Second Life Ponygirls: Prancing Into the Metaverse

by Alphaville Herald on 05/12/07 at 5:09 am

Don’t Spit the Bit. 4000 ponygirls/boys can’t be wrong!

By Urizenus Sklar, at the equestrian sports desk


In this Herald Instant Classic ™, Uri talks to two leading Second Life ponygirl/ponyboy stable owners (PonygirlSarah Clapper and Alicia Delphin) and discusses the whole ponygirl fetish – what it is, why people are into it, and exactly how large is it anyway. Are there really 4000 Second Lifers into the pony scene? Only the Lindens know for sure. But more pressing is the ponygirl trainer shortage; is it reaching crisis proportions?

Uri talks to PonygirlSarah

Urizenus: Let’s start from the top. What are ponygirls?
PonygirlSarah Clapper: ponygirls and ponyboys are submissive who like to roleplay the part of ponies in bondage and fetish scenes. There are also roles of trainers, grooms, and handlers for the dominant set of participants. The history can be traced back to ancient Egypt in some accounts, but the modern play has been defined around the 1960′s. With SL, however, it allows for a more inclusive play. RL pony play is very expensive. some people spend upwards of $4000 US for track and other items


Urizenus: Do a lot or people spend that much irl?
PonygirlSarah Clapper: it varies by the level of involvement the couple or individual wants to spend. The most basic items like a bit and tail plug are not that expensive. On the other end of the spectrum, there are whole pony costumes that some have purchased.


Urizenus: Do you have a link to a website for rl pony play?
PonygirlSarah Clapper: there are a few active groups. Sir Jeff’s Ponygirls is a story and fiction site, that also includes some video and RL pictures. There are also some porn sites, that try to portray ponygirls at play, but the most common and referenced work is the pony play magAzine Equus Eroticus.

Urizenus: So what do you think is going on with this fetish? Why do people enjoy being ponies?
PonygirlSarah Clapper: as for why is it taking off, esp on SL, is because it is something new for a lot of people. before SL, to get into pony play, one almost had to know someone into the aspects of the scene, to get the equipment. Now, with SL, more people can experiment, try it virtually, and see if they like it.

Urizenus: well *why* do they like it?
PonygirlSarah Clapper: oh Sil? here girl
Urizenus: :-o
PonygirlSarah Clapper: This is one of our ponygirls, Silvena. And just so you know, sil is wearing one of the more conservative pony outfits on SL…there have been a wide variation on here, from full nude, to fully enclosed ponygirls. As you can also see on the artwork around the grandstands here, there is a sense of eroticism here, to having a girl behaving like a pony, under the control of another.

Sarah’s ponygirl Sil arrives

Urizenus: Do you consider this a subset of BDSM?
PonygirlSarah Clapper: It is. BDSM includes a lot of different subsets to be found both RL and in SL. Here on my islands, we have no less than 5 different cultures, from the ponies, to puppies, bimbos, human furniture, and auctions
Urizenus: puppies?
PonygirlSarah Clapper: yes. thanks to some inventive creators, we have the ability to make human puppies. and Sil has the outfits to show off both

Sil puppified

PonygirlSarah Clapper: the mall here, has both vendors for ponies and puppies, as well as a host of other items for sale.

“Other” items for sale

Urizenus: and bimbos?
PonygirlSarah Clapper: bimbos can be broken down into the sex dolls and the general slaves here
Urizenus: you mean like inflatable sex dolls?
PonygirlSarah Clapper: exactly
Urizenus: I was wondering about those

A latex bimbo avi

Urizenus: What do you say to critics who say that all this is degrading to women or whoever the subs are?
PonygirlSarah Clapper: well, the arguments are wide and varied, but my basic comment is don’t knock it till you try it. I also think that those who say it is degrading to women, all the ponies here have volunteered for the role, and all of them like it.


