Intlibber: “I am sure Tizzers is in on it and works for the prof”

by prokofy on 10/07/07 at 5:55 am


By Prokofy Neva

The story of Woodbury University — “Griefer U” — is now in the real-life Chronicle of Higher Education. You need a subscription to read the article (the link is just to the blog) — it’s one of those old-media proprietary establishments that needs a paid pass or sub, because the journalists and editors work for actual money, and advertisers help pay their bills — all strange concepts for the hacksters and script-kiddies of Second Life. Mark Wallace’s “guilt-by-association” meme is reproduced in the CHE — to the effect that the Woodbury U involves suppression of academic freedom and due process for property owners and failure to punish “the true digital criminals”. And Sean Fitzgerald, an Australian technology consultant, weighs in with his view that LL acted appropriately.

In any event, Woodbury U is emblematic of what’s wrong with Second Life — it’s just that the different factions left right, north, south, furry, norm, sandbox, settler can’t agree just what about the drama *is* wrong. Is it wrong because of “guilt by association” and “collective responsibility” and Lindens’ ostensibly heinous seizure of land without due process, nominally “for the good of the community” — a curious collectivized concept without legitimacy? Or is it wrong because griefers who are serial gridcrashers and determined conspiracists were able to infiltrate a goofy experimental college project whose designers should have been taken on faith as innocent? Or were the Woodbury U folks in on it all along? (That’s my theory).

Whatever the case, efforts even to ask questions about what really happened lead to outrageous attempts to silence reporters, from demonstrations calling for firing of journalists (such friends of free expression, eh?) to gridcrashing while goons and geeks with plausible deniability hover over the sim letting others with throw-away alt accounts pull the grid-crashing script triggers. So what else is new to say about it?

I’m waiting — as others are — to get answers to some of the basic questions like: Where is Dr. Clift’s supervisor? Are the board members apprised of this awful publicity generated by these scandals? Did Tizzers really get fired from her RL job — or was it really only an SL job (she still keeps the title on her avatar)? How come when you type in the course number and name of “Virtual Worlds” which was given here on the Herald comments, you are first guided to another course number, and then when you press on that, taken to a dead link? There is no such course — and indeed the School of Digital Arts in the Communications Department seems to be…not really started yet. So the mysterious commentor below who said essentially that the project was begun merely to impress the board, then let go astray and got purloined by PNs, but isn’t a conspiracy, begins to sound credible.

Why is it that I go on and on about a conspiracy? Well, because of all the many conversations I have had for months with Intlibber Brautigan, in April and May in which he made a remarkable trajectory. Now it can be told! First, he claimed that The Occurence at Woodbury was some kind of “social science experiment” about griefing (!), telling Random Unsung that the PNs funded the Woodbury sim (!), confiding that Tizzers Foxchase had invited the b/tards to make a base at Woodbury (!), and was spouting a cover story about Japanese iamges (hmm…sound familiar?)…then explaining that he had infiltrated Woodbury with his security people — and finally bragging that he had the Lindens doing his bidding getting them banned, then joining them and deciding my method of dealing with griefers — banning and putting names in a local police log for people to decide to include on their own parcel bans or not — was stupid.

But let the logs speak for themselves. Truly, these logs tell an amazing story, when read, and juxtaposed with all the subsequent claims and spins of Intlibber and the BNT gang. When you can’t get the comments to bring out the truth, Uri, go to the chatlogs. Here Random Unsung, Aging Hippie and erstwhile Night Manager at Ravenglass Rentals provides some insight:

2007-04-14 17:38:07

[14:24] Random Unsung: Hi, this “saturday attack” is probably a hoax just to tie people up in knots and distract them
[14:25] IntLibber Brautigan: No its not
[14:25] Random Unsung: I had Takit Leavitt attack the other day with huge plywood cubes and some other nasty goatse attack on a sim they always hit, but nothing else, not today
[14:25] Random Unsung: well have you seen any attacks yet?
[14:25] IntLibber Brautigan: thats because LL raided their bases yesterday
[14:25] IntLibber Brautigan: they HDD banned a bunch of them
[14:25] Random Unsung: yes Lindens told me today that they had gone to examine their objects
[14:26] IntLibber Brautigan: LL has also deleted a lot of weaponry off the asset servers
[14:26] Random Unsung: why has it taken so long to ban them
[14:26] IntLibber Brautigan: cause they wanted to nail them just before their big attack
[14:26] Random Unsung: well I couldn’t confirm that
[14:26] Random Unsung: I asked just that quesiton, knowing that the Lindens never met a script they didn’t like
[14:26] IntLibber Brautigan: PN was funding the Woodbury University sim
[14:26] Random Unsung: did they say that to you?
[14:26] IntLibber Brautigan: here’s some info for you
[14:26] Random Unsung: yes I had that news
[14:26] Random Unsung: that they were pretending to go legit and do emergency preparedness stuff
[14:28] IntLibber Brautigan: PN was also squatting the Paperboy & Co sim, whose owner seems to be quite absent
[14:28] Random Unsung: Hazim Gazov is still active constantly, LL never does a thing

