Former JLU Member Speaks Out

by Alphaville Herald on 04/08/07 at 6:04 pm

anti-griefer Justice League Unlimited threatens privacy and act like griefers

by Nikola Shirakawa ex-JLU member

The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which – Animal Farm

Many people on SL have run into this group. The Justice League Unlimited – or JLU – has become one of the most well-known anti-griefer groups in the metaverse. Perception of the JLU differs depending on who you ask. Residents that have requested JLU help say they are every bit the superheroes they role play. The alleged goons and griefers such as the “Patriotic Nigras” – or PN – claim the JLU are sim-crashers that fire doomsday weapons at their enemies. Some land owners, such as Artemis Fate, say the JLU are a detriment to peace on the grid.

Before serious discussion about the JLU can be undertaken, it is important to know that not all of their actions are entirely public, and some of these shady choices could paint a very different picture indeed. To the public, they just swoop in to distress calls, talk down a griefer, or, in the most extreme cases, they call down the Lindens. Nothing wrong with that, right? But these are just the actions the public sees. What goes on when they retreat to their locked down sim, Asimov Park, the real story begins.

the JLU database never forgets

Let’s start by discussing the JLU Brainiac device. This little bot, attached to their avatars, connects to an external database that maintains a running record of avatars they have come in contact with. And I mean every avatar. Part of the script in their equipment automatically records the names of every Second Life resident, griefer, civilian, or even Linden. That’s right, if you’ve been next to them, they have your user name, and a unique key that acts on a similar level to that used by the Lindens to issue permabans.

An analysis of the script identifies the website,, where this key is obtained. That’s right, the JLU contacts the the W-Hat site to connect names with unique keys. Who gave them permission to collect screen names and keys like this? And what do they use this information for? Among other things, residents they have categorized as griefers, be they known PN alts, or just newbies who did not yet understand shooting people was against the rules, are scanned for at all times. If, by coincidence, one of these newbie shooters walks within range of a JLU member, the JLU member is immediately informed of this presence. Right to privacy? Not when the JLU is around.

Speaking of privacy, consider the JLU campaign against the PNs. Many feel the PN kids are a bad element, responsible for harassing users and crashing sims. With this as justification it seems the JLU sees no problem with its own sort of harassment, and more. On the external Brainiac database, there is a veritable treasure trove of personal information, especially when it comes to two of the PN leaders, N3X15 and mootykips. The JLU has currently on file for both of them, real life names, addresses, phone numbers, and ISP’s. For mootykips, they even have a photograph. This information is freely accessible to their group. As justification, the JLU says that one of their members, Kara Timtam, had her information spread on the PN boards. Talk about fighting griefing with griefing. It must be said that they have not personally contacted either of these people, but Kalel Venkman has confessed to harassing Verizon, N3X15′s service provider, in an attempt to shut him out of the Internet. Going beyond this to the PN as a whole, the JLU routinely listens to their IRC channels, and their Ventrilo and Skype channels, as well as every website they can find connected to the PN in the slightest way.

Of course, these kinds of wiretaps and information data mining without a warrant is more than reminiscent of the much derided Patriot Act. But there is one difference. The Patriot Act is used by sworn officers of the law, with a little thing called a badge. They have been granted the authority to do so by the an RL government. Who gave this authority to a bunch of roleplay superhero wannabes? When you have contact with a police officer, you have a right to get their badge number, and they can be reported to higher authorities. What does the JLU have? A bunch of comic book avatars, and self-appointed power. That’s right. They were given their power by themselves. When asked about the legality of these actions, Kalel Venkman said. “I’ve thought about that too, but I really want to get these guys, and I think you do too.”

It seems that Mootykips obtained information directly off of Venkman’s public web page, including, free to the world, an online resume, a photograph, and a contact number. This information was of course posted to the PN’s own wiki, and the Encyclopedia Dramatica for a short while. But as of recently, in an attempt to scare these children, Venkman has redirected the link to his online resume to the Department of Justice’s Computer Crimes reporting page. When it comes to dealing with the kiddies, Venkman is all for violating privacy, scanning the whois domain information. But when it comes to his public web page, obtaining documents he leaves open to the public is suddenly the most unforgivable crime. And that my friends, is the definition of hypocrisy. It seems Jor-El left one thing out of his teachings. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

young superman

Kalel Venkman signed up to Second Life midway through 2006. One of his earliest actions was to join a roleplaying group, the JLA, or Justice League of America. Right away, he wanted to be Superman, and set out to do just that. Shortly after, within a few weeks, according to Kalel’s own account, he and others were co-opted into being real superheroes, dealing with griefers. Most of this old JLA group obviously was not interested in such past times. What was the right action in this case? That’s right, kick them out, and hide the group, so no one could ever use it again for role playing, and create a new group just for anti-griefing. Several months later, some newbies who were not approved for Kalel’s standards to use the name of Justice League created their own JLU group. Once again Kalel began conniving the people into his group for the purposes of shutting the other down. This led to Kalel and a few of his flunkies singlehandedly creating every single possible Justice League Derivative and hiding them away, so no one else could be Justice League. Why? So no one hurts their good name. Never mind that not one of the JLU is a DC employee or affiliate. Sure, they are all flagrant copyright violators, but they have a duty to make sure no other comic book fans that they may dislike use their good name.

