The Babyfur Fashion Scene

by Alphaville Herald on 30/11/07 at 12:23 am

Fashion-forward babyfurs love loose, kicky dresses, holiday highlights!

[the Herald's babyfur week continues with a look at the babyfur fashion scene]

by Pixeleen Mistral, fake fur fashionista

In-world security can look great

The Holidays are just around the corner – what a perfect excuse to spend a little me-time shopping to dress-for-SL-success! Just look at these young and restless babyfurs, modeling the latest looks in fun and funky virtual fashions.

Petite wardrobes can be a challenge in SL, especially when you factor in the hooves, ears, paws, pacifiers, and furry fluff that defines the basic babyfur avatar – so looking stunning can be a real challenge.

But this challenge is one that Relena Resistance breezes through modeling two outfits – a white blouse and red skirt, and a red blouse and white polkadot skirt. Just the thing for the babyfur security officer on watch. While checking to see if I was really a reporter, Relena and I chatted about keeping the cubs safe and today’s “take a babyfur to lunch” event. To keep the troublemakers away, Relena has eject and ban powers for the Cub Conclave sim, so its important to project a businesslike, yet feminine image.


Relena’s friend Amber Sleeper is a DJ specializing in 80s music, and she shows off a cute santa claws inspired outfit.

Amber Sleeper knows if you have been naughty or nice – the perfect DJ

Finally, Meek Aeon color coordinates her blue hair and eyes with a perfect blue and pink polkadot dress.

Meek Aeon in a sultry blue mood

These three babyfurs show that diapers are really not necessary for a perfect babyfur look – a confident attitude, and some style sense is all you really need! Amber Sleeper promised to play one of my requests the next time she is DJing – does SL get any better than virtual fashionistas dancing to White Zombie?

58 Responses to “The Babyfur Fashion Scene”

  1. Rape-Ape

    Dec 4th, 2007

    I left some cubes in your sim for you guys to appreciate, but the sim and the ones around it crashed, I’ll stop by some other time.

  2. anon

    Dec 5th, 2007

    lol @ diaper commander

    Not even able to tell the difference between BAAWWWWing and LOLing at your useless efforts and retarded memes?

    To say it in your own memespeak so you understand what I’m saying:

    u fail lurk moar

  3. Diaper Supreme Commander

    Dec 5th, 2007



  4. PN

    Dec 7th, 2007

    @ everyone


    Mine is longest. Does this mean I win?

  5. Diaper Supreme Commander

    Dec 7th, 2007


    Yes it does.

  6. Relena

    Dec 11th, 2007

    Ok first off I had no problem with the newspaper coming to the cub conclave but we had to verify that they were actually reporters an someone that was just trying to make us look bad, i guess I was wrong

    I dont appreciate my name being shown in the picture an the name of the sim being shown, from this current moment no SL Herald reporters are welcome on the sim an will be automatically sent home if found

  7. Mysti Inferno

    Nov 4th, 2008

    Cute outfits. the sencond pic looks more like a cheerleader outfit than a holiday themed one, but still nice.

  8. [...] Finally, something about me. In private channels a number of you have asked me, “Uri, how do you do it? How do you take care of your day to day business and manage your baller lifestyle while still fighting to protect our freedoms?” The answer is that of course it hasn’t been easy. I have had to fire my masseuse and convert the shipboard spa into an interwebs war room. My communications officer Helmut is weary from all the encrypted messages I’m asking him to crack, and our onboard Cray XT5 computer is in danger of overheating from humming along at 1.75 petaflops 24/7, but it’s all worth it knowing I am making the world a better place for my fans. As faithful readers know, I love everyone. Except babyfurs.  [...]

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