Peter Stindberg — Post 6 Guy

by Alphaville Herald on 24/06/08 at 7:33 am

[Peter contacted me early this week asking if I was interested in featuring a Post 6 Guy for a change. I checked his profile and was more than glad to see a male avi whose shoulders were not set to 100% and who seemed to have a good feeling for fashion and styling. During our conversation he proved himself as incredibly charming, smart and natural and when I told him I would expect a Post 6 Guy to drop his pants, he immediately agreed. Yes, I love my job! Our photoshoot in The Block and one of the Surfline sims was great fun and I consider the naked butt a perk that comes with my job. - Bunny Brickworks]


I think I must have downloaded the first Second Life viewer about three times, and sneaked around the signup page for several weeks. Back in fall 2006, SL got quite some coverage on, and with a background in 3D design and internet experience dating back to 1989, it looked very attractive to me. I still remember when I made the crash course on Orientation Island, and what a hard time I had alt-camming and moving objects. Waterhead became my first home, and my first click on my first ad took me to a mall next to a BDSM joint. Welcome to SL!

My career as builder ended rather quickly when I realized that the rudimentary tools in SL where Stone Age compared to what I was used to from industrial grade 3D applications. But by then I was hooked already, and what made me stay were the great people I met in Second Life. I never saw this as a game. A game has a purpose, and a goal. A game has rules. Second Life has rules as well, but not in the sense of a game having rules. And it certainly does not have a goal. Second Life always was a social platform for me, and the friendships and bonds I formed go far beyond everything I ever experienced in other messaging environments. My closest friends in SL, I would consider to be real friends. I feel for them, and care for them, just as I do for my First Life friends.


Second Life allowed me to learn a lot of things about others, but even more about myself. You often hear people say “I’m completely different in SL” or “I am the same in SL as in FL”. The truth, as so often, lies in the middle. I am very shy in First Life, and not very daring. I am the person standing at the back of a party alone pretending to have fun. Yet here I am, showing my butt to several thousand readers of the Herald, and almost certainly will get a lot of drastic, probably even mean comments. Both is me. The shy First Life person is a part of Peter Stindberg, as much as the bolder, more dashing, more charming and more relaxed Peter Stindberg is part of the person behind the keyboard. SL allowed me to unearth those sides of me, also the “unmanly” sides of being emphatic, vulnerable, and emotional or having an interest in fashion. The person behind the keyboard benefits from the experiences Peter Stindberg makes.

Fashion, hmmm … fashion. Second Life has a hidden hierarchy based on appearance. It does not matter what style you subscribe to, as long as you look good and even more important, individual. While I hate shopping in RL, mostly because of over eager clerks and ill fitting, low quality, overprized items, SL has opened the gates wide for me. Almost each day I marvel at creations of talented designers, and in this course was gifted by the friendship of some. Still today, shopping for a male avatar is a challenge, but I have broadened my horizon and started to look in the female sections, because a lot of items can actually be used unisex. But seeing the t-shirts from FORM, the boots from [ON], the creations from Shai, the coats from Cubic Effect – or the lovingly designed and crazily cheap Japanese sims with their talented designers – mmmm …

Another thing Second Life opened up for me is business. I am employed in First Life, and too afraid to become an entrepreneur. Yet in Second Life I started my first company a year ago and made it the leading player in its field in the meantime. And just recently I started a second business with a friend, meticulously planned and documented from the beginning. SL allowed me to simply try and experiment, and I enjoy the possibility to run an ethical business without the nasty compromises FL often imposes on you.


However, what makes my second life still worth living day after day is the great people I met. I make acquaintances easily, but it is always wonderful when a casual encounter leads to a friendship. We may live in a cartoon world, but the minds and souls behind the keyboards are often truly wonderful. I am deeply indebted to my friends here, to the people who opened their souls and their hearts to me. They made Peter Stindberg what he is today.

Now that Bunny Brickworks had packed away her camera it’s time to put on the asbestos undies, and prepare for the traditional flames. But please don’t forget, that I am a human being, and that I have feelings. I’m looking forward to the comments here, and don’t be shy to IM me in-world or comment on my blog at

48 Responses to “Peter Stindberg — Post 6 Guy”

  1. Maniko

    Jun 24th, 2008

    I think you look great,Peter.And more importantly,you have an interesting personality.A great choice for the post 6 guy,imo.Kudos to both you and Bunny^^.

  2. Marianne

    Jun 24th, 2008

    You will not get any nasty comments from me, that’s for sure! When I meet my current BF in SL, I could hardly tear my eyes from him. Because he had a much better shape then the average male, not those stupid enormous shoulders. I prefer lean, natural, not-on-steroids appearance. I like what you did with your face too. You manage to look a bit innocent, sweet, and still clearly male.
    Bunny, better pictures that I’ve been used to see on Post6! I like the variation, and give both the model and photographer two thumbs up!

