FIC Tables Turned – Ex-Critic Crows About LL Land Seizure

by Alphaville Herald on 25/01/08 at 1:43 am

Ravenglass rental agent gloats over neighbor’s land confiscation

by Pixeleen Mistral and Jessica Holyoke

Prokofy Neva smiles as Agent Linden confiscated more land this week

An empty plot in Furness sim may be a warning to anyone expecting rule of law and property rights in the metaverse. According to a report published by Shaun Altman, the virtual land was seized by Linden Lab earlier this week. But why would the normally disengaged Lab suddenly take action? Several sources report that Prokofy Neva, a role-playing advocate of rule-of-law and property rights has stepped out of character and is claiming credit for Linden Lab’s land seizure. The land seized was formerly owned by a group of students building a tower next to several plots of land owned by Mr. Prokofy Neva. Mr. Neva claims that these same residents have harassed him for over a year – this apparently means that these students are ineligible to purchase virtual land – at least if this displeases Mr. Neva.

According to Mr. Altman’s account, the students were said to be from Woodbury University – an institution who’s island was destroyed by Linden Lab last spring. Mr. Neva has waged a long standing battle against all thing Woodbury, and the newly purchased plot in Furness was in close proximity to Mr. Neva’s virtual land holdings. The result seems to have been a volitile combination, resulting in more than a little irony – irony which seems to be entirely lost on Mr. Neva. The long time critic of insider dealing by Linden Lab now brags of special connections that can result in avatar bans from the metaverse and property confiscation – without anything like due process or public hearings getting in the way of LL’s rough justice.

As Shaun Altman writes, “This event is alarming mostly because when I viewed the build prior to it, there didn’t seem to be anything present which violated the rules of Second Life. Prokofy Neva often theorizes about the existence of a secretive and elite cabal of Second Life residents, known as the “Feted Inner Core”, or “FIC” for short. According to Prokofy Neva, this is a group of residents who are well-connected with Linden Lab, and receive special favors and/or special treatment within Second Life as a result of those connections.”

Shaun Altman feels deep concern for what the future of Second Life may be like

Mr. Altman confirmed for the Herald that Mr. Neva now claims a certain FIC status for himself – and seemed to be indulging in a bit of victory dancing on his victims’ land:

Pixeleen Mistral: did Prok really say he can get people banned?
Shaun Altman: Thats what he said to me (roughly, I didn’t log it).
He said “do you see that land”
“do you remember what used to be on that land?”
“do you remember who owned it?”
“check who owns it now” …
“check find people”
“now do you see what I can get done if I want to?”
That’s a rough recollection, but thats more or less it

Pixeleen Mistral: I guess it pays to be Robin Linden’s super-friend
Shaun Altman: Well I wouldn’t want to speculate about how Prokofy accomplished this or if its even true.
The facts are LL snatched the land, the guy is gone, and Prokofy says “do you see what I can get done if I want to?”

Attempts by Pixeleen Mistral to contact Mr. Neva for comment were met with silence. Once the Herald located a reporter that Mr. Neva would consent to speak with, Mr. Neva said he was simply exercising his game-god given right to abuse report as he sees fit:

Jessica Holyoke: Hello. My name is Jessica Holyoke and I am a reporter for the Herald. I am following up with a story found here:, that states that you used your insider connections with Linden lab in order to get people banned from Second Life and their plots seized. I am following up for my editor in case her attempts to contact you for your comments were in vain due to her possibly being muted.
Prokofy Neva: ROFL I didn’t use any “inside contacts,” I filed an Abuse Report against a group of people who had harassed and stalked me for a year and who crashed 4 sims repeatedly where my rentals are, where the bought property. I guess the Lindens finally read and acted up on their abuse reports

While Mr. Neva’s trash talk has been confirmed by both Shaun Altman and Intlibber Brautigan, was Prokofy Neva responsible for the land confiscation and account bans? We may never know for sure. It does appear that Mr. Neva will reach for the abuse reports if he believes there are any connections to Woodbury University. Why would Mr. Neva compromise his former commitment to due process and transparency in this fashion? It all makes a certain amount of sense if it lowers the cost of expansion of the Ravenglass empire by depressing land prices near Mr. Neva’s holdings. Virtual land barons agree that buying low and selling high is the ticket to success – particularly if you are not concerned about how fair the game is. Should we look forward to another Ravenglass rental plot in Furness once Agent Linden puts the land on sale?

101 Responses to “FIC Tables Turned – Ex-Critic Crows About LL Land Seizure”

  1. Prokofy Neva

    Jan 26th, 2008

    Jessica is a little troll and trollop as usual — I realize this is a family newspaper and I can’t be sure I can get past the censor words that would mean things like “diseased whore”. Mr. Jessica knows *exactly* what he is doing here and IM’d me like a phony and fake journalism student. “Hi, my name is Jessica Holyoke and I’ve been asked to report” blah blah — merely because Pixeleen is on mute, and will stay on mute, forever.

    The last time I ran into Pixeleen at a book party on Shivar last weekend, he sat on my head and kept stalking me and sitting on me and force-sending me hug animations — talk about griefers. Ugh.

    >Would that tower still be griefing if it didn’t fit in the overall feel of the sim? Should the land owner be restricted on his supposed property because of something he builds that is within his boundaries?

