SL Militia: Task Force Marines – Day 2

by Alphaville Herald on 11/06/08 at 8:02 pm

Nazi alts, neopotism in the marine leadership, attack of the Cookie Monster

by Caine Constantine

[the Herald correspondent returns to the Task Force Marine base and is given a warm welcome]


Caine Constantine shouts: Hey guys, how’s it going? Is bennyboy Ball in?
toccovender Waco shouts: caine, go away.

This taccovender Waco, another soldier in the Marines, was not happy to see me. But I didn’t care; I was on a mission. The leader, bennyboy Ball, was indeed online – on another account and named jaws Ashby. He came out to greet me and told me he was in financial troubles.

Caine Constantine: Your account, it was banned? Or you just cannot log in?
jaws Ashby: banned cause i o sl 11 dollars but i had to block my card cause i lost it
jaws Ashby: so when i get my new credit card i will get benny back

He confirmed most all of what Flamethrower said the day before, and added to it.

Caine Constantine: So who are the allies of the Marines, if you have any yet, and do you have a list of enemies?
jaws Ashby: alpha marines are our allies.
jaws Ashby: enemies are csl, alliance navy, mercz vanguard, blackwatch and 2142

Caine Constantine: Those are some big enemies. Do you fight them often?
jaws Ashby: yeah at least 1 a day
jaws Ashby: we attack csl for training

Caine Constantine: How do you do against them?
jaws Ashby: kill them and take pics to prove it

Caine Constantine: Do you have any to share with the readers?
jaws Ashby: on benny i do

So word of warning to all you Alliance Navy, Merczateers, Vanguard, Blackwatch and 2142 – when his credit card is back, you’re all going to be outed for the real losers you are. But jaws Ashby…I felt like there was something he wasn’t revealing.

Let’s take a break from the Marines for a second – though the end of their story is great – to go to the humble sim of Jessie, usually empty now though it is the original granddaddy of combat sims. I live in the area and love its history. The land I acquired to build my home once belonged to a group who were known as the People’s Soviet Communist Party. Most of the group died, a few joined me and disavowed communism, and some others soldier on in FurNation Vista to this day.

One of the old members, a friend of mine, shared with me this picture of jaws Ashby. He is pictured here, in the Jessie simulator. He is clearly wearing a swastika and giving the “Seig Heil” – what was going on? Was this a commie plot? The pictures look legitimate.


Was this group – purporting to be based on the same Marines that helped kick Hitler into the dustbin of history – run by one of Hitler’s online fan club? The corruption does not stop here either.

Nazi under the Christmas tree?

Not only is jaws Ashby a proven Nazi sympathizer, but his other account – bennyboy Ball – has an interesting partnership.


He is partnered to his 3rd in command – the same Admiral Mayra Roffo who took over Marines founder Flamethrower Rives’ Admiral title when bennyboy Ball got bored with him and decided there were too many admirals. Is the army based on not only Nazism but nepotism as well? I asked the other Admiral, Bouwie Scofield for more information.

Caine Constantine: Alright, and just so I am clear, the order of command is Jaws/Benny, then you, then Mayra Roffo?
Bouwie Scofield: Yes.

toccovender Waco: Mayra and Bouwie are the same rank
Malik Weder: no tocco
Malik Weder: oh
Malik Weder: nvm
Bouwie Scofield: Not realy, but you can see it that way.

It sounded like the rest of the troops in the Marines understood there is a special relationship in the ranks of the TFM Admiralty.

Back in Ocean Estate 10, the weekly meeting was about to begin. A visitor, Brodey Boucher, tried to get in. His role will be more important later.

Brodey Boucher

Brodey Boucher: can i come
Brodey Boucher: i can?
Cole Pashinin: no brodey
Cole Pashinin shouts: fill out a form (to join the Task Force Marines, that is) brodey..then u can get in

I was invited to attend by jaws Ashby. Brodey was banging on the door to the compound, trying to get in to no avail. The underground meeting hall was packed, and it was time for the week’s promotions.

But someone broke into the Marines’ compound, now virtually defenseless as most of the group’s online members were burrowed underground. Only a skeleton crew was manning the walls – and they were slaughtered by an attacker clothed in Vanguard fashions who told this interviewer he wanted to remain anonymous, going only by the codename “Cookie Monster,” which will soon make sense.

Admiral Mayra Roffo began the meeting amidst the carnage outside, congratulating new members for joining and talking about the speed of the group’s expansion.


Meanwhile, poor Brodey was getting repeatedly knifed in the back as Cookie Monster laid waste to the poor men outside. Wearing Vanguard clothes and using their weapons, he was coming for the meeting room, stopped only by a locked door.

It was perhaps fitting that a television in the Marine’s base was playing an episode of “The Three Stooges” as the meeting went on. It could be loudly heard during the meeting. Perhaps I was the only one with my media access options turned on, but I did not think it fitting to interrupt their meeting and ask them about it. I wouldn’t want to sound like I was making fun.

Somehow, Brodey soon made it down to the underground bunker, perhaps by teleport through a friend. He interrupted the meeting.

