Adv: Szym & Lusch Motors: Rejuvenating the Second Life Automobile

by Alphaville Herald on 02/02/08 at 3:33 pm


Giving ‘bang for your buck’, as Co-Owner Will Szymborska would say. Will transferred from teen grid in June 2007, where he later founded a partnership with Owen Lusch; a car builder in second life. Selling detailed and fully featured and functional forms of in-world transport; they consider themselves a worthy investment. “I want to redefine the car in second life. It isn’t about the ‘bling’; it’s about the quality, and the features, and most importantly the experience”.


Will’s most developed model the Szym Sinew LZ400, which many might know by the looks, is in Will’s eyes a jewel. “The adjustable steering column right down to the light up dashboard… The look you get when you pop open that door and get out of this thing… little features are what make this stand out. It has class.


There are so many products in SL that are shoddy; you look at them close-up and you can tell you got ripped off”. This car is just one example of how Will expresses this opinion. The array of limos and SUVs all exhibit that feel of stature. Some of the models are also modify, which gives anyone the advantage of “aftermarket” modifications.


As Owen explains; Lusch Motors combines looks with speed. With pending racing models, Lusch Motors has hopes of being a ‘household’ name to racers. “If you want to go fast but in style, the choice isn’t hard, these new generations of cars have all the basic features you’d expect of a real car in Second Life. Combine that with the looks and handling and you will be surprised that the cars are all for sale under one thousand Lindens.”


With the implementation of an updater script, all Lusch Motors cars now update automatically. The interior is a wondrous piece of craftsmanship and along with the overall esthetics of the car’s you can really get a feel of the gap they are trying to fill.


“You don’t get spammed with partials, it doesn’t loop some annoying revving sound and no, it doesn’t go from 0 to 500 mph in 4 seconds” Will clarifies. Both car builders agree that realism is the first step to revitalizing the long dead “car market” of Second Life. “Reconnecting the driver with the driving experience is most important. It was lost somewhere when scripters got lazy. There are people who sell cars in SL who are car builders, and then there are people who aren’t and instead run it as a cash cow, who aren’t connected with their products, or their demand, and leave their customers in the dark. I think we found the light switch.”

Szym & Lusch Motors can be visited at Zebulon

Will Szymborska and Owen Lusch

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  1. Rock Ramona

    Feb 2nd, 2008

    Well thats great,but talented people have been building wonderful things in sl forever,Cubbey Terra and a others have had the dream before,but what good is it to have all this brilliance when there is no place to use it.I have over 25 vehicles,30 differant boats,30 differant aircraft and cant do anything with any of them unless i want to go in circles on a private island all by myself.If you dare cross a sim ll tech sends you into oblivion,so whats the point?And even if ll tech allowed a seamless grid that carried over smoothly you have all the idiot that have security systems set up to protect what….things you cant steal ..but these security systems throw you off into oblivion everytime you touch one in a car or airplane which makees the whole expirience like getting teeth pulled….dont get me wrong,God Bless these young minds for developement!!!!but lets focus on giving them a proper enviroment that works,I remember days of sailing my sailboat and driving my motorcycle across the mainland with only a slight hiccup between sims,nowadays that almost impossible…give us back our pleasures and give these kids a place to dream Linden Labs!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Archie Lukas

    Feb 2nd, 2008

    Isn’t the first vehicle a Land Rover?

    surely that’s just a rip-off copycat blatent infringement of someone else work?

    Granted that I’ve witnessed RL Land Rover’s pulling their poorly built yankee jobbies out of little sand dunes and puddles – because they can’t do it themselves -but why not design and build a vehicle for second life that’s original?

    Same goes for the italian dick-cars; mostly bought by dick-heads in and out of the real world -make us a unique SL car -oh and if it drove better than the usual rubbish -that would be good -or are they just for parking on the lot and posing?

    Thought so.

    Nuff said really.

  3. meh

    Feb 3rd, 2008

    Ignore the nay-sayers. Those cars look awesome. You’ve done an incredible job.

    I also have a pocket full of cars that are hard to find anywhere to drive, but I also do like to leave the real nice ones out for display on my lot.

    I think I’ll have a Lusch very soon. They look incredible.