    No, there wouldn’t be a thing for me to abuse report if some big tower went up there. I can control big towers on my own land if my tenants attempt to violate my rules (and I did that just last week with a squatter) but I can hardly expect to zone against towers by other people on the covenantless mainland. Most of the people there, however, try to keep the area nice. There are long-term neighbours in those 4 sims who make their properties look good. Even the Linux Club, which has an ugly build in keeping with the nature of their wacky cult, doesn’t build towers.

    If the tower contained a club hogging resources I might be able to get an AR to stick but policy on this is vague. If I wanted to protect that sim from griefing or ugly builds, I would have had to buy the view. I’m tired of buying the view. So I didn’t. I have a reasonable expectation that if land costs a lot in a sim like that, I don’t have to excessively worry that it will be bought by common ad farmers or goons. But they decided to up the ante and were looking for a way to harass me and trump up a discussion of “rights” around Martin Luther King day and the appearance of the interview quoted from me in Wired.

    No, it shouldn't. In real life, you don't get to expect that your past criminal record isn't a factor in your employment or housing, and you can't in Second Life. Oh, lawsuits are run on this all the time, and you can push civil rights very hard when fighting for the rights of former prisoners who have already paid their debt to society, so to speak.

    But a landlord who has a tenant who has repeatedly trashed his apartments and run up damages and caused harm to other tenants is well, well within his rights to refuse to rent to that tenant again. That's all the Lindens have done. They are landlords with server-space tenants, they have rules, they were violated, and the people are evicted. This is one of those cases when Benjamin Duranske's real-life laws applying because it's real life money and real life services could easily be invoked, so your fisking and haskelling with it lets us know that you need more law tutorials, so go see Benjie and he will set you straight on this.

    >And as to Prokofy not having a special Robin Linden friend, she was the one who posted here supporting Prok after the first lightly attended Linden press conference and he was the one who wrote an entire newspaper article about his real life dinner with her.

    I never had any dinner with Robin Linden, I once had breakfast with her when she happened to come to New York, though I hardly think it qualifies me for FIC status, and it hasn’t enabled me to get any more answers on email from her than anybody else, or any special favours of any sort.

    As to the press conference, anyone who wished to follow the Lindens’ new format could get into this venue, and the Herald is just sulking and lazy, and we’ve established that.

    Intlibber is engaging in the usual lies and obfuscation here, because he’s basically been caught in a very, very big lie, that there was something somehow legitimate about this latest goonscapade — there wasn’t.

    Re: "Um, tower of what? Babel? You aren't authorized to rent or buy in SL, or represent Woodbury University in SL."

    Intblubber imagines that this line can be read as saying they aren't authorized to buy ANY land. That's retarded. It's in a context about buying FOR WOODBURY. Any fisking is merely a distraction. Intblubber has to explain how these people, not authorized to buy or rent land FOR WOODBURY NOW did just that with the account MC Fizgig, with Inblubber present on the scene. Did you pay for it, Intblubber? Yes or no?

    >Firstly, beyond Proks arrogant snobbishness of treating people like 1950′s african-americans, she’s entirely wrong. Firstly, Trebesan, Windowlic, Darthbluafro, all legally have land in SL of their own.

    That’s pretty retarded. I’m not the one flogging images of *1970s* African-Americans all over Second Life to incite hatred and to indulge in racist stereotypes now, am I?

    To pretend that my objection to Woodbury is about hatred of blacks, or is some kind of lame analogy to a white gated community refusing to accept minorities, is to engage in the same kind of malicious lie as Clift did here in the pages of the Herald, when he falsely and maliciously claimed that Linden Lab seized their island because it had a “dress code” or that it was somehow “against” minority students and their self-expression.

    That’s really the most evil and malicious thing I can think of to do regarding Linden Lab or any entity that has — and enforces — a TOS code against racism, trying to turn the tables on them in a Shakedown Street. We all know that in fact the island was confiscated because these students went around harassing everybody and crashing sims. The server records show that. They used outrageous blackface minstrelsy stereotypes with KFC buckets, The Fresh Prince, etc. not to make any statement about empowerment of black people, but to make some deconstructivist comment about race relations which only ends up inciting hatred and harming people because it’s lame and inept.

    These people think that by grabbing deconstructivism and Marxian critical approaches they’ve automatically conferred skill on themselves as social commentators — they haven’t.

    I was looking at my watch and waiting for this particular bold bullshit to come rolling across the transom, and here it is:

    Oh, bullshit, Intblubber. /Fail. Kids can make fan sites and put up their school flag and t-shirt and football team insignia. This is different. This is the *account of the chairman of the communications department* making a branch of Woodbury University online. An official of the college, not a kid. If one of your lame little grief buddies had put it up, you might get away with this knowingly false and malicious spin. But it's the professor himself. Or are you going to say that professors using school accounts that are likely paid for by the school (if you didn't pay for it) also informal fan sites? I don't think so.

    Apparently you haven't read Dr. Rosen's email to me. Oh well. You look stupid, and should retreat from this discussion in full florid embarassment.

    >Its actually smarter for a university administration to encourage such unsanctioned groups to become sanctioned so they can agree to comply with the Student Rules of Conduct. I know the real WU has such rules, and Universities do need to ensure that they treat actions by their students in SL as if they were offenses on their own campuses or local communities.

