The Fashionista’s Guide to IP Anonymizers

by Alphaville Herald on 19/03/08 at 6:32 am

Fashionista drama means everyone can take hints from the goons and griefers

by Tenshi Vielle

When one is browsing the web and doing nefarious things, wouldn’t you just hate to leave a trail of IP address footprints that will show up if, say, you were dumb enough to post on a website as both your main and your alt account? Most websites instantly log IP addresses, leaving the next best thing to a unique ID with your comments – your IP footprints! Just changing your screen name isn’t enough to hide yourself.

Thinks about it. Wouldn’t it SUCK to finally have someone be able to identify your alts if you were faking an identity with a screen name? In an effort to reduce the drama in the SL fashion world, here is a protip: if you simply must attack other people with sockpuppets, use an IP Anonymizer. “But Tenshi,” you may ask, “How on earth does that work? I can barely work prims!”

Oh, dear, sweet reader. It’s really quite simple! IP anonymizers are all about bouncing through a proxy to hide your real IP. Downloadable programs are available to assist you in this process. You might say, “Uh, duh, I can do (insert task here), and have a new IP address.” Sure, but not quite – you need to have a really different IP address. If someone was interested in tracking you, the difference between and is only one number. You’re still not invisible. IP addresses are assigned by your internet service provider in easily guessed blocks. Even if you can force a change (i.e, restarting your modem) your address is probably similar enough and will resolve to a close enough location via a trace.

One solution: Tor ( ). Available as free software through the 3-clause BSD license, the bundle also includes Vidalia and Privoxy, which are supporting applications distributed under the GNU GPL. I know, lots of acronyms. Get over it and get on with the downloading.

However, be aware that it doesn’t just work by installing it – you will have to tweak some programs. For instance, if you’re using Firefox to search the web, you will want to add the Torbutton ( ) extension. Various browser plugins like Java and Flash can and more than likely will be manipulated to give information on your IP. You will have to disable those. You will also need to clear your cookies frequently – cookies will give over your IP and other information even if Tor is running.

Another solution: Secure Tunnel ( ): Pay proxy server, useful for personal use. This is best for people who aren’t doing website development or any sort of mass form submissions. This gives enough privacy protection for most internet users – it will blind you to the sites you surf, including news, email and IRC and ICQ. (If you don’t know what those last two things are : Why are you reading this article?)

One last idea for you is Proxyway Pro ( ), a proxy surfing software which will work with anything from instant messengers to web browsers. It provides an extended proxy management system that enables you to search for proxies, analyze those proxies, and even create proxy chains. You can update your proxy list via an included scheduler. Proxyway Pro will also allow you to clear history, block ads and popups, and block harmful codes.

Thanks to these IP anonymizers, you can both run AND hide! Just watch out for more experienced government agencies – they’ll still get you if they need to. Now get out there and have fun with your sockpuppets – they help make the SL fashion world great!

24 Responses to “The Fashionista’s Guide to IP Anonymizers”

  1. Ann Otoole

    Mar 19th, 2008

    arg! why help them!!!! damnit!!!

    oh well they can’t fake out on their writing style forever so it becomes rather… obvious… after a while.

  2. Alyx Stoklitsky

    Mar 19th, 2008

    This article sounded as if it might have been interesting and written with someone with the slightest clue, until the utterance of “″, which is a local IP address and thus totally meaningless.

    l2network, otherwise, have fun DDoS’ing your own router.

  3. The Scarlet Pimpernel

    Mar 19th, 2008

    Thank you Tenshi, for a very informative article!

    I understand why people like to keep their real identity hidden, but I think it’s a bit lame when people use their sock puppets as character witnesses: “I know Scarlet in real life, and she’s really a very nice person, not at all how she acts on blogs.”

  4. Tenshi Vielle

    Mar 19th, 2008

    Oh, Alyx. Or maybe Alex, if written correctly…

    You think I didn’t know that was from a local network? It was an example IP. What do you want – a real IP to hack? Pffft. Get real.

    Scarlet: So many people try to do that. It cracks me up.

