Pardus Salome – Post 6 Grrrrrl

by Alphaville Herald on 31/08/07 at 10:02 pm

[Note from Justine Babii- I was at the Style Asia Fashion Show the other day and when I took the opportunity to scan the crowd I spotted Pardus in the front row. She's a fan of fashion and I am so pleased that she was willing to pose for us this week! Her avatar's beauty is surpassed only by her taste in clothes, and as she's fluent in several languages (while I'm still working on English), I'll stop babbling and let her tell you about herself!]


Bonjour, Second Life Herald readers! I’m Pardus and I’m honored to be your next Post 6 Grrl! =~__^= It’s tough being a fashion aware furry in SL, particularly because of hair. Only one company produces hair out-of-the-box for us furry girls, and that’s HCT (Here Comes Trouble). Otherwise, you’re left to spend all day modding so that it’s just right, or fending for yourself and making your own!

But enough about hair! I’m a staff member at :::Bare@Rose:::, home to one of the premier fashion designers in SL, June Dion. I spend my time there helping customers find fashions fitting of their tastes and assisting with the :::B@R::: French VIP group. I also get to model new outfits from time to time, so you may see me on the box of the new outfit you’re about to buy.


I like all sorts of fashions, gothy, fantasy, or even just casual. I especially like fashion in SL, because there are things possible here that you just can’t get in the real world…or if you can, it’s priced to stay on the hanger.


Well, thank you for checking me out! =^__^= Why don’t you come on over to :::Bare@Rose::: some time and say hello to me, au revoir!

25 Responses to “Pardus Salome – Post 6 Grrrrrl”

  1. Observer

    Aug 31st, 2007

    Furry freaks.

  2. Kryss Wanweird

    Sep 1st, 2007

    Just lovely!

  3. Kahni Poitier

    Sep 1st, 2007

    Cute look. As a neko myself, I’ll be checking out HCT. Thanks for the tip!

  4. NekoGirl

    Sep 1st, 2007

    Kahni, you say “As a neko myself” That is not a Neko, that is furry, there is HUGE difference and if you don’t know it then you should get yourself a bit more educated. Most real Neko’s such as myself and many others would spit in your face if you compared us to a furry.

  5. Ishtarangel Micheline

    Sep 1st, 2007

    I have to say wow. You have a very very impressive look to your av and i have to say kudos to you.

  6. Uccello Poultry

    Sep 1st, 2007

    Lookin’ hot, Pardus, as always. I love showing up at a Lucky Chair or Mob Vend and finding you there. You always have the best clothes. And a shout out to Serenity, too. Another hot kitty.

  7. Observer

    Sep 1st, 2007

    Compared furries to nekos? You’re both a bunch of animal freaks.

  8. Kahni Poitier

    Sep 1st, 2007

    Oh, I know, but I like how SOME of the styles overlap. I also go to a few other “neko” shops and they just don’t fit.

    I’m kind of eclectic with some of my styles. I grab what’s kind of neat, edit it, and make it work for me.

    Some of the “regular” looks don’t work for me either, so I’m always looking for alternatives to work with.

    Don’t worry, I know the difference.

  9. Kahni Poitier

    Sep 1st, 2007

    Again, I don’t buy anything I can’t mod, and I like blending styles. A neat base, a little talent, and you can do a heck of a lot.

  10. Anonymous

    Sep 1st, 2007

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    Hello friend.

    Are you really gay? I mean, REALLY really gay?

    Do you have a full body suit of a animal, but aren’t required to wear one?

    Is your diet mostly made up of Pocky and Ramen?

    Dose Naruto make you hard?

    Do you sometimes role play as a sex slave trader from he comfort of your parents basement?

    Do you hang out at preschools, yet you don’t have any children?

    Do cagers make you cry?

    A study done at Woodbury University shows if any of the above listed symptoms apply to you, chances are high they you may be suffering from “Flaming Wapanesefaggoty Goreanfurry Emopedophillia”

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  11. Kahni Poitier

    Sep 1st, 2007

    Getting gang-ganked on WoW again, Anonymous?

  12. TheFatherAnonymousNeverHad

    Sep 1st, 2007

    ahaha Anonymous man that was hilarious…very clever…I see what you did there. You had me at lulz. At least you furry haters aren’t all made up of a bunch of ignorant religious zealots like some other hater groups out there. Nice sense of humor. Well played, sir. Good show.(now waiting for furries to do an infomercial about white suburban young adults roleplaying black pulp fiction badasses anti-furry gangs ;)

    Anyway..about this know I was kinda bummed cause here you have this hot furry and the last grrrl was kinda ok too..not my type but you know still ok.. but like both times PG-13 pics.. say..what? Not even a NC-17.. are you toning down the Grrrl articles to more family friendly..? Will you be instituting age verification some time in the near future on the site or something..? Ok ok maybe you’d prefer more “classy” as the word..fine..fine..whatever.. that’s ok I guess just curious..Just seeing a nice pussy [cat] like that ya know..makes ya wonder these things..

  13. Nacon

    Sep 2nd, 2007

    Quick question Anonymous of the Anonymous Anonymous crap.

    what does LULZ stands for?

    You know LOL stands for “Laughing out loud”, right?

    So what is LULZ? Licking ugly lesbian’s Zeus?

    ….loading under lower zero?
    ….like unable love zerg?
    ….lappy undos lesser zoop?
    ….loser understands lease zeal?
    ….like uno like zit?
    ….love us like zexor?