[14:29] Random Unsung: which sim are “their bases” on? Are they still in Baku?
[14:30] Random Unsung: that’s where they always send me uninvited teleport requests
[14:30] IntLibber Brautigan: PN has not been in Baku
[14:30] IntLibber Brautigan: w-hat refused to work with them
[14:30] IntLibber Brautigan: /b/ in turn griefed baku and got banned
[14:30] Random Unsung: Hazim Gazov seems related to them, and he/she is always sending tp requests from Baku
[14:31] IntLibber Brautigan: Hazim is playing an interesting role.
[14:31] Random Unsung: You are so naive if you buy this crap that “W-hat refused to work with them” when they are the recruiters, aiders, abetters, substrate of the entire thing
[14:31] Random Unsung: um, well, don’t become so fascinated with the interesting role that you lose sight of the fact that these people cause business losses
[14:31] Random Unsung: I had Hazim leave a lovely texture on my voter machine that said “NEWBIE MURDERER” or some idiocy like that
[14:32] Random Unsung: because I was taking a poll about people’s attitude toward the unverified, in order to demonstrate that in facdt most people don’t have a problem with them
[14:32] Random Unsung: so she’s just plain stupid
[14:32] Random Unsung: for all her “interesting” qualities *cough*
[14:32] Random Unsung: Seriously IntLibber, I’ve been dealing with these people for 3 years. They play many manipulative games, as you well know.
[14:32] Random Unsung: And the chief one they play is the concept that one of them is “reforming” or “not working with others” or “taking them legit”
[14:32] Random Unsung: it’s all FAKE
[14:33] IntLibber Brautigan: Actually Hazim left a sign that said something like “Lets just murder the homeless”
[14:33] IntLibber Brautigan: it was a Swiftian comment
[14:34] Random Unsung: Um, you seem very well informed on Hazim’s activities, do you back them?
[14:34] Random Unsung: and it’s stupid, because i have regularly posted about the meaning of this voter, which proves my SUPPORT of the unverified with the facts of people’s attitude
[14:35] Random Unsung: it’s not about murdering the homeless
[14:35] IntLibber Brautigan: I don’t back them
[14:35] Random Unsung: and I really do have to WONDER how you know WHAT is on the griefing sign on MY FUCKING LAND
[14:35] Random Unsung: hello?
[14:35] IntLibber Brautigan: I’ve been making a point of educating myself about them
[14:35] IntLibber Brautigan: Hazim send me a picture
[14:35] Random Unsung: uh=uh
[14:35] Random Unsung: um, I do want to remind you that things like that scare away business, and cause actual US dollar losses
[14:35] IntLibber Brautigan: yes they do
[14:36] Random Unsung: so whiile I realize you are “fascinated’ with the ” itneresting” and think you are oh=so-intellectual for sussing them out, it’s crap
[14:36] Random Unsung: total crap
[14:36] Random Unsung: they are manipulative fucks
[14:36] Random Unsung: they will get you
[14:36] Random Unsung: indeed, they already have gotten you if you can’t grasp the essence of the communist Big Lie that lies back of this Leninst group

2007-04-22 03:01:48
[23:00] IntLibber Brautigan: (Saved Sun Apr 22 01:33:39 2007) random, you on?
[23:01] Random Unsung: hello?
[23:02] IntLibber Brautigan: [22:30] IntLibber Brautigan: [21:44] Tizzers Foxchase: How do I contact the Lindens in the game? [21:44] Entjemyma Panacek: best not to [21:44] Tizzers Foxchase: Explain. [21:44] Entjemyma Panacek: well were a terrorist group [21:44] Tizzers Foxchase: No, we are not. [21:44] Entjemyma Panacek: and have a base down there [21:45] Lobo Kong: IM Heretic Linden, I hear she is online [21:45] Entjemyma Panacek: yes we are [22:30] IntLibber Brautigan: [21:55] Tizzers Foxchase: I’m going to say it right now, if anybody in this group admits to griefing I WILL KICK YOU OUT. The University does not condone these actions and will not be held responsible for them. [21:56] Tizzers Foxchase: Honestly, I could care less what you do on your alts.
[23:02] IntLibber Brautigan is typing…
[23:02] IntLibber Brautigan: Tizzers Foxchase runs the Woodbury University sim
[23:02] IntLibber Brautigan: she works for the RL univ
[23:03] Random Unsung: Hmm, so you think it’s just infiltrated? or what?
[23:03] IntLibber Brautigan: no they have had a big base there for a while

[23:04] IntLibber Brautigan: we got their sim seized during the attacks last weekend
[23:04] IntLibber Brautigan: they used their academic credentials to get the sim back
[23:04] Random Unsung: well but if they say they will not condone it, but then say they “could care less” about alts, it’s odd
[23:04] IntLibber Brautigan: they are doing a social science experiment
[23:04] Random Unsung: well what the hell is up?
[23:04] Random Unsung: well that’s just great, that only encourages and validates griefing
[23:04] IntLibber Brautigan: the PN is a social science experiment in terrorism
[23:04] IntLibber Brautigan: and we are the guinea pigs
[23:04] Random Unsung: Well, I am not exactly buying that
[23:05] IntLibber Brautigan: unauthorized unethical human experimentation
[23:05] Random Unsung: I think the PN is organized of its own, and these Woodbury people have seized on them
[23:05] Random Unsung: and made a deal with them
[23:05] IntLibber Brautigan: the professor MC Fizgig
[23:05] IntLibber Brautigan: I have him in a PN outfit

[23:05] Random Unsung: and yes, that’s really sick, and the Lindens used to have very strict codes for governing experimentation
[23:05] Random Unsung: but they’ve thrown it out the window
[23:05] Random Unsung: after the marketing people came in
[23:05] IntLibber Brautigan: I have a nice pic for you to put in the herald
[23:05] Random Unsung: now there’s just a sort of blank where their essay used to be on this in the Knowledge Base
[23:06] Random Unsung: You know, I haven’t been following everything about the Woodbury stuff, when did it start?
[23:06] IntLibber Brautigan: I only found out about it two days before the big raid
[23:06] IntLibber Brautigan: JLU has been infiltrating them for longer
[23:07] IntLibber Brautigan: I have a chatlog of Tizzers specifically inviting the /b/tards to build a base
[23:07] Random Unsung: can you send the screenshot to because recopying out of SL only works to make those tga files that don’t upload well
[23:07] IntLibber Brautigan: okay
[23:08] IntLibber Brautigan: now that they have the sim back, they are rebuilding the base
[23:08] IntLibber Brautigan: calling it a ‘museum’
[23:09] Random Unsung: I’m looking at it now
[23:10] Random Unsung: how could it be that the Lindens would seize it, but then give it back?
[23:10] IntLibber Brautigan: cause thy must have a research contract deal
[23:10] Random Unsung: somehow, the feel of the PNs isn’t that they were merely created by a university, I think they exist on their own, but some deal is made
[23:10] Random Unsung: but LL doesn’t make research contracts
[23:11] IntLibber Brautigan: I suspect maybe the University has a contract with the Dept of Homeland Security to study terrorism
[23:11] Random Unsung: they used to shepherd in educational groups with their own last names and sims and whatnot, but they gave that up some time ago, there is too great a demand
[23:11] Random Unsung: I’m finding it hard to believe that they would take a thing like that off their sim.
[23:12] Random Unsung: And pursue people into the mainlands and destroy property.
[23:12] IntLibber Brautigan: there are three objectives I think they are itnerested in
[23:12] IntLibber Brautigan: and my suspicions have been confirmed by people with degrees in behavior psychology and mind control
[23:13] IntLibber Brautigan: a) study the mentalities of the types of losers attracted to commit terrorism, hate crimes, etc
[23:13] IntLibber Brautigan: b) study hwo to manipulate memes and propaganda that preexist to make a terrorist movement more or less virulent
[23:13] IntLibber Brautigan: c) study how societies react to terrorist activities
[23:14] IntLibber Brautigan: Prok, you know diplomacy, I know war, I’m a veteran, I recognise psywar ops when i see them
[23:15] IntLibber Brautigan: I recognise the griefers may have preexisted ina less virulent form
[23:15] IntLibber Brautigan: IMHO they have been made more virulent since Mudkips joined.
[23:16] IntLibber Brautigan: BTW: Mudkips lives in Burbank CA, where Woodbury campus is located