  5. Just Me

    Mar 19th, 2008

    An even better solution … don’t say or do anything you’re too ashamed of that you need an alt or sock puppet to say it for you. I can understand not revealing who you are so you don’t get harassed in-world, but at least have the decency and courtesy to use one name all the time and not pretend to be three other people

  6. TechGuy

    Mar 19th, 2008


    I believe the authors use of and was to demonstrate the “insignificant” difference between the lowest common identifier – the least significant byte of MAC address data; where the last IP segment range change doesnt do much to hide you – because it’s only different by an absolute value of (1). It was convenient for him to just grab the a localized IP; some might call that lazy – probably YOU. Using 192.168.1.x doesn’t wack the whole story, it was to highlight a point.
    At least that’s the way I read it…

    What many people do not realize is that if they use a router between their Cable or their DSL modems and their computer (and I would recommend that everyone should), then simply changing the localized MAC address (in the routers setup) creates a NEW looking attached computer type device, thereby generating a new IP address for dynamic IP assigned service providers when the modem is reset by unplugging the power cable. The PN love and live by this $h!t. Incidentally, DSL providers varying greatly on this implementation so don’t expect 100% success in this regard.
    This is why Cable Rocks! explains the concept of MAC addresses.

    Take for example, 02-00-00-00-00-01. The most significant byte is 02h and the least significant is 1.

    If you want to randomize your IP address in such a way that it looks non-range related to what you had prior, simply twiddle the values in the higher MAC address structure until you find a full IP Address assignment that reflects a vastly different range. Once you play around with this a few times, it becomes a simple “flip of the switch” and in the greater scheme of things; and is a QUICK & EASY process. –> ___[hiding behind a 13 gallon kitchen trash container] –> ___[hiding behind a 20 ft tall brick wall]

    Two things to keep in mind here; if you were, say, to get BANNED via IP Address from a service provider, the 1st example would probably get you back in but you would be “associated” to your prior identity by any 1st year associates degree’d or self taught geek. The 2nd example would require some more SERIOUS investigation. Reason being, the 1st example is TOO close in range; the second is WAY different – in layman terms. Keep in mind this is all hardware related – tracking cookies and software (clients) that monitor and provide HARDWARE bannable signatures complicate the issue.

    If you’re interested in this stuff – you probably already know where to look, what to GOOGLE, to find the otherside of the equation for becoming truly anonymous.

    Learn it
    Know it
    Live it

    BTW, proxie software or proxy sites tend to be huge overhead generators – seriously munching into bandwidth (speed); they work – but why bother when you can be KING of your OWN hardware domain?

    Then why do PN types use em you ask?
    Because they know where they are going, they have a specific TARGET in mind and they could care less about the SMOOTH inworld experience.
    They’ll be getting banned soon enough.
    So who cares…
    It hasn’t stopped them yet.
    Pop a fresh loaf in the oven and…LMAO, well, you know the rest of the story.

    “There’s always a way in” [popular EA game reference]

  7. dingoes ate my babyfur

    Mar 19th, 2008

    Alyx, I think Tenshi was using the internal IP set, just to keep away from the chance of using a live IP, and causing shenanigans.

  8. DinkyHockerShootsSmack!

    Mar 19th, 2008

    LOL. I wish I could say it’s ‘cute’ when Tenshi tries to act all edgy, tech smart, and sarcastic. It’s not. It just comes across as some dumb ass internet kid who is starved for attention. And when she natters on about IP numbers and then references interanl IP numbers, I just say, ‘DOH! And welcome to Neva Neva Land!’

    Only people with the mentality of little kids do things to severely exaggerate their importance by doing things like playing up the idea that they may be being stalked up by a bunch of anoymous people. We get it already. You want people to think you’re famous and important. I am sure Tenshi the Attention Troll has NEVER posted anonymously on any blog! Yeah right. I find that many times when people on the net are complaining about some behaviour in others, they are many times simply projecting (ala Prokofy Neva — another attention freak with no shame). They expect that behaviour of others because they themselves particpate in it.

    Now please excuse me. I have to go start some threads over on some SL fan site forums about a hangnail that I got. Oh and my boyfriend thinks he has ringworm, but that could change by tomorrow! Oh, and, I had eye boogers this morning. Just thought you’d like to know! I am saving them because someday I will be able to sell them on eBay for tens of thousands of dollars. Whatever it takes to get noticed, I’ll start a thread for it. You know — no shame when it comes to ‘Look at me!’

  9. DinkyHockerShootsSmack!

    Mar 19th, 2008

    No, I don’t think you knew it was a internal IP. If you were trying to use an example, you would have used an example of an external IP, since you thought you were educating us about external IPs. amirite? Because, you see Tenshi, you ‘x’ed out some of the internal IP digits, which is exactly what you would have done with an example external IP — that is, IF you had known the difference and you weren’t just trying to ACT like you DID know, now, after the fact. Idiot AND a liar. Ugly combo.