Green Lantern Core scorned

This hatred of competition has even spread to older more established groups such as the Green Lantern Core led by Cid Jacobs. Kalel has expressed designs on creating his own power rings to drive out the GLC. There is already a hidden group title in the JLU known as JLU Green Lantern. The JLU’s most recent development, the multi-tool known as Solaris, was explicitly mentioned as competition to the GLC power rings, with Kalel on record as saying “Keep in mind, this is more progress than the GLC’s rings have had in six months”. On the Brainiac wiki, there are dozens of archived GLC internal documents, including the groups parliamentary decisions and the operating manual for the power rings. It should come as little surprise, then, that the JLU is not on the GLC’s approved Green Lantern group list.

database-assisted shopping for Linden justice

Venkman clearly has desires for the JLU to become the Linden’s official police force. Brainiac’s functions as of May, 2007 have the ability to keep tabs on Lindens. At a glance, the JLU has the ability to see which Lindens are online, without even being connected to the grid. In addition, they actually rank the Lindens on said database, choosing to pester those they feel are most likely to respond to them. Basically, to the Lindens that chose to not recognize their self-appointed authority, they are not good Lindens, and as such must blackballed for “unreliability”.

This blackballing to those that don’t recognize the fictional authority of the Justice League has even spread to large landowners such as Artemis Fate. Artemis Fate, who is in charge of the popular destination Nexus Prime among others, took offense at the JLU dealing with griefers in her territory. After she told me she would not tolerate anti-griefer forces, I immediately told Kalel that we were not to go there. Kalel of course, could not accept this, and had to force his views onto Artemis, who of course, was not reciprocal. This policy of intruding onto sims where they have not been invited has led to such events as a mass banning of JLU members from a Gorean sim last April. One of he newest features of SL has been to allow forwarding of Abuse Reports to Estate Managers on private islands, in lieu of forwarding to the Lindens. Rather than respect the wishes of the Estate Managers that have this policy in place, Kalel has ordered all JLU to retreat to JLU territory to file Abuse Reports.

“The problem with anti-griefers,” says Artemis Fate. “is they always turn into griefers themselves.”

While it is true that the JLU has never fired an orbiter, or a doomsday weapon, that does not mean they have not carried out similar actions. Take the case of Loki Buaku. Loki Buaku quickly made himself an enemy of the JLU, and as such, made it his mission to take them out. He did not undertake this mission by grabbing a gun and shooting up any JLU he could find, but by creating groups and spreading propaganda against them. Not against the ToS in the slightest. But this did not stop the JLU from acting against him. Upon finding his RP character was supposedly 15 years old, Kalel led a charge of JLU members to fire off Abuse Report after Abuse Report against him for this unforgivable grievance.

JLU swarming Woodbury University

This vendetta behavior has even spread to sim owners. Take the case of Woodbury University. This sim, as you may know, was shut down by the Lindens for being a griefer base. What most people are not aware of, however is this was largely a charge lobbied by the JLU.

Within two days of learning of the site’s existence, the JLU was there in force to examine the site. Calls were made by Kalel to MichaelFrancis Linden, a Linden in personal contact with Venkman. Official JLU policies included swarming all places where their griefers were seen, and spying on their chat channels. Sometimes, they even went as far as dropping large invisible prims on the property to keep the greifers from entering their own builds. Keep in mind, this was not just in a sandbox that they happened to be, this was private property under the ownership of the so called greifers, and the JLU were the encroachers in this case. Not that private property holds much weight to Venkman and the JLU.

does the end justify the means?

After seeing the full extent of the executive decisions and behaviors of the JLU, can much of a difference between them and the griefers they oppose actually be found? Their eye for an eye, fire with fire tactics, end up bearing little distinction form greifing itself. In the end, does the end really justify the means. Is it worth throwing away and sense of constitutionality, legality, privacy, or free expression, just to stop the grefiers? The majority of SL citizens have never seen a PN face to face. They have no real need for the superheroes in their day to day lives. But I’m willing to bet that a large chunk of them might have an issue with being in a database without their permission. I’d be willing to bet there’s quite a few people out there who would love to roleplay as Superman, or Batman, or Wonder Woman. There are even people that disagree with the JLU’s actions on a political basis. But if the JLU had their say, all of these groups would be silenced, and stricken from the grid. Does the L in JLU stand for Lords?

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  1. Reality

    Aug 16th, 2007

    Ahem, how’s about you get a clue WitnessX? The existence of scripts and objects that require an Avatar Key (meaning nothing else will do) has already been discussed and confirmed.

    The fact that said objects use script that will not accept a simple name is proof enough that there is more to an Avatar Key than a simple name.

    Perhaps you have not been reading the comments?

  2. Reality

    Aug 16th, 2007

    May I yawn and laugh at the legal reference? No notice – no copyright. It’s that simple.

    There’s a reason the notice still appears – note the one at the bottom of this page. without the notice and the proper documentation … You can prove nothing.

  3. mootykips

    Aug 17th, 2007

    Nikola is indeed correct; a perusal of his presidential platform can in no way to be construed as anti-fourth amendment.

    It can be interpreted as being anti-First Amendment, however.

    So glad to have cleared that up!

