Jaime Wheeler – Post 6 Grrrl

by Alphaville Herald on 18/08/07 at 10:21 am

Earlier this week, Marilyn Murphy contacted the Herald offices from a small cafe in south of France to say that her spiritual quest was going well, but it was hard to say exactly how much longer it might go on. With Marilyn off indefinitely sunning herself somewhere on the Cote D’Azure, I turned to the SL fashion world for help. My prayers were answered when a dear friend – Justine Babii – agreed to take on the responsibility of finding and photographing the most glamorous residents of the metaverse – the girls, men, furries, and robots of Second Life. Justine is a writer for the Second Style Fashionista Blog and Second Style Magazine as well as a reporter SLNN.com. – the Editrix

[Message From Justine: I feel soooo lucky to be part of the Herald team. I'm a fan of this paper, and a fan of Marilyn's work, so I'm very nervous about what the famous Herald commentors will say about my efforts! (Please be kind, I cry easily!) I don't want to take up all of Jaime's space, but I do want to note that I will be instituting a minor change in the Post Sixxx format. Rather than one clothed picture and two nudes as was done in the past, I am shooting two clothed shots and a third picture that is clothing optional for the model. As a fan of SL fashion and designers, and a believer that a glimpse of skin can often be far sexier than a full nude, I thought I'd try showing less skin and more lingerie, and see how it goes.

Finally, let me please introduce the gorgeous Jaime Wheeler, who may have been the first person I met In SL. I had hoped to have Marilyn herself pose for you before she left on her trip, but she snuck off the grid before I could catch her. In her stead, Jaime, who is Marilyn's friend as well as the editor of Player's Magazine, agreed to model for me. I can't thank her enough and I sincerely hope you enjoy!]


Hi out there. My name is Jaime Wheeler and I am a friend of Marilyn Murphy. For a while Marilyn and I held pageants to pick the weekly Post Sixx Grrl. I have seen dozens of girls get their Post Sixx pictures taken at Marilyn’s studio. I always managed to avoid modeling. At least until now. Funny how that happened.


It is exciting to be part of this transition. Justine is a very talented girl who I first met when she was still wearing newbie skin. I can’t believe how far she’s gone. It’s an honor to be photographed by her. At the same time, it’s an incredible honor to be part of a tradition started by my best friend, the legendary Marilyn Murphy. There are Post Sixx Alumnae in every corner of the metaverse. I am proud to join their ranks.


I love Second Life. My real life is full. My real life is rewarding. My Second Life is fun. In my time here I’ve worked as an exotic dancer, managed a couple of nightclubs, edited an adult magazine and now I’m starting a blog and magazine called SexySecond.com, where we will review lingerie, fetish wear and other things related to romance in SL. Come check it out!

I thank you all for reading this, and thank Marilyn and Justine for the opportunity to share a little of myself with you.



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  1. Candy Lemmon

    Aug 18th, 2007


    Where did you buy those body suits?

  2. weddy

    Aug 18th, 2007

    the 1st 3 paragraphs are so confusing. i guess i could reread them if i cared, but it’s basically another gratuitous nekkid hussy article. well at least SLH’s conspiracy and intrigues get many comments, unlike the GNHAs

  3. hashmir

    Aug 18th, 2007

    i dont get the point of these articles, the people behind these avatars are fatties and men… nobody is on the Cote D’Azure, MAYBE mexico at best..

    I dont understand how this is news, its just a cartoon character somebody uses in a videogame that sorta looks like a hot chick..

  4. beelsofstall

    Aug 18th, 2007

    hashmir, thanks so much for reminding us that we’re not all from the RL perfect-10 human sexual attractiveness gene pool that you and your family are from. without the constant reminders from you and your friends, the rest of us would surely forget very quickly.

    btw the body suits are from GOTHICA on Exotica Island

  5. A better designer than what on the pravda fashion page

    Aug 19th, 2007

    why do you say most fashionable in connection with the official sl propaganda line group? aka the elite that are on the scroller on the secondlife.com fashion page yet LL will not remove it nor will they add any more designers to it. patently bogus and leads to a misrepresentation of what is in sl fashionwise. it isn’t all fluffy cutsies. there are vastly superior products and avatars out there. look beyond the party line from pravda.

  6. DF

    Aug 19th, 2007

    I think that the people who think they constantly need to remind us of RL, completely and utterly miss the whole point of SL.

    And the bodysuits look great, I know I’ll be shopping for one today ^.^

  7. marilyn murphy

    Aug 19th, 2007

    justine: wow. what photography. wow. you’re wonderful. you even made jaime look great. oh….hi jaime. glad to see you found work.

    some things to bear in mind. apparently there will always be self absorbed fat heads who cannot understand the concept of a feature presentation as different from a news article.
    also people rise up claiming some photographic expertise and damning your abilities. a fun thing to do is to get them to show you what they do in world. its always a laugh riot. they either photoshop stuff beyond all recognition or show up with snapshots.
    i am a fan of your work with photography. don’t let the little people get u down.
    love you jaime. legendary (sigh). gods gonna get ya babe.

  8. Tiffany Wilder

    Aug 20th, 2007

    I’m not one to usually go for these post 6 girl articles, always seemed to be more about nekid avies than anything else.

    I do like the direction that Justine Babii is taking though with the “shooting two clothed shots and a third picture that is clothing optional” approach. I tend to agree that a tease and a tiny bikini for example can be a lot sexier that just plain ole naked, and the sexy wear can be pretty sexy as the above pictures prove :)

    Congrats to Justine on the format and of course to Jaime Wheeler for pulling the look together.

  9. Lloyd Wayne

    Aug 21st, 2007

    I can not believe that the Herald would not print my previous statements? I only said that I do not believe Jamie can onsider herself a true Post 6 Gurl, since almost every other I have seen was required to do topless & the full Monty. The Herald should be ashamed of itself for limiting statement on this article to rosy ones. Perhaps with Jamie being the model for this piece, they perfer to handle her with kid gloves.

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