Urizenus: I’m sure the ponies wouldn’t do it unless they enjoyed it, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t degrading, no?
PonygirlSarah Clapper: in the broad, wide brush that they use to call this degrading, they can include a lot of things. for myself personally, I find it to be a great way to relax, and enjoy a good roleplay, both here and in RL.


Urizenus: Well lets look at the other side. Some will say that whatever the subs may feel, it isn’t good to fuel the doms in this fetish.
PonygirlSarah Clapper: the whole aspect here, is a deep sense of trust, respect, and above all, care of the partner. To have it said that no one involved in any aspect of the Ds or BDSM lifestyle doesn’t care for their partner, is total bull cookies. Personally, I have seen the not so caring dominants here on SL, and the pretenders, and will take the heat for correcting them. In the Real world, I have had the privlage of knowing quite a few who have been involved in one aspect of Ds or BDSM, and without exception, the people you meet have cared more for the sub sometimes, than they have for themselves.

Refreshment stand at the ponygirl race track

Urizenus: How many people in SL do you think are into the ponyplay scene?
PonygirlSarah Clapper: by my counts, and this is just what I’ve seen here, there are probably close to 4,000 ponygirls and ponyboys. some of the vendors will probably call it higher than that.
Urizenus: 4000!!!???
PonygirlSarah Clapper: thats just by my rough count

Urizenus: Are people coming to SL specifically for pony play?
PonygirlSarah Clapper: people are coming to SL, for all sorts of reasons. personally, i came on to get my ponyplay in my life, and ended up building (in my opinion) one of the best ponygirl sites

Urizenus: How many pony stables do you think are here in SL?
PonygirlSarah Clapper: well, the established ones, are mine, FFF, and Alikat to name the top 3. There are a bunch of smaller ones I haven’t seen yet, as well.
Shard Soyinka: Broceliande, Black Rose….Brandy’s Isle


PonygirlSarah Clapper: I’m bringing in Alicia Delphin, who runs Alikat stables
Urizenus: Hi Alicia
Alicia Delphin: hello
PonygirlSarah Clapper: Alicia has been one of my closest friends on SL, and has been a great builder of pony skins and play items

Alicia Delphin

Urizenus: I was just interviewing Sarah about the ponygirl scene for the SL Herald. Sarah thinks there may be as many as 4000 people into the scene here in SL. Do you concur?
Alicia Delphin: The pony scene is certainly very large. I would probably agree that 10% of the online residents have visited or participate in pony play. many just to learn what it is about…some because they can’t in real life. We offer a different experience from the traditional slave environment. ponies are very emotional and spirited compared to true subs
Urizenus: Interesting difference
Alicia Delphin: It is. many of my girls don’t want to be mindless robots or sex toys, so they come to me to be restrained and cared for


Urizenus: And you agree that the scene is growing here?
Alicia Delphin: Very much so. Sadly the ponies are increasing faster than the trainers.


Urizenus: what’s the ratio of ponies to trainers now?
Alicia Delphin: easily 400:1 or so, of those, [the ratio is] maybe 800:1 or so [if we limit it to] what I consider good trainers
PonygirlSarah Clapper: i know here on my island, the ratio of ponies to trainers here is about 1 trainer to 40 ponies. depending on the skill of the trainer, that number can increase rapidly
Alicia Delphin: SL is sadly full of “I put the title mistress over my head so I am all knowing”
PonygirlSarah Clapper nods in agreement


Urizenus: so there is a shortage of good doms? or just good horse trainers
Alicia Delphin: both
PonygirlSarah Clapper: one of the experiences I’ve seen here, has been people claiming ot be dominant, but when you try to pin them down, and ask pointed questions, it becomes apparent they don’t know what they’re doing
Alicia Delphin: in real life i run a munch, have modeled for fetish events for 2 decades, 12 years of pony training, 3 ponies on EE covers. Here however i get challenged that I know nothing of pony play
PonygirlSarah Clapper: similarly, RL i am a story writer for Sir Jeff’s site, have been a pony for 6 years, 2 showings at Fetishcon in Tampa
Alicia Delphin: its quite comical to hear a 19 year old girl telling me that i should listen since she has 2 yrs of play experience, most of it in SL.