  4. Nikola Shirakawa

    Aug 17th, 2007

    Furthermore, Witness X, just how did you get my private web address? That’s quite difficult, considering I have yet to actually put any web pages up! The only thing I have used that website for was to upload a few media files for a friend and I to watch/dance to on my private land. Seeing as you would have had to turn on hidden SL settings to remove the censoring on my land info tab, that was clearly private information. Second of all, I have never said anything about my major on any published website. Nowhere is that info available to the public. Third of all, that is not even close to my ip address. It may have been on my pc from a hotel i stayed at at some point, but it is not my personal ip address. Now, I have never posted any major private information on anyone. I included on website url as a means to cite my sources, and the url inclusion in the scripts, seeing as I directly copied them with no modification whatsoever, can hardly be considered as anything more than distributing the code. I have never betrayed kalel’s last name, his phone number, or his address, as there is no reason to do that other than vindictive harassment. Finally, the other information on that profile could have only come from my myspace profile which has been private for several months. You had to have run it through an external website to remove the privacy settings, and hence, have officially hacked my account. You did a very stupid thing here, because that information, being posted by a JLU member, reflects on Kalel Venkman. Therefore, I will be pressing charges on as many the following blatant violations of the law I can:

    1. Vigliantism

    2. Copyright violations on behalf of D.C. Comics

    3. Hacking

    4. Cyber-stalking

    5. Harassment

    6. Libel

    7. Slander

    8. Defamation of Character

    9. Illegal Search and Seizure of confidential information in alleged greifer databases.

    10. Illegal wiretapping of alleged griefer channels.

    I am more than willing to listen to reason. All I seek is an apology for the over-the-top actions taken by much of the League, a notecard proving the few who went to far, including Sen Pixie int eh alias of Witness X, Sean Petit, and Tracy Laszlo, have been asked not to do so again, and a copy of a group notice sent at large asking the same. If that si given to me, I will not press any charges, and I will even refrain from saying one more word about the JLU. I think an apology for the viscious griefer tactics used against me is only fair, and should be expected for a group that claims to be against griefers.

  5. Nikola Shirakawa

    Aug 17th, 2007

    Furthermore, a few facts abotu copyrights that render that type of argument agaisnt me invalid:

    The “fair use” exemption to (U.S.) copyright law was created to allow things such as commentary, parody, news reporting, research and education about copyrighted works without the permission of the author.

    I’m going to say that again because it sounded vaguely important:

    The “fair use” exemption to (U.S.) copyright law was created to allow things such as COMMENTARY, parody, NEWS REPORTING, RESEARCH and EDUCATION about copyrighted works WITHOUT THE PERMISSION OF THE AUTHOR.

    You see, the posting of it as part of this article fulfills 4 out of 5 clauses for fair use on valid copyrights. How many does the use of the JLU name and characters fulfill?


    While copyright law makes it technically illegal to reproduce almost any new creative work (other than under fair use) without permission, if the work is unregistered and has no real commercial value, it gets very little protection.


    Did you sell the Brainiac device? Are you receiving money for it’s use? Did you register it with a United States Copyright Office? Then, while the law may have technically be broken, the fact that it had no monetary damages makes the issue purely civil, and not losing money by the spread of the code, hence having no damages, virtually no protection is given. Bone up on your law, boyos.

    Oh, by the way, your use of the name Brainiac, and the use of the system as created for a group known as the Justice League, and hosted on a domain known as kryptonians, all show that your work can be traced back to Superman mythos. Which, in effect, makes your work the derivative of the Superman mythos, and hence in the realm of fanfiction, and as such, the copyright for your items technically belongs to D.C. Comics. Furthermore, according to copyright law, the use of Second Life Scripting Language based commands makes all scripts derivative of the Second Life Code, giving Linden Labs technical copyright over all Scripts created. You want to get real legal, you are guilty of copyright violations, at least the same, if not more so than me. Aint the American Legal System fantastic?

    All information came courtesy of the following website:

    Qutie the fascinating read.

  6. Nikola Shirakawa

    Aug 17th, 2007

    Mootykips, I must say, in all honesty, that is true, my views are not fully in line with the first amendment, at least not as written on that page. Again, I never really used it , hence, I didn’t put in the effort to fully clarify my positions, and seeing as it was a stupid site anyways, I see no reason to do so now. If anyone wants to ask me in im, I’ll be more than happy to oblige. Not really the place for it here though.

  7. Witness X

    Aug 17th, 2007

    “Furthermore, Witness X, just how did you get my private web address? That’s quite difficult, considering I have yet to actually put any web pages up!”

    It’s not difficult at all, considering that at one point you yourself put your rl information in your First Life tab. Much obliged to you for that, since it listed your name, and two of your titles: The great ThNik and TheGreenFaerae. What was it you yourself said: “Disclosure of information already freely given in SL is permitted.” ? it’s a simple matter to google that.

    The IP address was obtained by extrapolating that information. It’s so simple even you could do it. Geolocation services are available on the web. All of the other information was obtained the same way, by simple extrapolation and the use of a little brain power.

    Your major was obtained the same way Mootykips obtained rl information on Kalel Venkman. Do you think he was the only one who could obtain information that way? Anonymous is legion.

    Check our posts in other articles. The Witnesses X are not on the side of the JLU, the PN or any other groups.

    We are Witness X.

  8. Kalel Venkman

    Aug 17th, 2007

    All the claims of legal impropriety are false, of course – each one is founded on either imaginary evidence Nikola thinks he has, things that have already been publicly proven false, or dramatic fabrication.

    Nikola is a 19 year old boy who got mad because his computer game character got thrown out of a group in the game for publishing real life security codes. All claims after that are simply void because of various problems, ranging from not being allowed to file by virtue of not being party to the complaint, to not understanding the terminology he’s trying to employ, to complete disconnects with reality and utter denial of hard evidence, already presented in public, to the contrary.