    It’s easier to say “hahaha” than saying “lolololol” or “lulz” cause it make you sound like a coko-bird.

  14. Justine Babii

    Sep 2nd, 2007

    Hi everyone! Isn’t Pardus great? I’ve been so lucky to have great models while Marilyn gets her vacation!

    To answer a question that keeps coming up, it’s me, not the Herald that has toned down the nudity. Marilyn always took one clothed photo and two nudes, while I’ve chosen to take two clothed pics and one that is the model’s choice, (she or he can choose to be clothed or not).

    I base part of this on selfish reasons, namely that I like SL fashions and want to see the model’s clothes. Also, I think that sexy is often more of a hint of nudity than full on nudity. Finally, the British tabloids have their Page 3 Girls, on which this column is based I believe, and those girls are topless at most, never full nude.

    As I said at the start of my run as the Post 6 photog, I’m just keeping the seat warm for Marilyn, who is the best photog in SL. It’s been a lot of fun so far, and while I know you’re getting a little less skin, I appreciate the kind comments for the models.

  15. OTHER Neko Girl

    Sep 2nd, 2007

    Very nice pictures, and a very hot kitty ^.^

    And gee, NekoGirl, what’s gotten your panties in such a twist? Is it so important to you?
    Come on, Neko = human-animal mix, and furry = human animal mix.

    Lighten up girl, it’s not important.

  16. mootykips

    Sep 3rd, 2007

    Catgirls/nekomimi should not be blended with furfaggotry.

  17. Lloyd Wayne

    Sep 3rd, 2007

    To: Justine Babii,

    To every Post 6 Gurl that was required to shed her clothing to appear in this column, your attitude is a cold slap in the face.

    Jamie Wheeler, one who has sat in a position of selecting Post 6 Gurls, while making it clear that nudity is required and not optional , has cowardly decided not to do what she had required others to do. Total Hypocrisy.

    Celebrity Trollop missed the mark as well.

    I would have to ask, since you bought it up. If you were in the position to shoot for the British tabloid Page 3 Girls, would you make the decision to not to have the model pose topless or would you respect the history of the piece and continue the tradition?

    While I would have to agree that Marilyn is a very good photographer, and one of SL’s best, it seem a bit much to proclaim her to be the very best in SL. A tour of photographer’s studios & galleries would show you that your statement fall short.

    To close:
    “while I know you’re getting a little less skin”

    you should have finished with,

    “I don’t care about the readers, the history of the column nor every Post 6 Gurl that came before the frauds that I’ve decide to shoot”. And I would have had more respect.

    Thanks to the moderator for posting this.

  18. OTHER neko girl

    Sep 4th, 2007

    Everytime I see or hear people condemning furries and defending neko’s, I can’t help but laugh.

    Little fact:

    Neko’s are anthropomorphic animals. Animals with human characteristics, going as far that there’s only the visable ears, tail and possibly some fur patches and whiskers left, aside from the catlike behaviour. That’s not just my vision, that’s the definition.

    Furries are anthropomorphic animals just the same. The word was simply invented to NOT have to say anthropomorphic animal all the time, as a timesaver. Also, it sounds cuter.

  19. Justine Bateman

    Sep 4th, 2007

    “While I would have to agree that Marilyn is a very good photographer, and one of SL’s best, it seem a bit much to proclaim her to be the very best in SL” – Lloyd Wayne

    What are you talking about? Marilyn comes up with the tackiest photos for her backdrops, the lighting is always harsh and makes the models looks worse. I could go on but in short, it’s usually awful.

    THIS is some good sl photography.

    And no, I am not a friend of Mariya’s. I just like what she does.

  20. Lloyd Wayne

    Sep 4th, 2007

    Dear Justine Bateman,

    My main point was not the quality of the photos, but the layout decisions made. I am not about to write poorly of Marilyn, who as I understand, been a long time photographer in SL.

    And I stand by my comments that she is one of SL’s best. But I would not say she IS the best. If you would take a gallery tour around SL, and see the prices that some so-called photographers are charging, I think you would come to the conclusion that she is one of the best, just not the best.

    I just get annoyed when people heap on these absolute accolades on themselves, or in this case others. It is one more example that Justine Babii has not been “around the block” long enough to make comments such as that nor to adequately head this column.

    To Marilyn, I know you work hard, but we need you back. Hope your vacation has been restful and as planned. In the future, please try to get a replacement photographer that will continue with the history of this column. There are too many quality photographers out there willing.

    To Justine Babii, I know my words have been harsh, but in no way I’m I criticizing your photographic abilities. But I do totally disagree with your layout decisions. I am eagerly awaiting your response to my comments concerning Jamie Wheeler.

  21. Observer

    Sep 4th, 2007

    Good photos or not, furries are disturbed people.

  22. a furry

    Sep 6th, 2007


    Please, elaborate. I might be biased, but having an anthro animal AV doesnt seem too disturbed to me. At least, no more then having a robot, alien, neko, energy form or any other avatar.

  23. mootykips

    Sep 6th, 2007

    “OTHER neko girl”, where did that definition come from? I’m tempted to call bullshit because the vast majority of nekomimi in both western and Japanese media is far from the “reality” you describe.

  24. natu

    Sep 8th, 2007

    OTHER neko girl, your a furry deal with it

  25. djayfox

    Jan 21st, 2010

    Looking hot in that swimsuit =^-^= I’ve never played SL but I’m thinking about it.

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