[23:16] Random Unsung: well something’s up for sure yes, but Mudkips isn’t the most virulent, he takes the time to post more literary things on forums
[23:16] IntLibber Brautigan: yes
[23:16] IntLibber Brautigan: like an academic
[23:16] IntLibber Brautigan: a propagandist
[23:16] IntLibber Brautigan: he’s not a storm trooper
[23:17] IntLibber Brautigan: he’s a yassir arafat
[23:17] IntLibber Brautigan: he never puts the bomb belt on himself
[23:18] IntLibber Brautigan: Here’s more possible evidence that they have a homeland security contract:
[23:18] IntLibber Brautigan: Tizzers has obtained my military records, so she says
[23:18] Random Unsung: oh geez
[23:18] Random Unsung: talking to him now
[23:33] IntLibber Brautigan: I’ll bet she’s giving you the cover story about preserving 4chan culture and art etc etc
[23:33] IntLibber Brautigan: ask her if she thinks its so important to preserve that stuff, why is she hiding it in the basement, and not putting it on display in a public museum for the public to appreciate?
[23:35] Random Unsung: [23:00] IntLibber Brautigan is Online [23:00] Cub Water Club Tower $200 Apt 5: A rental has expired. [23:00] St. Paul’s Cathedral: Received donation of L$20 from Katja Flanagan. [23:00] Cub Water Club Tower $200 Apt 5: Store rented for 7 days… [23:00] Teemu Sands gave you Please Add. [23:00] Second Life: Your object ‘Candlestick’ has been returned to your inventory lost and found folder by the Velvet from parcel ‘the Velvet: Kurt Vonnegut Jr. 1922 – 2007′ at Iron Fist 231.363, 68.1525 due to parcel owner return. [23:06] Moth Temple Preserve: Received donation of L$100 from Patrick Leavitt. [23:07] IntLibber Brautigan gave you MC Fizgig of Patriotic Nigras. [23:15] Moot Kappler shouts: WHO LEFT THE AGING HIPPIE UP HERE [23:15] You: Hey there [23:15] You: is it true that you are studying terrorism by making up a fake griefer group? [23:15] You: : ) [23:15] Moot Kappler: who told you that [23:15] You: well I’m checking out the story [23:15] You: are you a bot? you don’t have a face [23:16] Mo
[23:35] Random Unsung: oops wait
[23:35] Random Unsung: she’s saying the university has no control over the sim
[23:36] Random Unsung: you need to send this to the university president hang on
[23:37] IntLibber Brautigan: ok
[23:39] IntLibber Brautigan: cool
[23:40] IntLibber Brautigan: That school of Media and Culture used to be called the Institute of Interdisciplinary Studies
[23:40] IntLibber Brautigan: its run by a Dr. Cremer
[23:40] IntLibber Brautigan: I send him a post to his blog the other day
[23:40] IntLibber Brautigan: the next day i was IP banned from the whole Woodbury website.
[23:44] IntLibber Brautigan: BTW: They know you are Prokofy
[23:45] IntLibber Brautigan: Hazim has been hanging out there, he knows you are prokofy
[23:45] Random Unsung: oh sure I know, Hazim is a frequent flyer
[23:45] Random Unsung: I’m just seeing what I get out of them
[23:46] IntLibber Brautigan: Tizzers herself belonged to /b/SUPREMACY until saturday
[23:46] IntLibber Brautigan: quit it to save her ass

[23:46] Random Unsung: well she’s trying to draw me off into a private convo now, I think I’ll pass
[23:46] IntLibber Brautigan: nah see what you can dig from that
[23:46] IntLibber Brautigan: she might spill some stuff
[23:46] IntLibber Brautigan: she knows the heat is getting turned up
[23:50] Random Unsung: well the usual collection of asstards
[23:52] Random Unsung: it seems more likely it’s a student who has convinced some wealthy donor or professor to get this island and he odesn’ thave time to watch it
[23:53] Random Unsung: and she’s just doing the usual stupid kid thing on it
[23:53] Random Unsung: Trustifarians would be my diagnosis.
[23:55] Random Unsung: the girl is not bright, and not doing any study, it’s retarded
[23:55] Random Unsung: see the Woodbury website could be handled by kids, adults often do that, even at a university, those kids are 4 channers and they block you
[23:56] Random Unsung: that’s why a fax or snail mail to the president would be in order if you had time to bother
[23:56] IntLibber Brautigan: I’m going to pursue that

