Remnant Imperium Rising Privately — To Avoid Copybot

by Alphaville Herald on 27/05/08 at 8:55 am

by Vegna Fouroux

Overlord LawrenceJoseph Roffo says SL war community would be better off with more combat and less politics

Deadlock. I think that pretty much sums up SL combat at the moment. Noob armies are the only forces that are fighting the more established armies (the later shunning each other with claims of cheating, unfairness etc. on both sides). I got talking to LawrenceJoseph Roffo a well-known member in the SL military “community.” He has planned out and executed the formation of a new military – Remnant Imperium. Taking months to carefully put together a base,weapons and a platform to recruit on Lawrence will be launching this new army shortly and I must say that I await its launch with great anticipation.

He took the time to show me around the base, took a few pictures and he agreed to be interviewed:

Vegna Fouroux: So where did the idea for Remnant Imperium come from?
LawrenceJoseph Roffo: The mind of me.

Vegna Fouroux: So are there any influences like other groups: Russian? Greek?
LawrenceJoseph Roffo: Our ranks and rank structure is based upon Norweigan military ranks.
LawrenceJoseph Roffo: Other than that, we’re pretty much original.

Vegna Fouroux: So who are you going to ally with (if anyone) and why?
LawrenceJoseph Roffo: Right now, I’m planning on allying with the Ascendant Initiative. For one thing, I’m not going to join the Iron Symphony and become a sitting duck. Maybe Marshal Huszar and Artye will wake up and cease their ban lines. I’d enjoy fighting alongside the Alliance Navy, Sparta, and 39th…against the Iron Symphony. But I guess we’ll have to wait and see. Hopefully they’ll all realize that the SecondLife war community would be better off with more combat and less politics.

Vegna Fouroux: So right now what are your weapons/base and numbers like and how do you see them improving?

LawrenceJoseph Roffo: Currently, the sim is near finished. We’ve got incredible weapons built thanks to Hua Yifu and Roo Tenk. I won’t go into very, very, very, specific detail. We’ve got a T-20 Pump action, a few automatic rifles, some sniper rifles, and various melee weapons. As far as numbers go, we’re up to 18. In the past few months, I’ve got about 30 recruitment requests. But only 5 or 10 people will make it, as our recruitment will be taken very seriously, our training as well. The Remnant Imperium’s 2IC and I will be taking care of all applications.

The Remnant Imperium base

Vegna Fouroux: so your pretty hands-on with recruitment, would you say (as a result of that) R.I will be more than a match for the other new armies on the grid e.g Pan Slayva Coalition and the newly restarted Alpha Marines?
LawrenceJoseph Roffo: In my eyes, the Alpha Marines don’t pose a challenge at all. As much as I love to think positive, the Alpha Marines don’t have much hope. I am currently unaware of Pan Slayva’s alliances, but I will say one thing: our ranks are going to be full of many intelligent residents, and many great combat mongers. Some factions are already posing us as a high threat, as we’ve got alliance offers from members of the AI. Anthony Lehane declared war on us as soon as we mentioned joining AI.
LawrenceJoseph Roffo: And I might add, the PN have tried to ruin us already.

Vegna Fouroux: really how so?
LawrenceJoseph Roffo: They’ve threatened to come into Amtor and copybot our aircraft, weapons, sim, etc. This is the main reason NOBODY I don’t know is getting a tour. Public access will be off until we go public.

Vegna Fouroux: so when are you going public then?
LawrenceJoseph Roffo: As soon as we finish the hangar in Amtor, and our armor is all ready. We’re looking forward to entering the SL military community.

Vegna Fouroux: okay Lawrence thanks for talking to me and best of luck with R.I
LawrenceJoseph Roffo: Thanks a lot for your time, Vegna. If anybody is interested in joining the Remnant Imperium, please contact me and the evaluation will begin.

To get other militaries views on this I imed Jim Herbst, Admiral and first in command of The Alliance Navy:

Vegna Fouroux: I understand your aware of Remnant Imperium; a relatively new army on the grid
Vegna Fouroux: what’s your opinion on them from your experience with them?
Jim Herbst: I have very little experience with them, personally, but they do intend to join the Ascendant Initiative.
Jim Herbst: I am currently establishing contact with the other AI military leaders as to when we could begin the admission process for them.

