All the News That’s Fit to Whip

by Alphaville Herald on 27/11/07 at 11:12 pm

Prim Time with Keiko Ketsugo Premieres


Oriental Express, Second Life (194, 235, 24) November 27, 2007: Want the latest news in the virtual world of Second Life – Raw, naked and bound – with whip marks? Step into Castle Prim for the premiere of “Prim* Time” anchored by Keiko Ketsugo which captures (literally) top Second Life correspondents, analysts and guests for a complete domination of current events. The program combines traditional journalism with the latest dominatrix tools, making the entire process of news gathering more threatening and placing the cutting edge news and information at the tip of Keiko Ketsugo’s whip. For a video preview go to

Keiko Ketsugo is anchor of Prim Time and has won numerous awards including the 2006 Journalist Pillar of Torture Award from the News Kneeling and Begging Alliance and the 2007 Mistress Award from the Virtual Press Doms Association. Ketsugo is the author of two books, Between Pain and Pleasure: A News Enslavement Notebook (Cuff University Press) and Chaining the Lies to Crosses and Whipping Them to Death (Harsher and Raw). is among the world’s leaders in Second Life news and information delivery. Staffed 24 hours, seven days a week by a cowed and submissive staff in Prim Time World headquarters at Castle Prim (Freeze – Oriental Express, Second Life (194, 235, 24) and in bureaus across the grid, relies heavily on its inworld team of almost 4000 news professionals (give or take 3,998.) in partnership with and For more information contact Keiko Ketsugo at or go to

Second Life is a 3-D virtual world entirely created by its Residents. Since opening to the public in 2003, it was grown explosively and today is inhabited by millions of Residents from around the globe.

*Prim is short for primitive a 3D object in Second life.

10 Responses to “All the News That’s Fit to Whip”

  1. Maria Leveaux

    Nov 28th, 2007

    The Web Based “Naked news’ does very well, and has actually wone several News Media awards, so i don’t see why this wouldn’t work.


  2. Prokofy Neva

    Nov 28th, 2007

    So you don’t mark the ads as ads any more?

  3. Hilary

    Nov 28th, 2007

    Very funny, Keiko. I laughed out loud at this. Although domination is totally NOT my cup of tea, you make it sound almost fun.

  4. Alyx Stoklitsky

    Nov 28th, 2007

    I have no idea what I just watched, and I have even less idea of whether I liked it or not.

  5. Nicholaz Beresford

    Nov 28th, 2007

    Ahh, guys … you’re magicians … I soo adore your reality- and language-bending skills!

    K U D O S !

  6. Apollonia

    Nov 28th, 2007

    I had the painful pleasure of meeting Keiko a while ago through a mutual friend. I look forward to seeing so much more of her.

  7. Simon Lameth

    Nov 28th, 2007

    The funny part is, This may be the best “internet newscast” (as some call them) I’ve ever seen.

  8. DaveOner

    Nov 29th, 2007

    …and people say SL is all about sex! ;)

    But seriously this should be interesting. Are you tying (hehe) in with SLH at all or was this essentially free ad space?

  9. Yung Kakapo

    Nov 29th, 2007

    OK, let’s clarify things here. What happened really, is that we’ve tied Pixeleen Mistral to a St Andrew’s cross and branded her with a hot iron decorated with Keiko Ketsugo’s initials – look at her right shoulder blade if you have a chance. So, no, it’s not free ad space as such, it’s just that we’re playing on the Herald’s natural gorean-babyfur sexual fantasies.
    But then today Philip Linden has molested Hello Kitty at our place in a broadly offensive manner – proof picture available on demand. So, really, don’t be surprised at the universe being slightly upside down. Nor at Pixeleen wiggling her silk diapers while flicking her whiskers.
    We’re also undercover Super Stalinian ex-KGB agents, if Prokofy wonders.
    I hope that helps.

  10. Archie Lukas

    Dec 11th, 2007

    Just watched the video sampler

    Bloody brilliant, funny and original

    I wants more, more I tell you…..

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