Big Game Hunting in SL

by Alphaville Herald on 27/02/08 at 4:45 pm

Using elephant guns and rocket powered Hummer H1s to hunt virtual kangaroo

by Bawana Bill and Lady Questi

off-road and 649 meters straight up

Greetings big game hunters! Ever wondered about the game here in SL? Well, Lady Questi and I have put together a series of articles on hunting big game here in SL, where we will be showing you the places to bag the big ones!

First we needed the proper equipment. So over to the Black & White sim we went, where we purchased our elephant guns, back packs and pith helmets. For the lady huntress, boots and bag from Box, hair from Mystikal; some old boots for me from Shiny Things, a safari jacket for both of us from Head – TOE Mens’ Wear, and a matching pair of pants I made myself and we were almost ready to go…all we needed was a suitable vehicle for our adventure…something with a classic look, yet able to get us out of (and into) difficult situations.

So over to Domus Cars we went where we purchased a Hummer H1 for $1,500 lindens, which had the ability to fly besides travel on rough terrain. This prepared us for our first game outing….to hunt the dangerous and wiley kangaroos at Sanctuary Bay.

We began our adventure by going into fly mode; the wheels on the hummer turned sideways and became rockets..and up we went to the lair of the dangerous Sanctuary Bay ‘roos, usually found at an altitude of 649 meters.


Located on the west side of the sim, they were grazing peacefully as we set the hummer down behind them. Starting up the motor we first attempted the easy kill…run them down!

The wiley ‘roos managed to jump out of the way as we pulled over and drew a bead on their large, furry heads. Taking 3 slow breaths..we fired. The elephant guns kicked us backwards on our butts, but we were able to bag one of the buggers. Now I know what you are thinking…no, neither Lady Questi or I were injured by the kick of the elephant guns.


Next week- hunting the viscous giant butterflies in Mexico, where we unexpectedly run into blood-sucking hummingbirds!

13 Responses to “Big Game Hunting in SL”

  1. Winter

    Feb 27th, 2008

    This is Roo country…

  2. Blak Hax

    Feb 27th, 2008

    I like hunting the Anthromorphics myself, a popgun loaded with some cosby cube shot usually does the trick

  3. Anonymous

    Feb 27th, 2008

    Now all I need is some other people with rocket cars and we can start racing them.

  4. Mil

    Feb 28th, 2008

    Lol, you should pay furries to run around on that land and be hunted.

    But seriously, why would you want to hunt kangaroos? ;_; Why hunt in SL at all? I’ve never seen a prim animal that could move fluidly without looking silly and fake; they always look like crap unless its an actual avatar. Just go buy a hunting game…

  5. Hunt Saboteur

    Feb 28th, 2008

    The animal liberation front have been notified of this abuse.

  6. Lurdan Huszar

    Feb 28th, 2008

    Try going to a sim called Dorien, there’s a lot of “big game” there. Very challenging game indeed.

  7. Nat

    Feb 28th, 2008

    You haven’t lived until you’ve hunted prim baby.

  8. Archie Lukas

    Feb 28th, 2008


    but not serious, right?

  9. Natasha Stepanov

    Feb 28th, 2008

    I’d like to invite everyone who likes hunting with a bit more of a challenge, to contact me.

    Why do the lame thing and shoot at (prim) animals that cannot defend themselves? With elephant guns?

    The real hunter isnt afraid to take on some more challenging game, like a fox armed with a P90 who WILL return fire. And is able to do more then shove around a bit like those sculpties.

    If your prey aint armed, you’re just a big pussy trying to compensate for something with the size of your gun. Or just chicken if you’re of the female persuasion. Might as well ‘hunt’ a nonscripted plywood cube in the middle of an empty sim.

    *makes chicken sounds*

    (PS… I think the HMVEE looks ugly for it’s price… theres a lot better looking ones, or just as ugly but cheaper ones on the market.
    And there’s a difference between a rocket and a jet engine. what your hummer here uses, inspired on the Back to the Future Delorean, is NOT a rocket. I know you’re not a rocket scientist, but neither am I, and I know that much.
    Also, if you say elephant guns… Theres a lot of big guns you can put down an elephant with. What brand, which model? Caliber? Come on, put some EFFORT in your article writing! Let us gun fanatics know what you are using!)

  10. DaveOner

    Feb 28th, 2008

    “Try going to a sim called Dorien, there’s a lot of “big game” there. Very challenging game indeed.”

    …and they don’t even follow you home BECAUSE LURDAN BANNED THEM ALL haha

  11. Lurdan Huszar

    Feb 28th, 2008

    NO this is serious…..seriously, just go shoot the Alliance Navy, they’re much better targets…they move.

  12. Reverse Writer

    Mar 1st, 2008

    Congrats, you made the Hummer seem like even more of a douchebag vehicle.

  13. Britfag

    Mar 1st, 2008

    I dare say, a kangaroo hunt is hardly a gentleman’s sport.

    I say we go on a fox hunt next time old chaps. There are plenty of foxes in furnation prime.

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