Tenshi Vielle Announces Candidacy For SL President

by tenshi on 14/11/07 at 6:02 am

LL warns candidates against ageplay – Front runner Jimbo Quality left lagging on prim baby kissing issue

by Balsamic Klim, CNN iReporter

In a completely unexpected move, Tenshi Vielle spent this morning announcing her candidacy for SL President to anyone who will listen, torturing poor souls at both the SLU forums and her own blog.

"I’m announcing my intentions to run against Jimbo for the President of Second Life position. (No, there really isn’t a position, but we’re running!)

I’ll be kissing prim babies, filming crappy sex tapes, and if you want you can join my in-world group, “TENSHI ‘08!” – you can either be part of my campaign supporters (”Tenshi ‘08!!) or security (Presidential Security) or my smear campaign. (Tenshi SUCKS!!!) I attempted to invite Lothian Utorid from BH into my smear campaign last night and he said, “Why would I want to be part of your smear campaign?
Hello? Helloooo?”. Poor bastard doesn’t seem to want to connect the dots that he’s already a part of it.

Anyway, come join up! It’s total bullhockey, and you can have a tag that says I rock or I suck – take your pick. Yes, I am feeling a little egotistical today – why do you ask?

KEEP UP WITH THE CAMPAIGN! Tenshi ‘08 blog! We have free tshirts!"

Has Ms. Vielle finally disappeared up her own arse thanks to this recent flurry of hype? We may never know the full truth – or will we?

As for this CNN iReporter, I believe I will be sticking with the Tenshi Sucks campaign, no doubt backed by the incomparable Jimbo Quality. People who wish to contribute to the Tenshi Sucks campaign are asked to contact Miss Ana Boogiewoogie for proper handkerchiefs in which to fling their mud. (You can earn the "Tenshi SUCKS!" title by joining the in-world "Tenshi ’08" group and telling Tenshi that you want to be added to that tag.)

OK. That’s it. You really can’t pay me enough to write any more of this this. What do you mean CNN doesn’t pay for iReporters? Oh for pete’s sakes, what a load of crap! Tenshi ’08? REALLY? How low can the Herald sink?

14 Responses to “Tenshi Vielle Announces Candidacy For SL President”

  1. marilyn murphy

    Nov 14th, 2007

    actually, you should store your flinging mud in rubber sealed glass jars for best quality. you can maintain the proper texture and aroma that way.

  2. Observer

    Nov 14th, 2007

    Tenshi apparently disliked some noob named Jimbo hogging the attention whore spotlight.

  3. Kitten Martynov

    Nov 14th, 2007

    You publish this political fluff before my “Rape IS Sexy” piece?

    Hard-hitting journalistic parody too much for the Herald?

  4. Unobservant

    Nov 14th, 2007

    Doh, Observer, Jimbos been around since like, forever. He was running for SL President more than a year ago.

  5. Yaytenshi!

    Nov 14th, 2007

    Can Jimbo rock the faux fur jackets from Goodwill and glasses a fifth grader wouldn’t be caught dead in? I think not!

    Tenshi for president! Whoo!

  6. janeforyou Barbara

    Nov 14th, 2007

    Cool..as a joke…President of SL ?? lol…The whole idea with SL are that you create your own land.You can make a Tagg “President Of Fun Isle” or what ever.
    There wil never be any goverment for SL.We all govern us selfs here, period.

  7. Anonymous

    Nov 14th, 2007

    LMFAO… srs bsns much???

  8. LeftyandPancho

    Nov 14th, 2007

    Does Tenshi need more attention?


    At least she could come up with an original idea and not be dressed like a complete fashion faux pas, since she’s the fashion “expert” and all. She looks like she just exited some dude’s apartment at 7 am after a night of… well… Xbox, pizza and grape soda I guess… because we all know what an angel she is, or at least wants us to believe she is. ;)

    Well, then again, what should we expect from someone who thinks wearing zippered winter coats indoors is a fashion statement?

  9. Tenshi Vielle

    Nov 14th, 2007

    Awww… you guys reach so hard, and yet fall short. Oh well, kudos for trying!

    TENSHI ’08!!!!

  10. A friend of Tenshi

    Nov 14th, 2007

    Fall so short, eh? Then why does BH get so far under your skin? Seems like they reach and hit the target pretty well. Otherwise you’d ignore them.

    Clearly, you don’t.

  11. ^ban^

    Nov 14th, 2007

    “Does Tenshi need more attention?”

    I think so.

  12. Nacon

    Nov 15th, 2007

    Oh nice, good to see Tenshi willing to admit about running something much as retarded.

    Surely Tenshi and Jimbo would do some weak sex tape together, excusing one’s way another.

    (Btw, I’m still waiting for that IM, Tenshi. Don’t be a coward, I know you still want it.)

  13. Klayhorn

    Nov 15th, 2007

    i dont know if she was trying to be cute or funny or what, but honestly its just a lame attempt at getting attention. “look at me, look at me!”

    Self absorbed fashionista types that consider themselves journalists of course would do something as predictable as this.

  14. marilyn murphy

    Nov 15th, 2007

    silly guys. tenshi is a serious candidate with an important agenda. i believe that should she attain this position, she would wield the power of that office as it was meant to be powered. i believe she will comport herself in a manner reflecting the ideals and gravity of the office she seeks.
    now we have a real choice.
    until tenshi announced, the other guy was all we had for a candidate. i look forward to uncomfortable debates and monotone stump speeches.
    i really want to get behind someone. the problem has been, well, i saw his behind. it did not inspire. but he was all there was.
    i wait for the tenshi campaign poster with bated breath.

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