    As Dr. Rosen has written, they have an oversight board now, so it’s hard to say they aren’t watching to make sure this doesn’t blow up in their faces again. That they are being pranked or themselves involved in an elaborate Dadaist deconstructivist bullshit communications prank to show how modern media can be used isn’t beyond them, either.

    >I myself have had discussions with WU on this topic and they agree that such policy will be held to in any future involvement by WU in SL or other virtual worlds.

    Then…what happened in Furness? It all began in Furness.

    We are all Furnessians.

  2. Corona

    Jan 26th, 2008

    deserves the same derision as Anshe Chung.


    how is Anshe Chung, who from what i have heard has made a fair amount of RL cash from SL
    worthy of derision ??

  3. builder

    Jan 26th, 2008

    Because it’s not worth building and selling anything with Anshe and her sweatshop labor undercutting everyone with her 10L crap. Anybody who builds/sells things always has to deal with being undercut by sweatshop Chinese labor.

    And as was said in a post earlier, Prokofy. Your constant fight with the Woodbury crew HAS turned them into an idea/movement, and not just a place. It’s grown into more than a place. It’s a mindset now.

    I’ve never met Prokofy, but just as an outside observer, I’d have to say that he’s not helping matters any with these groups. He’s responding exactly as the “poke Prok” crowd wants him to. By getting extremely defensive, lashing out, and basically providing entertainment for the kids who pick on him. I’m not a griefer or anti-griefer, but reading some of the “adventures” has been rather entertaining. The fact that Prok makes himself such an easy target just keeps it all going.

    If you have a problem with people joining your open groups, and causing problems with that, maybe the answer would be something as simple as closing the groups to invite only. If you’ve got more than a few sims, you can certainly afford to hire a manager to keep track of your landlording duties. Complaining that people take advantage of groups that you leave open is nobody’s fault but your own, Prok. Would you be complaining that people walk into your house and take things if you refuse to lock the door too? You could easily fix this problem, but yet you refuse.

    I don’t read the SLH for “news”. If I wanted that, I’d read the SL blog, forum, and any one of dozens of other sites. I read this because honestly, I find it to be funny as hell watching the kids pick on somebody who brings many of these issues upon himself. I guess I just enjoy the schadenfreude aspect of it all. Prok hangs a pork chop around his own neck, and then complains that the pack of dogs goes after it.

    Prokofy, for such an “old pro”, you really need to learn a few basics. Until you do, I’ll continue to come here, and laugh at the drama.

  4. Kinte Kunte

    Jan 26th, 2008

    and those chat bugs on your land provide some lulz too you old bat. you really are a hate filled twat. following you around has been a scream. search if you want, you won’t find them . but they provide many lulz.

  5. Alyx Stoklitsky

    Jan 26th, 2008

    > “Then…what happened in Furness? It all began in Furness.”

    Didn’t you say in april that it all began in woodbury?

    Make your mind up, prok.

    Also, I find your comments about my tower hurtful.

  6. TM

    Jan 26th, 2008

    **and those chat bugs on your land provide some lulz too you old bat.**

    This is one thing I have never been able to understand about Proklips.

    She will puff out her chest and offer up logs which are supposed to convince us that Prokofy is right and is the victim, then, I’ll read the log, and I see an obsessive, stalkerish, hypocrite (just above, in her post about Jessica, she addresses Jessica as a he. This was done to Prokofy on the old SL forums and she went batshit insane over it, yet has never had any qualms about doing it to others, as one example) someone who treats the people she interacts with as second class citizens. The arrogance literally drips from her pores.

    Prokofy becoming the being biggest target of griefers in SL is poetic. She rode over the backs of those she dragged through the mud to attain her SL celebrity. She’s just paying the piper.

    Bigots never win in the end.

  7. Penny Sautereau

    Jan 26th, 2008

    *giggles* Wow, I post one tiny comment and I get sucked into it like I’m Prok’s equal. And by Tenshi too? *pouts* Awwww but Tenshi I LIKE you?

    Let me put it this way. I’m nothing like Prok. At first I admit I was overreacting like she does, letting the idiots get to me, getting upset over minor irritations. But after a whole whopping two weeks I caught on to just how pathetic and inconsequential they are. Now I laugh or yawn and just talk down to them like the petulant children they are. Unlike Prok I…

    - Don’t devote large chunks of my day to filing long-winded AR’s proclaiming every slight against me is a griefing conspiracy
    - Don’t have much of an ego to be honest, and certainly don’t think I’m as important to SL as she does. In fact I’m probably one of the least key people on SL period. I’m a quasi-neko who makes stuff and jokes with her friends about comic books and sci-fi. Ooooo, SL would shrivel up and die without ME!!! *gags*
    - On the Herald I just write my articles, and reply to inane stupidity with facts, logic, and a laugh, and deflate anyone who takes any of this seriously. It’s not the Wall Street Journal.
    - I don’t stalk and moniter the activities of anyone in-game who’s moutghed off at me on the Herald like I’m maintaining a spy network to defend national secrets like Prok does, and I never judge an entire group for one or two idiots. I won’t name names but I’ve had some very nice funny conversations with two PN’s, though I wouldn’t call them friends, conversations which made me laugh when I needed to laugh, convos I wouldn’t have had if I’d just immediately muted them upon admission of PN-ness.
    - Unlike Prok, my in-world griefing history is limited solely to D3adlycod3c’s boring lolcubez, three nitwits who invaded my house once and were orbited, banned and muted and never heard from again, and a neighbor who got mad at me for asking him why he was on my bed and now plants French flags along our property line thinking it must really annoy me. OOOOOO, his flags block my view of his ugly ass Renaissance style villa, oh the horror, how will I survive. Minimal. Easily ignored. Wastes maybe 2% of my time on SL waiting for it to pass, then I get on with my day.
    - Also unlike Prok, I choose to make my own judgements about people. Hell I ignored pages and pages of people here telling everyone exactly what Prok is and I still spoke to her in-world like we’d just met and I’d never heard of her. I give people the benefit of the doubt, until they shit on me.And when Prok shit on me, she did so in a way that proved both her paranoia and her massive ego complex. She accused me of neither researching nor caring about a subject because I failed to ask HER for an interview. The world will end at 3PM tomorrow because I didn’t go annoy Prok to answer questions about a virtual church she owns. Film at 11.

