ADV: Two Prime Mainland Oceanfront Sims For Sale

by Alphaville Herald on 30/03/08 at 11:53 am

Buy this land – get Philip Linden off the ban list in Sanchon and Jinsil

[UPDATE: Second Life Herald ads WORK! Less than 4 hours after this ad ran, Sanchon and Jinsil were SOLD to Rockwell Ginsberg of RG HoldCo. We congratulate Mr. Ginsberg on his taste in land, and remind our readers - if you have a product or service to promote, need to get Philip Linden off a ban list, or just want to liquidate and tier down in protest, the Second Life Herald delivers the most savvy, sophisticated in audience the metaverse. Contact Tenshi Vielle to place your ad in the Herald]


Two entire side-by-side mainland sims – Sanchon and Jinsil – are now for sale. Waterfront runs the entire length of Jinsil, facing two Linden protected water sims – this provides direct access to 10 amazing Linden water sims and a continent worth of boating. Sanchon features a beautiful beach which runs the length of the sim, and is a rare mainland corner sim at the north end of the continent. You could fight it out on the Linden land auction and pay more for less desirable properties – or you could buy a piece of Second Life sailing history today.

Fanboy amenities include the chance to get Philip Linden off the properties’ ban lists and the knowledge that Sanchon was the first mainland sim used for testing the Havok 4 physics engine with sailboats.

The Second Life Herald racing yacht has sailed these waters for years – but now it is time for someone else to run this part of the world. Consider the possibilities – you could divide these sims into an incredible number of ad farms – each sim contains 65535 m2 of usable land – or leave them in once piece and enjoy the best the mainland has to offer.

These sims are offered for sale by RPM property – contact River Mondrian, Muzik Absolute, or Pixeleen Mistral for details.

Sanchon and Jinswil are located at the north end of the continent

gently sloping beach in Sanchon

pristine wilderness in Jinsil

buy now! Philip Linden needs your help to get un-banned

6 Responses to “ADV: Two Prime Mainland Oceanfront Sims For Sale”

  1. Prokofy Neva

    Mar 30th, 2008

    That part of the mainland looks particularly borked, what with all those PLEASE FIX SL signs up in the air above these properties. Is this a good buy?

  2. Levi Anansi

    Mar 30th, 2008

    Seriously. Great job getting founder land sold that was previously owned by someone paying zero tier.

    In the last few years, SLH has been funny, humorous, edgy, ironic, iconic, political, sexual, violent, introspective, and occasionally philosophically interesting. I want to congratulate you on sucking your reputation to an earth shattering climax with this article.

    The ads surrounding the articles never bothered. The ad in the center of view? Why the fuck didn’t you just have it float down via JS with a pop-up scheduled when the user said “go the fuck away”?

    So now, go the fuck away. You are as useless as a cable network, as stale as a Prokofy light bulb, and as relevant as a forum article discovering SL in 2008.

    Really, this article.

    Like with SL. I’m done…

  3. Digital Digital

    Mar 30th, 2008

    This is an amazing buy, I wish I would have saw this sooner :P

  4. Prokofy Neva

    Mar 31st, 2008

    What is a Prokofy light bulb?

  5. Due Diligence

    Mar 31st, 2008

    @Digital: the land is still for sale. Not sure what Ginsberg paid, but both sims are currently listed at L$1,100,000 each. More or less the cost of new waterfront at auction…

  6. Ric Mollor

    Mar 31st, 2008

    Can land prices within Second Life stay stable? As more and more ‘alterna-grids’ pop up there is increasing pressure on Linden Labs to lower land prices. The price of land has been kept artifically high by supply restriction but now that the tap is getting opened there will *have* to be a freefall in pricing.

    Yes, I understand the drawbacks. OpenSim doesn’t currently match the functionality of SL. One can’t teleport from grid to grid. Avatars don’t transfer, and accumulated inventory is stuck back on the Linden Grid.

    But sooner or later a nearly unlimited supply of sims at $75 monthly are going to catch attention. Also, the BSD license of OpenSim would allow the project to be forked, improved, and kept private at any time.

    All that is needed now is a bit of investor money and someone that thinks they can make it happen.

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