Voracious Appetites & Virtual Vore-play

by Alphaville Herald on 13/08/07 at 11:15 pm

Bunny tartare, avatar sashimi at Second Life Vore Club

by Urizenus Sklar, food critic


You remember Uri’s Law: There is no real life fetish which is such that it is not found in Second Life. Once again that law is tested; this time I wanted to see if vore was represented in Second Life. You know. Vore. That fetish that involves eating and being eaten by animals, either swallowed whole, chewed up, or otherwise engulfed and/or absorbed into various body parts and membranes and…whatever. And surprise surprise surprise: there *is* a vore contingent in SL, and they hang out and the Second Life Vore Club (SLVC, not affiliated with the SLCC) in a skyscraper that towers over the Castle Darkwolfe sim.

It turns out that this was the most dangerous assignment I have ever carried out. As the photos show, I was forced to eat live bunnies and was nearly eaten by an overweight red lizard. But I survived to bring you, the Herald readers, yet another Herald Instant Classic ™. Also, in a classic Herald reportorial faux paw (haha, pun), I arrived during dinner.


Part 1: Uri interrupts dinner and arranges an interview

Name1 Redacted: GULP
Name 2 Redacted (female): [Name 3] screams and falls to the ground as she begin to feel something in their womb pushing to get out…
Name 2 Redacted (female): [Name 3] is amazed at the creature that has partially emerged. Its body seems to move and pulse with a life of its own. Each touch to the beast transmitted directly to it’s host as well, sending delicious shivers down her spine.

Uri: um, excuse me for interrupting, does anyone want to talk about vore with the Herald?
Frungi Stastny: The Herald?
Uri: Second Life Herald
Uri: your newspaper of record
Frungi Stastny: Oh
JasonM Talamasca grins at puppy, licking his jaws. “Oh? And what do I get if I do?”
Uri: you get dinner?
JasonM Talamasca: heh. and who volunteers for that job? hmmmm?
Uri: not me!
Lancustran Lupino: ):
Uri: you don’t eat people anyway
JasonM Talamasca: Of course I do. Mmmmm… everyone in the room right now looks tasty…. wonder if I could fit you all?
Uri: Oh I had asparagus for dinner, you don’t want me
Lancustran Lupino: Panda wants to be interviewed. V:
Panda Ronmark: what do you want? :(
Lancustran Lupino: Urizenus Sklar wants to interview someone. ):
Uri: hi panda
Panda Ronmark: hi.
Panda Ronmark: what do you want?
Frungi Stastny: It’s for a good cause, Panda
Frungi Stastny: Vore
Uri: wanna do an interview about vore?
Panda Ronmark: let me think about that proposition
JasonM Talamasca: Well, I can give you a… in depth look into the subject. ‘Grins’
PuppyLove Barker: *mews*
Uri: uh , I don’t want to see vore from the *inside*
Panda Ronmark: you wouldn’t understand me even if i explained thoroughly, so what’s the point of an interview.
Uri: partial understanding?
JasonM Talamasca purrs, wings ruffling against his back. Gently, he reaches down, infolding puppy into his large, scaled arms, drawing her close to his form.
PuppyLove Barker: eeeep! giant…thingy…
Panda Ronmark: what’s the point of partial understanding in this situation if its not really going to help anyone. who really wants to read about vore any why people like it? usually its just an action. do you even like vore?
Uri: I am curious. It is a thing that is hard for me to understand I admit
Panda Ronmark: fine.. one stop out and I’m leaving
JasonM Talamasca: and what you find hard?


Part 2: Uri learns why vore is so much fun.

Uri: so I’m curious, do you have any insights into why its fun?
Lancustran Lupino gave you edible white bunny.
Panda Ronmark: not really. just an activity
JasonM Talamasca: Mmmm… really, you would have to experience it to find out.
Panda Ronmark: Jason’s right
Uri: I have to eat or be eaten to find out?
PuppyLove Barker: why do people have a foot fetish?…why are some males gay or females lesbians?…its pretty much a basic instinct of interest.
Panda Ronmark: most vores start out young
Uri: you mean they are vores when they are kids?
JasonM Talamasca: Yep. Words can be a poor description for the actual feel of the act.
Uri: well what does the act feel like?
Panda Ronmark: its just a fetish
Panda Ronmark: nothing you can really grow into
Panda Ronmark: just born with


Part 3: A discourse on vore in popular culture.