    Oh well, sad. Lump me in with Prok if your lazy selves can’t be bothered to look for the very easily found differences. But please don’t lock me in a room with her. After an hour of her ranting I’d have to resort to cannibalism, and I’m pretty sure eating a twitching chicken raw will give me salmonella.

  8. Michael Seraph

    Jan 26th, 2008

    Woodbury is banned. Woodbury comes back on land next to Prok’s. Woodbury is banned again. It must be Prok’s fault.

    This is journalism?

  9. Michael Seraph

    Jan 26th, 2008

    @4Chan btard

    Yeah, it is perfectly acceptable to judge some one based on the groups he has chosen to join. Racism, sexism and homophobia are wrong because you are judging people on qualities they did not choose and have no control over. If you choose to join a group in SL (or RL) then others can judge your choice.

  10. Michael Seraph

    Jan 26th, 2008

    The moderator lets people post threats and abusive language? Wow. What is he or she moderating? This entire “article” and the comments following it have made Prok seem the reasonable one. All those who say Prok is imagining things need to read “Kinte Kunte’s” childish post. Who bets “Kinte” is as white as I am in RL?

  11. 4Chan BTard

    Jan 26th, 2008

    Prokofy Neva: You are waiting for it to transform? Just wait… You are breeding your own enemy.

    I could have cared less before, but now I think it is worth the effort to load up ShoopedLife and use the UnB& greatness that is is to give you the harassment you seem to feed off of.

    What do you want the attacks to be? Chopping your favorite sims into Ad Farms?

  12. Captain Planet

    Jan 26th, 2008

    “Thanks to Prokofy, Woodbury has become an idea, not a place. Thank you for spreading support for Woodbury, catlady. These are the exact things that make Anonymous so strong. Call them communists if you want, call them Leninists if you want. Anonymous is legion. Your actions bring this upon yourself.

    Expect us.”

    I smell cult. Does anyone else like smell cult? Anonymous and the Channers are a cult, statements like these (and many many others before it) just solidify that notion. Anonymous is a cult

    I find it very very ironic that right now the cult of Anonymous is trying to take on the cult of Scientology. If we’re all lucky both cults will obliterate each other.

  13. 4Chan BTard

    Jan 26th, 2008

    Michael Seraph: You appear to miss the uses groups have in Second Life. There are times you join a group only to get building permissions. If I did that say, in a Furry sim, should you then assume I am a furry because I am in a furry group?

    That would lead to an incorrect assumption if you did.

    “I smell cult. Does anyone else like smell cult? Anonymous and the Channers are a cult, statements like these (and many many others before it) just solidify that notion. Anonymous is a cult”

    Yes, yes it is.

    Knowledge is free.

    We are Anonymous.

    We are Legion.

    We do not forgive.

    We do not forget.

    Expect us.

    But scientologys aim is to control its members for financial gain. Anonymous’s aim is Epic Lulz!

  14. Penny Sautereau

    Jan 26th, 2008

    Okay the Simpsons Cat Lady pic was funny.

  15. litterbugg

    Jan 26th, 2008

    Yup. Groups have fun things like build options. And when you leave your groups open to be joined by anyone, you’re asking for ANYONE to build on your properties. Make your groups invite-only, you old catlady, and much of this junk will stop. What is the point of making your land group buildable only when you leave the group wide open for anyone to join for free? Yes, I have chat bugs on Proks land. Yes, I’m currently in his group.

    Find me.

    Expect us.

  16. Lao-Tzu

    Jan 27th, 2008

    @ Belka : Your comment “What about that freaking poet? I’m sure their interviews would have come off a tad more professional and a lot more entertaining to say the least. ”

    ROFL!! I totally agree, The Herald should send the freaking poet out on the news beat to interview Prok and the others involved. The freaking poet could easily get to the heart of the matter. Sure, the interviewee would end up in tears…but still… Of course, the Herald poet probably spends WAY too much time on SL…I think SL has begun assimilating him like the Borg do.. The poet thinks he is ,in fact, a flesh and blood avatar. RL has become his SL. His poems are very well written and moving -yet he seems to lament the fact that he cannot crawl inside his monitor.

  17. Prokofy Neva

    Jan 27th, 2008

    Yes, I leave my groups open as a deliberate and conscious and justified policy: for the convenience of my tenants.

    Sure, griefers can join them, but then, if they were closed, they could use various subterfuges to join them, and do that anyway, so why inconvenience tenants?