Vegna Fouroux: Do you think their chances of getting in will be strong?
Jim Herbst: Potentially
Jim Herbst: it will depend on the other AI member group’s votes moreso than the AN’s.

Vegna Fouroux: Of course, but they wouldn’t be marred with a reputation like that of The Alpha Marines?
Vegna Fouroux: who recently tried to join
Jim Herbst: I don’t think so
Jim Herbst: the commanders of the RI are relatively new to the scene

Vegna Fouroux: of leadership or just military in general?
Jim Herbst: both

So there you have it, with a solid, tactical base, Remnant Imperium’s future looks brighter than any militaries I’ve seen in a while. Keep it up Lawrence, Darkdirt and Biggy!

21 Responses to “Remnant Imperium Rising Privately — To Avoid Copybot”

  1. Fox Mulgrave

    May 27th, 2008

    About time R.I got some limelight in the Herald..
    about the first good story for 3 weeks, god job Vegna

  2. Eye Korobase

    May 27th, 2008

    I am guessing this interview is a bit old, since Roo Tenk is actually back in merczs. Also I love how Law says he wants to join the Ascendant Initiative, yet he didn’t help AN at all when merczs came in and attacked AN for 3 hours stright and all Remnant Imperium did was watch has AN used 5 strangelove bombs against the merczs forces.
    Remnant Imperium , I think, will just end up like the arkhein.

  3. O_o

    May 27th, 2008

    lol copybot fear running rampant all over SL. Even the pretend armies are worried now lol.

    Just wait til Tony McBagonuts gets a hold of Copybot, and figures out how to use it properly. Then you’ll really see some shit hit the fan.

    Dare I say, Second Life is doomed, M Linden is just a new guy, with the most impersonal name ever, who certainly isn’t in SL to make new friends. He just wants to make the company money.

    Dare I say Open Source is going to stop sooner or later too. I can hear 10 furry programmers sobbing right now.

    The end is near…

  4. Vyce Sin

    May 27th, 2008

    Eye, you would say that, you’re a Merczateer.
    And no, the R.I. didn’t join in the battle, because if you read it properly, you may have noticed the whole “NON-PUBLIC” thing. In the Imperium, there’s some idea of proper conduct, I know it’s a bit strange to certain militaries, and getting involved in battles while sitting behind ban-lines and no-access is NOT the R.I. idea of fair combat.
    Everyone is aware of what happened during that battle. The Merczateer sit-warping then TPing in their main force? Doesn’t quite follow legit “medic” roles trained in your specialist division, does it? And you hardly attacked for three hours, because more than half of that was mass amounts of Merczateers simply lagging out Dorien to the point people could hardly move. I know, I was there.
    Next time, kindly make more educated views on such matters, instead of simply whining and putting down things you don’t understand.

  5. LawrenceJoseph Roffo

    May 27th, 2008

    We didn’t enter combat in Dorien, as we’re currently not stationed within the AI…and our sim’s public access won’t be turned on until the AI meeting happens. And I suppose Korobase doesn’t realize the potential…he hasn’t seen the base yet. :D

  6. Eye Korobase

    May 27th, 2008

    Firstly Vyce Sin, I did not say how the battle went and who won or lose. I was just saying that if Law really wanted to be AN’s allies, then they should have at least helped, instand of watching on as the battle went on. Secondly, why would anyone need to sit hack into a tower when there is not even any doors blocking the way to get into the tower? Poon walked up the hill, got into your tower without any support using a breach or anything, just walked right in and then Tped lurdan. Also Tping people into one place and having them spread out is actually a smart thing to do.

  7. Dante Indigo

    May 27th, 2008

    *cues Kumbaya music*

    This interview is old. A lot of the facts are off. So let’s stop having childish fights and get back to having *fun*. This is a game remember, so let’s not get to the point of personal squabbles and whining.

  8. FrizzleFry101

    May 27th, 2008

    PN never threatened this guy and his planes or whatever, but he’s pretty much begging for it now.

  9. Lord Kamina

    May 27th, 2008

    FYI: You don’t need access to copybot something.

  10. Raideur Ng

    May 27th, 2008

    Despite the fustration of having things you’ve built be compromised by a pathetic scriptkiddie, copybotting I feel does little to hinder SL military. People should be no less proud of their gear if its been stolen.

