MC Fizgig Reclaims Seized Land

by Alphaville Herald on 28/01/08 at 12:11 am

Woodbury U critic disappointed in LL, likely to file even more abuse reports

by Pixeleen Mistral, National Affairs desk

“I’d say, stay on the mainland; the idea of clustering and the magic spell of working with your neighbors is just a great appeal.” – Philip Linden

Late Sunday afternoon I sat on the lawn in Furness sim as MC Fizgig reclaimed his virtual land – land that had been seized by Linden Lab last week. After the land confiscation, several sources informed the Herald that the land reclamation may have been due to a concerted program of abuse reporting on the part of a prominent Woodbury University critic – the seldom taciturn Mr. Prokofy Neva. Even more worrying, two residents claimed that the same would-be watchdog’s woofing implied a special relationship with Linden Lab — a chilling thought for those who have disagreed with conspiracy theorist Mr. Prokofy Neva in the past. However, it appears that the initial reports were mistaken.

MC Fizgig: the land is officially back in my hands

Saturday, reliable sources informed the Herald that the Lab’s sudden land seizure was unlikely to be due to one garrulous gadfly’s abuse reports. Instead, the problem was likely due to MC Fizgig’s account originally being marked for “educator: complimentary” status. Previously, this status gave Mr. Fizgig 4000m2 of free tier. Apparently LL was upset that he was still using the free tier – but after a quick upgrade of the account to premium status and the customary land tier payments, all was forgiven.

And so, after spending part of Saturday and Sunday in the disputed Furness sim plot, I was rewarded twofold. Not only did I meet MC Fizgig and the current Woodbury University SL coordinator Madelena Rossini as the disputed land was reclaimed – I was also abuse reported by Mr. Prokofy Neva according to his blog — an abuse report that was justified on the chance that I might have had something to do with a series of sim crashes Saturday evening. Apparently a working reporter in the vicinity of breaking news is enough to suggest to Mr. Neva that heavy-handed press intimidation tactics are in order.

While the disputed Furness sim land is back in it’s virtual owner’s hands, this is unlikely to be the end of the drama in Furness and Ravenglass.

Does self-disclosure make this image fair game for griefers?

In a move to enhance his SLebrity status, Mr. Prokoy Neva decided to self-disclose his own RL information inside Second Life and placed a large picture of his real life typist from a recent story in WIRED magazine just inside his property line next to MC Fizgig’s land.

Adding to the strange atmosphere Sunday evening, a silent Prokofy Neva avatar hovered in the air taking pictures of residents present on MC Fizgig’s land, as IntLibber Brautigan informed the Linden Lab governance team about Mr. Neva’s self-disclosure — and advanced the theory that this makes this particular picture fair game and no longer a TOS violation. Meanwhile, some residents ad-libbed new lyrics for Chamillionaire’s “Ridin’ Dirty”:

Alyx Stoklitsky: Prok’s lookin’ at me
Alyx Stoklitsky: And screenshotting me
Alyx Stoklitsky: And typing.
Windowlic Klaar: trying to catch you ridin’ dirty
Warren Flanagan: they see me buildin
Warren Flanagan: they snappin
Alyx Stoklitsky: THEY SEE ME TROLLIN’
Alyx Stoklitsky: RICKROLLIN’

Ridin Dirty in Furness

I hope Philip Linden was right about the mainland – “the magic spell of working with your neighbors is just a great appeal”, and I’m sure that it will all work out for Ravenglass and Furness — eventually. But for now, the expansion of Ravenglass rentals has been blocked by a banned and now reinstated landowner who reclaimed his plot in Furness. Whatever happens next is sure to be educational.

43 Responses to “MC Fizgig Reclaims Seized Land”

  1. Alyx Stoklitsky

    Jan 28th, 2008

    I must say Prokofy has a lovely kitchen.

