Outraged SL Herald Readers Stage Protest

by Pixeleen Mistral on 08/07/07 at 10:11 am

Signs, puppets, prims, & particles -
shouting, shooting, & some furry intolerance

by Jessica Holyoke, Marxist Whore correspondent

Student and /b/tard protest?

Wishing to see things with my own eyes, I decided to go to the “Fire Prokofy for Libel” protest outside of the SL Herald offices in Hyperborea sim. (Disclosure, Prokofy and I don’t always get along and throughout the protest I wore a “Marxist Whore” title that was bestowed upon me by Mr. Neva.)

20 residents gathered outside the Herald offices. Half of those were members of either Woodbury University or the Prokofy Neva Fan Club, groups which were the subjects of recent Herald articles. The protest itself lasted about forty-five minutes before residents with scripts got out of hand. At a minute past the anointed time, the protest got started. It was at that point that I could say the protest got started when the word “Greifer” appeared in chat attributed to Prokofy. Knowing that such things could be faked, I was not inclined to believe that it was actually our man Prok, until it chastised me for being there. Other than that initial exchange, it was various phrases from the Prok that didn’t add or detract from the protest. It was more the actions of the other protesters that would have detracted.

before the scripts got out of hand

The two things done by a number of protesters that were objectionable was the rezzing of signs on the property of the Herald and the “Crazy Cat Lady” hand puppets that some were wearing. The signs rezzed were of the “Fire Prok” type with a picture of Dana Carvey from Master of Disguise. The hand puppet looked too close in my mind to a picture I saw for a few moments of Prokofy in RL from many months ago. I realize that the puppets may not have been intended to look like Prok in RL, but it is possible that people could have that impression.

There were other residents at the protest that were not involved with the protest. Some came to watch. Some came to question. One resident in particular, Xavier Mohr, offered the opportunity to post rebuttals to Prokofy on other websites instead of protesting. At the same time, residents were offering reasons as to why a protest should be done due to the treatment and libel in the comment section of the Herald.

There are two residents to be singled out for doing more to dispel the rest of the protesters, and initially myself. One harpo jedburgh, not a member of the Prokofy Fan Club or Woodbury University, started rezzing a variety of sound, particle and other non-protest related items that could be seen as griefing. Mudkip Voom, a Woodbury group member, also came in dressed inappropriately for a male in RL or SL, and rezzed items that were not protest-related.

There were side instances of shooting and furry intolerance as well at the official protest. The non-protest related rezzing and the outside actions caused the majority of the protesters to leave the sim and the protest in frustration.

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  1. anon

    Jul 10th, 2007

    Prok, telling everyone to blow you (you’re a guy?…eew) isn’t in any way, shape or form clever. I’m still convinced that you’re a troll, plain and simple. There is no way someone could be this idiotic.

  2. Maelstrom Baphomet

    Jul 10th, 2007

    I was only attempting to be conversational with Proky and got accused of being part of the “BNT conspiracy”. I told them I’d not disclose anything that was said on our conversation, and all that I will discuss now is what they themselves have posted here. I am not a cop for anyone. I work security for the Friedman sim because my office and an AVIX exchange is there and I want to protect the WTC memorial from the stupidity that embraces SL so frequently.

    I am no one’s agent but my own. Prok, in many ways I feel sorry for you that the situation has made you so paranoid that you are now even pointing fingers at people you barely know at all and who are merely trying to be polite. That said, I’m done. Goodnight and best of health to all persons.

  3. Hazim Gazov

    Jul 10th, 2007

    This made me lol, people like my puppets.

  4. Mudkip Voom

    Jul 10th, 2007

    Epic win!

  5. humdog

    Jul 10th, 2007

    you think after however many years there would be some way to scan prok for redundantness, like maybe print his/her topic sentences or something, which i grant you would be more than enough.

  6. Tenshi Vielle

    Jul 11th, 2007

    Can’t believe these retards think staging an in-world protest is really going to get Prok fired.

  7. Coincidental Avatar

    Jul 11th, 2007

    Well, I glanced through the thread.

    It is unclear to me why somebody has filed FBI about Prokofy. I don’t see any reason to do so in the thread. Did I miss something?

    If there is no reason to file, I think it is a crime in the USA.

    Even if they lied here that they filed, I think it is a crime in the USA.

    Additionally, I think that Prokofy has good chance to fire back by filing counter charges.

    Isn’t pretexting in California illegal nowadays? What does the law say exactly and is it applicable in this case?

    4-1, Prokofy leading.
    But I came here to make a personal question to Jessica Holyoke. I know that whores do better than journalists, but how about Marxists?

  8. DaveOner

    Jul 11th, 2007

    “Do not fuck with me in Second Life or you will have to face consequences in First Life.”

