Fox News Discovers Second Life; Calls on Edwards to Denounce Virtual Underage Sex Brothels

by Urizenus Sklar on 01/03/07 at 1:16 pm

Fox News political analyst and former AOL VP Kirsten Powers has posted a video blog calling for Democratic Presidential Candidate John Edwards to denounce some of his unseemly second life neighbors, including the “virtual rape fantasy clubs, virtual underage sex brothels and sadly unsurprising proliferation of porn.” Behold the video:

An Excerpt from the blog itself is below the fold:

From Kirsten Powers’ Blog:

“As you will see, the Edwards HQ has some disturbed neighbors. Particularly troubling are the rape fantasy clubs and the child sex brothel called Jailbait (the “owner” of the club, a 35-year- old woman named Emily Semaphore refers it as “age-play.”) The “Second Life Herald” complains that “Intersexed Avatar Children Hard to Find” [I think Kirsten's irony detectors need adjusting -- Uri] and provides this handy graph to explain what kind of virtual child sex the adult members of Second Life are engaging in


And when I went to check out the “most visited places” almost every place on the list involved porn. If the Edwards campaign is going to have a presence in Second Life, then it seems they should seize the opportunity to take a stand against the virtual rape fantasy clubs, virtual underage sex brothels and sadly unsurprising proliferation of porn.”

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  1. Maria LaVeaux

    Mar 3rd, 2007

    If it was Anybody but Fox,, The Enquirer,, the Star,, ANYBODY!!,, I might take it Seriously, but you can be DAMN sure right now some Fox executives, Concurrent with this little campaign are also Thinking of how they can Frame another Mindless, Tasteless Trashy “Reality” show inside SL and make it work.

    These people are the KINGS of Television Dreck. I think thier own Pot needs a LOT of Polishing before commenting on someone elses Kettle.


  2. Jesse Malthus

    Mar 3rd, 2007

    I have to say that that was a pretty good videoblog on what SL is like. She actually took the time to do some exploring, edit her avatar, and use the alt-zoom tool.

    My policy on this is to live and let live. Yes, ageplay is gross, yes, rape fantasies are depraved, but if you don’t like it, it’s not like you can’t just push Ctrl-Shift-H or Ctrl-Q.

    The Edwards attack definitely had the hallmarks of a 4chan /b/tard attack. Notice the text at the bottom of the screenshot, there is a reference to “OVER 9000″ which is a (stupid) 4chan-precipitated meme

  3. Gorean Furry

    Mar 3rd, 2007

    “You know, I’m starting to wonder if 90% of the posters on this blog are 13 year old pimply-faced antisocial misfits who are so arrogant and insecure in themselves that they can’t make a point without insulting everyone else in the process.”

    Hello? Do you even read what you write? You complain about something and then do the very same thing yourself, in the very same sentence! Hypocrite.

    “C’mon guys. Not one person insulted me, so this isn’t for my sake. This is a general plea: stick to the subject, make your point, check the attitude at the door. Geez.”

    Check yourself into the geriatric ward and stick to what you preach, you liver-spotted antisocial misfit.

  4. Wayfinder Wishbringer

    Mar 3rd, 2007

    LOL. Another troll courageously posts using a fake name. LOL Do these guys ever grow up?

    GF, I’d respond further but frankly, you aren’t worth the trouble.

  5. Gorean Furry

    Mar 3rd, 2007

    The trouble, Wayfinder, is that you have a hard time arguing with your own hypocrisy.

  6. Wayfinder Wishbringer

    Mar 3rd, 2007

    No Gorean, the trouble is you can’t handle other people’s opinions. I flamed no one. I commented on a general attitude that pervades these forums… that of people who directly attack other individuals rather than just sticking to the subject. Well, like you did two messages back. You couldn’t just make your point– you had to add flaming to it. Which is exactly the point I was making. Sad you didn’t get the idea.

    The fact that you come out of nowhere with a completely bogus name, pretty much cinches the fact that you’re probably a standard troll-boy who recently got his butt kicked in another forum and is afraid to use his regular posting name again. (Yup, that happened. Two trolls got royally whooped, for once. Yay!)

