general and in the subset of sexual age
    play, is all about.

    I’m concerned about the broad use of the term “Age Play” in the policy
    statement I saw, and the vague terms in which it was defined.

    To clarify this, in my view age play in general is about role play – as
    is so much in Second Life. There are a number of reasons someone might want
    to role play a child, including therapeutic and entertainment reasons. And
    nothing about that type of role-play is sexual. On the other hand, a
    sub-set of role-players include sex in their play. My own understanding is
    that it is nothing more than a facet of the BDSM community (Bondage
    Discipline and Sado-Masochism). It has nothing to do with real children.
    Rather, it has to do with a power exchange and role play between two
    consenting adults.

    As I mentioned, not everyone that has a child avatar chooses to engage
    in sexual activity. In fact very few do. As of right now, only the ones that
    engage in sexual role plays are being targeted. How long before someone
    decides a child avatar playing with a toy truck is considered creepy? How
    long before any child avatar is “suspect”. You can’t please the so-called
    “moral” people who have complained about this in the past. If you give them
    an inch they will take a mile.

    Another concern expressed to me by most of those I’ve spoken with, and
    which I share, is the view that age-play is “broadly offensive”. This, in my
    opinion, is a very dangerous and slippery slope. A lot of things in Second
    Life could be considered “broadly offensive”. Such as the Furry community,
    Vampirism, Necrophilia groups, homosexuality as well as BDSM in general, not
    to mention slavery. Why are none of these other groups being targeted? Why
    is it just one group? Fair is fair. And, where does this madness end?

    It has been argued that simulating adult child sex is illegal and that
    is the reason for this action. I would argue nothing is further from the
    truth as long as both participants are over 18 in the real world. If you
    want to get into legalities, it’s also illegal to have sex with animals. It
    is illegal to have sex with dead people. It is illegal for a man to beat his
    wife. It is illegal to own slaves. The list goes on. These groups are being
    allowed to do role play with impunity.

    You could target every sexual group and many non-sexual groups as being
    offensive (to someone). There is a real easy way for people to deal with
    things they think are offensive and that is the handy little mute function
    the Lindens so wisely gave us. If anyone is unfamiliar with it I’d be glad
    to help familiarize them with it since I am a member of the volunteer team.
    This new policy is unnecessary. There are already tools in place to deal
    with problems on an individual level without labeling an entire group of
    age-players as freaks that need to be oppressed and saved from the majority
    of players so they won’t be tainted.

    Not to cast doubt on the sincerity of LL, but it would seem that if LL
    were genuinely concerned about real world children being exploited they will
    do more to verify everyone’s age, and keep real world minors where they
    belong: on the teen grid. You can see how this new policy can give the
    appearance that it is nothing more than a smokescreen LL is using to cover
    up that they are bowing to a few uptight people. It certainly doesn’t help
    that we have not received a simple and clear answer to the question of what
    precipitated this action at this time.

    I personally think the Lindens have better things to do than to go
    around playing the moral police. For instance taking care of griefers or
    taking care of the innumerable problems plaguing the grid, i.e., the
    horrendous lag. The list of things that need attention by Lindens is
    virtually endless.

    Linden Lab seems to be afraid of loosing business if they give the
    age-play community equal treatment. This is ludicrous. This nonsense was
    brought up once before on the forums. Did people madly defect then? No they
    didn’t. They won’t this time either. If Linden Labs is truly concerned about
    it’s treasury I would suggest they actually charge for their service instead
    of giving most everyone a free ride.

    I truly believe that I know what I’m talking about. I’ve been here for
    a long time, and have participated in many activities to help build the
    community, including volunteering as a Greeter. Please reconsider this
    policy and rescind it. If you feel that there is no alternative, please
    clarify it and make sure all of the staff receive the training they need to
    execute the policy fairly and accurately. If I can be of any help in any way, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

    Thank you in advance for your consideration of this letter.

    Michael Fairplay aka Bobby Davis

  30. Kevin Mitchell

    Mar 10th, 2007

    I cannot believe that people playing a game on a computer, can let it completely take over thier sanity.. People you are intelligent human beings i hope.

    1.) If you don’t like something you see turn it off.

