ADV: Cove Islands Real Estate

by Alphaville Herald on 05/04/08 at 2:39 pm

COVE ISLANDS REAL ESTATE offers private estate residential, commercial and commerce parcels on beautiful sims with generous prim bonuses. In addition to some of the best quality land available in Second Life, our residents receive a service second to none.


Commerce and commercial parcels all have road access and double prim, while residential sims enjoy spectacular scenery and prim bonuses starting from 15%. Whether it is tropical or snow, business or pleasure, we have something to suit. If you want top quality land, efficient support and reasonable tier rates all from the same company, visit

3 Responses to “ADV: Cove Islands Real Estate”

  1. Just Me

    Apr 5th, 2008

    Ah yes, now if the Lindens could only keep the grid up so people could actually access the Cove Islands ! :-)

  2. john beck

    Dec 26th, 2008

    i just love cove islands , i wish i could get a place there .

  3. Troy McConaghy

    Oct 18th, 2009

    When I visit, I get a message that says, in part, “As of July 23, 2009, Cove Islands has closed after being in business for over two and a half years.” Sigh.

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