    Sure, you can put your land on no-build and no-everything but inconveniences new tenants especially and their guests especially, so why warp your world around to cowering and fearing what some jackass will do before his day-old alt is banned?

    Sure, somebody can put chatloggers on your land or whatever, but so what? Log away. It’s not like I’m in a war, plotting which new weapons and tactics to use against these people.

    BTW, Pixeleen was spotted loitering around Furness last night, minutes before it crashed. So I guess he’s in on it too now.

  18. Whatever

    Jan 27th, 2008

    I don’t know much about Woodbury as an institution, but Woodbury’s SL involvement with the PN got it banned, not Prokofy.

    Penny sez: “[I] Don’t have much of an ego to be honest…”

    For someone who doesn’t have much of an ego, you sure spend a lot of energy talking about yourself. You get mentioned in a comment and you appear to leave a 588 word response? Wow. You’re practically a Zen master of egolessness.

  19. 4Chan BTard

    Jan 27th, 2008

    Mr Prokofy Neva: Jesus you are stupid. You set yourself up for failure, bait in those you don’t like, then cry foul when your setup rolls in motion.

    “for the convenience of my tenants” What sort of stupid excuse is that? How would you like the bank to keep all your money in a big pile on the street for the convenience of the members. It may be more convenient, but it is a stupid idea.

    BTW, Prokofy was spotted loitering around Sexy Land last night, minutes before it crashed. So I guess he’s in on it too now.

  20. Artemis Fate

    Jan 27th, 2008


    As they say, convenience and security are inversely proportional. The more convenience you have, the less security, and vice versa.

    So Prokofy, here’s my honest-to-god suggestion on what you should do to cut down griefing, which in turn means less griefing on your tenants and thus a better business:

    Stop being a paranoid outspoken crazy bitch. Every time you vomit a 500 page diary on your thoughts, feelings, and insane beliefs on griefers and “who’s in on the great conspiracy against you” a griefer gets it’s wings, and promptly uses them to lolcube your property.

    If you really cared about your tenants and them not getting griefed, you’d have shut up a long time ago. Now I know in your twisted little mind, you believe these rants are making the grid a better place, and there’s some silent majority of true believers out there sucking on your every word, but there’s not. Every time you speak, you simply confirm your insanity and your place as favorite griefer target, because all they want from you is an overblown hilarious reaction, and if this were a business deal, you’d be getting ripped off big time with the amounts of that you’re paying them. So, as it was said earlier, if you don’t want the dogs to attack you, stop strapping beef all over yourself, especially when those same dogs are fucking with your business.

  21. Alyx Stoklitsky

    Jan 27th, 2008

    “BTW, Pixeleen was spotted loitering around Furness last night, minutes before it crashed. So I guess he’s in on it too now.”

    I almost pissed myself with laughter at this one – as if SL’s sims need any aid in crashing: They do that by themselves all the time!

    As for Penance’s ego… Sorry lady, but you have one. You’re common like that.

  22. Cocoanut Koala

    Jan 27th, 2008

    A few thoughts:

    (1) Trazen V., I agree. I would add that the SLH writes about a legitimate land seizure like this because the SLH is all about and for and by griefers now.

    SLH has gone from covering griefers (too much) to BEING griefers.

    I think they ought to just rename this once august rag, “The SL Griefer.”

    (2) Ah yes, the innocent wittle “students.” Woodbury “students” = baby griefers. Or at least, their leaders were that.

    (3) SLH “editors” = little boys who couldn’t write their way out of a paper bag, much less cover news. Who use the SLH as their personal mouthpiece for their own little griefer gripes, grudges, and goings-on.

    Who miss the big, important, meaningful SL stories for days, long after other sources have covered them.

    (4) Woodbury itself has disowned any and all of their activity; see Prok’s blog.

    (5) Any “Woodbury Idea” that has grown is simply, “We are griefers.” (Both irl, as Tizzers has shown, and in SL.)

    I never heard of Woodbury before they came to SL, and now they have a really bad rep. Woodbury well ought to be coming down on this, and they are.

    (6) Nothing is more cowardly than “anonymous,” and nothing is more laughable than the idea of some sort of SCARY “anonymous.”

    (7) As Michael Seraph said:

    “Woodbury is banned. Woodbury comes back on land next to Prok’s. Woodbury is banned again. It must be Prok’s fault.

    “This is journalism?”

    Well and succinctly put.

    (8) It is a sorry, sorry thing to see what has become of the SLH. Uri, I simply don’t understand how you could continue to have your name associated with it.


  23. Tenshi Vielle

    Jan 27th, 2008

    (9) SLH Commenters: People who have more opinion than they do education on a subject.

  24. Cockhoenut Koala

    Jan 27th, 2008

    Cocoanut Koala: STFU.

    This is a BLOG.

    1) You’re an idiot.
    2) You’re an idiot.
    3) You’re an idiot.
    4) You’re an idiot.
    5) You’re an idiot.
    6) You’re an idiot. (and obviously have no clue what they have, and can do.)
    7) You’re an idiot. 8) You’re an idiot.


  25. d3adlyc0d3c

    Jan 27th, 2008


    “After an hour of her ranting I’d have to resort to cannibalism, and I’m pretty sure eating a twitching chicken raw will give me salmonella.”