    Oh and ‘just me’, you’re full of crap. An alt is an alt is an alt. If you don’t use your SL name then you fall under your own criticism, fool. At least I can admit I am using an alt persona without trying to dance my way out of it by dazzling the crowd with a bunch of bullshit.

  10. Just Me

    Mar 19th, 2008

    @ Dinky

    I simply said that my thought is that people should be consistent here and on other blogs/message boards. Using a multitude of names to bolster your arguement is just the sign of an insecure mind.

    However, using a different name here than in-world is a realistic and prudent thing to do, given the number of weirdos and freeks posting … oh wait, maybe they are all the same person! LOL

  11. Jimmy Morane

    Mar 19th, 2008

    Hi Tenshi! Good article, but I don’t think anyone gives a damn about me enough to want to trace my main and alt IP.

  12. TechGuy

    Mar 19th, 2008



    That explains a lot…


    “X’ed out”?

    What the?

    I didn’t see him X out anything.

    Dinky, did mommy forget to give you your Flinstones vitamin today?
    U be seeing $h!t
    Reading isn’t fundamental

  13. Tenshi Vielle

    Mar 19th, 2008

    I don’t post “anonymously” – what’s the point? I already have a SL avatar to duck behind, isn’t that anonymous enough? If I need to do something stupid that requires an anonymous comment, I probably shouldn’t be doing it. You wouldn’t think I was an idiot or a liar if you read TechGuy’s comment above… it’s right in line with the article.

  14. Razrcut Brooks

    Mar 19th, 2008

    I also liked this article Tenshi and please ignore DinkyTheGrumpyAssWhoSnortsSmack.

  15. DinkyHockerShootsSmack!

    Mar 19th, 2008


    ‘Dinky’ is a character in a novel. People who think like fourteen year olds might make the connection you’re making. Colour me ‘not surprised’. It’s quite evident from your posts here that you’re all about prepubescent ego and not much substance.

    You’re right though, she didn’t ‘x’ anything out. She omitted a couple of zeros (192.168.1(0)(0).1)that are many times present.

    Anyway, the point still stands techtoughguy. If she knew what she was talking about, she would have used an example external IP# and then simply have replaced a couple of digits with ‘x”. I’ll not pretend for the sake of overblown egos that it isn’t terribly obvious she mashed up a couple google searches she did on the topic to try and appear clever.

    I realise though, it’s much more fun for you to pretend you’re a tech expert though and to look for stupid and puerile things to focus on the name I chose (simply because it titillates your adolescent mind). Well done, kiddo.

    Just me — oh I agree. This is why I started to use aliases, because these obsessive freaks like tenshi can’t stand to self-examine. They can’t take critiques at face value, because it hurts them inside — even though they are constantly critiquing others themselves. So then they go trawling profiles in SL and elsewhere, cataloguing IP numbers, and so on, looking for shit to play gotcha with. Much like the punks on the wow forums and how they use the armoury, only worse. This is because they have no real argument to counter the critiques, so they grab for straws.

    Funnily — I only see this happening in three places generally, (where a lot of people use aliases) — Prokofy’s blog, this tabloid we are reading now, and Tenshi’s blog (which I have never read, but apparently she has this ‘problem’ as well, from all accounts).

    Why is it, do you reckon, that only these certain outlets seem to draw this type of behaviour? Hint: it’s because these three outlets have something in common: Self-aggrandizing and hypocritical blow-hard contributors, who think their shit smells like roses. They are really just insecure gits who are looking for affirmation from faceless people on the internet.

  16. Winter

    Mar 19th, 2008

    Or to the naysayers in the comments line – conversely, you could grow a pair and put yourself on the line to back up what you are saying. I’ve been less than complimentary in the Herald on more than one occasion, and my name link leads you right to my inworld identity. If you don’t have the conviction behind your diatribe to support it with your safety? Then it’s not important enough to you to hear, let alone everyone else that has to sift through the detritus of opinions.

    Use the RL/SL analogue. Would you walk up to someone and say it to their face? Several black eyes later, I can always say yes. I’ve never made an anonymous phone call to do it though.

    ‘Xcept to Moe’s Tavern.

  17. Angel

    Mar 19th, 2008

    TechGuy… Changing your MAC does not correlate to changing your IP you tard. ie: twiddling the MSB of the MAC =/= a bigger change in IP.

    All changing the MAC will do is cause your ISPs DHCP server to give you a new IP from the pool. Now if they have a large pool then you might see a big change or you might see a small change. NO Correlation and certainly no way on earth to force a big change.

    For the other part of your laughable post a Proxy, such as squid, has next to no network overhead, in fact can many times improve performance.

