Op/Ed: PN Leader N3X15 Is the Worst Sort of Furry

by Alphaville Herald on 25/09/07 at 4:13 pm

[G-Boy Anonymous tells the story of how he outgrew griefing - then learned the current leader of the PN has shocking furry sympathies. When I questioned GBoy's motivations for coming forward, he told me while he dislikes furries, he despises hypocrites. After trying to go straight, GBoy finds living a peaceful life is difficult, because “a majority of the sims I've been in have been griefed”. GBoy claims that the problem is “nexis and PN are filled with fucking idiots and 14 year old kids who got banned from gaiaonline.com and just now found out about 4chan”. And so, one avatars struggles to move on to a new life. This is his story - in his own words. -- the Editrix]

by G-Boy Anonymous

There comes a time in a greifers life when greifing is no longer the norm and no longer fun, there’s only so much lulz to be had when greifing furnation or baku or whatever – you know?

Almost a year ago I started playing second life. I was a /b/tard, scum of the internet – amirite? I played for about a week, I hung out in baku since that was the very first place I visited.

Being a /b/tard on the internet means you have ties to the internets strongest internet hate machine, you have access to scripts, programs and so called “rape machines” that would make most hackers and trolls scratch their heads or suck your dick – and this is about the time I became part of the PN, “patriotic nigras”, or what was known as second life’s internet jihad, the biggest and baddest.

Or you know, until now, when this story gets published.

the good times

The first time I ever griefed with PN was when a bunch of us raided Gor with “sumo guns” and cosby cubes. It was nothing short of epic, the entire place went up in flames and images that features bill cosby giving the middle finger – it was a macro of course – with the words “JELLOWNED!” underneath it, this was going to turn out to be a beautiful friendship between me and the patriotic nigras.

I have been with them through many fort longcats, I have been through with them for many bans, we couldn’t be torn apart, we were a /b/and of /b/rothers.

Come march of this year, I was banned, not that I wasn’t “banned” per se, but I didn’t bother to register a new account, it wasn’t fun for me anymore and having to re-register became quite a bit of a chore,

playing it straight

I took a month off. I came back in May to, for lack of a better term, “Play it straight”, I left the PN forums and I had made some friends who could hook me up with expensive things, store owners, lindens and whatnot, but I had not officially left the PN, I still considered myself a member, up until about a two months ago, I was tipped off by some members of w-hat that N3X15- the all seeing and all knowing leader of the patriotic nigras, was something that he hated, he was the bane of all patriotic nigras, something they fought against, not fought for, what was nexis?

He was a fucking FURRY.

Yeah, I said it, he was a furfag, but not just any furfag, he was a hardcore furfag, had a furaffinity account and deviantart account as well. His fur affinity account is: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/n3x15 – but as of now all of his art has been deleted

His deviant art account is http://n3x15.deviantart.com

He is what us trolls in the game call a “sonic fag”

He also goes by the name of Jeanette, Jeanette is the founder of #inflateTF, which is a furry chatroom for furries that enjoy transforming into other things via having air or something pumped into them by a hose in their mouth or another hole.

I just wanna say to nexis, or any PN member that’s reading this – you’ve been working for a furry, you have been working for a furry of the worst kind, if you still stay under the control of nexis as of right now, you are fucking retarded and are no worse than the furfags you’ve been working for, its time to purge ebaums of all the faggotry once and for all, the only person I have respect for now is mudkips anonymous and the PN who officially left because they got tired of your BAWWWWING and accusations of everyone being a fucking spy, when in retrospect, You’re the spy! You’re the furfag! You’re what everyone hates and fights against – you.

So I guess all I can say right now is what the battle cries of the PN have been for so long- “Yiff in hell furfag”.

Also, attached are the images to prove I know what I’m talking about and that I’m not bullshitting anyone.












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  1. spell and reality checker

    Sep 29th, 2007


    “The massive amounts of drama that slfags stir up over griefers just reaffirms one of the main reasons we troll second life.”


    Just as a reminder… The last few articles, the above one, and the “Ex PN Leader Open Sources Griefer Weapons” article, where the comments are filled with griefers blaming griefers for being furries, Mootykips being Angel Flyffy, the infighting…

    I see a whole world of drama, and none of it having been brought up by non griefers. Oh yeah, and I see a whole lot of furries laughing about your infighting and drama stirring among yourselves.

    Really, who are you trying to fool here? Must be yourself, cause we aren’t buying it.

    Let me spellcheck and rewrite those two comments I quoted above for you:


    “The massive amounts of drama that /b/fags stir up over eachother just reaffirms one of the main reasons we read the Second Life Herald.”

    And to add, another bit of corrected comment from above:

    “You take griefing a horribly coded video game as seriously as you take real life, and you’re all tripping over each other in a desperate attempt to stroke your e-penis and have revenge on people who are only here to laugh at your failure to drop e-penis on someone’s e-lawn, and watch your overreaction when yet again one of you is found out to like furry porn”

  2. Witness X

    Sep 30th, 2007

    The trolls who troll the trolls are doing a great job – the PN now spend more time having drama over the fact that they’re having drama than almost any other topic of discussion, and taking turns banning each other for asking why there’s so much drama, why N3X15 is such a furfag, and how they can stop the furfags from LOLLING at their expense.

    And somehow, they look more and more stoopid and helpless with each passing day. My, oh, my, it’s the Mighty PN arguing over pissing in bottles! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!

    L33tMasta> Also I am entertaining ideas on what to do with the bottle of urine I have next to me

    L33tMasta> i was too lazy to get up and piss




    @N3X15> idiot


    @N3X15> :|

  3. archie lukas

    Oct 7th, 2007

    Can’t decide whether we should shave him and dump in the Artic
    or make him go woof

    Ok, decided.

    Archie pours petrol over the creep, lights a match.

    Woof !

  4. Furhate

    Oct 7th, 2007

    Nexis has stood by built the PN to the best it can be
    if hes a furry hes a fucking furry but lets not rule out that it was him who taught me the lulz turtle and the doomsday

    hes a fucking legend and i challend anyone on SL to meet me and disagree

  5. dick burns

    Oct 8th, 2007

    tacgnol storm was amazing… i was happy to be a part of it. i wish today was July 2007…

    -uncle dick

  6. anon

    Oct 13th, 2007

    dick -

    you know who. get on msn once in a while. i have a plan.

  7. dick burns

    Oct 13th, 2007

    :o !!!!!!!

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