The Flying Dutchman

by Alphaville Herald on 15/03/08 at 7:20 pm

by Kris Dibou, warrior poet/pirate

A captainless ship flew past my watch,
A sign of things to be;
Where once the ship sailed straight and true,
Where once she sailed free;

She wanders lost on ragged seas
And seems to lose her way;
And she never sinks beneath the waves
No harbor found, nor quay.

That she floats, is it enough?
Can that be all she needs?
Or is it best that she should sink
and keep her dignity?

And should some captain snag a line
And pull himself within;
Will the ship find port at last
And end her wandering?

Or is it the wandering that defines
Who she truly is?
And if she ceases meandering
Is it death’s sweet kiss?

And as I stared out in the night
and watched her shadow fade,
I felt the fear and loneliness
In the wake she made.

copyright (c) 2008 – Kris Dibou – used by the gracious permission of the author.

8 Responses to “The Flying Dutchman”

  1. Rape-Ape

    Mar 15th, 2008


  2. anon

    Mar 15th, 2008

    Well done, you learned to make your poem actually flow when spoken aloud.

  3. Franklin Lubitsch

    Mar 15th, 2008

    Thank you, Kris, I think this expresses how a lot of us feel right now.

  4. Edward

    Mar 16th, 2008

    Please fix the formatting of the site! It has been stretched since last week and nothing is more annoying than having to scroll sideways to read an article. Not to mention it hides every one of your right-side ads.

  5. Razrcut Brooks

    Mar 16th, 2008

    I liked this one. Reminds me of many people I have met, wandering without direction and alone. No doubt it struck a chord w/ the above commentor ,RapeApe. The lost who do not desire help will insult those that shed light on their sadness.

  6. like_ummm

    Mar 16th, 2008

    Too many mother’uckers ‘uckin’ with my shi’
    Too many mother’uckers ‘uckin’ with my shi’
    Too many mother’uckers ‘uckin’ with my shi’
    How many mother’uckers? Too many to count mother’uckers.

  7. @Edward

    Mar 16th, 2008

    I recently got Firefox and the side-scroll thing was fixed for me.

  8. kanomi

    Mar 17th, 2008

    Try reducing your text size in firefox if you have a scrollbar, that’s what I did and it went away.

    As for the poem, Kris you’ve certainly fastened onto the quatrain but you might employ a few more devices, such as meter.

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