  2. L

    Jan 28th, 2008

    They see me Trollin’
    They Bawwwin’
    ARin’ an tryin to catch me ridin lulzy
    Tryin to catch me ridin lulzy
    Tryin to catch me ridin lulzy
    Tryin to catch me ridin lulzy
    Tryin to catch me ridin lulzy
    My speng so loud
    I’m lollin’
    they hopin that they gon catch me ridin lulzy.
    Tryin to catch me ridin lulzy
    Tryin to catch me ridin lulzy
    Tryin to catch me ridin lulzy
    Tryin to catch me ridin lulzy

  3. Tenshi Vielle

    Jan 28th, 2008

    rotfl <33 I give this article a gold star.

  4. Nada

    Jan 28th, 2008

    This all reeks of something fishy. While Prok is a bloated windbag, I do believe her when she pointed out her email response from a Woodbury staff member in RL to quote that text:

    “At this time, the university does not own or rent space in SL nor has it authorized anyone to represent Woodbury there. We do not and will not condone any behavior that would not be acceptable in real life on this campus.”

    Odd occurrences. I believe that Fizgig is another alt of Tizzers Foxchase and these supposed official Woodbury members suddenly coming out of the woodwork all of sudden is very very odd. Thing are not adding up here one bit.

    Either way the actual name of the RL Woodbury University is being sullied and will further be sullied until they get their heads out of asses and put a stop to their name being used in SL.

  5. Nobody Fugazi

    Jan 28th, 2008

    Cool, glad that drama is resolved – though now that the question has been asked, it will always be something of interest. I mean, it was convenient that they looked at his account and found that, then Prok said what she did. But that is an alleged coincidence.

    I also learned that someone who claimed to know the professor in question apparently didn’t know them well enough. Good scoop, Pixeleen. ;-) Maybe next time I’ll beat you. :-D

  6. Nobody Fugazi

    Jan 28th, 2008

    Just thought about the one dangling thread to all of this… ‘Agent Linden’? No, no, something smells awry in Furness.

  7. I'm from the internet

    Jan 28th, 2008

    In b4 PN uses the picture to slap on their dumb spinning cubes of “lulz” and say things like “PROKOFY’S GIANT ASS WILL CONSUME YOU”, which of course would be truely terrible considering we are dealing with an utterly insane e-transgendered sl land owner here who probably has no idea what actions it is doing or what crap it is spewing from its mouth that has feelings too.

  8. Poke Prok

    Jan 28th, 2008

    “I don’t know how much time I’ll have for this, but I think I’ll take Dr. Rosen of the RL Woodbury University at his word and start a watch on this Woodbury bunch next door.”

    Self-PROKlaimed babysitter and enforcer of all things Prok-like.

    Start a watch against them? Paranoid much? You bring it on yourself. There’s a reason people hate you, Prok, and every time you open your mouth you show everyone why. So are the Leninists coming to get you? Hey, Philip Linden was logged in earlier when a sim crashed. HE WAS IN ON IT! Good god, you’re psychotic.

    Willing to start a neighborhood watch, but refusing to change your groups from an open-join model. And then you bitch that people take advantage of it. You really are misguided, daft and too self-righteous for anyones good. You make yourself a bigger target every time you open your mouth. So do you shut up? Hell no! You get louder!

    I’m still in your group. I still have bugs in Furness. You are truly psychotic.

    Hail Lenin.

  9. Michael Seraph

    Jan 28th, 2008

    Ah, the Herald’s journalistic standards! The original article, wherein Prok was accused of being a member of the FIC and the sole person responsible for the confiscation of somebody’s land, has been shown to be completely baseless. Does Prok get an apology? Does the Herald issue a retraction? “It appears that the initial reports were mistaken,” is all Pixeleen can say? No mention of the article published by the Herald that made the accusations in the first place? Why not just give us the old “mistakes were made” cop-out? The Herald used to be at least somewhat informative. Now it seems to be just a rag used to attack people. In the very article that should be correcting the absurd misinformation already put out by the Herald and apologizing for accusing Prok of whatever silly crap he was accused of, the Herald takes the opportunity to publish that photo. All I have to say is “ick.” And now I’m going to take the Herald out of my bookmarks. Ick.

  10. poke prok

    Jan 28th, 2008

    In that first picture, I don’t think “stretch textures” is the option that’s needed. I think “stretch prim to fit Proks fat ass” would be much more suitable.

