Shuless – Episode Eight

by Alphaville Herald on 27/05/08 at 5:30 pm

The Dimension of Sound

by Iona Nikolaidis


Alexandra Shu: Did you say you are going to do the voice thing?
Iona Nikolaidis: Yeah, I am gonna do it
Iona Nikolaidis: so I can whisper in your ear
Alexandra Shu: and I can moan in yours.
Iona Nikolaidis: ooooh
Alexandra Shu: hehe!
Iona Nikolaidis: hehe!
Alexandra Shu: wow. I wonder how that would sound.
Alexandra Shu: I digress.
Iona Nikolaidis: Um, I will spend some time thinking about that I can assure you!
Iona Nikolaidis: Is this a digression?
Iona Nikolaidis: Or a diversion?

Alexandra Shu: Hmmm…no…just a fantasy.
Alexandra Shu: My imaginings..
Iona Nikolaidis: mhmm
Iona Nikolaidis: That is all good stuff
Iona Nikolaidis: I spend a lot of time in La La Land myself
Alexandra Shu: I mean, I would like you to hear me have an orgasm.
Alexandra Shu: Jeessh!
Iona Nikolaidis: I would like that
Alexandra Shu: What am I saying!!!
Iona Nikolaidis: Um, don’t stop!
Alexandra Shu: Still, it’s true.
Iona Nikolaidis: Ok then
Iona Nikolaidis: I am grinning like an idiot at my computer
Alexandra Shu: It would be an added dimension.
Alexandra Shu: But what if you thought I sounded nerdy or something?
Iona Nikolaidis: Jesus
Iona Nikolaidis: You must know that cannot possibly happenAlexandra Shu: Like, “listen to that whining nerd!”
Alexandra Shu: She sounds like a little kid.
Iona Nikolaidis: Stop it
Iona Nikolaidis: I would love to hear you read the yellow pages
Alexandra Shu: I’ll pick up a copy.
Iona Nikolaidis: hehe!
Alexandra Shu: Should I start at the “A’s?”
Iona Nikolaidis: mhmm
Iona Nikolaidis: Yes
Alexandra Shu: Abraham, Abe

Unlike some lesbians (or pretendbians) I know, I am a big fan of electronic/trance/techno music and the like. I owe this in part to the fact that I came out in gay male clubs where such music is featured, so I have many a fond memory of thumping bass in bars. I was listening to a song today by LCD Soundsytem called Someone Great, and thought some of its lyrics had some bearing on this topic (or at least it echoed the topic for me):

To tell the truth I saw it coming,
The way, you were breathing.
But nothing can prepare you for it,
The voice, on the other, end.

Alex and I had discussed doing “voice” for some time before we did it. She surprised me with it, and upon hearing her voice, I felt like a blind man who recently regained his sense of sight. I also felt somewhat confused, as she didn’t sound like a 25-year-old (D’UH!). But, I believe what I am told. She was a 25-year-old lesbian. Now, obviously, I know this to be false. And I wonder…what does it mean that someone who had spun such a web of half-truths would connect in a real way using voice? And, given what I now know, how bizarre and twisted is it? Still, I liked hearing her voice. She sounded funny and happy. She sounded like an old friend. It introduced yet another element of real connection in the virtual world. That pains me now. It would have been better if I hadn’t heard her. But you can’t unring a bell. And now I live with this ringing in my ears……

A conversation in SL where one person is talking

Iona Nikolaidis: why did you say you sounded like a little kid?
Iona Nikolaidis: you don’t at all
Iona Nikolaidis: you sound like a woman
Iona Nikolaidis: phew!
Iona Nikolaidis: hehe!
Iona Nikolaidis: You sound very sexy
Iona Nikolaidis: Yes
Iona Nikolaidis: Incredibly sexy
Iona Nikolaidis: Yes
Iona Nikolaidis: Very much so
Iona Nikolaidis: hehe
Iona Nikolaidis: ok
Iona Nikolaidis: ooooooh
Iona Nikolaidis: hehe!
Iona Nikolaidis: it was also sexy
Iona Nikolaidis: Now I have your voice in my head
Iona Nikolaidis: hehe
Iona Nikolaidis: that’s right
Iona Nikolaidis: aaaaah!
Iona Nikolaidis: No it is soothing
Iona Nikolaidis: it is a balm for my troubled mind
Iona Nikolaidis: good
Iona Nikolaidis: be happy

And it keeps coming,
And it keeps coming,
And it keeps coming,
Till the day it stops…..

[Shuless appears courtesy of and is reprinted here by permission of Iona Nikolaidis]

5 Responses to “Shuless – Episode Eight”

  1. Anonymous Coward

    May 27th, 2008

    Please, let this be over soon.

  2. not-not prok

    May 27th, 2008

    Nobody wants the rest posted, but it’s still being posted. What the hell?

  3. Ava Cartier

    May 28th, 2008

    I didn’t read it, but my retinas are burned for having seen the byline.

  4. Corona

    May 29th, 2008

    Nobody wants the rest posted,


    Zippy turnkey is a nobody then, allowing with several others =

    I have been following this story for a few days. It is humorous and well written. More importantly, it touches on a subject that should be important to most players in MMORPG worlds: What happens when you connect with somebody online while in a committed relationship offline? It doesn’t matter whether the relationship in question is with someone who is gay, straight, or a toaster. I continue reading because this could happen to me (I am, btw, a married mother of two grown children, with a grandbaby on the way :^)

    It really would be a shame if Iona let the negative comments keep her from completing her story. Unlike the previous poster, I read, and I care.

  5. Corona

    May 29th, 2008

    And it keeps coming,
    Till the day it stops…..

    Iona Nikolaidis: be happy

    nobody has to read it

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