2007-04-23 04:12:37
0:40] Random Unsung: Edward M. Clift, Communication, Woodbury University Premonition as profit: Hyper-capitalism and the cultivation of anxiety
[0:41] Random Unsung:
[0:41] IntLibber Brautigan: nice
[0:41] IntLibber Brautigan is typing…
[0:41] Random Unsung: Does it get more clear than that?!
[0:41] IntLibber Brautigan: btw: They dropped 7 of my sims this morning
[0:41] IntLibber Brautigan: three tonite
[0:42] Random Unsung: how do you mean “dropped”?
[0:42] Random Unsung: I’ve written a query to Edward about his sim in SL
[0:42] IntLibber Brautigan: dropped as in crashed
[0:42] Random Unsung: I’ve had Hazim pay a rental box that doesn’t exist, which is very wierd
[0:43] Random Unsung: I can’t find any grief building however — yet
[0:43] Random Unsung: are they using that Grid crasher they’ve described?’
[0:43] IntLibber Brautigan: not here
[0:43] IntLibber Brautigan: we’re not mainland
[0:45] IntLibber Brautigan: oh, woodbury crashed too
[0:45] Random Unsung: interesting
[0:46] IntLibber Brautigan: Socrates Linden says theya re monitoring Woodbury very closely
[0:46] Random Unsung: well if they monitored it so closely, these goons would be gone by now
[0:46] Random Unsung: geez, that’s retarded
[0:46] Random Unsung: I mean, read the transcript from last night
[0:46] IntLibber Brautigan: esp after the griefing of the Virginia Tech memorial
[0:46] Random Unsung: they are so transparent
[0:46] Random Unsung: yes did you see Hazim threatened that on my blog?
[0:46] Random Unsung: I didn’t see it right away
[0:46] Random Unsung: what did they do?
[0:46] IntLibber Brautigan: they are calling Cho a “real american hero”
[0:47] Random Unsung: buridan has me banned and muted so I couldn’t reach him and the others weren’t responding
[0:47] Random Unsung: ugh
[0:47] IntLibber Brautigan: demanded that he be included in the memorial
[0:47] IntLibber Brautigan: they were using alts named GICHOAREALAMERICANHERO Hax, etc
[0:47] Random Unsung: horrible
[0:49] IntLibber Brautigan: btw: they were using the Prokofy dolls to impersonate you
[0:49] IntLibber Brautigan: FlipperA Peregrine bought it and thought you griefed the memorial
[0:49] Random Unsung: oh geez
[0:49] Random Unsung: I would never do such a thing
[0:49] IntLibber Brautigan: I know
[0:49] IntLibber Brautigan: you need to talk with him
[0:50] Random Unsung: buridan banned me when I came there merely because he’s a dick, with a long history of coming and griefing my events
[0:50] Random Unsung: I typed one sentence and he banned me
[0:50] IntLibber Brautigan: was this JT Buridan?
[0:50] Random Unsung: no I don’t talk to idiots like Flipper
[0:50] Random Unsung: no
[0:50] Random Unsung: buridan the joiito guy
[0:50] IntLibber Brautigan: dunno him
[0:50] Random Unsung: JT Buridan I think is in my tenants’ group
[0:50] Random Unsung: I’ve never seen any activity from him
[0:50] IntLibber Brautigan: JT Buridan is a griefer
[0:50] Random Unsung: I mean burdian
[0:51] IntLibber Brautigan: He runs a group called Merczateers Resistance Forces
[0:51] Random Unsung: right I see that now, they’re awful
[0:51] IntLibber Brautigan: was kicked out of the real mercz for griefing
[0:51] Random Unsung: I had to fight them in the sim Nick Rhodes
[0:51] IntLibber Brautigan: Mercz are fine
[0:51] IntLibber Brautigan: MRF are griefers
[0:51] Random Unsung: I don’t care for people who put up Soviet insignia
[0:51] IntLibber Brautigan: I’m sure
[0:51] IntLibber Brautigan: the real Mercz are just doing role playing
[0:51] IntLibber Brautigan: its SL combat under SLSALT
[0:52] IntLibber Brautigan: they rent one of my sims for their base
[0:52] Random Unsung: yes generally they don’t grief in terms of getting on the police blotter
[0:52] IntLibber Brautigan: they help me a lot with defense
[0:53] IntLibber Brautigan: Oh I have a story youd’ find enjoyable
[0:53] IntLibber Brautigan: one of the Mercz, Jonathan Arna
[0:53] IntLibber Brautigan: hes a RL cop
[0:53] IntLibber Brautigan: was their General of MPs
[0:53] IntLibber Brautigan: built their HQ building, a copy of the kremlin
[0:53] IntLibber Brautigan: he left the Mercz
[0:53] IntLibber Brautigan: sold the rights to the building to the Alliance Navy
[0:53] IntLibber Brautigan: AN attacked the sim, turned the building physical, and blew it up
[0:55] Random Unsung: hmmm
[0:56] Random Unsung: now there was a guy who was a RL cop that I knew under another name, from Columbus, OH that was more of a griefer than a cop
[0:56] Random Unsung: anyway, I’m not here to rp police with kids, I don’t want them