    Look, it’s a picture of her feeding her cats. What kind of cat food do you serve to your conservative, republican, anti-Leninist felines?

    Score one for Woodbury. We’ve become a meme now, not a place. Thanks Prok!

  11. L

    Jan 28th, 2008

    @ “I’m from the internet”

    Hey, we could always turn it into a feces spewing monstrosity version 2.

  12. Penny Sautereau

    Jan 28th, 2008

    Assuming that is Prok, she’s wider than I am by quite a bit. I’ll post a pic to prove it too. I just won’t put it on a giant prim on my land as if to go “HAW HAW!!! I was featured in a paper magazine! I pwned you all!”. I’ll just post it on Yahoo or something.

  13. Puck Goodliffe

    Jan 28th, 2008

    Given my experience with Prok, I can’t say s/he doesn’t deserve every bit of this. There’s a reason people grief Prok and it isn’t because s/he is an innocent little lamb.


  14. IntLibber Brautigan

    Jan 28th, 2008

    And yes, I DID AR Prokofy there, for encroachment, disclosure, and broadly offensive content. The “broadly” part is obvious, and the “offensive” part could either be the nausea one sees at proks backside, or perhaps the public acts that some /b/tards were performing with their e-peens on the image. Either way, if the boat cover fits….

    The disclosure charge was on the off chance that that behemoth in the kitchen is not Catherine A Fitzpatrick, or whoever was running Prok this evening was not her, and to ensure the G-Team verifies that she did, in fact, voluntarily disclose her real life image.

    An added bonus of this disclosure now is that the 2nd offense to justify Tizzers Foxchase’s permbann has now been eliminated. We shall now push for reincarnation of the martyr to SL.

  15. shut up penny

    Jan 28th, 2008

    Penny, stop trying to make every article about yourself.

    Nobody cares.

  16. At0m0 Beerbaum

    Jan 28th, 2008

    @nada: Hi-fucking-larious.

    Trust me, it isnt Tizzers Foxchase. I’ve been in a chat with Tizzers, MC, and Madelena before, over voice, and I’ve also talked to Fizgig Over the phone as well. Trust me, he’s real.

    Also, the reason most people troll Prok, because prok is a loud-mouthed, knee-jerk reactionary blowhard that would be better suited writing stories for Fox News instead of playing SL. It’s nothing but conspiracies with this person. I’ve actually tried to be nice to prok and have a civil conversation, only to be ignored and added to a parcel ban list.

    Just standing on Fizgig’s Furness lot got me added to all the neighboring parcel banlists prok owns.

    No doubt I’m “in on the evil bolshevik conspiracy” as well. amirite prok?

    in b4 “Eddie Haskell”

  17. Tenshi Vielle

    Jan 28th, 2008

    Question: Why does a certain set of Herald readers bitch and moan that they’re never never never going to read the herald again… and then they’re here commenting less than a week later? Sheesh. Can’t quit the slant!

  18. Jim Schack

    Jan 28th, 2008

    “And yes, I DID AR Prokofy there, for encroachment, disclosure, and broadly offensive content. The “broadly” part is obvious, and the “offensive” part could either be the nausea one sees at proks backside, or perhaps the public acts that some /b/tards were performing with their e-peens on the image. Either way, if the boat cover fits….”

    Because true anarcho-capitalists agree that coercive force the only way to achieve political and social goals. No, wait. I think you’ve got that backasswards.

    “The direct use of force is such a poor solution to any problem, it is generally employed only by small children and large nations.” – David Friedman

    Also, congratulations on getting your stolen e-lawn back MC. :3

  19. Anonymous

    Jan 28th, 2008

    @ tenshi

    because they’re drama queens who make idle threats. Just like the whole of SL.

    hoping someone will throw them a pity party and buy them a hugbox; Which is mostly the reason they’re on SL to begin with. It’s also why the “griefer threat” is such a “threat”

    People are butthurt drama queens who like to come back for more. Which is why the Herald is still around. It gives SL users what they honestly want. drama.