    As bad as Tenshi… Hmmm… maybe you are Tenshi’s sock puppet?

  18. Whatever

    Mar 20th, 2008


    You don’t really understand anything about the relationship between MAC addresses and IP assignment, but I suspect you already know that. That’s cool, but don’t pretend that you do and expect to get away with posting bullshit. Although, it’s pretty clear from this article that Tenshi won’t know the difference.

    Maybe d3adlyc0d3c could weigh in on the open source options (hint: there are lots).

  19. Alyx Stoklitsky

    Mar 20th, 2008

    “You think I didn’t know that was from a local network? It was an example IP. What do you want – a real IP to hack? Pffft. Get real.”

    Of course I knew, I just felt like undermining your article and annoying you. Duh.

  20. Just Me

    Mar 20th, 2008

    @ winter … you said “If you don’t have the conviction behind your diatribe to support it with your safety? Then it’s not important enough to you to hear, let alone everyone else that has to sift through the detritus of opinions.”

    Then, by that arguement, I gather you used your RL name as your av name is SL too ? Maybe you should also put your phone number in your 1st Live tab of your profile while you’re at it.

    It’s an accepted convention to use an alias on a blog, message board, etc … and no one says it needs to be the same alias everywhere. So, yeah, my RL name is different from my SL name is different from my name here is different from my Yahoo ID, and so on. I’m just saying .. why not be consistent ? Are people that adament about having their opinion accepted that they post under one name and then agree with themselves using three other names ? Talk about insecure !!!

  21. d3adlyc0d3c

    Mar 20th, 2008

    Honestly I haven’t had any need for a proxy program in a while except for griefing and we mainly used tor which can be used on Linux or Windows. I often used tor for irc as well.

    I haven’t been involved in anythng else since griefing, but before then I used to sell proxies installed on roots to a few shady companies back when I operated a sizeable botnet a few years ago – when rootkits and process injection was first being popularized as methods for concealing malware. At that time I was a very active member of ryan1918 and contributed alot of code, since then I check in every now and then to see whats going on but the community has gone way downhill. No one with any programming ability whatsoever hangs out there anymore and all of the mods are a bunch of counterfeits. Ryan Lee himself is just a script kiddie who hasn’t even begun to crack a book and learn anything worthwhile.

    I used wingates back when they were actually useful. Mainly when I needed a proxy it was for protocols other than http. Telnet, ftp and rlogin to name a few. Granted alot of the proxy software floating around can be used for those too but I didn’t generally use them. I *think* THC might have written something at some point that was open source and could be used in Linux for the kind of purpose I needed but if so I never used it. I think the only software they made that I used was hydra back when bruteforce password cracking was in and even then mainly for breaking into devices on networks like ftp print servers or whatever.

    The last time I did anything more illegal than the stuff I did as d3adlyc0d3c, I found a server in russia filled with terrabytes of 0day warez and rooted that and I broke into an ftp server being used by a company based out of Wisconsin (won’t name the company name here) and stored alot of my source and binaries on their servers. Other than that I was not really very well known. The biggest botnet I ever operated consisted of 4 thousand infected PCs, and as you know 4k isn’t much at all. Of course that was before IM spreading became such a popular method, now a 10k botnet is kinda small.

  22. d3adlyc0d3c

    Mar 20th, 2008

    As a sidenote my long winded post above really had nothing to do with the article. I just meant that I never had to do alot of digging for proxy software or even had the desire to do so in response to Whatever’s comment.

    Additionally, Tenshi made her point clear enough I don’t see how discussing the technical aspects of it really has any relevance. She doesn’t have to understand it completely. I understood the gist of it, we all understood it and so the article served it’s purpose.

  23. Winter

    Mar 21st, 2008

    @ winter … you said “If you don’t have the conviction behind your diatribe to support it with your safety? Then it’s not important enough to you to hear, let alone everyone else that has to sift through the detritus of opinions.”

    Then, by that arguement, I gather you used your RL name as your av name is SL too ? Maybe you should also put your phone number in your 1st Live tab of your profile while you’re at it.

    Heh – Just Me? There IS actually someone inworld with my full RL name. I could post under that, but then pity the poor bastard who accidentally chose it. And – what’s more – it would let down the ladies who thought they were getting ME instead.

  24. Just Me

    Mar 21st, 2008

    @ winter

    I noticed there’s a SL last name that’s almost the same as my RL name and I almost used it with my RL first name … before I knew anything about SL. I’m happy now that I didn’t do it

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