2007-04-26 05:11:58
[1:35] Random Unsung: Did you see the latest on Woodbury?
[1:35] Random Unsung: I got an answer from Clift, and it was snarky.
[1:36] IntLibber Brautigan: no whats up?
[1:36] Random Unsung: I wrote him asking for a comment on the antics there.
[1:36] Random Unsung: He wrote back with a reply that he would only speak to Reuters, the LA times, or the Chronicle of Higher Education
[1:36] Random Unsung: that what kind of reporter would seek a comment from him AFTER the story was done, blah blah
[1:37] Random Unsung: so I wrote back saying that the story had aged 2 weeks at least and cried out for coverage, and couldn’t wait for him to surface
[1:37] Random Unsung: nobody who had IM’d him in world or emailed him had answers, though in fact I didn’t write to him until after the article was up, but so what? Whoever heard of having to delay news coverage merely because one source is AWOL?
[1:37] Random Unsung: i mean AFK or whatever
[1:38] Random Unsung: so then I asked Robin Linden in the office hours: what’s up with Woodbury? What was LL doing about? She said “we have written the professor” and didn’t have a reply yet
[1:38] Random Unsung: so when I got my answer, I forward it to Robin and said, “Watch out, he’s in on it”
[1:38] Random Unsung: and she wrote back”It would be helpful if he didn’t get his 15 minutes of fame”
[1:39] IntLibber Brautigan: good
[1:39] Random Unsung: well I’m not sure how to read what she’s saying, whether that constitutes an acknolwedgement that he’s a problem
[1:40] Random Unsung: I’m fairly certain he *is* a problem
[1:40] IntLibber Brautigan: yes i do too
[1:40] IntLibber Brautigan: academics can be assholes,
[1:40] IntLibber Brautigan: definitely don’t believe in freedom of speech for others
[1:40] Random Unsung: oh totally, and Marxism is entrenched in these universities
[1:41] Random Unsung: well a normal academic, even some Marxist, would say, oh, I’ll check on that
[1:41] Random Unsung: but the fact that he was on the defensive tryingto discredit the very questioning process
[1:41] Random Unsung: that lets me know he’s in on it
[1:41] Random Unsung: but what the whole thing is really about remains opaque
[1:41] IntLibber Brautigan: some tried to force my grad student cousin to make me retract internet postings I’d made on global warming cause i talked about the socialist agenda of the Club of Rome
[1:41] Random Unsung: oh totally
[1:41] IntLibber Brautigan: other good news
[1:42] Random Unsung: the question is whether this is an FSB op of a typical variety designed to undermine Western youth, etc.
[1:42] Random Unsung: or whether it is merely this guy’s one wacky sectarian caper
[1:42] Random Unsung: or both, feeding into each other, accidently
[1:42] IntLibber Brautigan: Teeple and Blue Linden are giving defenders verbal consent to use blitzing and orbiting against griefers
[1:42] Random Unsung: where are they saying that?
[1:42] IntLibber Brautigan: said it to AlexanderJohn Herman
[1:42] Random Unsung: well they’ll have to say it once those new tools go in
[1:42] Random Unsung: in the forums or only in room chat?
[1:42] IntLibber Brautigan: in sim chat
[1:43] IntLibber Brautigan: Alexander asked what he could do against their attacks
[1:43] IntLibber Brautigan: Teeple asked if he had psitec
[1:43] Random Unsung: well ultimately, they have to stop prosecuting people who shoot griefers
[1:43] IntLibber Brautigan: he said yes
[1:43] IntLibber Brautigan: Teeple said, then use it
[1:43] Random Unsung: interesting
[1:43] Random Unsung: I haev repeatedly asked whether they wll end prosecution of chatlog distributors and users of weapons against griefers, they won’t respond
[1:44] IntLibber Brautigan: actually, he said specifically “Then you know what to do”
[1:44] Random Unsung: I asked again about the chat log in Robin’s office hours, she wouldnt’ respond
[1:44] Random Unsung: oh well that gives him deniability
[1:44] Random Unsung: I bet they won’t go ont he record with that tho
[1:44] IntLibber Brautigan: I believe it tends to vary among lindens, depending on what country they are from
[1:44] IntLibber Brautigan: American lindens I think are much more self defense oriented
[1:45] IntLibber Brautigan: the euro and aussie ones are much less so
[1:45] Random Unsung: well i had to deal with this Sejong Lidnen, and I tore him a new one
[1:45] Random Unsung: I have a voting poll on my property, perfectly legal
[1:45] Random Unsung: which raises the generic question: what should we do about grief builds? right next door is a deliberate provocative punkstore that bought waterfront to annoy everyone
[1:45] Random Unsung: and sure, people can do what they like on their land and build punk stores on beautiful waterfront
[1:46] Random Unsung: but then I can do what I like on my land, too, and have a poll about whether to boycott this business or how to handle it
[1:46] Random Unsung: so Sejong just comes and removes that
[1:46] IntLibber Brautigan: right
[1:46] IntLibber Brautigan: oh?
[1:46] Random Unsung: eys
[1:46] IntLibber Brautigan: thats not right
[1:46] Random Unsung: he manually contacts me inworld, with no due process
[1:46] Random Unsung: illustrating he’s a resident-turned-Linden with an axe to grind
[1:46] IntLibber Brautigan: is he asian?
[1:46] Random Unsung: he’s new, but has all this help info on his profile that lets me know he’s a Lindesident
[1:46] Random Unsung: yes Korean evidently but U.S. citizen he told me
[1:47] Random Unsung: so anyway, I tore him a new one and told him I would absolutely publicize the shit out of this, it was wrong
[1:47] Random Unsung: he lectuerd me about how we all had to get along, and I couldn’t have something criticizing my neighbours and it was “against the community”
[1:47] Random Unsung: and I said bullshit, this guy is “against the ocmmunity” by building shit on waterfront when we all have appropriate stuff
[1:47] IntLibber Brautigan: What I suggest is when you do stuff like that now, is contact a linden who is favorable to you to approve, so if sejong or others give you crap, you fob them off onto that linden
[1:47] Random Unsung: well what I did was finally tell hinm that I had AR’d him
[1:47] Random Unsung: he then contacted his superior
[1:47] IntLibber Brautigan: good
[1:48] Random Unsung: he got back to me and said, well put it out if you must but it’s against the community
[1:48] Random Unsung: I said, bullshit, you can’t define what a community is on my sim
[1:48] IntLibber Brautigan: right
[1:48] Random Unsung: I then protested to Robin as she is nominally in charge of these people, but not really
[1:48] IntLibber Brautigan: well your problem is you are a mainlander
[1:48] Random Unsung: I have islands too
[1:48] IntLibber Brautigan: yes
[1:48] Random Unsung: but I am resisting their concept of tool-induced covenants
[1:48] IntLibber Brautigan: on islands, you are the queen
[1:48] Random Unsung: I want covenants that people establish in groups on their sims to count too
[1:49] IntLibber Brautigan: sure
[1:49] IntLibber Brautigan: I totally think residents of mainland sims should be able to choose their own governance
[1:49] Random Unsung: they only recognize tool-based covenants but I feel it’s worth fighting
[1:49] Random Unsung: well you can to a point
[1:49] Random Unsung: but they don’t recognize it
[1:49] IntLibber Brautigan: well if a sim resident group votes to have a covenant in their sim, it should be applied by LL to their sim
[1:49] Random Unsung: ultimately, your only solution is to buy the island which now has more tier
[1:49] Random Unsung: well they claim they wlil have something like that
[1:49] Random Unsung: it opens up problems of course
[1:50] Random Unsung: 20 people who own 16 m2 parcels with grief signs could vote to have a covenant of grief signing and the rest of us owning on that sim will be blocked by majoritarian rule
[1:50] Random Unsung: so I have urged them to make it by meters, and of course that goes against their nutty egalitarianism
[1:51] IntLibber Brautigan: of course it should be by meters
[1:51] IntLibber Brautigan: and a 16 meter parcel shouldn’t have a vote, too small to be a residence
[1:51] Random Unsung: When telehub mall owners demanded and got the meeting with Philip Linden in 2005
[1:51] Random Unsung: he told us unequivocally: land will not be recognized as stake in this world
[1:51] IntLibber Brautigan: well it does in my estate
[1:51] Random Unsung: well they could undo the 16 m2 nonsense by making no parcel sell if it is under 256 m2
[1:52] IntLibber Brautigan: I apportion lag by land area
[1:52] Random Unsung: yes well I challenged him to explain why his business makes land a stake and sells it, thereby valuing it
[1:52] Random Unsung: but then he devalues it and calls it no stake once it is in my hands
[1:52] Random Unsung: that’s pretty fucked
[1:53] IntLibber Brautigan: so is Clift MC Fizgig or this Farland character?
[1:54] IntLibber Brautigan: another sim you should look at is Paperboy and Co
[1:54] IntLibber Brautigan: PN uses that as a weapons test sim
[1:54] IntLibber Brautigan: its apparently abandoned by the owner
[1:54] Random Unsung: yes I saw those messages
[1:54] IntLibber Brautigan: but tier is paid
[1:54] Random Unsung: Clift is Fizgig I think
[1:54] IntLibber Brautigan: ok
[1:54] IntLibber Brautigan: they have a MASSIVE base in Paperboy
[1:54] Random Unsung: do you think PN just moved in on a sim that this professor left untended, or is there more to it?
[1:55] Random Unsung: how do they set objects?
[1:55] IntLibber Brautigan: I am sure Tizzers is in on it and works for the prof
[1:55] IntLibber Brautigan: Paperboy and Co is public build
[1:55] IntLibber Brautigan: the owner appears to be japanese
[1:55] Random Unsung: if she whitewashes 4chan she has to be
[1:55] Random Unsung: ok
[1:56] Random Unsung: has anyone snapshooted or reliably placed who did the attack on Kula?
[1:56] IntLibber Brautigan: dont know
[1:56] IntLibber Brautigan: AlexanderJohn Herman and his air cavalry have been patrolling all the sandboxes
[1:56] Random Unsung: Is the Justice League this guy California Candor? or what is it?
[1:57] IntLibber Brautigan: JLU is doing its thing
[1:57] IntLibber Brautigan: oh, Hazim created Juice League Ultimate
[1:57] Random Unsung: oh
[1:57] Random Unsung: it’s a knock-off then
[1:57] IntLibber Brautigan: yes
[1:57] IntLibber Brautigan: he’s made a Kool-Aid avatar for the group
[1:58] IntLibber Brautigan: Hazim has a significant facility in paperboy
[1:58] Random Unsung: yes I should go screenshot I’ve just been too busy
[1:58] Random Unsung: well he’s lying about not being involved in the Kula attack surely
[1:59] IntLibber Brautigan: yes, Hazim is a serious character
[1:59] Random Unsung: Hazim is definitely the same person who was in the old Voted-5, and Kerian’s attempt to claim it isn’t the same person is merely a distraction
[1:59] IntLibber Brautigan: yes
[2:00] IntLibber Brautigan: geobbels law
[2:00] Random Unsung: this person goes way back like 2 years to the WTC
[2:00] IntLibber Brautigan: their comments to your articles are illustrative merely of their current stable of lies
[2:01] Random Unsung: oh totally, and that’s fine, it was created to give them a place to post their latest roster of lies
[2:01] Random Unsung: it’s interesting that in this thread, where they feel it’s “already about them” they refrain from the kind of race-baiting and vulgarity they impose on other stories
[2:01] IntLibber Brautigan: because you are in their living room
[2:02] Random Unsung: I generally refrain from talking to them, or speaking to them directly, or responding to them
[2:02] IntLibber Brautigan: confronting them on their turf puts them on the defensive
[2:02] Random Unsung: because that’s all part of legitimizing them, when they goad me inworld, I never respond, nor report on it, nor answer them directly
[2:02] IntLibber Brautigan: A good friend of mine was a juvie cop
[2:02] IntLibber Brautigan: he used to do his job very well
[2:02] Random Unsung: yes, well I thought the Woodbury thing had risen to the point where you had to go visit and throw them into offensive and surprise
[2:02] IntLibber Brautigan: by going around every night to where the kids hung out
[2:03] Random Unsung: yes
[2:03] Random Unsung: they are used to thinking of their hangouts as sanctuaries
[2:03] IntLibber Brautigan: saying “hey what are we doing tonite”
[2:03] IntLibber Brautigan: they’d leave
[2:03] IntLibber Brautigan: group somewhere else
[2:03] IntLibber Brautigan: he’d show up ther
[2:03] IntLibber Brautigan: and every other place
[2:03] IntLibber Brautigan: they’d go home
[2:03] IntLibber Brautigan: job done
[2:04] IntLibber Brautigan: they are targeting Badnarik
[2:04] IntLibber Brautigan: crashed it 26 times in two weeks
[2:04] Random Unsung: geez
[2:04] IntLibber Brautigan: Massen is under attack now
[2:04] Random Unsung: I’m looking at Fizgig’s profile, he even has a classic PN picture of the pool’s out guy in his profile
[2:04] Random Unsung: a pctuer of their parade
[2:05] IntLibber Brautigan: but they are trying to get the Merczateers, who own that sim, to countergrief them
[2:05] IntLibber Brautigan: so they can file ARs on them
[2:05] Random Unsung: oh well in that sense, the end of the whole silly AR system is a good thing
[2:05] Random Unsung: it was mainly used to settle scores
[2:06] Random Unsung: why are the PN’s so fascinated with black people?
[2:06] Random Unsung: are they pathetic white boys lol?
[2:06] IntLibber Brautigan: its giving white boys victim status
[2:06] Random Unsung: yes
[2:06] IntLibber Brautigan: so anything they do is forgiven
[2:06] IntLibber Brautigan: if they cry racism
[2:07] Random Unsung: why is it only now we hear about Woodbury when these avatars go back to January?