    Trying to save Nikola from himself is proving a daunting task, but I’m still trying: if you’re really that determined to file all those law suits, Nikola, I’m begging you, GET A REAL ATTORNEY. Not a law student, not instructions from a web page someplace, but a REAL ATTORNEY. You’re not going to be able to move forward on any of these without one, as the courts won’t allow you to practice law without a license, and you won’t be allowed to represent yourself.

  9. Kalel Venkman

    Aug 17th, 2007

    Oh – here’s one for the record books: Kalel Venkman agrees with Mudkips Acronym, just this once: you’re right, First Ammendment, not Fourth.

  10. Hewee Zetkin

    Aug 17th, 2007

    If you think that publishing entire application programs in order to disclose the proprietary protocols within is covered under Fair Use, Nikola, I fear you are going to find yourself sadly mistaken. The fact remains that you have broken copyright law. You have also broken the SL Terms of Service. You are also breaking these laws to try to blackmail people into furthering your own personal agenda. I’m sorry, but there is absolutely no reason for us to comply with your odd and unfounded requests. Have fun with those ARs.

  11. Kalel Venkman

    Aug 17th, 2007

    More uninformed commentary from Nikola: “Furthermore, according to copyright law, the use of Second Life Scripting Language based commands makes all scripts derivative of the Second Life Code, giving Linden Labs technical copyright over all Scripts created. You want to get real legal, you are guilty of copyright violations, at least the same, if not more so than me. Aint the American Legal System fantastic?”

    First, Linden Lab claims the right to the physical materials, but not the intellectual property rights of the works submitted to the SL servers to be used in game. If this were not the case, DMCA takedown notices would have no effect, and Linden Lab would make no mention of this. This point simply shows your ignorance. I’m constantly surprised by the gaps in your knowledge, considering how long you’ve been in SL.

    Second, one cannot copyright a language. If that were possible, then somebody could copyright the English language and own everything ever written in it as a derivitive work. This protection extends to computer languages – if a computer language could be copyrighted, then everything ever written in it would be derivative work based on material owned by a single company or person. In the late 80′s, the company Ashton Tate tried to claim copyright over the dbaseII language in opposition to a competitor who had made a product called FoxPro, which also used the language. The court denied their claim based on this basic premise.

    This means that just because code is written in LSL does not mean that Linden Lab owns the code. They own the medium in which the code executes, but they do not own the intellectual property itself. That right of ownership remains in the hands of the Justice League as a group in Second Life, and was not yours to distribute once you left the group. Making the scripts “no transfer” was reasonable notice to you that the scripts were not meant to be redistributed, and you cannot claim you did not know about this copy protection, because you had to work very diligently to circumvent this copy protection (weak though it was) in order to redistribute these scripts.

    Under the DMCA, the circumvention of any copy protection, no matter how weak, in order to gain access or to redistribute digital media of any sort is a felony. This technically makes you a felon.

    You may go research this yourself if you don’t want to take my word for it. The wording is very clear.

    The only potential actionable issue you currently have is defamation. Libel is for the printed word, slander is for speech, yet communication in a game environment is arguably neither in legal terms. That leaves defamation, and for defamation to be actionable, you have to prove that everything said about you was false – unfortunately for you, we have hard evidence that everything, except for the PN IRC connection, which we have publicly admitted was in error and the statement retracted. So you’re going to have an extremely hard time prosecuting that.

    Add to the fact the supposed defamation was in reference to a game character and not your actual person, there is no foundation for any legal action whatsoever. Further, the only measure of damage the court has is financial, since it must have a subjective yardstick with which to evaluate your claim to damage.

    If you had, in fact, consulted a real attorney about this instead of lying about it, you would have known this. All the other suits you claim to be filing aren’t yours to file, because you’re not the injured party.

    Before you post again, I’d suggest spending a little time in the university library.

  12. Nikola Shirakawa

    Aug 17th, 2007

    Fine the SL deriviation is incorrect, I’ll admit that. What about the fact that the code is owned by a copyright violation. every time you use the name Justice League in reference to yourself, you are violating the D.C. Copyright, which is both registered, and notice is given, and a legally actionable copyright. I think I should clarify why your words against me are irrelevant. I did violate copyright according the word of the law. But there is not an action you can take against me. No, you don’t have to give notice or register a copyright for it to be valid. But if you don’t register, you are not allowed to sue. Furthermore, even if you were, the fact is, a commercial loss of $2500 minimum is needed for criminal charges. No $2500 dollar loss has occured because there is no income given to you based on the code. By that same respect, you can file for no damages in civil court. Ergo, while the law may technically have been broken, it is more on the level of spitting on the sidewalk, than entertainment piracy.

    Furthermore, Sean Petit’s comments on this website are printed, and fixed, making his comments libel. The other comments such as were made by Tracy Laszlo as it occured in a chat arena, is a form of speech, and as such, slander. And lack of proof? Look up there for Sean’s comments, and I have sent along chat transcripts of Tracy’s threats and such, and I am more than willing to send them along again.

    And one more thing, work very dilligently? It took all of five seconds per code! I didn’t edit and recompile or any such work. All I did was select all, ctrl-c, new script, ctrl-v, and voila, all done. It was little more work than making a chat log.

    Last, I am not the one denying hard evidence here. You notice the only people against me are the Witness X kids, a few PN, and you JLU punks? Pretty much everyone else, while they may think I am a little pussy for making the article, they are in agreement that they don’t like your practices. Virtually noone who has given their sl name, and as such are willing to be held accountable for their words, almost none of them are on your side. You like to twist things around to paint yourself the hero, but it just does not work. You cannot take six claims, disprove one of them, then claim you have disproven all the claims. Two people out of twenty defending you, is not the public swooping to your support.

