La Vida Linden

by Alphaville Herald on 28/02/08 at 11:18 pm







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  1. like_ummm

    Feb 28th, 2008

    can someone please explain this to me and tell me whether its meant to be funny or not?

  2. anon

    Feb 29th, 2008


  3. yin

    Feb 29th, 2008

    I don’t get it..

  4. Penance Sautereau

    Feb 29th, 2008

    Of course it’s meant to be funny like_ummm. It features irony and self-effacing humor. 2 concepts historically lost on you.

  5. I lol'd

    Feb 29th, 2008

    Best. SLH. Article. Ever.

  6. anon

    Feb 29th, 2008

    Dickgirl returns! This article had merit after all.

  7. Alyx Stoklitsky

    Feb 29th, 2008

    I fukken lol’d.

    So true.

  8. Tenshi Vielle

    Feb 29th, 2008

    Penance, go home to your Speak-N-Spell.

  9. Sigmund Leominster

    Feb 29th, 2008

    Well I think it’s great to see Irony is not dead. Mind you, it’s also great to see hot chicks in tight skimpy clothing, but that’s not an example of irony, just an excuse for egregious sexism and infantile cathexis.

  10. srsly

    Feb 29th, 2008

    I lol’d

  11. Razrcut Brooks

    Feb 29th, 2008

    “infantile cathexis” ??? what the- is that even legal?

  12. Penance Sautereau

    Feb 29th, 2008

    *confused* I could swear I just heard a chicken nattering.

    Oh nevermind, it was just Tenshi clucking pointlessly again.

    *goes back to real life*

  13. yay

    Feb 29th, 2008

    Hm. Tenshi’s a bitch even when unprovoked.

  14. Corona

    Feb 29th, 2008

    it’s also great to see hot chicks in tight skimpy clothing,

    ??hot chicks in tight skimpy clothing??

    suggest you get out more :)

  15. DaveOner

    Feb 29th, 2008

    Cartoon chicks with manish features are hot?

  16. LULZ

    Feb 29th, 2008


  17. @ LULZ

    Feb 29th, 2008

    You hang around the Herald waiting for your chance to make fun of and belittle others…

    Who doesn’t have a real life?

  18. Huh?

    Mar 1st, 2008

    Um… I think this thread’s the first posting Penny’s made in over a week, she must be doing SOMETHING else. God knows Tenshi and the gang have said plenty on other threads in that time she coulda said something to if she were “hanging around the Herald waiting for her chance to make fun of and belittle others”. I mean seriously they all say shit that screams “Ridicule my ego”. I think she’s showing a lot of restraint. But as far as I ever seen here, the only ones Penny gets nasty with are the ones who lipped off at her first. like um has a long history of lipping off at her unprovoked, I think he deserves a shot of his own medicine. And Tenshi’s just Tenshi, I remember her being a cunty little snob long before I ever heard of Penny. Penny’s fucked up sure but at least she’s generally nice to everyone til they dump on her.

  19. @ @LULZ

    Mar 1st, 2008

    You hang around the herald waiting for your chance to make fun of and belittle people with no life.

    What’s that make you? Negative Life?

  20. whisper2u

    Mar 1st, 2008

    So like, I was testing out this new ship I was building in this weird Sandbox where all the signs were written in this gobbilty goop language, which I didn’t understand, which turned out to be French I think. It was a special sandbox where you can test your junk out under the HAVOK4 physics engine to see how they work, versus HAVOK1 which we have now. And this sandbox was listed as one where you could go and do that kind of testing stuff. So like ok, I was testing out this new ship I was building. When all of a sudden as I was coming in to land, this nasty little Frenchy guy used his magical Parcel Powers to blast me and my little ship right out of the sandbox sky. I fell flat on my face on the turf right in front of him. He started yelling at me in French. So I told him to Fuck Off. I think he recoginzed the English then and went on to try to tell me me: No Flying Of the Vehicles in Special Frenchy Havock4 Sandbox. So I muttered some stuff about what a lousy operation they were, blah blah, told them to Fuck Off again, and left. I’m gone. Their sandbox is safe from my dinky shuttlecraft which was flying quite good in HAVOK4 by the way. Ok so you would think that was about the end of it right?? Right? Wrong. The next thing you know DING DING an IM comes in from Frenchy. Nothing more to say to him so another quick Fuck Off and then a MUTE… WHY OH WHY be a little jerky Frenchy with an attitude and keep coming after me? THAT should be the end of it right there right?? My SL day can’t get any better at this point. I was just trying to make my product a little better for my potential customers and WHAMMO right out of the blue comes this little psychic hit squad just because I ventured into the wrong sandbox. DING DING goes my IM again. Who the hell is it this time for God’s sake? Huh? Somebody from SLPD? SLPD??? You gotta be freaking kidding me. Do they wear little cop uniforms and everything? What the hell is that? This had gone from the sublime to the rediculous. Past rediculous. How many Fuck Offs would it take to end this? Ok one more. Have some of this SLPD… FUCK OFF. Then another quick MUTE. Then I logged off which is the best thing to do in these situations sometimes. For like 2 days. And calmly meditated on the overstuffing of goose livers with frog guts all crammed into a nice rost pork using starfeet jackboots. Whoa :)

  21. like_ummm

    Mar 1st, 2008

    LULZ – No, no, no. Penance does not have a real life – she is lying as usual. Her life outside of SL is just as much a fantasy as her life inside of SL.

    Penance = “Huh?” (definitely) & “@ LULZ” (probably).

    Nice copypasta whisper2u.

  22. like_ummm

    Mar 1st, 2008

    o yea & Penance = “yay” (probably)

  23. JamesMichael Morane

    Mar 2nd, 2008

    Why is everyone so down on Penny?

  24. hurrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    Mar 3rd, 2008


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