Are Furries Doomed?

by Pixeleen Mistral on 21/07/07 at 1:28 pm

Fallout from enforcing bans on “Broadly Offensive” behavior may threaten furry avatars

by Cinnamon Twist, spicy reporter

Can furries yiff without being offensive?

Great Britain had many rules on the books for many years that it didn’t enforce in the American colonies. They were there, sure, but they were largely ignored. When Britain started to enforce rules in order to make the colonies more profitable, the colonists rebelled. Is this the fate of Second Life’s residents with regard to the notorious “broadly offensive” clause in the TOS?

In a recent article by the Herald’s award winning syndicated advice columnist Heartun Breaker, a reader asked Where do I find animals in Second Life who want to play animals… and play with me as I am?

The answer brings us to a string of even more interesting questions – some not which could be not safe for work.

Where do I find animals in Second Life who want to play animals… and play with me as I am?

The answer to that is, of course, everywhere one looks in Second Life. As the Lindens look to clean up the “broadly offensive” behavior that has been allowed to grow and develop unchecked since 2003, one of the many questions that will surely be raised involves the line between Furries and bestiality.

mounting evidence of virtual bestiality?

Most Furries in Second Life have adopted the classic “anthropomorphic” animal, like a cartoon animal. The Lindens even offer such an avatar as one of the basic shapes you can choose when you are born in Second Life. If one uses such an avatar, and one has sexual congress with another avatar, either human or furry, is that bestiality?

straw poll indicates some SL players will cross species boundaries

More to the point of the original question posed, what if someone looks for an avatar that looks less like a cartoon and more like a real animal? With some shopping, one can find avatars that will turn one into an anatomically correct dog or horse. Having sex with one of these creatures for real in many US states and foreign countries is a crime. Certainly many people find the idea of coupling with a dog or horse to be offensive. Will these avatars soon be banned? Can we logically assume that if the realistic animal costumes are banned then a case can be made to ban all furries in order to avoid the “gray area” that would ensue should the Lindens choose to ban “realistic” animal avatars?

In many shops, people are able to buy animal props, with poses and animations, that allow them to simulate sex with dogs and horses. These “animals,” though they look realistic enough, are merely sexual props; no more real than a ‘dildo’ or a sexual pose ball. Having sex with animals, or appearing to have sex with animals, however, is far more offensive than using traditional sex toys, so do they need to be banned? If so, how do we differentiate them from the other sex toys?

Where will the community draw the line with regard to “broadly offensive”? Will dildos, sexgen beds and Furries soon be a thing of the past?

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  1. Kiddoh

    Apr 23rd, 2012


    What a great example of a persecution complex. :D

  2. Writer

    Apr 23rd, 2012

    Wow. oLD tHreAd is oLd!

  3. israel bonilla

    Apr 24th, 2012

    first of all i don’t give a shit what you think hobo kelly, second, Dontspill mcginis my point in the mentioning that i’m christion is to make a point that not all christians’ or anyone in other religions’ are all preachy happy nutbag’s, we all have our beliefs’ semper fi silent_sniper-_- of

  4. israel bonilla

    Apr 24th, 2012

    also adding to that btw is that this issue should be pointed more toward’s the zoophiles’ they’re the ones’ who f@*# animals’ not furries-_-

  5. potosi abonwood

    Apr 24th, 2012

    Am I the only one who looked at the actual age of this article after I saw it come up in recent posts? Seriously a few more months and it will be celebrating it’s fifth year aniversary. Somebody showing up all gung-ho and acting offended over a five year old post… needs to take a break from the keyboard.

  6. israel bonilla

    Apr 24th, 2012

    dude..-_- i just found the f@*#ing post …..i used my first computer a year ago.

  7. Dontspill McGinnis

    Apr 24th, 2012

    Well, if you aren’t a “preachy happy nutbag”, why mention religion at all?

    In my experience it is precisely the “preachy happy nutbags” that feel the need to mention their own religions.

    After all, you don’t hear me going on about Aulë, do you?

    And any way, with all your ranting and bad language, how ever do you expect to inherit the Earth?

    Christian furries…. Is that the logical extension of the Roman solution to the Christian problem, do you think?

  8. Paul

    Apr 24th, 2012

    all blessings come from Aulë. =]
    This post might be five years old, but that fact does bring up at least one additional point: five years later, the answer to the original poster’s question is, “no, in fact, Linden Lab has not banned furry avatars, etc” , but I imagine the paranoia of that cry of impending doom made sense at the time.

  9. israel bonilla

    Apr 24th, 2012

    i can’t really argue with that answer

  10. israel bonilla

    Apr 25th, 2012

    btw like i said our “OWN” beliefs’

  11. soapy wolf

    May 30th, 2012

    First off, just because some furries enjoy sexual encounters with other furries DOES NOT mean that all furries are like that. i on my hand prefer to keep the 2 separate. everyone believes that being a furry is a fetish and is wrong well guess what? THE EXACT SAME THING GOES FOR HUMANS. i guarantee that atleast half the people that come across this will read this, right some stupid fucking reply about how “oh your a stupid fur-fag who needs to shut the hell up” well no im not going to shut up. Second its not bestiality because a furry is technically half human half animal (more human than animal) mostly because of the way the body looks! most furries just have a animal head, THATS IT leaving the rest of the body to be human. Third, how dare they try to remove a group from the internet?! next thing you know they will say that gays are to graphic and pornographic so you cant have gay avatars in second life because youll end up having sex and only GOD knows what some religious bastard is going to say if that happens. all i know is websites like this need to quit giving furries a bad name, not all furries are bad, get over yourselves to those of you that think all furries are bad.

  12. Yep

    Jun 10th, 2012

    “Second its not bestiality because a furry is technically half human half animal ”

    So to create offspring that are half human and half animal, someone used artifical insemination?

  13. Shut up furfag

    Jun 10th, 2012

    @ sappy wolf

    ‘all i know is websites like this need to quit giving furries a bad name’

    No, websites like this gives furries the platform to give themselves a bad name, by allowing them to bitch and moan whilst attempting to justify their perversions towards animals.

  14. israel bonilla

    Jun 13th, 2012

    lol, wow found ths agian trying to search myself on google O3O

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