PuppyLove Barker: yea…do you know how much vore is in movies and TV shows?…a lot. I’ve seem maybe 2 or 3 things of vore already today on TV
Frungi Stastny: When I was younger, I played a game called Dragon’s Lair, and some of the death scenes involved vore. So I think yes, I liked vore as a kid.
Uri: lemme think, what are some famous vore scenes in movies? anaconda?
Lancustran Lupino: That movie’s so terrible. ):
Uri: haha, it is
Frungi Stastny: Ren and Stimpy
JasonM Talamasca: the host. One in hell rasier, and others.
Frungi Stastny: Little Shop of Horrors
Uri: little shop of course
JasonM Talamasca: Piranha, if you think hard vore.
Panda Ronmark: o.o
PuppyLove Barker: My favorite Martian…when the girl takes that piece of gum and turns into an alien and eats some guy….furn Gully were the lizard chases the tiny dude trying too eat him…Hmmm..what else ^^
JasonM Talamasca: there old, O:D movies on dinosaurs in citys of the time… oh! Jurassic park!
Frungi Stastny: Fern Gully was almost vore
Lancustran Lupino: Fern Gully. ): ): ):
PuppyLove Barker: recently saw a episode of doctor who were a guy got eaten by a darleck.
Frungi Stastny: This site has a vore clip collection: http://www.vore.net/rodent/mpgs/


Part 4: The Varieties of Vore

Uri: so how many vore fans are there in sl do you think?
JasonM Talamasca: not sure of exact numbers. only a few groups, most of which don’t give their location on sign up…
Frungi Stastny: I’d guess a few dozen users
Uri: what are the different kinds of vore?
JasonM Talamasca: Hmmmm… think it time for the guided tour yet, Panda? ‘He grins.’
Lancustran Lupino: Soft Vore, Hard Vore, Unbirthing, Anal Vore, and Cock Vore are the most common varieties.. Some people go even more farfetched though. V:
JasonM Talamasca: ah. meany, some gender based.

Uri: is some vore considered more hard core?
Panda Ronmark: Hard Vore
Uri: what makes hard vore hard?
Lancustran Lupino: Hard Vore is ripping and shredding.
Panda Ronmark: ripping and tearing of the limbs.. chewing
JasonM Talamasca:… blood, guts, flaying body parts all over the place… I guess. ‘grins’

Uri: and do people distinguish lizard vore from other kinds?
JasonM Talamasca: There also tail vore, breast vore, absorption, wing vore. List goes on.
Uri: ah ok
Lancustran Lupino: Soft vore is swallowing whole, like a snake, though the prey’s generally still alive.
Uri: what is absorbtion vore?
Lancustran Lupino: Like a Gelatinous Cube. ):
JasonM Talamasca: yes, absorption is normally from gel like preds, though magic, can allow a pred to suck a victim right into there flesh. Also how unbirthing vore can go, if the victim is not just released, or transformed.
Uri: ah, of course
Uri: what’s wing vore?
JasonM Talamasca: wing vore has two means. direct absorption of the victim, or cocooning and digesting, without pulling the prey into the body.

Frungi Stastny: *blank* vore is when the prey is ingested through the *blank*
Uri: the blank?
Lancustran Lupino: Fill in here. ):
Uri: sexual organ?
Frungi Stastny: Could be
JasonM Talamasca: AKA cock or cunt. heh.
Frungi Stastny: Or tail, or wing, etc.
Lancustran Lupino: Most people into vore have greatly differing preferences on it. ):
JasonM Talamasca: yep. was accually having a slight discussion on eka’s,about lung vore. lol. we were not sure what to think on that one… I still stand by vaporizing and breathing in the victim… oh! Then there is also soul vore.

Part 5: Uri gets dinner!

Uri: so can I see one of you eat a bunny or something?
Frungi Stastny: Usually we eat each other
Uri: ah ok, who feels like dinner?
Lancustran Lupino: I gave you a bunny, Urizenus. ):
Uri: what do I do with the bunny?
JasonM Talamasca grins. “Whos volunteering? Or should we let our interviewer get a first hand account?”
Lancustran Lupino: Wear it, then click it. ): ):
Uri: ok
Uri: burp
Uri: where did my bunny go?
Lancustran Lupino: It’s gone, you ate it. ): ):
JasonM Talamasca: ya, it’s still in inventory, but not reusable.
Uri: can I have another please?
JasonM Talamasca: can get then from the object beside me.
Lancustran Lupino: Five lindens per micro. ):
Panda Ronmark: over priced :(
micros vendor SLVC: Thank you, Urizenus Sklar.
micros vendor SLVC owned by Ante Flan gave you ‘edible arctic fox’ ( http://slurl.com/secondlife/Castle%20DarkWolf/218/47/243 ).
Lancustran Lupino: What kind did you get? ):
Uri: oooh a fox
Panda Ronmark: -sigh- its always a fox :(