Urizenus: Does your real life experience with pony play translate into SL? if you are better in RL are you better here?
Alicia Delphin: i train here as I do in RL.
Urizenus: But is it a similar experience?
PonygirlSarah Clapper: it depends, really, on the training. Most of the equipment here can handle the movements in a good fashion, so here it is more behavioral and learning the SL environment, at least as i have seen. but RL experience does allow the stable owners to design better courses than those without the experience.
Alicia Delphin: can’t say if I am better than others. I can only go with the praise i get from the 18 ponies I have stabled at my place, and the 5-10 a week who pay me to train them…despite other stables who train for free. My goal was to make a location where ponies could come play and partners could play safely and discreetly. to offer a place where BDSM could be put into its truest light, away from the stereotypes and misconceptions


Urizenus: What do people pay you to be trained?
Alicia Delphin: strictly paid in $L. They pay me about $75-100L per lesson plus a stall rental. I treat it as I do my RL stable as well.


Urizenus: Any last thoughts before we finish?
PonygirlSarah Clapper: similar to Alicia, I wanted to get a place together that could accommodate the growing population of SL pony players, and offer a facility to race and train at. And while Alikat and my stable differ in the layouts, we both have the same goal of helping those wishing to train, to be comfortable in their surroundings.
Alicia Delphin: We offer people a chance to explore themselves…I have teachers, physicists, grocery clerks, politicians…all seeking a little better understanding of their inner workings. They are not freaks or weirdos, but everyday people. SL has helped them do this safely and securely.

Urizenus: Politicians?

To be continued…

26 Responses to “Second Life Ponygirls: Prancing Into the Metaverse”

  1. Nessa

    Dec 5th, 2007

    Thank you for writing this article. I have met a few pony girls in SL and was clueless about all of it, and did not want to ask the girls. Now i kinda know what it’s about.

  2. Lugh

    Dec 5th, 2007

    The hit TV series “Bones” on the Fox Network had an entire episode dedicated to pony play, quite informative and entertaining and they raised some good points during the episode but your article Uri was very well written and I enjoyed reading it.

  3. Alyx Stoklitsky

    Dec 5th, 2007



  4. Just Me

    Dec 5th, 2007

    A minor comment

    “RL pony play is very expensive. some people spend upwards of $4000 US for track and other item”

    that’s “Tack” not “track”

  5. urizenus

    Dec 5th, 2007

    What’s “tack”?

  6. mj

    Dec 5th, 2007

    The equipment you’d use to train and ride a horse – saddle, bit, etc.

  7. JenniferAnn

    Dec 5th, 2007

    Well “Tack” is the parts of the pony outfit a submissive ponygirl or ponyboy is place in and includes the bit and bridal, straps and hand and foot hooves. I love the article and am an active member of the FFF stables in Second Life.

  8. Sadako Shikami

    Dec 5th, 2007

    I’m a RL and SL submissive who also enjoys pony play. In regards to “ponies are very emotional and spirited compared to true subs … many of my girls don’t want to be mindless robots or sex toys, so they come to me to be restrained and cared for” …

    1) There’s no such thing as a “true sub.” In fact, people who claim the “true” title are likely to be mocked as “twue”
    2) Ponygirls and boys are no more spirited or emotional than a submissive or slave. Ask a few of the SL Doms and Dommes about this and be prepared for an earful! *winks* As with anything, it’s all up to the individuals involved.
    3) Submissives or slaves for the most part are not “mindless robots or sex toys.” I’ve always disliked the assumption that a submissive desires to be a doormat. However, there are times I desire to be a footrest *grins mischievously*

    RL pony tack doesn’t have to be expensive, if you shop at actual horse tack shops. (Be prepared for a few knowing smiles from behind the counter!) The bridles and other tack modified or custom-made to fit humans are generally quite expensive. You can get the feel of RL ponyplay by purchasing an $8 rubber pony bit, and attaching two short buckling leather “extenders” (about $5 each) to each of the rings, then buckle it behind the head.