    Again, my unreasonable demands are a request to stop the outright harassment tactics, an apology for the people that did go over the line, and a chat log with nothing more complicated than “Don’t do that again”. What is so unreasonable about that?

    Afain, Witness, not my IP Address. I think Gene can attest to that.

  13. Nikola Shirakawa

    Aug 17th, 2007

    Kalel, is refusing to say that harassment is wrong really that hard for you to do? What kind of an example are you setting for Charlie? Is that really the kind of father you want to be?I know if it was my son, stooping to such low vindictive tactics over an article in the Herald would be the last kind of an example I would want to give to my son. Furthermore, how long will it be before that kind of mudslinging seething hatred spills over into other areas. When Lisa says something bad about you to her friends, will you try to drag her through the mud to “save her from herself” too?

    Thanks to the False-Witness X on the lead to that HS site. By the way, if you didn’t graduate that year, Gene, why are you posting to the Class of 1975 Reunion message board anyway?

    By the way, I would like to apologize for my phone call getting cut off last night. IT took a little while to connect through the Caller ID changer, and the time limit bumped me out. I hope it didn’t scare your family or you anything lie that, I know a weird phone call with no one talking would do that to me. I will be trying again later, to speak to you about my requests man to man. Oh, I use a Caller ID changer because, due to the leak of information about me on the parts of Sen Pixie under the Alias of Witness X, and possible leak by you to that u4prez site, I will not give out my real phone number for safety reasons.

  14. Nikola Shirakawa

    Aug 17th, 2007

    Gene, would you be willing to discuss this matter in person in SL instead of avoiding me?

  15. Hewee Zetkin

    Aug 17th, 2007

    “Again, my unreasonable demands are a request to stop the outright harassment tactics, an apology for the people that did go over the line, and a chat log with nothing more complicated than “Don’t do that again”. What is so unreasonable about that?”

    Ah. A request we can actually fulfill, Yeah! This is quite easy really. I apologize as a group officer very sincerely for any harassment done to you by any member of the League (though I am quite confident that is none at all). I will post a notice asking that any harassment being committed by JLU members cease immediately, and tell them quite clearly that they should not harass in future. I’m sure that since none of them ARE harassing you, they will be very quick and happy to oblige.

    So, how about an apology for harassing our group (e.g. trying to defame us with this article, bringing real life information into the picture to scare people, and blackmailing us with illegal distribution of source code to try to get your demands met)?

  16. Why Bother

    Aug 17th, 2007

    Nikola Shirakawa you are now sounding more and more like the supposed stalkers you are trying to out.

    Using someone’s child to make your point and examples is super low. It doesn’t matter what went on in these comments or on SL if want to use examples like you should save them for private communication and not air them out in public like that. You sir are a lowlife in my opinion. Maybe what one person said about your mental state isn’t so far off, I mean really, you have shown so much of your true colors throughout these comments and changed face so many times it is not funny. I’ve seen alot of crap in the Herald’s article comment but you sir are dragging things to a whole new low.

    You are paranoid and seeing things that are not really there and doing so digging yourself into a bigger hole. You sit there and say you’re ethically sound with all you are doing you are coming off as a sick sad person really. You are just the same as all the people you claim to be blowing the whistle on.

    You are harassing people just the same and instead are now bringing things our of Second Life into real life. You could have kept things separate but you didn’t. From the point of view I can gather from these horrible sets of comment on this article it was you who really fired the first RL identity salvo, you confirmed it by trying to drive home that whole 1975 reunion argument and citing the “false Witness X” or whatever, it was you who posted that under another’s name. Those of us not involved have a nice outside view to things and are not as stupid as you think we are. You posted that RL info on Kalel Venkman since it is YOU who are trying to still drive the points made in that comment home.

    Just stop now and go away.

  17. Hewee Zetkin

    Aug 17th, 2007

    Second Life Justice League Group Notice: Nikola’s Demands

    Attached to this notice is a notecard honoring the full extent of the demands in Nikola’s latest post to his SL Herald article. Enjoy. :-)

    —- Attached Notecard —-

    Greetings fellow leaguers,

    Nikola Shirakawa would just like to remind us, as we are already quite aware, that harassment is unethical and illegal, and I agree with him quite thoroughly in this regard. I’m sure I can speak for the entire team of JLU officers in saying that you should not harass anyone inside or outside Second Life. I ask that anyone who is harassing or has harassed Nikola Shirakawa stop immediately, and preferably apologize for your actions, as I have apologized on behalf of the group.

    Now, since I am quite sure none of you HAVE harassed him, and if you have you will quickly apologize with utmost sincerity, perhaps we can go on to the matter of collecting HIS apology for harassing our group in and out of Second Life. I’m sure he will quickly halt his illegal and TOS-breaking distribution of Kalel and my scripts and ask the SL Herald to remove all real life information and illegally copied works from their publication.

    This message is going out to all Second Life Justice League group members as a notecard attached to a group notice, and to Nikola himself.

    Thank you, and may our world be a peaceful one,
    Hewee Zetkin

  18. Kalel Venkman

    Aug 17th, 2007

    The post about my high school years could not have been correct – the coffee house in question closed years before I even entered high school, that was my main point…

    For the rest of it, you have no business making any phone calls through anonymizing proxies disturbing my family at the stroke of midnight. Any further attempts to do so will be logged and referred to the police – as the law requires in my state, this is your direct notice to cease stalking myself and my family. The University will also be informed of your activities should you attempt this again.