  4. Luca Vasilopita

    Feb 3rd, 2008

    Personally, I like the idea behind a more rounded car market in SL. Good gadgets to have that keep people occupied and look good at the same time.

    If these cars operate as well as they look texture and build wise, then this could be the beginning of a more functional scaling on work, rather than appearance.

  5. haha, nice going Will, save one of those land rovers for me when I go MG! Good picture with you and owen and then the bodyguard in the background… still got my version of the “Will and personal security staff” photo.

  6. Mailey Destiny

    Feb 3rd, 2008

    Sweet niblets, I love my new limo! Everyone has to go to this spot! They are just the right price, and prefect quality!

  7. Just Me

    Feb 4th, 2008

    I agree … I’d buy one if I could actually use it somewhere other than a sandbox.

    At this point, I’ve totally stopped using my Cubey Terra hot air balloon, which was my favorite form of transportation in SL. It’s so nice to just float along at 80 meters or so, looking at all the great builds and inventive use of that basic prim they had to start with. But now, over and over, I’ll hit a barrier that doesn’t allow the balloon to enter. Or, the ballon will enter but I get “wiped off” the seat and end on the ground while the balloon quietly sails away.

    What’s the use of having vehicles, no matter how nice they are, if you can’t actually use them for transportation?

  8. sL back patch biker

    Feb 4th, 2008

    Rock highlights one of the biggest problems with having a vehicle in SL
    the lack of roads

    it is not just the security that is a problem

    there are several others

    1) – soft spots in roads – ie phantom prims which when you drive over them – drop you on to the ground below ( which can be quite a fall if the road is elevated

    2) road rezzing speeds – axiomatic

    3) full servers in sims – it is fairly common to be riding along and suddenly stop dead like hitting an invisible solid wall – because the server you have hit is full

    4) sims where you cant rez objects – axiomatic

    what is needed is for LL to set up some portions of SL to be roads that run between sims

    althouh this would still not solve the problem of ‘full sim’

  9. Corona

    Feb 4th, 2008

    it must surely be possible for LL to create sims that are sea/water only – eg – no build possible

    that at least would allow watercraft and ships to sail between islands

  10. Kahni

    Feb 4th, 2008

    If they rolled out a few “badlands” sims (huge, no-build except where you rez your vehicle at the entrance) and could just drive around in a MONSTER sized sim? I’d be there all the time. Even totally empty sims are too small to enjoy vehicles well. I’d gladly go somehwere 4-16 times the size, and not be able to build, so I could drive around like a nut for a while. I could see racing leagues opening up quite easily.

    Maybe this is something that would be workable with the Havok update.

    My landlord has a test sim running Havok, and it’s neat. Vehicle landings still aren’t working right, but she showed me this trick with a chain she’d built, and I just was blown away. I can’t wait for Havok. But again, vehicles don’t land properly yet. it could be shaky for a while, but it’ll be cool.

    And I’d love to see racing leagues in SL. Big ones, with cool, custom, hot cars. Dale Earnheardt or Speed Racer? You be the judge!

  11. Will Szymborska

    Feb 4th, 2008

    Yes, sadly SL is so limited. The size of sims, and sim crossings are horrible. I have faith that if Havok4 is tweaked enough, and if Mono becomes a reality, it shouldn’t be as bad as it is currently. Sim crossings are the biggie. Flying is almost impossible. I wish SL could make it so a certain pocket of airspace in sl was un-buildable, and nothing could hold you back from crossing other peoples land.

  12. Razrcut Brooks

    Feb 4th, 2008

    @ Corona : There IS a huge badland area where one rezzes their vehicles in a small area. It is a multi-sim desert. IM me in-world for the LM. However, the sim crossing problem still exists and the boring scenery gets old quick…desert.

  13. Road

    Feb 6th, 2008

    The problem with that idea is completely barren sims don’t make cash for LL. They can’t sell the land and they have to pay maintainence and such to keep it up. There’s no incentive for them to do what you are suggesting at all.

    Even the small roads on the mainland are holes in their pockets. I have not seen many if any roads on the new continents and I think it is because of this very reason. They’d rather a whole sim be auctioned than leave a little side for roads and lose a few bucks.

  14. Archie Lukas

    Feb 12th, 2008

    It still remains a
    tool for posers to pose

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