    “Hooves” can be simple mittens and high-heel boots, the point is to restrain hand movement and force the human pony onto their toes. Add a few cheap belts filled with grommets or rivets from Wal-mart, which can be cut to any length to make collars and cuffs, and combined to make and body harnesses. A dressage whip, even the nice ones from England, cost about $15 at a horse tack shop. Now, the point is for the dominant party to give orders and whip the human pony for punishment, or reward, whichever the pony responds to best.


    P.S. I forgot to tell you about the drool factor of the pony bit. Have a towel handy *whinnies and winks*

  9. Artemis Fate

    Dec 5th, 2007

    “There’s no such thing as a “true sub.” In fact, people who claim the “true” title are likely to be mocked as “twue”"

    Yeah, she did get a little preachy at the end there, with that classic BDSM case of “I’m better than you because of my crazy fetish is the true way of relationships”, not nearly as bad as Goreans, but you could hear it hinted every now and then. Some BDSM mistresses/masters are just that way, you spend all your time around slaves who’ll agree with you no matter what and try to please you all the time, and you’re bound to get a superiority complex. So is this term “twue” for these kinda people who develop in the BDSM scene?

    I never could understand why people were interested in Pony Girl stuff, I mean, I understand that BDSM people are big on the whole restriction, humiliation, and degradation but the Pony Girl scene seemed so elaborate and specific that there had to be more than that. Unfortunately, she rather deftly avoided your question didn’t she, Uri?

    Good article anyways, I like these little interviews of different large groups and sub-cultures in SL.

  10. anon1

    Dec 5th, 2007

    So much for SL being anything but a bizarre sex game.

  11. Angel

    Dec 5th, 2007

    Broadly offensive! Ban It Ban It.

  12. Bob Stoops

    Dec 5th, 2007

    This is nothing more than bestiality sanitized to make the participants think its acceptable-just as doll fetishes are simply veiled pedophiliac acts. Although I think its perverted, I agree that the article was well written and informative. I also have no problems with those that have deviant lifestyles and Im glad some have found a home in SL.

    PS- However, : I would be willing to bet that the Ponygirls interviewed for this article..and 99% of the “4000″ SL members of this lifestyle are in fact middle-aged men in RL.

  13. Nacon

    Dec 5th, 2007

    It’s ok Uriz… we all know you’re hopeless or shy with your sex life in the real world and felt safe and at home in SL where you can truly open up yourself to all the sex-freaks on some internet where they reallllly won’t know who you are.

    If anything… it’s much easier to say you’re a RL loser.
    (Get over it.)

    I’m gonna see if I can meet a normal gal who can INDEED talk to me and be able to talk back over a cup of coffee.

    …yup, still can.
    (gotta love these internet cafe places)

    Come on, quit failing at life everywhere you go.

  14. Que Borgnine

    Dec 5th, 2007

    Bob Stoops you’re a frieking moron. Pony play is a metaphor for something you will never understand. Beastiality involves one humand + one animal. In this case had you opened your eyes it involves 2 humans…one DRESSED as an animal. ugh.

  15. Prokofy Neva

    Dec 5th, 2007

    The first time I ever saw a tenant who was trussed up as a pony girl, I was shocked and saddened at all the hardware — it’s an appalling sight. She had gone from a vibrant, creative person to being utterly in the thrall of a “master” who was extremely abusive. She might go on and on about how she consented; I could see the difference in her life, the plunge in creative output, going from running a shop with creative items to making a dull stable with hay blocks — all of her creative self being forsaken for this harnessed life.

    I’ve also found that a lot of ponygirls are in fact males who enjoy seeing female figures tormented and constrained in this fashion that they objectify, or play themselves as females that are objectified, either way, it’s sad.