micros vendor SLVC: Thank you, Urizenus Sklar.
micros vendor SLVC owned by Ante Flan gave you ‘edible albino mouse’ ( http://slurl.com/secondlife/Castle%20DarkWolf/218/47/243 ).
Lancustran Lupino: Mice are the best prey. ): ): ):
Lancustran Lupino: Ante Flan’s made a slow fortune with that machine. ): ): ):


Part 6: The interview is concluded abruptly

JasonM Talamasca grins, looking down at Uriz. Opening his jaws wide, he gives him an up close and personal look at the inside of a preds jaws.
Uri: jason are you trying to eat me?
JasonM Talamasca: Mmmm… hard to report on something without ALL the facts, now is it?: ^~^ ROOOOAAAAAAAHHHHHHRRRRRR ^~^
Uri: anything else you want to tell the readers?
JasonM Talamasca: Hmmm… so many ways to prepare dinner… which ever should I choose? heh
Uri: rest of you? any last thoughts?
Panda Ronmark: not really :(
JasonM Talamasca: heh heh. Mmmm… only that you give them a…. first hand account. ‘grins’
Uri: ok critters, you have been most kind and helpful, but I gotta run…


25 Responses to “Voracious Appetites & Virtual Vore-play”

  1. qDot

    Aug 13th, 2007

    Aw man, a whole vore article without one mention of the Vore in Video Games List? It’s just not complete without it! http://vorarephile.aryion.com/vgames/

  2. Artemis Fate

    Aug 13th, 2007

    Ugh. I think if someone asked me, “Hey I have a few nuclear bombs, and i’m going to nuke the world, but if you say don’t, I wont. What do you think?” after being reminded of stuff like in this article, i’d have to say “Go for it.”

  3. Anonymous

    Aug 13th, 2007

    Just when you thought the Herald couldn’t be any worse it reaches a new low!

  4. Anonymous

    Aug 14th, 2007

    Yeah Artemis Fate, I guess it sucks to be constantly reminded that we’re just animals, with nothing special about us.

    This article did make me a bit hungry…I think I’m going to go to have a nice slab of greasy cow tissue topped with pig muscle and fat aka McDonalds bacon cheeseburger.

    Btw, the moderators here censor animal rights issues.

  5. Nacon

    Aug 14th, 2007

    “I was forced to eat live bunnies and was nearly eaten by an overweight red lizard.”

    Urizenus.. some how it reminded me a retarded writer, Natalie O’Brien from Australian News.

    “The bomb hit the ABC’s headquarters, destroying everything except one digital transmission tower. The force of the blast left Aunty’s site a cratered mess”

    “In Nissan’s case, its online officials cleaned up the mess, took away the bodies in virtual coffins and continued business.”


    Seriously…. don’t write retarded bullshits just because you’re believing fantasy life in SL as real to little head of yours.

    Get out of your mother’s basement for fuck stakes.

  6. Reg Baxter

    Aug 14th, 2007

    >”Just when you thought the Herald couldn’t be any worse it reaches a new low!”

    I have to disagree on that point – this is not an “appetizing” story to be sure, but Uri has already said before he is going to report on things he finds interesting. Not main stream news which I think we all know was left behind long ago. Most stories on the herald nowadays tend to be more along the line of human interest type articles, fashion, advice, pinups, different types of places, people and fetishes out there etc, or in this case a human interest human ingestion article. (sorry needed to use that one)

    This is may be low but its not the lowest low, there are many earlier examples, bukkake (sp?) etc. but thats me, there are some who will say it is and some who will say whats the fuss about. Everybody has different tastes, or is that everybody tastes different? can’t keep them straight :) And while this one is disagreeable to me (need an anti nausea pill, or wait, Uri’s in Canada he’ll know what gravol means), I think there is probably a lot worse out there yet to be discovered. But rest assured if its there, Uri or Pix or one of the crew with find it and report on it.