    Neither the League, nor myself, will bow to extortion. It’s against everything we stand for. Unfortunately I need to spell this out for you, because during your time in the League, apparently you learned nothing.

  19. mootykips

    Aug 18th, 2007

    Nikola, Nikola, Nikola…

    It was lulzworthy to see your efforts, old boy; PN quality, really!

    But then you went and ruined the whole thing! To have admitted you made a call in the middle of the night, then described it and then saying that you would call again? All of this after you mention the man’s family? Oh dearie me, it does sound like he has a case indeed. That little bit of stupidity is not PN quality and a big FAIL!

  20. Nikola Shirakawa

    Aug 18th, 2007

    I will not apologize for the article, but I will apologize for the real life information. However, i would like to point out that i never gave a home address, and merely mentioned names I found on that reunion page site. I did not post as the false Witness X, I merely typed some of his terms into Google. I should think i t obvious that coffee house thing was bogus, as he was just a webmaster for that site. I don’t know who posted that, it was not me.

    I called your house Gene, not to harass your family, but to contact you. I wanted to discuss our situation man to man. I would have used SL, but you have yet to respond to any of my requests there. Regardless

    Hewee has fulfilled my only request, and hence forth I will be deleting all JLU scripts and will not release any more technology. I regret that it took getting this down and dirty to get the JLU to read my simple request, but Hewee has picked up the slack Kalel would not sully himself to do. I will henceforth remove myself from commentary here, anyone that has any further issues, may discuss it with me in Second Life. However I will not respond to requests for JLU technology.

  21. Nikola Shirakawa

    Aug 18th, 2007

    My attempt to reach you on the telephone was just a polite gesture, Kalel. I was trying to talk privately about this instead of talking about it here, as the alias Why Bother pointed out I should have done. You refuse to respond to any communications except this one, and as such the telephone was my only other legal way to reach you. I am sorry it scared you, as it seems to have. I am also sorry about the middle of the night thing. My schedule is such that I sometimes cause issues like that. While it was the middle of the night for you, it was my morning, you might say. I also apologize for the caller id anyonymizer, which, although perfectly legal, turned out to be unnessecerry, upon later examination of the facts. I am of the opinion now, that, seeing as you have not confirmed the false IP address, despite having true knowledge of my real IP address, you are keeping my information private, the one who leaked that real life information on me was most likely Sen. I would also like to apologize to Maldavius Figtree, who most likely did not post here.

    Oh and threatening to call my university if I were to call you to ask that you stop harassing me? That would really be quite foolish. For one thing, I broke no laws, and no rules with that call. And second, I live off campus. What I do off campus is out of the University’s hands.

  22. mootykips

    Aug 18th, 2007

    please note the comment above was not written by me, but probably by Jim Schack (judging from the phrasing) who seems to have become my retarded fanboy.

    It’s VIP quality, lurk 2channel more, Jim.

  23. mootykips

    Aug 18th, 2007

    Also, finding Kalel’s RL info is really not that hard considering everything was on his site that the JLU runs off of for months. As such, whining about ZOMG U GAEV DOX TO EVERY1 is sort of stupid.

  24. Witness X

    Aug 18th, 2007

    “please note the comment above was not written by me, but probably by Jim Schack (judging from the phrasing) who seems to have become my retarded fanboy.

    It’s VIP quality, lurk 2channel more, Jim.”

    I concur with Mooty…wow, it really must be a cold day in hell but if someone is right than hey gotta call it. It doesn’t sound like mootykips’ usual self. It wouldn’t surprise me if it is Jim Schack, it does very much sound like his writing style and tone (if he can’t change and mix it up, he’s more of a moron than I gave him credit for)

    Jim Troll you fail at trolling. Go back to your dayjob, sucking Intlibber’s e-penis.

  25. Nikola Shirakawa

    Aug 19th, 2007

    Congratulations everyone who didn’t get your JLU technology at the last time! I have just been informed that this article has been sued as justification for JLU officers, most likely one DianaPrince Carter/Rainey Paderborn, to unjustifiably ban me from a Virginia Tech Memorial. I found this out thanks to somebody who found it odd that I was banned and asked me about it. Henceforth, until this is lifted, I will continue the distribution of JLU Technology to anyone who asks.

  26. Nikola Shirakawa

    Aug 19th, 2007

    Oh and for anyone who thinks that is an over reaction,, I would like ti known, that no name from the JLU griefer database has been banned, in fact no name but mine. Considering i have never been a threat to the grid, and especially considering the fact that I wrote an article of support for the victims that was well received by every single person who read it, this is nothing less than vindictive JLU power abuse.

  27. Average SL Citizen

    Aug 20th, 2007

    No one cares. Do any of you get this? Only a few people even know who the hell anyone is talking about. Each and every time someone says “well he said this, and she did that” and then someone else comes back in with “That isn’t true, it happened this way”, it all comes across like this: “Every one of us is a self absorbed goober who thinks that this shit has importance to the world”. Well it doesn’t. It’s personal drama and nothing more. Outting it here in a public forum is pointless. Nikola you are an immature little whiny baby for doing it, and Kalel you’re not much better for responding to the baitings of a spastic little brat having a tantrum on the internet. All you prove with each post is how much none of you has gotten past middle school dramatics. You think the whole world somehow cares about this shit? We don’t. We wish you would all STFU.

  28. Nikola Shirakawa

    Aug 20th, 2007

    I have to post messages here, because it is the only place the people that need to hear it will. They will not respond to attempts to communicate in world, so I am forced to do so here.

