Babyfur Week in SL

by Alphaville Herald on 27/11/07 at 10:39 pm

Remember – Thursday is “take a babyfur to lunch” day

BabyfurThe holiday season is always a very special time – a time for reflection and a time to reach out to our fellow avatars here in the metaverse.

Though other’s customs may seem strange at first, we are all united on a basic level – we all suffer from the same lag, the same crashes, and experience the same joys and sorrows.

Seen in this light, most residents will agree that we are fortunate to be a part of a community with rich and diverse cultural traditions.

A community where we can all take pride in our work and play.

This is not just a game – far from it — here in Second Life we transform lives in ways that elevate the human spirit and help fulfill our hope for a better and more peaceful world, particularly in no-rez, no-push sims.

It is in this spirit that the Herald kicks off a special babyfur-themed week.

Over the next seven days we will feature a valued part of our community – the fur cubs and their friends who collectively make up the next generation of furries.

We think once you get to know these cookie loving, diaper clad, pacifier sucking avatars you will find them much like most other players – they just want to relax and have a good time in SL.

Let us join hand and paw to celebrate the babyfurs’ contributions to our society.

33 Responses to “Babyfur Week in SL”

  1. Angel

    Nov 27th, 2007

    You are winding us up are you not anonymous writer for the Herald?

    Did you sit in your lunch room and say “Gee since Penny started writing decent articles we need a new target to keep our numbers up… Hmmmm… What is sure to get responses… Hmmm…


    In before the PN

  2. anon1

    Nov 27th, 2007

    LOL @ the coming shit storm

    Hopefully this is going to go in the direction I think it is. SLH hasn’t been particularly pro-baby fur as far as I know, so maybe exposés on the absolutely horrifying practices of this community. THIS FETISH REALLY ISN’T HEALTHY — as anon though, I’m not really one to talk about healthy behavior :3

  3. anon

    Nov 27th, 2007

    ITT Herald attempts trolling.

  4. Crimson Darcy

    Nov 28th, 2007

    OMFGZ…may god have mercy on our souls. The aidz network is permeating throughout the food service sectorz.

    All cubicle workers, machine operators, business managers, and government officials cowering in your place of employ…prepare for C.D.C. containment:
    the wrath of the 1st of December is nigh…your lunch foodz will not be contaminated.

    AIDS must be squelched.

    BRB, Armory

  5. Brennan

    Nov 28th, 2007

    But, they’re the reason Second Life gets all this bad media attention.

  6. Angelita

    Nov 28th, 2007

    Very bravely said and I’m just glad the first post isn’t going to be some flaming fucktard’s…

  7. Kahni Poitier

    Nov 28th, 2007

    /me pulls up a chair and tub of popcorn and awaits the show.

  8. Alyx Stoklitsky

    Nov 28th, 2007


    …. Seriously though, why are these people still in SL? Isn’t this just ageplay in a fursuit?

  9. Anonymous Coward

    Nov 28th, 2007

    Oh god…. If I had a good clawing your eyes out ASCII art handy I’d so post it right now. Also, in b4 PN drama as usual over the sight of a (baby)fur on the slh newz internets.

  10. Jenny Raymaker

    Nov 28th, 2007

    Remember – Thursday is “have a babyfur for lunch” day

    Did I read this right? lmao

    Just kidding. A lot of my friends are furries as it happens. I think a bit of understanding between the sl “cultures” can only be a good thing because a lot of the hostility that goes around is down to ignorance of exactly what it is the other guys are doing. I know that I personally like to see how others are using SL, even if they use it differently to me.

    /me grabs a knife and fork and prepares for Have a Babyfur For Lunch Day

  11. anon2

    Nov 28th, 2007

    “the absolutely horrifying practices of this community.”

    Oh yes… making a snowmen village, dancing to music in their club, or GASP! even.. dare I say it?

    PRETENDING THEY ARE NOT ADULTS so they can leave their RL responsibilituies behind them for a little bit while they play SL!


  12. corona

    Nov 28th, 2007

    Crimson Darcy is clearly misusing his/her computer if it is possible to get Aids ( or any other biological disease) off it

  13. corona

    Nov 28th, 2007

    is age play sexual or not – really applicable to baby furries

    the rules are clear that depiction of CHILDREN is banned – I dont believe that baby animals are covered by the same abuse laws

    they cant be otherwise no one would be able to buy lamb meat

  14. Chav Paderborn

    Nov 28th, 2007

    I admire any subculture that manages to blend both furries and ageplay. Any babyfur Gorean /b/tards about for the full set?

  15. Raven Welesa

    Nov 28th, 2007

    To all the PNs that wrote in here. I am a babyfur and you are not. Let me let you also in on another tip. I am successful, well educated, professional when not in the mood to RP and will enjoy a happy, and fulfilled life whereas you will be scrounging by on the meager wages you earn while working down at your local convenience store where some punk tells you that you didn’t give him the correct change. Have a nice life! I know I will.