    You want to make a point and get me to respect it– make the point using your regular name and show some guts in your position. Keep the 5th grader mentality out of it, and stand up for what you believe like an adult– without the lables and whining. Then I might listen.

    Otherwise, just another post from just another troll.

  7. Foxley

    Mar 8th, 2007

    It’s true that ageplay is a part of Second Life. Most people consider ageplay to be representing yourself as an avatar that is child-like in appearance. There is a difference between ageplay and sexual ageplay. Most of the Second Life residents consider sexual ageplay to be disgusting. All ads with children in them should be banned from Second Life. Perverts with text regarding child sex in their profiles need to be banned from Second Life and prosecuted by their country. If Linden Labs is not going to throttle the registrations requiring age verification, who’s to say that real children are not engaging in this behavior and being abused? That doesn’t excuse sexual ageplay between consenting adults. Their immoral activity still generates child pedophilia on the internet and even threatens their neighbors safety legally. It’s reprehensible and there is a lot of morality cleanup that needs to be done in Second Life including rapeplay. There are far too many social outcasts being sheltered in SL and engaging in vile activities.

  8. Foxley

    Mar 8th, 2007

    It would appear that Linden Labs has been influenced by this video blog from Kirsten
    Powers’. They seem to be taking a semi-direct approach to stifle this kind of sexual depravity although there has not been an official blog post on the issue. Supposedly, they are cracking down on child oriented advertisements in the Second Life world and letting people know their sims or profiles are inappropriate. Take a look at this forum topic. (You will be required to have a verified Second Life account to view these forums.)

  9. Jenie Yoshikawa

    Mar 8th, 2007

    OK, look.

    This place is not real, and we come to second life to get away from real life and all of it’s rules and laws.

    I am into a lot of “sick” things, things i would never do in real and i would never harm anyone in real, i agree that the terrorist thing is wrong, but people have the right to freedom of other things as long as they do not hurt anyone.

    Stop me here if im wrong, but i thought Second Life was for adults only anyhow.

    Everyone here in Second Life is an adult, this is what happens when you change it from needing a credit card to get in to Hey, everyone can get in, just click im 18, you have to be and adult to even get a credit card.

    I swear if they ban me from having my fun and escaping from day to day life and all it’s rules im leaving Second Life to go someplace where i can be free of real life and all of it’s bull.

    I come to Second Life to be what i want and play what i want without christians and other morons like that getting in the way of my free thinking.

  10. Vartra

    Mar 9th, 2007

    I’m gonna be simple as has been said if you come across something you object to, getting away from it is simple. The thing that is being overlooked here is this is ROLE PLAY meaning that on BOTH sides of the encounters that are being addressed there are individuals who know what they are doing and have consented to it or else they would have hit ctrl+shift+H or logged out. Mostly I see age play being targeted here and while I admit SEXUAL age play is disturbing at the very least, those that do non sexual age play should not be getting flack because of it. I have also seen slavery addressed in at least one post, I’ll repeat myself, these individuals are playing a role. They have chosen what they want to do, discussed it, reached an agreement on what is acceptable to them and what is not, usually, I will admit that may not always be the case but when it isn’t it is because the other rules of a role play situation have either been used to shove someone into that place and they have chosen to bear it out instead of invalidating RP or someone went into a situation where that could be done to them without reading the rules again the easy solution to this if they don’t want to be a slave is to invalidate RP. I speak on that as one who knows if you know me from in game you know that, if not search Vartra in game and read my profile, I’m not ashamed to say that I have several who call me Master, everyone by their own choice and everyone is able to tell me at anytime they choose that they don’t want to be my slave anymore. If you want to hear more then you can shoot me an IM in game I’m done here.

  11. Oque

    May 19th, 2007

    Fox News – Second Life

    Phoenix Fox News’s Keith Yaskin stopped by the house last week. They’re doing a local story on Second Life and came across some of our recent projects. Overall, the interview went well but we were a little nervous due to

  12. Oque

    May 19th, 2007

    Fox News – Second Life

    Phoenix Fox News’s Keith Yaskin stopped by the house last week. They’re doing a local story on Second Life and came across some of our recent projects. Overall, the interview went well but we were a little nervous due to

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