  29. Average SL Citizen

    Aug 22nd, 2007

    That’s BS, and if you were an adult you’d get that. LL ought to check into your age because this kind of sophomoric bullshit is only understandable from tweens. Are you 12 Nikola? Because if not you need to grow up. NO ONE owes you to speak to them. Do you get that? All this petty extortion on your part shows you to be what you really are. A childish little whiner with an over inflated sense of self importance and entitlement. If people don’t want to talk to you they have every right to. And frankly I can see the reasoning. At least Kalel Venkman had the common sense to back away from this stupid public drama at last.

    I am out of this thread now. But you go right ahead and keep digging your grave Nikola. With every word you prove all the more what a waste of air you are. I’d personally like a list of all your alts so I can mute you now on the odd chance you do ever show up to anyplace in world I happen to be.

  30. Nikola Shirakawa

    Aug 22nd, 2007

    I am getting messages every day by angry people calling me a monster for attacking the VTech memorial. I am getting called every name in the book because of an incident I did not do. They abused their power, and as a result, I am getting harassed to no end by VTech mourners. I have a right to be a little pissed off here, and I will do whatever it takes to put an end to this hogwash. And one more thing, how do you know I have a list of alts? Furthermore, this article is buried int eh past. How did you know to come back to it? Would that be because this is really Zatzai Asturias, who I got into a nice argument for with an alt last night, hence today’s posting?

  31. Witness X

    Aug 25th, 2007

    Nikola, Nikola, Nikola . . .

    It’s become very apparent that you’re the one who’s creating the problem. You claim that members of the JLU are harassing you yet, whenever someone posts under an assumed name here in this article, you are quick to start IMing people in the JLU with the intention of confronting/harassing THEM as you believe them to be one of the anonymous posters.

    You’ve stolen intellectual property for your own gain. No, this goes beyond the scripts that you’ve decided to share here in this thread, which are actually useless to anyone else. I’m talking about the logo in your fake Justice League, United group, which belongs to the actual JLU group itself. And, that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

    You’ve already proven that you can’t keep secrets, so don’t go and try to accuse anyone of trying to spill the beans on you, when your own loose lips are sinking your own ship.

    Nikola Shirakawa, “anti-griefer?” That’s really a joke, considering everything that you’ve done and how you’re acting. You’re putting yourself on a pedestal, yet you have clearly become just like those griefers you claim to be fighting against.

  32. Nikola Shirakawa

    Aug 25th, 2007

    This thread keeps getting buried down. It goes days without replies. No one really cares about this thread anymore, to be honest, I really don’t either. Why do you guys feel the need to keep resurrecting this thread? If you don’t like it, stop posting, and let it die. And I don’t go harassing JLU people for proving their identities, kiddo. I don’t contact JLU at all unless there is something I need to discuss with them, such as the recent VTech ban. Since that has been overturned, I would like to thank those that overturned it, and there’s no reason for me to care anymore. Just because I ascertain the identities of your anonymous posters, and mention it, doesn’t mean I really care about shutting you kids up. The fact that you don’t harass me anywhere else than this article, which I have stopped checking. The only reason I saw here today was because somebody, seeing the resurrected posting, asked me about the member list. I have never actually IMed anyone in the JLU for the purposes of harassing them about postings here. But, if you aren’t in the JLU, how would you know I have any contact with them at all in any IM’s?

    As to the logo, you are right, I shouldn’t be using it, and I am working on acquiring a replacement. In fact, if you will join the group, which is open enrollment, you will see a group notice asking all members to submit their logo designs. I only used that one because it was the only workable texture I had in stock. And for my own gain? Just what gain would that be? I do not get a single Linden from Second Life. All the avatars I have made I give away. My current project is centered entirely around giving away free high quality avatars for no gain whatsoever. My weekly stipends are my sole source of Lindens, and I have been spending those on upload fees for my latest project. I gain nothing from my use of DC trademarks, other than the company of fellow comics fans, and a few thank yous for the avatars. Compare that to the gain, i.e. monetary of JLU members who sell copyrighted avatars based on copyright materials. They gain far more, i.e., money, than I do. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying they’re doing anything wrong, I’m just saying, that, if they aren’t doing anything wrong by selling movie comic etc avs, then why am I worse for lack of monetary gain? My gain from the JL,U group is non-existant. I gain nothing from it. I didn’t create it to put myself on a pedestal. I created it to have as an option for DC fanboys and girls who like to use the name and group tags without needing approval of some other fanboys and girls.

    Look, you don’t like this thread, you don’t like me posting, just stop, and let the thing die. I’m not going to bring it back up just to burn the JLU. The info that had to get out there has, and there is no reason to keep it alive any longer.

    One final PS though, just came to em upon login. To those of you who don’t think the JLU are in tight with the Lindens, look at your loading messages today. See that SLCC bulletin pointing you to Artificial Isle? The place is owned by a JLU officer, and home to another. Considering the Lindens own the entire mainland, and could probably have built another sim for the endorsed convention, why would they choose to go to a JLU sim, other than supporting of friends?

  33. X

    Sep 5th, 2007

    You’re giving up?

  34. Nikola Shirakawa

    Sep 8th, 2007

    Again, why do you JLU people keep reviving the article? Why is it, I keep getting hit up because you guys are so obsessed with getting the last word? I’ll tell you the truth right now. Every time you post here, bringing the article back, some new alts come online and ask me for your technology, and I don’t turn them away. And I can always tell when it is because no one asks me otherwise. You want me to stop it and leave you guys alone, then let this article die. I’m not trying to revive it, or keep a campaign going on. I personally don’t see why you kids are.