    Have to admit it is entertaining to watch other people cry over stupid, mundane shit that has no value in the grand scheme of things. Meanwhile, in reality, wars are being waged, personal freedoms (in the US) are being taken away daily, poverty is a problem and unemployment is up. Sitting on someone’s e-lawn really eclipses all that, don’t it?

  20. Prokofy Neva

    Jan 28th, 2008

    1. Wired Photoshopped my kitchen. They also used various techniques to make me look wider than I am, including urging me to put on a large shirt.

    2. Putting up fire to fight fire isn’t “disclosure”. If a picture is not on the first life profile, if the information is not on the first life profile, it is not fair game for discussion and use in SL — full stop. Intlibber is just fisking and haskelling. Disclosure is using peoples’ images against their will, that are not in their first life profile.

    3. Nobody is mistaken. He never heard back from MC Fizgig, the professor he contacted. But I wrote to Dr. Rosen, the head of the department, and got the response that nobody is authorized to rent or buy land for Woodbury or represent Woodbury in SL at this time. So I have to conclude that these people are still operating in an unauthorized manner or, based on some information I’ve received from another source, that there is a division within Woodbury itself about how to handle the Second Life presence, and Clift has tried to force the hand of other people by this action.

    4. I’ve AR’d a number of Woodbury “students” for disclosure, which indeed they have engaged in; I don’t recall AR’d Tizzers lately, and we all know that the disclosure that got her the permaban, evidently, was related to Venkman, and not me. So nice try in distracting from the real issue, and disturbing admission that Tizzers, who is a known, recidivist griefer, stalker, and harasser in RL and SL, is a “martyr” according to the Ancapitstan religion. Eek.

    5. I could also add that this episode shows a split in Linden Lab, too, about how to deal with Haskellian griefers. That’s disturbing, too.

  21. sean percival

    Jan 28th, 2008

    Prok I abuse reported you to Wired for unauthorized use of their image. For shame!

  22. Nobody Cares

    Jan 28th, 2008

    Nobody gives a flying penis about this crap. Grow up, children.

  23. Penny Sautereau

    Jan 28th, 2008

    @shut up penny

    Um…. riiiiiight. Then every single person who posts to anything ever is “Making every article about them”.


    I don’t post to every article, and that was hardly making it about me. It was expressing an opinion based on things that have been said here and elsewhere. You don’t like what I have to say? IGNORE ME. Plain and simple nitwit.

  24. Tenshi Vielle

    Jan 28th, 2008

    Well, Penny, you DO go on… and on… and on…

  25. anon

    Jan 28th, 2008



  26. Anonymous

    Jan 28th, 2008

    In this article, prok BAAAAWWWWWSS because she doesn’t get her way, so she starts building an evil conspiracy in her mind in a sad pathetic attempt to hide her true feelings about the situation, which is, she cant get her way, she cant control the situation, so she has to make everyone out as evil griefers.

    Just like the fridge people.

    SL isn’t your personal apartment complex or home owner’s association prok, neighbors are bound to be different, or people you don’t like. grow the fuck up.

    Again, you wouldn’t have to worry about “griefers” if you were nicer to people and not so reactionary and throwing a fit like a spoiled little brat.

    cry more.

  27. Angel

    Jan 29th, 2008

    Oh boy, pork is being pwned good this time. For once I’m on the side of Woody U.

  28. MachineCode

    Jan 29th, 2008

    This is kind of like the news focusing on the latest Hollywood deaths when American soldiers keep coming home in boxes. You’re reporting on tards who just want to act like idiots amongst themselves when you should be reporting on the REAL problem.

    In b4 PN wants attention. I’m talking about newfags. Get LL to start banning people with shitty spelling and stupid fetishes. Sure, they’ll cut out 99% of the population, but the remaining community will have almost no drama.

    Then you’ll all leave due to boredom. Dramafags.

  29. James Kazan

    Jan 29th, 2008

    “And yes, I DID AR Prokofy there, for encroachment, disclosure, and broadly offensive content. The “broadly” part is obvious, and the “offensive” part could either be the nausea one sees at proks backside…”

    Proks backside? That is a genuine *Magritte* painting you ignorant!