    Sounds like something a cornered griefer would say…

    Prok will never realize she gets messed with NOT because people are “out to stop her from telling the truth and exposing lies” but because people are entertained by the reaction they get when they poke at her and rile her up. She’s a class clown’s dream!

    Of course, she’ll never choose to realize this and put a stop to it by not reacting. How else is she going to get all this attention? Not on the SL forums!!

  9. Why Bother

    Jul 11th, 2007

    >>”Maldavius Figtree: A message has been sent to the FBI regarding the situation. As per the prior stated statute”

    Why is that everyone insists on calling the FBI on every single little thing. Maldavius here, Inlibber there, and Jim Schack who is just as bad as Prok. Let the FBI handle the things IT SHOULD HANDLE, things much bigger than an internet word battle. This is small potatoes, this nothing but people posturing over the internet and trying heal their bruised net egos. Don’t waste the FBI’s time with small shit, they will laugh at you. You all are acting childish, and just like little children you run to something else to try to solve your own problems or arguments. Prok, Maldavious, Intlibber, Jim, all of you should be very ashamed of yourselves, I stress VERY ASHAMED. Grow up and start acting like adults.

  10. Maria Leveaux

    Aug 25th, 2007

    I’m going to do something here that Prok will probably Hate, I’m going to side with her.
    Prokofy and i have never been Dear friends, since her days as Dyerbrook, but she will probably be shocked at the Idea that I actually DO like her (Though she would never speak to me socially, She doesn’t like me, and That’s her right too). Prok has her opinions, and Strong ones. Not always Right in my Opinion (Or in the Opinions of many others for that matter) But she has reasons for her beleifs, and she Sticks to them. She’s Emotional at times, and occasionally says the wrong thing, It happens. But the one thing i really can’t agree with is calls to Silence her because she says things we don’t agree with. At the very least she stimulates debate, and aids in fighting Complacency. We NEED people to present Counterpoint, and Prok does that very Well.
    I forget who it was who said “I may not agree with what you say, but i will defend unto Death your right to say it” But it’s a Damn Good sentiment, and one that you as Americans (For the Most part) should respect above all others.

    The other issue i want to mention is the Continuous invasions of Proks Real Life. Outing her Gender, and her personal Information, posting Pictures, and the Like and belittling her for her appearance. That is Just Plain Wrong. If you have issue with what she says then DEBATE her. Let everyone else Judge the merits of your Positions based upon the facts of your Arguements Not These Personal Attacks. How can Anyone Call her Down for her words when they do no better themselves. If you want to Claim moral high ground, Don’t go into personal lives and Don’t come back with “Well she started it”. if it’s a practice you object to, then Don’t use it, Try Sticking to your OWN principles where that is concerned. The moment you go into personal Attacks, you condone it by All, and lose your right to Complain.

    In the Past, Prok and i have Disagreed Very Strongly on a Number of Subjects but the Last thing i want is to See her silenced. I think having my Beleifs Questioned, and challenged is a Benificial, and healthy thing.

    Prokofy, Good Luck.

  11. hobo kelly

    Jul 8th, 2010

    sigh. theys are all wearin their Crazy Cat Lady talkin’ hand puppets. someday.

  12. IntLibber Brautigan

    Jul 8th, 2010

    Well, evidently, hobo, you aren’t part of the “BNT Conspiracy” or the “Woodbury Conspiracy”, or the tekkiwikkinista technocommunist cryptoleninist cyber-bolshevik Linden conspiracy… The Crazy Cat Lady puppet is FIC equipment. Try asking Pixeleen or Tenshi or Senban for one, I’m sure they’ve got em in inventory somewhere.

  13. hobo kelly

    Jul 9th, 2010

    I reckon you are a rite decent sorta sort ther Intlibber, especially after seein’ yur picture in that thar JLU wiki lookin’ a little drunk and puttin on that thar big fake afro. Theys gots nuttin but good things ta say about ya in that thar wiki. Im sure wishin’ I cud be FIC like that thar. I reckon I didn’t know I was a cleanin’ up a FIC mess all them thar years ago when I hadta break that thar Non Interference Directive and take care of a nasty infection in one of them thar sims of yurs. I reckon thats why I can only hope ta find one of them thar Crazy Cat Lady Talkin’ Hand Puppets layin’ around what wheres someone could grab themselves a copy undetected as I gots ta stay above that thar FIC level.

    Shucks Int, I reckon I didn’t even know it were a Talkin hand puppet til you told me, but that thar Crazy Cat Lady Talkin Hand Puppet has some of them thar Magical Powers ta drive people insane from exposure ta sum of its epic length screeds. Power baby, to wit:


  14. IntLibber Brautigan

    Jul 10th, 2010

    Ah, the afro was at SLCC last year. Everybody thought I was Filthy Fluno for some reason… all except the G-team fags, who thought the lab’s party was getting griefed, which was laughable, we totally forgot to get the Mario man confetti made in time….

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