  16. tron

    Nov 28th, 2007

    once again secondlife herald proves its self to be a massive joke. next slow news week will we see another lame attempt to make everyone sit up and take notice of shit we dont care about

  17. Penance Sautereau

    Nov 28th, 2007

    Depicting yourself as a child isn’t banned. Depicting any child in sexual context IS. As for Babyfurs? Animals have kids too. I’m sure there are some Babyfurs trying to get their rocks off and tainting an otherwise innocent escape from rl crap that it is for most. I know at least one Babyfur I suspect is into Pedo play, and at least 7 I’m pretty damn sure aren’t. One little rabbit babyfur was showing my youngest SL daughter his house. When she pointed out that his cute little bed had sexballs on it, he screamed at her and booted her from he and his Mommy’s land. All attempts to ask his “mom” what was going on were ignored. THAT to me screams Pedo. But every other babyfur I’ve met, while the little kid dialogue gets old after awhile and begins to take on a nails-on-the-blackboard effect, have all seemed perfectly innocent. People playing children as an escape from RL adult stresses. Still, any babyfurs my daughter interacts with go through me first. If I see diapers or anything else that could be construed sexually I send them on their way.

  18. Bearfoot

    Nov 28th, 2007

    and yet, Raven, you took the time out to post an inflamanitory comment saying “I don’t give a shit.”

    Obviously you do,m otherwise you wouldn’t have said anything.. :P

  19. Jessica Holyoke

    Nov 28th, 2007

    Wait, when did diapers become sexual? Is this hidden AARP propaganda?

  20. Raven

    Nov 29th, 2007


  21. anon2

    Nov 29th, 2007

    @ Bearfoot

    I don’t think he gives a shit, but, presses PN with their noses on the facts for teh lulz.

    And it is pretty funneh :D

  22. ???

    Nov 29th, 2007


    WTF does ITT mean?

    Is there some channerd -> English dictionary available somewhere?

  23. Tastes Like Chicken

    Nov 29th, 2007

    mmm baby rabbit for lunch…. who is for sharing recipes?

  24. anon

    Nov 29th, 2007

    ITT means “Internet Troll T-Shirts”, you can pick them up now at any Limited Too store and get a cute new sparkly tank top free with purchase!

    “Is there some channerd -> English dictionary available somewhere?” – No. Shut up.

  25. like_ummm

    Nov 29th, 2007

    ITT means:

    Information Technology Technology

    aaahhh – now it all makes sense.

  26. MachineCode

    Nov 29th, 2007

    >>Wait, when did diapers become sexual? Is this hidden AARP propaganda?

    “My cock was extremely hard and leaking pre, but was trapped in the confines of the noisy, crinkly diaper. I won’t lie. I liked it. It was a new feeling of both being dominated harshly and treated carefully at the same time. He pushed in and out of me in swift motions. A wet squishy noise was added to the crinkly noises from the diaper with each thrust. The entire scene was amazing.”
    —Hibernian Yellowjacket

    It’s nice to know that in your adventures in raiding, chance discoveries of previously unknown levels of failure are possible. It is unfortunate, though, that this diaperfucking is going on. Giving a bad name to all you non-sexual furries. PFFFFFT. NO SUCH THING MAN.

    >>It is in this spirit that the Herald kicks off a special babyfur-themed week.


  27. Seanas

    Jun 10th, 2008

    ooook this is crazy debating, why dont y’all just get on with it and for all those who think its sexual, it isnt, its clean RPG

  28. Blueberry

    Nov 24th, 2008

    Finally someone understand the babyfurs, they’re so cute & harmless. I love them even all other furs I love them all. <3 <3 =^-^=

  29. witeds

    Feb 22nd, 2011

    any one of you none furs care to explain that you don’t do any thing sexual on sl or any where else or how about any of the sl kids that aren’t fury if non fury sl kids are not doing any thing wrong why then do you think cubs are.

    most of us are no different no matter the appearance some do things they shouldn’t some don’t and some like to make rumours and lies about something they don’t like.

    if you don’t like fury’s then go mind you business don’t worry about them cause its none of your concern any ways what others do.

    I will say it again if you don’t like something ignore it as it probably is none of your concern any ways.

    or at least get all the facts instead of being stupid and spreading rumour’s or lies about something.

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  31. Arnaud

    Apr 8th, 2011

  32. Anonamous

    Sep 15th, 2011

    Losers! If u dont like furries, then dont just dis em!

  33. Laughing at the idiots

    Apr 21st, 2013

    LOL! Look at all the narrow minded people who fear/dislike what they don’t understand. Beautiful sight. Go ahead and judge. It’s a shame when the people who wear diapers and suck pacifiers are more mature and adult then you guys, isn’t it?

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