    2.) if you know what people are doing with cartoon avatars, they you must be taking part in it also, how else do you get up close picture of avatars haveing sex. (the term is voyeur, I believe) Simular to meeting someone you know in a gay bar, and asking what are they doing there, WELL DUH!!

    3.) If you have nothing to do but hang around inside a suspected area of ill repute and gleefully take pictures you are invading peoples privacy. (which by the way is against the law).

    4.) I believe Lindens policy parallels the laws of the State Of California, in part, sex of any type is permissiable between consenting adults. NOT AGE PLAY, when you have sex with your wife, , girl friend or boyfriend or someone else’s wife, girl friend or boy friend, you say come on honey lets have some age play. I think not. ageplay is not a replacement word for SEX.

    5.) If a 50 year old man is playing a 25 year old what is he doing, oh my he’s ageplaying.

    6.) Those of you who are determined that all child AV.s are looking for sex and should be banned for SL, should have your narrow little minds expanded. Maybe by the the Avatars that seem to be more real to you than your own life. you are trying become a new branch of law enforcement, Thought Police. You should look in your own head and realize that you are trying to ban something this is far from being a real material thing. It is in your mind and the mind of the individual role playing a dog, cat, horse, furry, human, boy or girl..

    I’m so glad that I know, if i see something I don’t like In SL I can leave the area, leave the game, turn my computer off and go on with my life, as it was before i turned on my computer. Its ashamed that people seem to want to force the beliefs on others. But its been happeing since the dawn of time, and will continue as long as there are human beings. Maybe we should quit our lives and let the avatars run the world, awwwwww but that wouldn’t work, there’d be no one to turn on the computers.

    Only one more thing, those of you who feel you must keep humanity clean and morally straight. Should go out and thank the person who showed them the differnce between the sexes. That was a real experience, now go turn your computer back on and play the game.

    In other words, for the griefers, idiots and buttheads and moralists, Big Whoooop. I’ll stil play my 15 yo, and you certainly can’t reach in my mind and stop me. so you play your game and i’ll play mine

    Affectionatly Yours

    Kevin Mitchell

  31. Lewis Nerd

    Mar 11th, 2007

    One day american players will wake up and realise that the ‘first amendment’ does NOT apply online, neither does it apply in a private environment. Second Life is both.

    Over 50% of the playerbase does not live in the US, so it isn’t relevant in any capacity to most of us.


  32. Chromanoid

    Mar 11th, 2007

    I do not want to prohibit people doing sth. in their private areas… Ageplay with child AVs should take place in closed user communities without a commercial purpose. I understand that Ageplay will not stop in SL or sth. like that i only do not want to see offers concerning childfucking in the open public of free access parcels without a clear warning.
    I really think big and little shops should be banned from the normal areas of sl. there is a severe difference between BDSM in general and childfucking…
    Even if the parcels are marked as mature, nobody should want stores where you can order a person who simulates a child for u to fuck it to be accessed simply by entering it.

    For example will be curious to know what stuff you can buy here…
    So you enter the shop… there you see this strage images…
    then you go upstairs there you see stuff like this…

    then the normal person will be shocked and never want to visit stores next to this “big and little” store. the internet pages which contain hardcore stuff like that do only pop up on warez pages etc. but not show theirselfs when you click on a t-shirt webshop etc.. I would like to seperate such high offensive offers from the normal sl stuff. in reality – shops with ageplay stuff are not placed next to a walmart or something like that. nobody will get access to such a shop by just going arround the normal part of a city. many people compare sl with a normal place to meet other people, to make districts in this virtual city is a normal process. there are sex islands already. Why is it so important that you can fuck those child avs in stores next to normal sl businesses…

    For example the gorean people have their own special places without a simple public access… So nobody will be randomly enter areas…

    Why the ChildAdultAgeplayers place their shops as the shops would be a normal shop where you can buy normal skins, scripts etc.. For example there is a group-access-only button in the land properties dialog… to hide their (maybe legal) activities a little bit would be very nice and everybody could continue the virtual life without a bad feeling in the stomach because next to their parcel there you can fuck children…

  33. Viajero

    Mar 11th, 2007

    Michael Fairplay and Kevin Mitchell, your long posts amount to an orgy of fuzzy thinking. They argue against points no one is making, and miss the simple real point. It’s really tiresome to rehash arguments which address the specific issue we’re talking about–please read previous posts carefully.