  35. X

    Sep 11th, 2007

    I’m not with the JLU but I am on your side on this.

  36. Nikola Shirakawa

    Sep 12th, 2007

    ok, cool.

  37. Nikola Shirakawa

    Sep 12th, 2007

    As of tonight, I received several threats from Kalel Venkman to conform to his wishes regarding the justice league name. I will make it clear here as I did there. The JL,U is open enrollment. The name and tags may be sued by anyone who wants them, as no one save for DC themselves has the right to restrict that. I am aware some greifers have used it for ill will, but there is no way to stop that without stopping it for everyone else. For the few good people that are not griefers and want the name, the group remains open. I will eject those that I can confirm as being trouble elements, be they PN or JLU alts, such as was done with the Wiki-tied alt Brainiac Hax. I do nto wish to get into a war with the JLU. All I ask is they leave us alone, and stop harassment over those they feel are not worthy of “thier” name. After all, didn’t they deserve the same courtesies form the GLC when they first came on the grid?
    If the ahrassment does not stop, I will take the charges of cyber stalking into the real lfie world, and file charges against Gene Turnbow, as is my legal right. As to the griefers ion the Jl,U, well I can do no more than eject and ar them when i see them.

  38. X

    Sep 12th, 2007

    Rock on.

  39. Average SL Citizen

    Sep 12th, 2007

    I don’t think they give a damn one way or the other, and nobody else cares either. Fut the shuck up already. You’re a whiney, two-faced liar, and the JLU needs to get over themselves and move on if they haven’t already.

  40. Reality

    Sep 12th, 2007

    Okay – well, since you’re not shy about violating anybody else’s privacy, let’s see the full text of these threats. Just post ‘em. If they’re real, Venkman deserves to be exposed. If they’re not, you deserve the ridicule instead.

    While we’re on the subject of ridicule, you’re doing a pretty good job of character assassination – on yourself. Where are all those lawsuits you were gonna launch?

    OH YEAH, you’re a KID, totally dependent on your student loan for a roof over your head. Ready to flush your future down the toilet because somebody spanked your avatar in a videogame? LOL

    I’m at your dorm room door, I’m Reality, and I’m knockin’.

  41. Nikola Shirakawa

    Sep 13th, 2007

    I shut my computer off before i could log them., suffice ti to say, i was told by Kalel, to paraphrase as exactly as i can recall.

    “I hope you’re happy. Your JL,U group is now over 70% PN, with more pouring in every day. For God’s sakes, at least cancel open enrollment or SOMETHING.”

    I didn’t launch the lawsuits I mentioned in the past, because my settlement conditions were satisfied by Hewee Zetkin. My current threat will, hopefully never amount to anything.

    I don’t live in the dorms. You know nothing about me, or my lifestyle. I don’t care if anyone agrees with this article or not. i don’t care if ti gets filed away. I’m not on SL hardly anymore, because I am too busy with real life work. I log on for maybe an hour a day, and I have a problem because immediately when I log on, I get hit with Kalel telling me to turn back, trying to spread lies about me or what my group does, or people asking me for the tech because this article just popped back up on the radars.

    And just what makes you think I have any student loans? Where did you ever get that information?

  42. Reality

    Oct 16th, 2007

    You’re a piece of work, you know that? I guess living in that homeless shelter for three weeks waiting for your student loan check to clear didn’t knock any sense into you. “I’m selling my soul on eBay or I’m out on the street!” Ring any bells?


    Or unless, wait, I guess I could not sue you if you changed your socks.


    What a wanker.

  43. Nikola Shirakawa

    Oct 18th, 2007

    Thank you. Thank you so much. That information was available solely in the JLU wiki and only for a couple of months. In fact, that’s a direct quotation. Here’s your reality check: The information on that u4prez thing? That was public. The information on that old petition? That was public. The direct quotation above? JLU wiki information, private.

    JLU people, just let this go. this is old shit. Move on with your lives. Jesus.

  44. Witness X

    Oct 18th, 2007

    AHAHAH!! Half of 4CHAN knew about that stupid eBay sale you had going, Niko, you’re so full of shit!!! You think JLU is even READING this?? Who were your bidders? HeLOOOOOO…

  45. Witness X

    Oct 18th, 2007

    Oh, yeah – and the PN, of course, knew, since you gave us the logins for their wiki – that’s how we got it.

    It’s so much fun trolling you – nothing personal. We just do it for the lulz.

  46. Nikola Shirakawa

    Oct 18th, 2007

    I never posted information about the homeless shelter anywhere but the JLU wiki. The eBay thing was not what I was talking about. Keep trying to spread your lies. Oh, and how coincidental that right after the alst comment was posted, Gene Turnbow told me the PN posted it, and right after this pops up. Now that’s jsut quite the coinicdince aint it.

    Get a life Turnbow.

    Get a life JLU.

    This article is mighty old fucking news. Surely a bunch of working adults have better things to do with their time than post Fuck Nik posts. Dig yourselves deep into that juvenile hole if you want to. I could really give a flying fuck, kids.

  47. Missdrr Alderson

    Oct 19th, 2007

    itt cockfight

  48. dead horse

    Oct 19th, 2007

    STOP HITTING MEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. Anon

    Oct 19th, 2007

    “article has been sued”

    holy shit, you can sue text now?

    who represents it in court? the constitution says nothing about text that can’t afford to hire an attorney, only people.

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