Brodey Boucher shouts: dont shoot im unarmed and need to talk to bouwie
Brodey Boucher shouts: bouwie sir
Brodey Boucher shouts: dont shoot me!
toccovender Waco shouts: brodey shutup and come back later
toccovender Waco shouts: please.

He came to warn them of the Cookie Monster, but they did not listen. And so, the Cookie Monster made it into the base, with a chilling warning of his intent.


Cookie Monster: im in ur base, stealing ur cookies
Brodey Boucher shouts: dont shoot!

Brodey was soon dead yet again. Cookie Monster was slaughtering anyone coming to defend the base – only through use of advanced Vanguard weaponry of their own did the Marines eject him from their stronghold. He came back repeatedly for some time after that. After a healthy dose of back and forth slaughter, with Cookie Monster taking on the whole of the Marines by himself and holding his own, he told me about what had transpired to cause the skirmish. He was upset about how the Marines fought.

Cookie Monster: shooting into the hub, rezzing grenades on hostiles – is there anything you do fight fair about?
toccovender Waco: shutup

Cookie Monster: lol
toccovender Waco: maybe u shouldnt sit in the hub for 5 minutes

In a post-battle interview, Cookie Monster said that the reason he had been so miraculously held off during much of the meeting, even though he was opposed mostly only by poor and unarmed Brodey, was that the Marines were simply rezzing grenades on the ground and killing him from a distance. He claimed they were actively using phantom bullets and killing he and anyone else entering the hub of the base.

I watched the skirmishing from a nearby hill until I was cut down in the crossfire. It was quite a sight, but a few hours later I received a message from Cookie Monster declaring his victory over the Marines.

And so that ends our story with the Task Force Marines. A fearless lot of men and some women, to be sure. They are committed and devoted to their leadership, but the real question is whether their leadership deserves to be followed. First Admiral jaws Ashby, with his Nazi past, and Third Admiral Mayra Roffo, who was half naked for much of my trip there, are partnered and her career with the Marines sounds like it was advanced by the unjust demotion of Flamethrower Rives, who helped found the group.

Second Admiral Bouwie Scofield seemed to be innocent of any of the problems afflicting the group.

So what to make of the common grunts? Using Vanguard weapons was not their only lifting of technology from other groups – Cookie Monster claims they are also using the armor of Ordo Imperialis. Are they just a group of “noobs” in it for the free, and lifted, guns and armor?

Maybe. But Flamethrower did make a good point. They were all having a great time. It was the best visit to a military base I’ve ever had, and they were pretty friendly too, except for toccovender Waco telling me to go away, and william Setner threatening the integrity of my kneecaps the day before. Each of them were laugh riots though.


Ultimately, you be the judge – check out Ocean Estate 10 and see what the Marines are about, and the one thing I can guarantee you is a good time. And if you want to join up, just pick up an application.

Caine Constantine: Shall I tell people where to find you and who to talk to about recruitment and joining the TFM?
Bouwie Scofield: Just let em fill out the application and send it to me, Mayra or Benny/Jaws

27 Responses to “SL Militia: Task Force Marines – Day 2”

  1. Caine Constantine

    Jun 11th, 2008

    Just to clarify for everyone – the Task Force Marines are now located in Prize Delta. The Alliance Navy story pushed this story back a few days so the information is a bit out of date in that sense.

    Thank you,

  2. Eye Korobase

    Jun 12th, 2008

    TFM are just as bad as VG, but way dumber and more nooby.

  3. GreenLantern Excelsior

    Jun 12th, 2008

    I was part of a group that attacked Prize Delta last night. The sim soon filled up with prims and the physics became glitchy. But thanks to TFM for showing us a good time and fighting fairly. It’s nice when you can walk outside the spawn area and look around without getting gunned down immediately. Some other groups could take a lesson from TFM in that area.

  4. Corona

    Jun 12th, 2008

    a- i did not think it was possible to obtain swastika armbands in SL
    cos it has been stated somewhere ( poss in Herald ) that one of the Lindens has an aversion to the symbol

    B -the wearing of a swastika armband and giving a nazi salute whether in RL or SL does NOT prove the person is a nazi
    it makes it cause for suspicion they are – but it is not proof
    as there is such a thing as roleplay

  5. Space Tard

    Jun 12th, 2008

    Good job on the quantity, everything else is aboard the fail boat to Fail Island.

  6. V for Vendetta

    Jun 12th, 2008

    @ Corona – You again? First you defend pedophilia and child molestation with the “RP” excuse, now you’re defending Nazism with the “RP” excuse also. Hey, lets go rob a bank and then say “But it was just RP! We aren’t really bank robbers!”

    Get the f#ck out, seriously. You need to get a REAL life and smell the fresh air, quit spending so much time on the computer “getting your pixels on”. I’m afraid it’s giving you a warped sense of reality.

  7. Just Call Me V-Tard

    Jun 12th, 2008

    Just call me V-Tard (since I agree with you both)

    You have to admit, with the summer pretty much in full gear, this pixelated brain damage has gone beyond the call of duty. Climb out of the basement all your pixelwacked sympathizers and go get some REAL.

    one thing you can say about sencond life is it allows people to do, say and pretty much behave in ways unacceptable in society.