2007-05-14 02:45:44
Random Unsung: What’s up with the anti-voter 5 group, is that in fact a voter 5 in it?
IntLibber Brautigan: which?
Random Unsung: Anti Voter 5, the group you are in
IntLibber Brautigan: yeah
IntLibber Brautigan: who is a voter 5?
Random Unsung: well the group is not visible
Random Unsung: what is your point with that group?
Random Unsung: you do realize that they always create “anti” groups as a distraction device
IntLibber Brautigan: heres the group charter: Voter 5 is full of a bunch of W-Hat alts and ne’er do well Goons who try to crash the grid. I hate them, and I want them to leave Second Life. I own land, and they keep leaving phallic objects on my e-lawn. If you are against Voter 5 and that griefing idiot Hazim Gazov, then feel free to join this group.
Random Unsung: well, that’s obviously them, making a fake group
Random Unsung: they do that all the time
IntLibber Brautigan: Well, Alamareca is an aspiring journalist, actually, sees you as a role model.
Random Unsung: um, rolls eyes
Random Unsung: have you decided to go over to the dark side, IntLibber?
IntLibber Brautigan: not at all
Random Unsung: You do realize that their claims to be “separate” or “hating” or “even attacking” w-hat are all fake
Random Unsung: the first thing each alt does when they log on
Random Unsung: is send me a TP to Baku
Random Unsung: that’s their way of signalling the connection
Random Unsung: Baku is w-hat’s home base
Random Unsung: the v-5 also always join “the largest and most pointless group every”


83 Responses to “Intlibber: “I am sure Tizzers is in on it and works for the prof””

  1. Prokofy Neva

    Jul 11th, 2007

    >The limits to free speech apply to everyone, including editorials.

