Boxing Easter Egg Hunt Fashion Show

by Alphaville Herald on 11/06/08 at 5:24 am

by Lavinia Carver

What do you expect from a fashion show? Models, lined up, coming out one by one and posing on the way, then going back in. Now make the runway a weird boxy shaped stage and add a boxing ring in there. Now after the show, throw in a Easter Egg Hunt with the fashions that were shown. That was the Bellagio the Sunday before last.

Gamp Lane and Winter Kidd in the ring

I received a notice that there was going to be a fashion show at the Bellagio’s Club Caramel, naturally I couldn’t resist. So I threw on some VictoriaV and went as fast as I could. Seriously, this was the first real fashion event in a while.

I got there and it was PACKED. You couldn’t move without crashing into someone, so I took a seat on the balcony. As you can imagine the lag was horrific, to say the least, and people just kept coming! Finally it began, with half of my attachments missing. (including my AO, so I was walking around like I had duct tape around my ankles.) The Modavia Sr. Producer, Fortunate Szondi, and the Modavia MC, Qualsha Nordberg, came out in a stunning pink pearl dress and the new Edo White Tuxedo. (Respectively)

Qualsha Nordberg

Fortunate Szondi

Qualsha and Fortunate made a few announcements and the show commenced.

Here are just a few highlights:


Only two fashions were shown for the guys, but here is Caleb Rickena wearing Edo’s Blue Tuxedo. (Don’t mind the little poseball)


Poptart Lilliehook came out wearing a stunning gown by Liberte. It is the Kaiti Red Salsa Gown and has amazing detail.


This next gown was worn by Mui Mukerji and is the Encounter Magriette by Lady Thera. It is a perfect blend of watercolors, modern style, and proper English style.


Poptart Lilliehook again emerged with a stunning creation from Serene Sensations. It is called Provocateur T, and is a wonderful play on the original little black dress.


One of the highlights of the evening was when Cherie Parker came through the ring with this fabulous gown by Milady’s Fancy. It comes in three colors and is titled Teresa.


Anessa Stine stunned all with Chez Gabrielle’s Sky Blue dress.


Liberte Fashion blew away the competition with the Romantik Formal Gown worn by Anessa Stine. This dress was most definitely the best of the whole show.

Of course with all “bests” there must be the “worsts” and there was definitely one here.


Lady Thera’s Claude Monet Poppy Field worn by Poptark Lilliehook. It was definitely awkward with the sheer top and skirt with minimal coverings. The poppy pattern looks a little too meshed together, which gave a sickening look. The only good parts of this dress were the hat and the shoes, the rest was just disaster. If the pattern had been enlarged and the dress lengthened, it wouldn’t look half bad.

Soon after the show was over, it was announced that the fashions that were exhibited were scattered as one-time-buy freebies and whoever found them first was the owner of that fashion. It was a madhouse. There were people running all over the place practically pulling each other’s hair out. I got my fair share of them, but all of us were running around without AO’s and we couldn’t fly. We all looked like idiots. They had an after-party, but I didn’t stick around. I dumped that joint and tried on the new fashions, and whaddya know, they didn’t fit right! ;)

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