iCommons Summit Comes to Second Life June 14-17

by Alphaville Herald on 10/06/07 at 9:39 am

A public service announcement

iCommons Summit 2007 in Second Life at USC Annenberg Public Diplomacy Island
14-17 June 2007

SUMMARY: The goal of the iCommons Summit in Second Life is to reach more people via virtual reality to promote awareness and use of the latest principles and methodologies for broader sharing of intellectual property.

GETTING THERE: Those new to Second Life may register for a free account at this link, which will then take them to the venue. Those who are already residents may go to the venue directly »here«.


This year, the iCommons Summit in Dubrovnik, Croatia brings together pioneers of the free Internet “to make sure that, at its crossroads, we guide the world along a path that will enable the kind of free culture and decentralized innovation that has characterized the early years of the Internet.”

The iCommons Summit will be run in parallel in Second Life, expanding the community who will be able to learn, collaborate and share their knowledge and experiences of the Summit. The parallel summit will help to introduce new users to Second Life and to build the global diversity of participants who are collaborating in-world.

PROGRAMME: With a focus on both “big ideas” and practical examples of how open sharing on the Internet is driving business development, increased innovation, quality education and advances in science, the iCommons Summit is a must-attend for the pioneers with a stake in how the Internet must evolve in the future.

. Magnatune – the music company with the tagline, “We are not evil”
. Larry Lessig – founder of Creative Commons public domain licensing
. Jimmy Wales – founder of Wikipedia the free encyclopedia
. Yochai Benkler – author of The Wealth of Networks
. Cory Ondrejka – chief technology officer of Linden Lab, developer of Second Life

. Live Video Streams (Keynote Addresses)
. Recorded Video Streams (Keynote and Parallel Session Addresses)
. Live DJ/Live Music Concerts and Mixers Before and After Key Addresses
. Information Displays
. Art Exhibits
. Free Tee-Shirts and Information Note Cards
. Greeters to Answer Questions and Hand Out Welcome Packs

. Smily Raymaker – Original Acoustic; Vocal
. Kurt Jano – Jazz, Classical, Blues, World Music; Piano, Trumpet, Harmonica, Vocals
. Al Hofmann – Fusion; Midi Guitar
. Etherian Kamaboko – Electric Roots, Foo Grass; Acoustic, Drum, Harmonica
. Komuso Tokugawa – Generative Ambient, High Energy ; Electric Guitar, Harmonica
. Ricardo Sprocket – Rock, Country, Blues; Vocal, Piano

14th Jun 12noon-2pm (Sneak Preview Mixer; Early Press)
15th Jun 1:15am-2:45pm (Opening, Keynotes, Parallel Sessions, Mixers, Exhibition)
16th Jun 12:15am-2:30pm (Keynotes, Parallel Sessions, Mixers, Exhibition)
17th Jun 12:15am-1:15pm (Keynotes, Parallel Sessions, Mixers, Exhibition, Closing)

Main Conference Location for Reception, Events, Info Stations, Art Exhibits:
. Ilha de Intercambio – http://slurl.com/secondlife/Ilha%20de%20Intercambio/88/88/33
Orientation Stations Location for New Second Life Arrivals:
. Annenberg Island – http://slurl.com/secondlife/Annenberg%20Island/187/67/40
Backup Conference Locations with Video Screens for Live Keynotes:
. Beit Thaqafa – http://slurl.com/secondlife/Beit%20Thaqafa/40/191/53
. Public Diplomacy Island – http://slurl.com/secondlife/Public%20Diplomacy%20Island/204/64/30
. Kula 4 – http://slurl.com/secondlife/Kula%204/39/36/22



4 Responses to “iCommons Summit Comes to Second Life June 14-17”

  1. Hazim Gazov

    Jun 10th, 2007


  2. Prokofy Neva

    Jun 10th, 2007

    I hope to attend this summit — I’ve been bombarded, too, with requests to put this announcement in my blog.

    I’ve always looked very much askew at this “iSummit” in the past because basically, I think if you scratch away all the rhetoric about i-this and me-that — it’s just the same old socialist concept dressed up in cyber clothing. I never see any of the authoritative voices on free media and strugglers for free media and civil rights broadly speaking on the roster at this conference, which basically appears to be about harnessing new technology in the service of the old ideologies for which this part of the world is notorious.

    Creative Commons, while it rings all the chimes of rhetoric about empowering content-creators and raising up Africans from poverty etc. etc. ultimately is about disabling and defeating big corporations that the CCers think are evil, unaccountable and concentrative of media powers in their own hands.

    And precisely because big corporations are sometimes evil and unaccountable, they can get some traction with this. One thing I’ve learned about CC — they have hugely mobilized, energized, organized, and zealous supporters so that if you try to criticize them, they will whack at you from many directions to try to prove that you “never know enough” etc. (like BDSM). If you google these folks, you’ll see very few ever take them on.

    Nevertheless, I ask questions about them and always will. They are an ideology, an organized and zealous one, trying to put themselves over on others, with only some of the tip if the iceberg of their thinking visible widely in the concept of making content both easier to distribute and easier to get micropayments — because the rest of it, about dismantling what they hate as the capitalist corporate culture/economy is more hidden.

    For example, take this very slogan of this very conference:

    “”to make sure that, at its crossroads, we guide the world along a path that will enable the kind of free culture and decentralized innovation that has characterized the early years of the Internet.”

    So…let me get this straight now! A self-selected group of people at something hokey called “an i-Summit” will be the ones to “guide the world along a path”. And…this guiding is what will ensure that we will “enable the kind of free culture and decentralized innovation that has characterized the early years of the Internet.”

    So…am I the only one who wonders how “guiding the world along a path” by a certain “we” will result in “free culture and decentralized innovation”?

    Of course not, and that’s only Marxian Inherent Internal Contradiction No. 1.

    So the Internet/social media need people to work hard to keep the space free of heavily controlling commercial interests? Well, maybe, if you can persuade me that these “guiders” are the thing that will actually keep it free. But I’m never persuaded. Instead, ironically enough, I see corporate interests who have a bottom line to worry about and mass taste to keep happy to be far more attunded to the real public mind and will than self-appointed i-summiteers with ideologies accountable to no one.

    That’s always the problem with these leftist movements, they don’t have the experience of really being accountable in government — or are have only failed track records — such as to inspire the broad public in their fairness.

  3. Gorean Furry

    Jun 10th, 2007

    Provoky Neva is evil.

  4. marilyn murphy

    Jun 10th, 2007

    oh yes that provoky neva is ebil as all get out!!
    however what prokovy says has an interesting little thing.
    so you see a marxian bent to the goings on with these isummitteer types. is it just the leftist over the top liberal mind set starts thinking along these lines as a natural occurrence when this line of reasoning is followed to far? or do they have marx on their bedside table and mao on the headboard and belong to the workers united front? does one fall into the socialist/marxist mind set without even knowing they have? we never label ourselves seriously i dont think. so they think they strive for a better social order, and the outside observer points and says “socialist”. the observed may in fact be socialist bent, but doesnt even realize it.

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