    Frankly I’m surprised you aren’t already swallowing people whole as insanely large as you are…

  26. anon

    Jan 27th, 2008


    The intended aim of having names/trips is so that when the discussion at hand is turned in a direction where individual discernment between posters is essential to the conversation (e.g., a thread created by a moderator for the sake of communicating with the userbase) then the names can be seen and reacted to. However, many of the moderators are “just another one of the guys”. We post anonymously with the rest of the userbase. We laugh at the same stupid threads, we photoshop all the same stupid images, we engage in the same stupid flamewars.

    Yet we still understand that there is a time and a place for revealing one’s identity. The adage “What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him” applies itself readily here: for if there is no need to show everyone “HELLO MY NAME IS ANONYMOUS-SAN AND I HAVE BEEN POSTING HERE FOR THE PAST 23 MONTHS ALSO I AM A MODERATOR” with every single post you make, then showing it when you post will get in the way of what you are trying to say. Any threads that you make will be full of posters kissing your ass and never disagreeing with you for fear of being banned or ridiculed, even if the thread you make turns out to be a stupid thread or if you don’t know what you’re talking about.

    However the concept of names/trips only has validity if the poster in question was already known at the time he entered the community, and people are free to post in any way they want. With a name alone, if they have not been educated as to the concept of a tripcode (and thus looking like a nonlurker, something that singles one out among any group); with a name and trip, if they wish to broadcast to everyone that they and they alone are posting (in some contexts this is fine, but in most others it can be interpreted as egotism, an overwhelming desire to stand apart from the community and even as an antisocial gesture if used with every post), or anonymously, where one’s words are judged solely on their meaning with absolutely no prejudice or closed-mindedness.

    Of course, there are many people who believe that “standing by the words that you say” is the only effective way of communicating. This has its good points and its bad points. If you are out to build an internet reputation, to distinguish yourself among your peers, this can be seen as a detrimental attitude, especially when applied to a community that already has a rich and detailed culture. Not a culture defined as “who said what” but merely “what happened”. If you make a legendary post and then find that it has changed the political and ideological landscape of the BBS, or if you make a really good joke and it becomes an instant catchphrase, then saying Yeah, that was me that said that. Look at me, I’m posting with my name so you can all look at me and say “that’s the guy that said that really funny thing about three months ago” can and will be considered egotistical.

    On the other hand, if you make good contributions to the community and don’t want to be seen as egotistical, then posting them anonymously is a lesson in humility and taking things in strides. As long as you yourself know that you created a fad or delivered the finishing blow to a heated argument, then that victory is both yours (internally) and shared by the community (externally), because there is no real way of knowing who has said what. Your victories become the victories of the group: your losses become the losses of the group. Anonymous posting promotes a sense of closeness, of comaraderie, of a shared culture that is seen on only a superficial level in forums where anonymous posting is seen as “cowardly”, or that anonymous posters are there merely to troll because they are afraid of revealing who they are.

    The fact is, that anonymous posters don’t post without a name to conceal their identity: they post without a name because the things they are talking about are not of such critical importance to warrant plastering one’s signature all over everything.

  27. Cocoanut Koala

    Jan 27th, 2008

    Anon: Hogwash.


  28. Penny Sautereau

    Jan 27th, 2008

    @Whatever & Alyx Stoklitsky – Um….. guess what? Babbling posts aren’t the exclusive terrain of ego. Insecurity can make people tend to babble a lot. And as I’ve freely admitted I can be very insecure. The only thing I have any real ego about is my cooking, because I am a Goddess in the kitchen. How is it ego to constantly mutter how unimportant I probably am and ponder why anyone even cares enough to bother noticing me at all? Are you two REALLY that far in your own asses you see a Prok every time someone gets carried away typing? Ego? No. Obsessive compulsive insecurity with a tendancy to ramble when I have an opinion? Bingo. Ego is presuming everyone needs to know what you think. I post to get things off mty chest, I could care less who reads it or if no one reads it at all. Though in your cases I wouldn’t lose sleep if you just ignored me.

    @D!ddl!ngC0d0rk – Awwwww, is someone upset that t3h P3nn3h stopped acknowledging him 3 weeks ago? There there little one, have a cookie and go back to bed, the grown-ups are talking now and it’s past your bedtime. *pats Billy on the head and sends him away again*

  29. No Name

    Jan 27th, 2008

    Replace “culture” with “cult” in the above anon’s lengthly post and there you have it.

    Anonymous/Channers are a cult plain and simple. They all act in the same unison as a cult.

    An Anon above stated what they do is different from what the cult of Scientology does. Not really. Just not to long ago a hacker group brought down Anonymous went and hacked “The Regime’s” site themselves, but rather than stopping there they posted all the information on these people INCLUDING their Social Security number. There’s not wrong with fighting back but there are certain lines you don’t cross and if you do you are taking it too far. Both The Regime and Anonymous are in the wrong, but when you start posting a person’s Social Security number into the public space along with their address and all known info on them you are opening up a whole other can of worms. Fighting back is one thing, fighting back is fine, trying to completely ruin a person and their lives is not. Especially when it’s just a stupid internet war, it should stay on the internet.