  3. Winter

    Jun 24th, 2008

    If I were to say anything critical Elusyve would hit me.

    I don’t need to anyway – I love that suit in the first shot. And your chutzpah. Kudos, son.

  4. Heloise Merlin

    Jun 24th, 2008

    /me drops a couple of ice cubes in Peter’s asbestos underwear. “Congrats and yummy picture.”

  5. Avarie Parker

    Jun 24th, 2008

    What an ASS shot!
    Looking marvelous, darling…Av

  6. Artemis Fate

    Jun 24th, 2008

    No insulting comments here.

    Very interesting, Peter. I like your take on SL, and you have some great unique looks.

  7. kesseret

    Jun 24th, 2008

    Yay Peter!!!!! Nice butt too! *rawr*

  8. Carmen

    Jun 24th, 2008

    Wow at the time of posting not a single flamer, Should i be first? Well… sorry no not me, your personality shines through and your av is sweet. A few more pic’s would have been nice though.

  9. marilyn murphy

    Jun 24th, 2008

    wow! just wonderful.

  10. Night Morrisey

    Jun 24th, 2008

    Individuality in the face of conformity is a sign of character. Vulnerability despite the possibility of ridicule is a sign of strength. Your nude photo may have been taken with your back to us, but we have no doubt…you have balls! Thanks for making the bold choice of being YOU.

  11. Aya Pelous

    Jun 24th, 2008

    I am very impressed with the read (not only because this model was a guy) But because it was properly written with meaning. Not only are the pictures great (and Bunny you deserve any kind of applaud for your amazing talent) Peter Stindberg—you seem lovely as your photos.

  12. Stephie

    Jun 24th, 2008

    I commend you for having natural looking arms and shoulders, but christ your chin is huge.

  13. Gay 4 Phillip

    Jun 24th, 2008

    Just goes to show, all the queens who bitch at the female post 6 chicks are a bunch of misogynistic queers.

  14. Christi

    Jun 25th, 2008

    This is one of the best Post6′s I’ve seen for ages. Mainly because it a Post6 guy! Keep em up and no flaming from me :-)

  15. lol, wtf

    Jun 25th, 2008

    Holy shit, this model is ugly. Got a chin that’ll make Jay Leno weep.

    lol, I’d paperbag it. xD

  16. Peter Stindberg

    Jun 25th, 2008

    Phew… and I’d think there would be not a single insult among the comments. Think of what might have happened! Probably the Herald would cease to exist when there’s no negative comment to a “Post 6″. So thank you anonymous for restoring the equilibrum.

    And a real big THANK YOU to all the other commenters! You really made my day, and it was so unbelievably nice to read all those great comments. And a big THANK YOU as well to Bunny, with who to work was a great pleasure since she was very professional and portrayed me very nicely.

  17. anon

    Jun 25th, 2008

    yeah that chin is p. huge

  18. Bindy Boozehound

    Jun 26th, 2008

    Great work again Bunny, the pics are incredible and i totally agree that is great to see a male av that is not totally musclebound =) Lovin’ your work……look forward to the next one

  19. Azdel Slade

    Jun 26th, 2008

    Who do I contact to be a post 6 girl?

  20. Veronique Lalonde

    Jun 26th, 2008

    Great shots! And Peter, I never knew you had such a cute bum. :) I’ve always appreciated the way you’ve shaped your avatar and your sense of style. I especially love the scarf in the second photo. And I find your underbite distinctive. Why should an avatar be perfect, according to someone’s idea of perfect?

    Oh, and lest anyone think I’m focusing only on the surface, anyone who knows you knows that you’re a sweetheart and a person of integrity. I’m glad you’ve been featured here!

  21. hmmz

    Jun 27th, 2008

    Sorry, but your avatar looks really gay. Way too feminine. You can look like a man and still not have huge shoulders. Not attractive at all.

  22. Spingly Gingly

    Jun 27th, 2008

    Ok, what is that furry thing hiding in the shadows of his ass crack? Does he have an ass ferret?

    Also, where oh where did the Penance Sautereau post 6.3 posting go? Is the Herald regularly taking down posts now? Some members of this “community” of readers spent a lot of time replying to Penance’s insanity and it seems wrong to just make those comments go poof.

    Can you repost them please Pixeleen?

  23. Artemis Fate

    Jun 27th, 2008

    “Is the Herald regularly taking down posts now? Some members of this “community” of readers spent a lot of time replying to Penance’s insanity and it seems wrong to just make those comments go poof.”

    Penance snapped and went in and started deleting all her posts like she always does when she does the “I’m never coming back ever!” thing, of course this would be the second time she’s done that, so if you like her drama, she’ll probably be back soon enough.

