Gorean Radio in SL: Beyond AM, FM, and XM, there is BDSM

by Alphaville Herald on 30/08/07 at 8:26 am

Community Radio Even a Kajira Could Luff

by Urizenus Sklar, Media Mogul/Critic

As the Second Life mediascape continues to diversify, a number of in-world radio stations have emerged. Of course such radio stations have been familiar to us at least since the days of The Sims Online, where there were a number of radio stations, including stations run by mafias and by the infamous The Sim Shadow Government. And of course the game-centered radio broadcasts for World of Warcraft and many other games exist today. Here in Second Life there have been numerous online stations as well, ranging from Taco Rubio’s Phreak Radio to the now defunct Dreamland Radio, which was the voice of Anshe Chung’s Dreamland, continent to the Virtual world radio network (VWRN) and the German Language SLR2. Hells Bells, there are even radio stations that straddle both TSO and Second life (Maxed Out Radio being a case in point). What got our attention though was the rise of at least two full time Gorean Radio Stations.

Gorean Portal Radio claims to have been broadcasting nonstop for three years. It began as an IRC channel but now broadcasts from Ar. Meanwhile, the relative newcomer The Edge, Gorean Radio, which was doing a play-by-play of Gorean combat contests when I tuned in. I guess I’ve always been interested in the way subcultures like Gor create their own media outlets, including not just radio stations but “newspapers” like The Tarns Feather (which is only available in world).

Question: what other radio stations (Gorean or otherwise) are currently up and running in SL? I’d also be interested in hearing about other “community newspapers” like The Tarn’s Feather.

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  1. Lewis Nerd

    Aug 30th, 2007

    They’re just playing music right now, no presenters.

    Kinda ironic they just played “My Way” by Frank Sinatra. I thought it should be done whichever way Master commands?

  2. GoSpeed Racer

    Aug 30th, 2007

    KONA Radio (since October 2006… started as East End Radio)
    *T1* Radio

  3. Angel

    Aug 30th, 2007

    Cool, let me “switch” it on (pun intended)

  4. urizenus

    Aug 30th, 2007

    Right, Club69 advertised with us for a while, I believe.

  5. Xerses Goff

    Aug 30th, 2007

    Second Jam is a 24 hour station dedicated to Second Life. Daily news, events, resident profiles, features and tips. We are also playing music, specifically original songs by artists with a Second Life presence.

    We have been working on the feed and programming since March, and are now operational and adding new and updated programming daily.

    The station can be heard at the College of Second Knowledge in Atlas and at most of the 500+ Arbor Project plots around the mainland.

    To set an in-world URL, http://www.secondjam.com:8000/

    We still have a couple of openings for feature reporters and are taking submissions for musical artists as well.

    – Xerses Goff

  6. Second Lulz Vigilante

    Aug 30th, 2007

    I thought the Priest Kings didn’t allow Goreans to have advanced technology like radios. :p

    Anyway, Gor can still stick a larma up its collective ass. They’ve got the internet and now radio. I just hope they stay the fuck away from television.

  7. Maria Leveaux

    Aug 30th, 2007

    More than a Claim, GPR HAS been on the Air for Three Plus years, and in that time they have done music, and readings, Interviews, Play by Plays of Combat Tournaments, Slave Dances, and Hunts.

    GPR and The Edge perform a valuable Service for the Gor Community in SL by Providing a Cultural Link. It Adds to the Gorean Identity (Though as any Purist will jump to tell you, “No radio on Gor, the priest kings wouldn’t like it”).

    I Have Heard that the Furs have their own Station(s) but i haven’t heard them Myself, Great for them though. The Ability of ANY SL Community to Create it’s own Radio station adds Immeasurably to the SL Experience. I wonder why there aren’t More?, or if there are, Why isn’t there a Directory of the SL Based Stations? it’s something everybody could benifit from.


  8. TIllery Woodhen

    Aug 31st, 2007

    If your asking for all forms of media, I run the Cortex News Service. It’s a newspage for the communities based on the Firefly televsion show that was on Fox a few years ago and the movie “Serenity.”

    It’s a webbased publication, but we do have kiosks in world to link you to the site along with bureaus three communities: Blackburne Downs, Serenity Landing and Tirian Falls. The headquaters are in the oldest Firefly settlement, Washtown. It started as a local paper for Washtown called The Washtown Wave and has grown since its founding.

  9. Observer

    Aug 31st, 2007

    Nice work, Uri. what….three whole non-sex posts before a sexual one? Had an itch?


  10. Michael

    Sep 3rd, 2007

    Radiomaxx.net is a “real world” webcast with a footprint in second life. During primetime hourss CST we can have upwards of 500 concurrent listeners.

    tess.fast-serv.com:8214 <—listen url


  11. Desire Night

    Jan 25th, 2009

    The Edge Gorean Radio offers weekly discussions, morning shows, in business now for almost 2 years in Second Life. We broadcast special events, from Free Companionships, Tournaments, to Funerals.

    We also offer music on demand with life requests available via our website.

  12. Bena

    Jul 13th, 2010

    GPR has been broadcasting for well over three years as I did a show on it much longer ago than that. At the time, if I remember rightly, it was the only 24/7 Gor station on air.

  13. CrzyLdyAZ Canetti

    Jan 21st, 2014

    A new radio station has come to Gor! Owned and operated by a Free Man of Gor with over 25 years of professional broadcasting experience, The Whip brings a breath of fresh air to the Second Life Gorean Community. A station of inclusion and diversity offering music, discussion, and entertainment.

    Come feel the sting of the WHIP!

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