    It’s important to keep expressing revulsion and deep dismay at this deathstyle, as it is not civilization, but the disintegration of civilization.

  16. Grizzy Griswold

    Dec 6th, 2007

    I once found your site interesting, but this marks the end of me reading it, because you seem to be intent on celebrating the most perverse and degrading parts of SL rather than writing about some of the more constructive things that go on. Thanks for perpetuating the already negative stereotype sl has.

  17. Anonymous

    Dec 6th, 2007

    ..Wow. for once prokofy makes some sort of sense.

    hell just froze over.

    Also, looking at the fucktards defending pony play, much of that sounds like the same defense furries use.


    then why do you have a prim dogcock/horsecock on?

    Anyway, what disturbs me the most is how much BDSM is prevalent in SL. I mean seriously, are people this emotionally damaged to where to compensate for their shortcomings and lack of control in life (probably were bullied or harassed and lack self esteem), that they shift their ego to a fantasy world where they can control others in sick twisted ways.

    LL makes for a great psychological experiment.

    I got a lot of shit in life, but you dont see me dressing up “women” in a fantasy game as horses and controlling them.

    gg humanity, gg.

  18. Ponygirl

    Dec 6th, 2007

    What is sad, is people reading things in a simple fetish that arent there.

    The first time I ever saw a bloggert who was fussing and fuming as if she knew what she was talking about, and could read every sub’s minds, I was shocked and saddened at all the standard BDSM is ebil bullcrap.

    It’s important to keep expressing revulsion and deep dismay at this behaviour, as it is not civilization, but the disintegration of civilization where people form misinformed opinions, ignoring facts and what people who DO know what they’re talking about, and think they have the right to tell others what they can and cannot do with their lives.

    And in case you were wondering.

    I have been a ponygirl on SL for little over a month now, and I absolutely adore it. My trainer is everything but abusive, instead he’s the kindest and sweetest of people who I’ve met on SL sofar.

    Together with him I began creating ponygirl items on SL, instead of a plunge in creative output, it has sparked an increase in creativity for me.

    And if people go on and on about how they concented Prok, why cant you simply believe that? Or is there something about her relationship with her master that you know but she doesnt? Can you read minds?

    there’s this little joke going about, that in this case, holds quite some truth: ‘Can’t rape the willing’. In SL this is double true, as you can always TP away, mute, or log off.

    If you come across someone who seems to be a very abusive and mean master, there’s a few possible explanations:

    - Your own perception of the situation and context is incorrect

    - The sub may actually like being abused in that manner (odd concept I know… takes a sub to actually understand it)

    - It all seems worse then it in reality is

    Now of course I cannot deny tha there are situations possible, in SL, where a sub indeed is being abused (mentally in the case of SL if they are unable to decide for themselves to log off), but that is an exception. I have spent quite some time in the BDSM scene, and have had several masters, and count hundreds of subs as my friends…
    Never have I encountered a dom-sub relation as what you warn about.

    In short… you’re seeing it wrong Prok.

  19. Ric Mollor

    Dec 6th, 2007

    The article provides still more evidence that the majority of Second Life users seem to be dysfunctional in one way or another. The question is, are these unusual desires in the hearts of all ‘normal’ people or does Second Life have a unique ability to draw in the odd ones?

    Grizzy’s post is certainly 100% correct.

  20. Tyler Bunnyhug

    Dec 6th, 2007

    Are ponygirls entitled to the furry exemption for otherwise broadly offensive acts?

  21. Mildred Corkscrew

    Dec 6th, 2007

    An important point to consider, is that ponygirls retain their
    will and gift their obedience. They can be docile or high spirited, while acting their role. When a ponygirl seeks training, she acknowledges her quest for knowledge and skill.
    These are good lessons for learning. Tasks and rewards are at both a Skinnerian; {basic} and higher orders of education.
    If a girl wants to be a slave to arbitrary caprices of a master
    there is always Gor.
    As a ponygirl, I delight in learning how to learn again, on all levels of thinking.
    Mildred Corkscrew, Frilly Filly Farm

  22. Ponygirl

    Dec 7th, 2007

    “Also, looking at the fucktards defending pony play, much of that sounds like the same defense furries use.


    then why do you have a prim dogcock/horsecock on?”