    This is but one example. Anonymous may have this deep culture but they also have a deep criminal culture as well, all this wrapped into the culture of a cult. They like to put out that they are trying to fight the good fight but they really aren’t they are just trying to be as destructive as possible and with each passing raid or battle they wage they step further and further into the abyss, they try to do as much damage to as person as possible now. Many innocents have been caught in wakes of their battles. They don’t care because it’s all “for the lulz.” They ruin people’s lives, harass them, give them hell, damage their credit, try to damage their reputation at times, they sometimes cause people to lose their spouses or significant others, they steal people’s identities, and much much more.

    They do so because they believe they are untouchable and unstoppable. They do so on the blanket and cover of the internet for if most people knew what they did in RL society would shun them (pedophilia, racism, homophobia, sexism, violence, any vile part humanity they revel in and wear like badges of honor.)

    As much humor and creativity that Anonymous/Channers are capable of, they are also capable as much, if not more, damage and destruction as well.

  30. Why Bother

    Jan 27th, 2008

    “(9) SLH Commenters: People who have more opinion than they do education on a subject.”

    (10) SLH “Journalists”: Bloggers who think they know how to report, without checking the facts or getting the whole picture first. Resorting to conjecture and hearsay to pad their skeleton “articles” to make them seem more full.

  31. Alyx Stoklitsky

    Jan 27th, 2008

    “Why Bother” Just pointed out a rather hilarious catch 22.

  32. Whatever

    Jan 27th, 2008

    Penny sez: “Insecurity can make people tend to babble a lot.”

    I think we use the word ego to mean different things. Insecurity is completely egocentric.

  33. d3adlyc0d3c

    Jan 27th, 2008

    “…..Awwwww, is someone upset that t3h P3nn3h stopped acknowledging him 3 weeks ago….”

    No, cuz everyone knew you’d be back. You can’t help but be trolled on a consistent basis and it’s entertaining when there’s nothing else to do. Oh and you didn’t acknowledge me for like five days, LOL. I guess it seems incredibly long when you have to try so hard to keep your fat mouth closed right? It’s ok, I know you still read my every word and cut yourself afterwards.

  34. Prok Fan Club

    Jan 28th, 2008

    Penny stop trying to make this about you, this is “poke prok” time here.

  35. Penny Sautereau

    Jan 28th, 2008

    Whatever gets you through the day Billy. If telling yourself that makes you feel big and bad, go nuts. But just so you know, to be successfully trolled, all evidence suggests I have to actually care about silly kids like you, and scream and rant and cuss like Prok does. Since you at best make me giggle and at worst outright bore me, and as you seem to be the only person who can be bothered to put any effort into griefing me, since nobody else thinks I’m worth the effort, and even regular mouthpieces like Alyx and even Prok herself can usually only be bothered to try goading me once per thread and then find someone else when I don’t go “Fuck you bitch yadda yadda”, logic dictates you’re only trolling yourself. I’m just here having a giggle at the folks who think any of this means anything to anyone. (Btw Whatever; Uh, no, insecurity is more an opposite of ego; connected but not related. It may be somewhat self-focused to think you’re so unimportant that no one cares about you, but hardly egocentric, since egocentric means thinking you matter MORE than most, not less.)

    And no Billy, three weeks. It’s been 3 weeks since I posted on the thread about your “retirement”, (*snickers uncontrollably*) that I had nothing left to say to you because you already had both feet in your mouth. And I haven’t typed your name or a single word about you until this thread on Friday, and your name was only mentioned then as a footnote to be complete in recounting a series of events. A footnote in a larger notice. The mention of you above wasn’t acknowledging you sweetie. I was listing the whole of my SL griefing experience, of which you are a part. And are amusingly enough still a part, denial or no. That you post here to badmouth me hoping I’ll baaaaaw, which, by the definition I read on the chans and pn sites, I haven’t done since those first two weeks, after which I caught on to the real joke, (that would be you), is proof of which of us is really bawing honey. Listing Chris Benoit’s name on the back of a DVD he makes an appearance on idn’t necessarily acknowledging him for example. It’s just a footnote because he’s there.

    And that’s all you are Billy, and all you’ll ever be.

    A footnote.


  36. d3adlyc0d3c

    Jan 28th, 2008

    hur hur penny writes another essay trying to convince everyone she isn’t raged…again.

  37. d3adlyc0d3c

    Jan 28th, 2008

    “..because you already had both feet in your mouth..”


    You got super trolled and had to go to the psyche ward for a 3 week (more like 3 day) vacation (again).
    Welcome back, fatty. So why does Mr *chokes-on-dick*-*laughs*-NO-U-DONT-BOTHER-ME-I’M-FOR-SRS-AND-I’ll-WRITE-AN-ESSAY-TO-PROVE-IT-LOL-BUT-I-AM
    -DEFINATELY-NOT-EGOTISTICAL(OR-PSYCHOTIC) refer to himself as “t3h p3nn3h”….I lol’d so hard at that. Oh and another odd thing…..see you claim to be a dude who had some poor illegal alien lob his dick off and then mold the folds of fat in his lower regions into a fake vagina……so you could be a lesbian? LOL don’t most gays like banging dudes? “Penny” fails @ being gay just like everything else.

    Oh and claiming that your legal name is that of your avatars is psychotic. Clearly you haven’t been taking your medicine again.

  38. shut it

    Jan 28th, 2008

    Seriously, Penny. Nobody cares.