    If you want to play “fighting words,” champ, try words like “crazy cat lady” or “alcoholic” or “latent homosexual”. Just sayin’. See you in court.

  2. The One

    Jul 11th, 2007

    Well I certainly can’t speak for the others- but I feel that the only reason this keeps escalating is because it keeps getting attention.

    It just needs to be left alone so that it’ll fizzle out on its own.

  3. The One

    Jul 11th, 2007

    >> See you in court.
    Am I to take that as a threat, a notice, or a figure of speech?

  4. Prokofy Neva

    Jul 11th, 2007

    >Shut it, prok. Just shut it.

    Um, yes, I think it’s always wise to listen to someone with the anonymous nick “Nigrapassion” has to say on a blog and shut up, and allow the jackboot to step on the face.

    When Pixeleen or Walker or Uri are ready to publish an editorial in defense of reporters who write critical stories and commentary, and not allowed them to be stomped to death in the comments, then those reporters won’t have to fight back with multiple comments.

    Their reluctance to do so has to do with a long-standing and wierd Herald tradition of wishing to look leather-jacketed cool, and Hunter Thompsonesque, by being down with the peeps and hanging in the hood with the mafios, the hos, the griefers, the casino hustlers. They don’t know when it’s time to break common cause with some of these people and articulate what is right.

  5. Alyx Stoklitsky

    Jul 11th, 2007

    >”Anonymous nick “Nigrapassion”

    Nigrapassion is a member of the PN – you’d know this if you actually took the time to investigate anything rather than simply creating theories in your head.

    Shows how much you know, when you don’t seem to be able to identify anyone other Mudkips Acronym. How can you know so little, and yet claim to understand everything about the PN?


  6. Reality

    Jul 11th, 2007

    Dearie you wouldn’t know right if it slapped you in the face and stole your very soul.

  7. Adam

    Jul 12th, 2007

    Raz Welles please stop linking my site on this gay blog. I would rather not have SL fags visit my site (although i do make decent money off your clicks)

  8. Raz Welles

    Jul 12th, 2007

    That’s not my post :P the poster’s name shows below the post, not above ^_^;

  9. NobodyImportant

    Jul 12th, 2007

    Adam, on this backward crappy blog “journal”, comments are in the format comment-then-poster. So you’re actually talking to someone calling themselves “Anonymous”, when they quite obviously aren’t an anon.

  10. Kerian

    Jul 18th, 2007

    Hey I was name dropped in this one too, spiffy. I really am surprised that you fall for Hazim’s misinformation so hook line and sinker, Prokofy.

  11. SN

    Jul 23rd, 2007

    Tizzers is a griefer, nothing else. the university is just a cover up for her to put something nice in her profile so that people dont think it was actually her using the account.

    If woodbury knows what is good for them, they will ban her from their sim and their group, and post her name on Banlink, i’ve already gone through her list and notified nearly every group she is in that she is a griefer, and most have kicked her. but with open memberships, she can just as easily rejoin.

    /b/tards phail

  12. SN

    Jul 23rd, 2007

    Tizzers is a griefer, nothing else. the university is just a cover up for her to put something nice in her profile so that people dont think it was actually her using the account.

    If woodbury knows what is good for them, they will ban her from their sim and their group, and post her name on Banlink, i’ve already gone through her list and notified nearly every group she is in that she is a griefer, and most have kicked her. but with open memberships, she can just as easily rejoin.

    /b/tards phail

  13. Psychotic Writer

    Jul 23rd, 2007

    They are all griefers. PN, Tizzers, JLU. They all fall into the same category, for different reasons.

    Where Tizzers and PN and others like them are concerned, they are doing it because it’s funny. It’s not serious to them, it’s a game (it is a freaking game.) They are playing around, and love to see how wound up people get over it all.

    People like the JLU scare the shit out of me, to be quite frank. Where I know the PN are just doing it for the lulz, the JLU are delusional enough to believe they are doing it for the good of everyone. Gathering personal information, tracking people, showing up uninvited, bossing people around. Griefers who hide behind superhero costumes are not only hypocrites, but a little scary.

    I’d much rather sit back and laugh about what people like the PN do, you know, like they do, since they just did it for the lulz. If they get you, they get you, move on from it. Odds are once they’ve had their laugh they’ll move on to the next person to mess with. The JLU are the ones who I really worry about.

  14. IntLibber Brautigan

    Jul 7th, 2008

    Jul 2nd, 20:36 BNT Brautigan & Tuck Holdings
    by IntLibber Brautigan

    BNT Secures Contract with Woodbury University
    Woodbury University’s School of Media, Culture & Design has entered into an agreement with Brautigan & Tuck Holdings (ACE: BNT) to provide two sims, estate management services, and public relations assistance, for the next six months through December 2008 and renewable into the future.

    Woodbury University, of Burbank, California, has had a contract with BNT first for a quarter sim, then for an open space sim through the end of June. The new agreement will include payment for a new full sim to be attached to the existing openspace sim Woodbury Sea, and 6 months of prepaid tier on both sims, as well as continuing with estate management services, sim security, and assistance relating and communicating effectively to the SL public about WU’s core mission and stringent student code.

    “Our relationship with Woodbury is ever stronger and demonstrates BNT’s increasing exposure in the Developer community, our dedication to promoting the educational potential of Second Life as well as to principles of equal opportunity for disadvantaged students to build high tech skills as well as to learn to become good virtual citizens,” said BNT CEO IntLibber Brautigan, “while Woodbury in the past did not put its best foot forward in SL, we have helped them to rebuild their public image in the virtual world to reflect their strong public image in the real world. While some residents elsewhere remain mired in the past, Woodbury is moving forward, and its students are daily learning the essential skills of being good, responsible, and respectful virtual citizens.”