    They are just that dedicated :D

  7. Anonymous

    Aug 14th, 2007

    So there’s people who like to pretend being eaten alive.


    If you thik this is worth creating a fuss over…. get a life. There’s worse things on this planet.

  8. Gwyneth Llewelyn

    Aug 14th, 2007

    Second Life is definitely a complete new education. I had no idea I could be so ignorant about so many things!!

    Thanks for contributing to my education, Uri :) I’m almost scared about what I’m going to learn next…

  9. Lewis Nerd

    Aug 14th, 2007

    “Just when you thought the Herald couldn’t be any worse it reaches a new low”

    Shush… they’ll see it as a challenge… and will no doubt succeed. There has to be worse, surely.


  10. Angel

    Aug 14th, 2007

    Thanks, I was wondering what vore was after reading that a certain whore I know won’t do it.

    I love seeing the breadth of human sexuality / fetishism / weirdness in SL and I enjoy that it’s being reported fairly neutrally.

  11. Petey

    Aug 14th, 2007

    Ahahaha thats awesome good show Uri

  12. Anonymous

    Aug 14th, 2007

    If you enjoy neutral reporting, this is not the place to read about it really.

  13. Anonymous

    Aug 14th, 2007

    If you’re looking for serious and responsible journalism about SL, this isn’t the place for it either!

  14. Loloz Oh

    Aug 14th, 2007

    “serious and responsible journalism about SL”

    There’s an oxymoron if I ever heard one.

  15. Wendell Holmer

    Aug 14th, 2007

    The subjects are grotesque, but Uri handles them in a funny and refreshing way.

  16. mootykips

    Aug 14th, 2007

    Wow, the furries must really hate these guys.

  17. Corona

    Aug 14th, 2007

    The question that immediately springs to mind is whether ‘Vore ‘ only exists in SL – or in RL to?

    and if in RL – what form would the ‘being eaten by animals’ take

    and should they be banned from zoos, pet shops and abbatoirs

    - discuss

  18. SunnyMarie

    Aug 14th, 2007

    “Uri: Oh I had asparagus for dinner, you don’t want me”

    Ohhhh! I am in tears here! LOL!

    Funny piece. Yeah folks, it’s off the wall, but it’s funny and at LEAST mildy interesting! At least it isn’t a flame fest with people screaming at prok or vice versa. Wake up and smell the cat food! :P

    “Lancustran Lupino: Soft Vore, Hard Vore, Unbirthing, Anal Vore, and Cock Vore are the most common varieties.. Some people go even more farfetched though. V:”

    LOL MORE “FARFETCHED” than Anal Vore? Yoiiikss!

    Who wants to help me kidnap a bunch of furries and sell them to these guys?

  19. Second Lulz Vigilante

    Aug 14th, 2007

    Gor and Vore…all in one day. Nice work guys.

    *throws a bucket of popcorn at the Herald Staff*

  20. Sardonis Debevec

    Aug 14th, 2007

    That makes me sad in the pants.

  21. Wolf Seisenbacher

    Aug 15th, 2007

    Hey, thanks for reviewing the vore side of SL! Nice reporting I have to say, I might contact you in game sometime ;) . I put that tower together, and I work under Freakus Freeloader. I am a vore myself, and I wish I was on when you did the interviewing. I am what you would call a “Vore ambassator” ;3 Good job with the interview, and it seems some of my friends got limelight here

  22. archie lukas

    Aug 24th, 2007

    You boys !!!

    Stop being Bloody Silly and play nicely.

  23. PuppyLove Barker

    Feb 12th, 2008

    Heh I remember back then. I wasent really paying attenton and didnt even relize you were gona put the convo on the internet. The Vore clubs moved too another area now. ;3

  24. Siru

    Jun 19th, 2010

    @ Second Lulz Vigilante
    -I run in screaming “Popcorn! MINE!” *Dull thud as I tackle a staff member*

  25. Loves_2_be_EATEN

    Aug 8th, 2010

    Well im a Vore Fan been like it since day one hehe xD.
    Well im interested in how JasonM Talamasca is to wanting to sink hes teeth into Uri.

    Anyway if theRes any Gay or Bi guys out there that are 27yo and under add me i Love Vore rofl =)

    Address :: tall-guy27@live.com.au

    p.s i myself is 18yo Gay & I love almost all the types of vore xD
    Have a Nice day Muhahaha!! << sorry for that high on suger -__-

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