    Do you see any cock anywhere in these pics? I dont.
    And, I haven’t seen anyone with any of those in the ponysims I been prancing around in for a few months now, ever.

    “Anyway, what disturbs me the most is how much BDSM is prevalent in SL. I mean seriously, are people this emotionally damaged to where to compensate for their shortcomings and lack of control in life (probably were bullied or harassed and lack self esteem), that they shift their ego to a fantasy world where they can control others in sick twisted ways.”

    LOL @ this

    Tell me, do you ONLY have sex in the missionary position?
    Do you think anyone who has found one can have fun in more ways then that, has mental problems?
    BDSM is sick and twisted for you?
    What, are you Amish or something?
    did you just discover the internet five minutes ago?
    What rock have you been living under?
    Welcome to the 21st century buddy, hope you can adapt… or it will be very troublesome for you to cope with girls showing their ankles and such.

    “I got a lot of shit in life, but you dont see me dressing up “women” in a fantasy game as horses and controlling them.”

    What a weird coincidence. I seen no shit in life, have a good job as CEO of an international company, and all the ‘standard’ husband, two kids and a nice house.
    And I do dress up as a pony in a fantasy game and get controlled by my trainer. Why? cause it’s fun :)

    I know that this is not everyone’s cup of tea, but to call it sick, twisted and perverted is just laughable.

  23. Alicia Delphin

    Dec 10th, 2007

    Too many misinterpretations of what I said to clear them all up. But my “preachy-ness” at the end was directed towards those who don’t know what this life is about. You can see those people in the responses to this article. let me make one clear statement to help those bestiality people..

    Ponyplay is not about sex. My ponies in fact are forbidden from conducting sex acts.

    The true sub misread…ponies are very different. The point of the statement is ponies are subs, but not all subs are ponies. They are very different creatures.

    As for the rest, if you took 2 seconds to get to kow me, I am farthest from thinking I am better than anyone else.
    -I wear a collar to remind my ponies and subs that I am not.
    -I “preach” that the sub is the one in control. This is about them and they should communicate their wishes and desires to me.


  24. me myself and i

    May 20th, 2009

    whats really sad is people getting in these types of endless go nowhere arguments neither side is ever going to agree with the other so why waste your time and energy if you enjoy being a “ponygirl” more power to you if not then that’s perfectly fine as well just please don’t rip each others necks out its really not necessary i hope i talked some peace into the discussion goodnight

  25. James Jameson

    Mar 20th, 2010

    “Two things I know to be infinite, the universe and human stupidity. And I’m not sure about the universe.” -Albert Einstein

    The most foolish and blinding concept of man is our own self-righteous views of right and wrong. What is right to one man is wrong to his neighbor, and since neither will ever accept or consider for even a moment that they’re beliefs and preconceived views could be wrong, there will never be peace between them.

    What drives me will likely not be what drives my neighbor, and since I show him no hostility or indifference for his goals, pleasures, and views, I would hope that he return the gesture to me out of courtesy and respect for his fellow man.

    Leave the blind and arrogant on either side of an argument to wander the dark, you cant make them see unless they are willing to open their eyes, and will continue to label anything they see as wrong as the root of all problems no matter how long you preach.

    “Safe, Sane, and Consensual.” -BDSM proverb

    Be safe, and live happy everyone.

  26. Pony Girl Drafter

    Sep 2nd, 2010

    I didn’t know SL had pony play! Though it seems it does have plenty of prudes with sticks rammed up their butts nice and firmly. I’m an RL pony that has loved it forever but only very recently got the chance to live it. Hope to meet other ponies! Email me unless you’re a hateful prude. :)

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