    Why must you drag yourself into every conversation that doesn’t have you involved? You’re not a topic of interest. And nobody talks about you until you, yourself, start talking abut yourself and your drams.

    Nobody cares.

  39. Whatever

    Jan 28th, 2008

    Penny sez: “Btw Whatever; Uh, no, insecurity is more an opposite of ego; connected but not related. It may be somewhat self-focused to think you’re so unimportant that no one cares about you, but hardly egocentric, since egocentric means thinking you matter MORE than most, not less.”

    Egocentric doesn’t mean what you think it means. Ask your therapist.

  40. Penny Sautereau

    Jan 28th, 2008

    Silly little boys. You’ve trolled yourselves if you think anyone cares about you not caring about someone who doesn’t think anyone cares to begin with. Sad really. Since you obviously DO care, or you wouldn’t waste the effort of bitching so much about how you don’t. I already KNOW no one cares boys.

    And uh, DC sweetie? Everything you say REEKS of needing psychiatric help. Unlike you, I just tell the truth and don’t care who believes. You tell lies and desperately need it to be seen as truth. You harass strangers online for self-gratification, and see success where there is none. You lul at your own imagination, not anything actually happening, since you’re clearly deluded if you think I’m bothered by you anymore hon.

    Biggest difference between you and I is I know I’m screwed up and need help, and I actually GET it. You live in complete denial of the multitude of things wrong with you and transfer your baggage to others to feel better about yourself and think it’s perfectly rational behaviour.

    I feel sorry for you, but you’re still completely wrong sweetiebuns.

    How is it you folks put it? Ah yes.

    Please do go and enjoy your kingsize bucket of fail, and thank you for bawing just like I knew you would. It’s so nice when the sheep prove your points for you. Saves me so much effort.

    Ta Ta Twinkletoes!

    *blows a kiss and goes back to what she was doing before her break*

  41. shut it

    Jan 28th, 2008

    Penny, shut it.

    Good god, nobody comes here to talk about Penny more than Penny. Nobody cares.

  42. d3adlyc0d3c

    Jan 28th, 2008

    “You’ve trolled yourselves if you think anyone cares about you not caring about someone who doesn’t think anyone cares to begin with”

    LMAO was the above even a serious statement? Holy shit that dude is nuts.

  43. Penny Sautereau

    Jan 30th, 2008

    @shut it – No, you shut it. If you don’t care, why comment about it at all? Just ignore me.

    @DC – Apparent Theatre of the Absurd is lost on you. Doubly sad given everything you say is patently absurd in itelf. No more cookies for you, I think the sugar is rotting your already weak brainpower.

  44. d3adlyc0d3c

    Jan 30th, 2008

    “Apparent Theatre of the Absurd is lost on you”

    LOL everyone knows thats a lie (much like your claims that you intentionally write articles with bad grammar for the sake of others, which we all lol’d at too), you only just reread what you said and realized how retarded/insane you sounded. Looks like you got stuck in a logical loop because I trolled you so much that you broke.

    Dickgirl(boy?), you’re like the circus of SLH…..the only reason they let you write is so we will have someone to lol at and troll. Someone with as many psychological problems as you’ve got brings some srs entertainment value to the table.

  45. Penny Sautereau

    Jan 30th, 2008

    Billy, that you think you broke me with your babbling idiocy is sad. That you’ve apparently made it your goal to do so is pathetic. Bottom line hon, you’re as screwed up as I am, but at least I do talk to someone. You’re just a babbling liar desperate for his lulz like a junkie needs crack.

    You are fail, plain and simple. No lie you tell or assumption you make will ever be true just because you want it to be so. The only thing you’ve ever proven is your stupidity.

    Goodbye Billy. Since you’re clearly beyond help, I’m kicking you back to the little kids’ table. You just aren’t worth…. well…. anything.

  46. Penny Sautereau

    Jan 30th, 2008

    *sets her watch* four hours max til he posts claiming my deciding to just ignore his useless ass again is “proof he broke me”.

  47. d3adlyc0d3c

    Jan 30th, 2008

    “*sets her watch* four hours max til he posts claiming my deciding to just ignore his useless ass again is “proof he broke me”.”


    Dickboy got trolled again and thinks that adding that little gem is gonna deter me from lolling and pointing at him.

  48. Penny Sautereau

    Jan 31st, 2008

    Uh no, I thought that “little gem” was a prediction of you doing exactly what you did. Thanks, Checkmate, you lose, BUH BYE!!!

    *laughs heartily and goes to fuck her wife in celebration, some Billy can’t do unless he pays a hooker, haw*

    Remember kids, to troll someone SUCCESSFULLY, they have to get angry and cuss at you. If they just laugh and calmly point out why you failed, you haven’t trolled them, you’ve trolled yourself. If the whole point of trolling is to get someone to rage at you and cuss and scream so you can get the lulz, then that just proves Billy is pointless.


  49. Sarah

    Jul 7th, 2008

    Interestingly enough most of the end of this blog is just spent talking about Penny. And most of the stuff said BY Penny is just her protecting herself from other people saying stuff about her. Also, everyone has a right to join in and give their opinions on different topics, and so saying Penny talks a lot about herself is actually not true in what i have read. Almost nothing is her being egocentric. SO anyone who says she is egocentric, or ever has, is simply saad because their spotlight is being taken. Boo hoo.

  50. Lord Kamina

    Jul 7th, 2008


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