  30. Penny Sautereau

    Jan 29th, 2008


    Yes? So? I’ve freely admitted I’ve a bad habit of rambling. Point out a flaw I’m NOT aware of would you?

    Kids these days…

  31. Pierre Luigi

    Jan 29th, 2008

    I have never understood why people read the Herald. It’s awful.

    But I just read Prokofy’s comment and I couldn’t stop laughing. It’s the funniest thing I’ve heard in ages:

    “1. Wired Photoshopped my kitchen. They also used various techniques to make me look wider than I am, including urging me to put on a large shirt.”

    That is priceless. Thanks Herald, for at leasting making me laugh. And thanks Prok. You are hilarious.

  32. wendell holmer

    Jan 29th, 2008

    Is Prok a woman or a man? There has been much speculation, and I had hoped a photograph would answer that question. Sadly, it does not.

  33. Cocoanut Koala

    Jan 29th, 2008

    Baw. It’s “bawl.” Like I told you on SLU, there is an L on the end of that word.

    And why do you write as “Anonymous” on this forum?


  34. Tenshi Vielle

    Jan 29th, 2008

    Atta girl, Pen. Distribute age as a factor. :) Works every time, doesn’t it, old mother?

  35. A is for Anonymous

    Jan 29th, 2008


    Could it be due to telling them about the “conspiracies” you made up in your head? SO they decided to make you a lulzcow? lol.

    gg prok, even wired thinks you’re an idiot.

    No one except your sock puppets feel for you either. why do you point out such things? so people can trounce you even more so you can make yourself look like the poor helpless victim? cry more. no one cares, butch.

  36. Razrcut Brooks

    Jan 29th, 2008

    AR for “disclosure” ? Posting your own photo in-world is not disclosure. Revealing RL information of another resident is disclosure.
    I stand by Prok on this issue. She posts facts based upon reason and common sense. The Herald is simply trying to legitimize the phony SL presence of Woodbury within SL. The Herald’s motivation is to popularize their griefer friends and “poke Prok” in the process.

    Real universities within SL are operated by professionals. This phony Woodbury gang are acting like buffoons. Their profiles and avatar choices are all I need to see to know they are a sad farce. Posted by Razrcut (Formerly Lao-Tzu)

  37. Anonymous

    Jan 29th, 2008


    What’s SLU? seriously.

    also, you fail it.

    “BAAWWWWWWWWW” comes from some furry incontinency comic where every time they shit themselves they cry and go “BAAWWWWWW” and it’s a term that we, anonymous use to describe, in a nutshell someone bitching and crying over shit. Best applied to furries, who do it 99% of the time. :)

    go back to being a sock puppet.

  38. Among the B&

    Jan 30th, 2008

    “Posted by Razrcut (Formerly Lao-Tzu) ”

    Whats with the change, LT? Get banned? Time to grow up, act professional, and stop implicating yourself by being associated with that notorious griefer, Prokofy Neva.

  39. Penny Sautereau

    Jan 30th, 2008


    I love ya sweetie but when you’re acting like a snotty clique girl in high school pissing on the uncool kids just because they’re the uncool kids, well, yeah I factor age into it.

    Granted the “Kids these days” was meant to be sill sarcasm, but since the shoe DOES fit…

    Act your age hon. Mommy will give you a cookie if you do.

  40. BAWWWW

    Jan 30th, 2008

    Prok, no matter what excuses you give, your still a fatass.

  41. Cai Pirinha

    Jan 30th, 2008

    “Wired photoshopped my kitchen.”

    Sure. And then they autodesked your rubbish, mayaed your lawn and paintshopproed your fence …

  42. Anonylol

    Feb 6th, 2008


  43. Tired of Proko

    Feb 9th, 2008

    If Proko ruled the world:

    * Cooperation would be banned. Anyone caught not being at their competitors throats would be lynched on the spot.
    * Ayn Rand would be required reading for all schoolchildren.
    * The color red would be banned.
    * The right to free speech, especially anonymous free speech, would be banned or severely cut back.
    * The Internet would be redesigned to replace IP numbers with Social Security numbers.

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