    Michael, no one is confusing roleplaying with *sexual age-play*, which is the only issue we are discussing. The “give and inch and they’ll take a mile” argument you make is always a dodge. Regulation of any kind always involves messy, evolving, and tough decisions. That’s life. Why have any regulation at all in any society if you’re hamstrung by the possibility of it being abused? The key thing that matters is how to protect the most vulnerable among us–real-life children. Your pleasure and my discomfort barely matter at all, the issue is avoiding the incidence of real-life pedophilia and it’s consequences.

    Kevin, your outraged post similarly misses the mark. The real argument against child-fucking in SL clearly is not about discomfort with viewing it. It’s about zero-tolerance for activity which *can* leak over to encourage real-life abuse of kids, humans who can’t defend themselves, and whose lives become hell after being raped by an adult. I don’t give a crap if you want to fuck another 50 year old playing a child in your own real-life bedroom–there is no child involved. I don’t believe that simulating this activity (which by the way likely sometimes involves real children playing child avatars) ought be enabled or tolerated by LL or the SL community for the reasons listed in posts above. You can age-play all you want, but banning *sexual age-play* would at least make it harder for this specific kind of roleplay to occur in SL and RL, and that is a good thing for real life children, such as maybe your own or kids you know.

    Yes, it sure would be society attempting to force its community standards on you. We do this all the time. It would not be a bad thing.

  34. Rock Ramona

    Mar 11th, 2007

    Its really simple,anyone who has to roleplay this stuff is sick,i dont care how old you are,or how cartoony you look,it is wrong.Adding the word roleplay to it doesnt make it any less sick.Its still sick,if you are an adult humanbeing who thinks about children or animals and it makes you sexually excited enuff,then you should be seeking proffesinal help,end of F**king story,take your tier money and go see a shrink

  35. Brace

    Mar 14th, 2007

    “Teams of top-notch researchers looked up groups in the Second Life search tool”

    OMFG! can I borrow yalls team? I totally need help searching stuff out in SL

    Its so fookin hard to do! *sobs*

  36. littlebutold

    Apr 10th, 2007

    So my problem with the new rule may be a bit unique. There is a girl at work who has a disease that makes her look very, very young. She is actually 29 years old, but she appears to be about 11 years old. If someone is familiar with the disease, please post the name as I am interested in long-term implications. Anyway, my cube is right next to hers and over the past two years we have gotten to know each other pretty well. Our unit has gone to several happy hours that both she and I attended (it is always a hoot when she orders a drink) and we have become pretty good friends. She is a very pretty young lady but has never had a romantic relationship, which I find incredibly sad. The fact is that she is an extremely nice girl and has a good career ahead of her. A “good catch” under normal circumstances.

    So here is the rub. I do not want to be prevented from simulating sex, via an av, with this co-worker because of a restriction on the size of a cartoon character in a game. The truth is that I don’t really have the desire to do this, but the point remains.

  37. China Venture News

    Aug 11th, 2007

    Sex, China, and Virtual Worlds

    Some disturbing bits of news about the most popular online virtual world, Second Life, came across my desk this week and, though the news was truly disturbing, it was also insightful regarding the success of virtual worlds in cyberspace. The…

  38. ayman

    Oct 20th, 2007

    an article which says that it is illegal for germans to gain access to those ageplay services… the german criminal code prohibits displaying sexual acts between graphical representations of children and adults. To have sex with a child-avatar in second life as a german citizen can be punished with prison sentence…

  39. rody

    Nov 7th, 2007


  40. sarah

    Jan 10th, 2009

    i like to to play the little girl role…and they said i can get arrested for acting like im about 10 years younger and having virtual sex with an adult…im 19 female and i dont get how its wrong if everyones an adult….i dont agree or condone real children do it…but i am adult and so is the person i am talking with whats the probelm

  41. Dannie

    Jun 29th, 2009

    nothing wrong with role or age play or virtual incest between moms and daughters. it’s only fantasy fer crying out loud.

  42. Sigmund Leominster

    Jun 29th, 2009

    Nothing wrong so long as it’s a hot mom and daughter, and there’s whipped cream involved. Of course, if they’re ugly, it’s sick and disturbing…

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