  24. Trinity Dechou

    Jun 27th, 2008


    You can still look like a man and be feminane, maybe that’s Peter’s appeal? He does have a feminane looking avatar but perhaps we like that because it shows a softer side? A side that goes with this persona?

    Excellent pictures coupled with your personality, and the comments which heavily weigh to appreciate you, says it all really.

  25. Witness X

    Jun 27th, 2008

    Maybe we’ll get lucky and he’ll delete all his Nikola Shirakawa posts too.

    Everybody has SOMETHING positive to contribute, but in Niko’s case you’d have to really dig to find it.

  26. Nikola Shirakawa

    Jun 27th, 2008

    Penance Seauterau is your problem, the link to the one day alt of Penny Seauteareau is false, hand has been proven as such. You have no proof for this false statement, and you are an idiot for refusing to acknowledge this lack of proof. Yes, I know the name is misspelled. No I don’t care enough to try to fix it. And I’m a girl, for the last time.

    As to Penance’s breakdown and deletion of the old posts, it was most likely due to the fact that everyone. including myself, got tired of it and rather than apologize for any wrongdoing on her part, or suffer any intelligent opposing view, she shut it out. Her email communications after the fact strongly support this. Any further questions?

  27. Witness X

    Jun 27th, 2008

    I would like to make it perfectly clear that this Witness X is not affiliated with us, as should be patently obvious from their troll-like behavior regarding the link between Idiot #1 and Idiot #2 AKA Penance and Nikola. That being said, we do very eagerly await Niko to stop posting as well.

  28. Bunny Brickworks

    Jun 27th, 2008

    Thank you everyone for the nice welcome of our first Post 6 Guy. The positive response encourages me to ‘throw in’ a male avi from time to time which is only fair considering the number of female or gay readers of the Herald :) Which leads to the logical request … Anon and lol wtf – send in your applications, I want to see your pretty chins!

    One thing that is heavy on my heart: would you guys please not corrupt my series with flamewars that were once triggered by another Mistress of Post 6? This is neither fair towards me nor towards the models. Thank you.

  29. Nikola Shirakawa

    Jun 27th, 2008

    I agree with Bunny. This is far from the time or the place for that kind of trolling.

  30. Faerie

    Jun 28th, 2008

    Another great Post 6 – woo hoo!

    And I don’t think he looks feminine at all. You guys sound scared.

  31. pixeleen mistral

    Jun 28th, 2008

    The Herald is NOT taking down posts – I just recovered copies of the 17 deleted posts from the google cache, and will re-post them (along with their comments) after a certain amount of html copypasta.

    Now let us return to admiring Bunny’s photographs of Peter Stindberg.

  32. d3adlyc0d3c

    Jun 28th, 2008


    There are always a couple of trolls no matter what but as long as you don’t reply to them it will be manageable. I don’t see Post 6 getting anywhere near as out of hand as it was under that other person.

  33. PlanetUnicorn

    Jun 28th, 2008

    Its like Dr. Who regenerated as a young gay Jay Leno or something. :)

    “Yet here I am, showing my butt to several thousand readers of the Herald, and almost certainly will get a lot of drastic, probably even mean comments.”

    Actually, you are showing off your SL avatar “Cartoon Butt” which looks just exactly like several thousand others in there. So like, wheres the rush in that?

    “Now that Bunny Brickworks had packed away her camera it’s time to put on the asbestos undies, and prepare for the traditional flames.”

    I think this particular Post 6 is a troll especially when you read those lines above where he is begging for mean comments and traditional flames. Gay all the way…

  34. lol wtf

    Jun 28th, 2008

    real talk ^^

  35. Whatever

    Jun 29th, 2008

    My sister deleted them after I mentioned I’d told Nikola the delusional Princess I had considered doing so muself. It was ME who dug through the google cache to REPLACE them, not because I owe Pix sweet fuck all, especially after how she treated me recently, but because it was the right thing to do. As for Nikola, I have no wrongdoing to apologise for, and I left because I’m tired of it. All of it. It’s juvenile bullshit. Nikola and Pix can have it. And they can both lick me where I bleed.

    I would like to point out two things. For all the paranoid accusations of attention-seeking Nikola’s been throwing at me lately, I should point out this post is the first I’ve made on the Herald in over two weeks now, while she’s been on here near daily rambling either about me and how evilly I used her for my diabolical nefarious schemes, or trying futily to convince one of the Witness X’s she isn’t me, something I and pretty much everyone else BUT Nikola stopped caring about months ago. Oh and if I’m as evil as she thinks, I’d have posted her e-mail aqddress and her secret Herald Contributor ID to get her flamed more. As I have not, and have done my best to avoid the Herald altogether, well, I may indeed be unbalanced, self-loathing, and posessed of an unhelthy tendancy to stick my hand into the bonfire, but at least I’m aware of it. Nikola seems to think her shit smells of roses and wine, and that I find immensely funny at this point, since the only reason she got dragged into anything on my second Post 6 was because she herself commented on it and baited her own trolls all by herself.