    Woodbury has also benefited recently from the donation of another full sim, by well known resident Scout Detritus (founder and owner of Siege Guild and his pirate ship combat products). The Siege Guild sim has been renamed “Longcat” and is located to the south of Woodbury Sea. The WU campus will thus span three sims in SL, making it not only the highest traffic educational facility in Second Life, but also one of the largest virtual campuses. Current traffic averages 4500 daily and occasionally goes over 9000. Three virtual students from this past semesters class in Virtual Media have gotten so much from their experience they have decided to try to get a degree in real life.

    “Most college sims in SL are empty museums, replicas of obsolete buildings named for wealthy alumni,” said Professor Edward Clift, “conversely, WU’s virtual campus is a living breathing educational laboratory where actual classes happen with students who are both resident at our RL campus or attending virtually, creating a whole new definition for ‘extention classes’. The limits we are pushing are exactly why virtual education is so vital in the 21st century.”

    WU faculty and students are leading the way in creating new educational paradigms, and BNT is very proud to be a part of this pioneering effort. Woodbury’s unique and successful approach to virtual education has been lauded in various educational publications.

  15. porkfried

    Jul 8th, 2008

    he said “over 9000″ :)

    You go Woodbury U

  16. Witness X

    Jul 8th, 2008

    Oooh, that would explain why the PN now constitute about 40% of the membership of the Woodbury Group now.

    “Educational Paradigm”.

    Is that what they call blindly feeding money and resources to grid raiders and cyberstalkers now?

  17. Witness X (not the Kalel toadie)

    Jul 8th, 2008

    Ignore the dummies, Intlibber. Your work to try o rehabilitate these former griefers is admirable and I wish you the best of luck.

  18. Witness X

    Jul 8th, 2008

    Also, I spent a lot of time hanging out at Woodbury Sea and Longcat, and there is absolutely NO way it’s getting the traffic numbers IntLibber claims. Maybe 50 or 60 visitors a day, if you count all the griefer alts running through there on their way to getting banned elsewhere, and that’s being generous.

  19. Charles Xavier

    Jul 8th, 2008

    “Is that what they call blindly feeding money and resources to grid raiders and cyberstalkers now?”

    Shut up Angel Fluffy and go back to getting reamed in the ass by Frontier.

  20. anon

    Jul 9th, 2008

    >Your work to try o rehabilitate these former griefers is admirable and I wish you the best of luck.

    lol nobody’s getting rehabilitated, everyone’s just taking old IntLib for a ride

    the invisible hand of the free market will ensure his continued financial stability, that and bootstraps

  21. anon

    Jul 9th, 2008

    also i lives in Burbank CA, where Woodbury campus is located

  22. Witness X (Not the IntLibber Toadie)

    Jul 9th, 2008

    “lol nobody’s getting rehabilitated, everyone’s just taking old IntLib for a ride”.

    What this guy said.

    IntLibber’s a big man, parading around on the back of a tiger. Guess what happens when he runs out of hamburger to feed that tiger with?

  23. Witness X

    Jul 9th, 2008

    Awwww, isn’t this cuuuute??

    “Ignore the dummies, Intlibber. Your work to try o rehabilitate these former griefers is admirable and I wish you the best of luck.”

    Intblubber thinks I’m KalOL.

  24. Witness X

    Jul 9th, 2008

    He happens to be entirely right but that’s beside the point. INTLIBBER IS EVIL!!!!

  25. anon

    Jul 9th, 2008

    Psychotic Writer is psychotic.

    Also is IntLibber.

  26. Charles Xavier

    Jul 10th, 2008

    “Intblubber thinks I’m KalOL.”

    No, you’re Angel Fluffy.

    I’ve been pointing this out FOREVER. Ironically, the original Witness X was Jim Schack, an IntLibber goon, but once he quit, the name is used often by IntLibber himself, Angel Fluffy, Kalel and Maldavius Figtree.

    Read back through the Witness X posts and you’ll see which one is which.

    PS Angel, did you get that e-mail?


  27. Witness X

    Jul 10th, 2008

    You forgot ^ban^, Mexican Pirate, FrizzleFry, and probably half of IntLibber’s other goons at some point or other.

    Guess which one I am? *snicker*

  28. Witness X

    Jul 10th, 2008

    Oh, and now obviously Charles Xavier = Intblubber.

    You’re so clumsy at this, you really should quit while you can. Faceisbeard, honestly.

  29. Charles Xavier

    Jul 10th, 2008

    At least when PN uses Witness X, it’s always hilarious.


  30. goatse4two

    Jul 10th, 2008

    Out in front of _The Second Life Herald_’s office in Secondlife there is a giant sign that is plastered over the back of the state of the art IBM 360/145 that they use to produce the Herald. Down on the ground near the entry gate are 2 empty discarded beer cans containing DNA belonging to Pixeleen Minstral and one empty bottle of Russian Vodka laced with the latent DNA of Intlibber Brautigan. But it’s the sign that is intriguing. The sign proclaims: THE FUTURE HOME OF WOODBURY UNIVERSITY. I think they should set that sign so people can take copies of it. It might spread far and wide and start showing up in the most unsuspecting places. You know? There might eventually be over 9000 of them or something. The mind boggles at all the things it could do. Just a thought :)

  31. Witness X

    Jul 10th, 2008

    A year ago Intblub was convinced the PN were funding Woodbury. He’ll buy into any wacko line of bull because he’s intensely paranoid, and thinks everybody’s out to get him. So it’s only natural that he believes that I’m Angel Fluffy, or Kalel, or Jim Schack (just because he attacks all his former employees, he tried to BanLink Jim after he left BnT). He’d never believe the truth, and I’m having way too much fun playing both sides of the fence to tell him.

  32. Witness X

    Jul 10th, 2008

    Hey not all of us side with the justice lamers or the intlosers. Just against bad elements.

  33. Alyx Stoklitsky

    Jul 10th, 2008

    “He’d never believe the truth, and I’m having way too much fun playing both sides of the fence to tell him.”

    Oh fuck, I have a split personality? I’M Witness X all along!?!?

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