    The deadlock is over. The Merczateers, Ordo, and MC have resumed combat with all groups except Vanguard (who have been blacklisted).

    Combat should be moving forward unless the agreed upon rules are once again violated, which we hope will not occur.

    Good luck to the Remnant, just play by the rules.

  11. LawrenceJoseph Roffo

    May 27th, 2008

    Yeah, interview is a bit outdated.

  12. Darakon Kayvon

    May 28th, 2008

    Eye, in a simple statement you will know why we just sat back and watched Dorien be invaded: If the AN needed our Help, they would’ve called for us. Also, due to the fact that we are NOT an A.I Faction as of yet, the AN does not normally permit Non-A.I Factions the ability to assist AN forces at Dorien.

  13. Who Cares

    May 28th, 2008


  14. Hades juran

    Jun 1st, 2008

    What Darakon just stated is fact. Unless they have express permission, no one save hostiles and allies may be armed in the sim. Since the RI is not yet a member of the AI, and we did not need any more people in the sim at the time due to the constant lag being caused by so many people teleporting into the sim at the same time, there was no reason to ask for their help. Also, to whoever it was that said Poon just walked there, one of our members specifically watched Lurdan appear in the tower from the hub without any other Mercz being near the tower at the time.

    E-6 Hades Juran

  15. steve319 cao

    Jun 3rd, 2008

    Just wanted to say congrats to Remnant it looks like they have put allot of work into everything they’ve done my only negative comment is and this is purely a personal choice is that these days groups form and before they even get going and discover any of there own identity there banded into either joining A.I or I.E
    I would personally like to a few more groups form who just wish to stand alone instead of this who has the bigger gang mentality we have all now adopted I hope in my new role in U.N.I.T to have positive discussions with both sets of groups the best ways to fight and play by the rules as far as morons like PN go they just lack the initiative to create there own technology hents why they steal others one day perhaps linden labs will be able to step on the copybot issue once and for all.

  16. What???

    Jun 3rd, 2008

    Why don’t you guys just get out of your basements, go to the nearest Army recruiter and join??? They’ll give you a lot of toys to play with. OMG, such drama over NOTHING.

  17. Lawrence Roffo

    Jun 6th, 2008

    First of all, you can post with your real name.

    It’s called a video game.

    We do this for entertainment.

    Dumb ass.

  18. sfs

    Jun 7th, 2008

    > morons like PN go they just lack the initiative to create there own technology
    Aside from your complete lack of grammatical skill, I have to say that the comment quoted above is the stupidest thing I have ever heard in my PN “career”.

    Let me make this simple, for the simple minds that lurk in the Herald’s comments.

    A.) Everything in SL is stolen from somewhere else, be it IRL or from another game.
    B.) Holy crap, the PN does write its own shit every so often.

    Lurk moar.

  19. What???

    Jun 7th, 2008

    Hey Lawrence, your hand burning much from all that self-stroking you’re doing while you chat and IM with your “military” buddies?

    I thought Second Life wasn’t a “video game”. OH NOES!!! It’s a videogame????? Why didn’t you tell me?

    Dumb ass

  20. Roo Tenk

    Jun 19th, 2008

    I am writing this comment for the attention… JUST LIKE ALL OF YOU.
    Don’t pretend you aren’t. Well, I guess all of you except LJ, he has the right to be invovled in his own blog! So you all suck. Except me too… because I am the KangaRoo! Yay.

    Okay, dudes, but in all seriousness, we should all go out and find a girl… instead of being home alone touching ourselfs in the basement while looking at a picture of Jessica Alba. I know this because I have a camera in your window. So seriously boys, if you get so lonely that you seem to constantly write things in blogs, maybe it’s time you ring up your cousin for a date. Hopefully she will say yes. I mean, it’s you cousin! Maybe your kids will have 6 toes, hey, who cares? It’s not like anyone will see anyway.

    To get this back on topic, you should all stop telling eachother what to do with your militaries, just all get together and maybe you will stumble across a happy medium. We could all get along, but no one is willing to try.

    By the way, Roo Tenk for president ’08!

    -Love, Roo. (LOVE, Yay!)

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