    But of course no one would ever want to flame sweet innocent Nikki, so it must be big bad Penny’s fault somehow.

    Admitting to being a transsexual and faking a suicide on the Herald couldn’t possibly have been a factor in trolls targeting her at all.

    Oh, and the really funny part? After my sister deleted all my articles to protect me (from what I’m not sure, she isn’t answering her cel), I took responsibility to Pix. I accepted I was careless with Mozilla and my passwords. I accepted responsibility for my sister’s actions, and I promised Pix I’d replace every single article I could, even though I was under no real obligation to do so as she could easily have done the work herself. But I did, and Pix went mental, among other things accusing both my sister and I of *laughs her fat ass off* being cronies under Prokofy’s employ, setting out to erase a “giant important piece of Herald History”.


    Yes Pix, the ramblings of an insignificant self-loathing fat hermaphrodite and the long pointless flame wars insuing therein are such important historical events.

    Except unlike say, JFK getting shot, nobody gives two shits about me here Pix. Only my friends and family care. You don’t, the trolls don’t. Most posters would probably be happy if I died, assuming their first response to my name isn’t “Who?”

    The only history you want to preserve is that of the trolling at my expense that boosted your pageviews. You don’t need me for that anymore. I accept my flaws and know it’s my own fault I became a target in the behinning because I was opinionated and admitted loudly I was different. Now who can we think of that you have on staff like that who could easily replace me? Surely you must have an opinionated lippy tranny on staff that the trolls will flock to like lemmings to keep your traffic rate high. I wonder who that could be?

    So long, thanks for all the fish. We now return you to whatever imitation of reality lets you believe any of this matters to anyone.

  36. Anon

    Jun 29th, 2008

    Ah, the typical internet excuse. “My sister/roommate/dog/friend did it, waaaahhhh.”

    That said…Peter, you look friggin’ awesome.

  37. paranoid android

    Jun 29th, 2008

    from the HitchHikers Guide To The Galaxy
    (used without permission)
    (ps, the Tardis can’t save you)

    So long and thanks for all the fish
    So sad that it should come to this
    We tried to warn you all but oh dear?

    You may not share our intellect
    Which might explain your disrespect
    For all the natural wonders that
    grow around you

    So long, so long and thanks
    for all the fish

    The world’s about to be destroyed
    There’s no point getting all annoyed
    Lie back and let the planet dissolve

    Despite those nets of tuna fleets
    We thought that most of you were sweet
    Especially tiny tots and your
    pregnant women

    So long, so long, so long, so long, so long
    So long, so long, so long, so long, so long

    So long, so long and thanks
    for all the fish…

  38. anonymous

    Jun 29th, 2008

    Firstly, I am willing to bet that it wasn’t you sister, Pennance. You’re incredibly stupid if you think ANYONE believes that. I doubt you even have one but thats besides the point.
    Secondly, Pix paid for those stories and what you did was wrong. I know her well enough to know that she warned you about being so damn open in those articles. She shouldn’t even have had to, it’s common sense. You created this problem on your own. No one exploited you. Shame on you for biting the hand that fed you. All you did was take a huge shit on a friend.

  39. anonymous

    Jun 29th, 2008

    “And they can both lick me where I bleed.”

    Good god, thats fucking nasty. Have you seen pictures of yourself? I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy.

  40. Nikola Shirakawa

    Jun 29th, 2008

    People, please, this is not the time or the place, and Bunny does not deserve to have her article buried under a flame war towards a different net troll. Apparantly her articles have been restored, so go there to trash her, and leave innocent bystanders like Bunny and Peter out of it.

  41. As if

    Jun 30th, 2008

    Give it up Nick O’La, we all know the bashing should go to you.

  42. like_ummm

    Jul 1st, 2008

    “And they can both lick me where I bleed”… “because it was the right thing to do.”


    so where did these missing posts end up?

    btw that chin looks like something wile e. coyote could fall off.

  43. Blah

    Jul 1st, 2008

    Either the Herald “Search” is set to filter any Penance articles, or they are NOT re-posted.

  44. Moggs Oceanlane

    Jul 22nd, 2008

    Excellent interview Peter. I relate – I detest shopping in the real world but am out of hand in SL. The talent and creativity of fellow residents leaves me in awe and I’ve met some absolutely fantastic people in SL that I’m not quite ready to cross over into my first (being uber cautious about such things) but who if asked, I’d seriously consider meeting. Your Av looks great … nice butt *winks*.

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