    Freaking cartoon Nazi brain-damage

    What the f**k next?

  8. Vegna Fouroux

    Jun 12th, 2008

    Corona put your full name on, stop being a coward and bawwing on herald articles.

    My god The Fail Marines….

  9. Corona Anatine

    Jun 13th, 2008

    i make no defense of nazism – as there is none

    there is no excuse for nazism
    there is no excuse for pedophilia

    however nor is there an excuse for jumping to conclusions and/or prejudice & bigotry

    what I am opposed to is the ‘knee- jerk’ reaction some people seem to have when they encountered something they dislike

    maybe when you grow up you will understand this

  10. Corona Anatine

    Jun 13th, 2008

    and as i have said before – I read and reply to the herald during my tea break at work

    so this is written in between long sessions of RL

  11. Corona Anatine

    Jun 13th, 2008

    the request for my full name is reasonable – especially since LL has made it a standard surname

  12. Corona Anatine

    Jun 13th, 2008

    maybe we should round up all the nazis (and pedo’s) and put them in concentration camps

    they would not trouble us with their presence in society anymore

  13. Herbert Feldmann

    Jun 13th, 2008

    Pah… When we were still allies with TFM these nOObs spent all their time shooting on allies… TFM is not a military group, TFM is a very very bad imitation of AN.

    Herbert Feldmann, Domin. Ensign
    (Former RoG Officer)

  14. Kytec

    Jun 13th, 2008

    The TFM are a joke. A skilled player can hold their base with a freebie weapon even at their full attendance. I once sat in their brake room for a good 10 minutes with one of their members unloading clip after clip of training rounds into me while I just laughed watching the rest of their forces frantically search for the fighting (sitting maybe 3 meters below their feet).

  15. Kytec

    Jun 13th, 2008

    I’m fairly sure that the TFM’s leader’s involvement in nazism cannot be blamed on his own competent preference. In the many chats with said figurehead between myself an others it is clear that he is either mentally retarded or 12 years old, and quite impressionable. As Hitler’s views were a savior to the Germanic people who’s money was reduced to children’s play toys after reparations from world war one, the nazi appeal has obviously tickled one desperate moron’s fancy. His misguided attempts to “stick it to the man and rebel” are simply a cry for attention, and in that he has seceded beyond anyone of his mental state’s delusional wild dreams. Were here posting on the topic, aren’t we?

  16. Corona Anatine

    Jun 13th, 2008

    reply 7
    Some people feel better about themselves by demonizing others. Those people who are truly interested in morals begin by looking for immorality within themselves, not others.

  17. toccovender Waco

    Jun 13th, 2008

    i cant beleive this. this is terrible.

    caine you seem to have twisted this into something very terrible, making many of us look bad, mayra was an admiral before flame got demoted. before you go around making people look bad, please get the true story first,and herbert, before u keep lying, id like to remind u that RoG cheats like little bitches and they RoG attacked TFM ALL THE TIME, so dont go off lying and saying we shot you, dumbass.

    and just for the record, i left TFM.

    toccovender Waco

  18. Cookie Monster's evil twin brother.

    Jun 13th, 2008

    ”caine you seem to have twisted this into something very terrible, making many of us look bad”

    ”and just for the record, i left TFM.”

    Why are you saying that this article is making the TFM bad ?

    You shouldn’t care, you left the TFM, didn’t you ?

    Also, Eye Korobase, do not compare the Vanguard to the TFM.
    They (Vanguards) are just as good as any other millitaries if not the best on SL.

    You cannot judge people your leader won’t even allow on his lands.

  19. Johann Wilberg

    Jun 13th, 2008

    Truth hurts, doesn’t it Marines? I find it funny that you try to claim victory every time your get your asses handed to you. The Ordo assaulted you -twice- with single shot, highly inaccurate -muskets- that take ten seconds to reload. And both times, we got into your base and held it, locking you into your home positions.

    Then the Mercz also attack, and have a tea party in the deepest depths of your base, holding it for hours.

    Then this Cookie Monster, all by himself, does the same thing that two SL superpowers did. I can’t say that that means he’s better than either army or any army, but they’re all showing you how much they can whip an enemy army.

    Also, the way in which you fight proves the last fact I just pointed out. You run as close to the spawn point as you can get, if you didn’t sithack your way there already, and TP people to your position as you toss or rez grenades right when people come in. Your auto-killers are quite annoying too. It’s like running into an invisible wall of death as soon as you step out onto the ground.

    Have fun with your VG tactics and see where they get you.

  20. Caine Constantine

    Jun 13th, 2008

    Hey everyone, I would just like to mention that comprehensive coverage of the battles of Prize Delta you guys are talking about is coming as soon as possible.

    Thank you,

  21. wil

    Jun 13th, 2008

    heh i remember the british army attacking tfm, i was there and to be totally honest i had a blast. there are some things that you are probably very unfamiliar with in regards to the new TFM island, and this fact is also essential into understanding the brit attack that you were reffering to.

    there was no, and i do mean NO Grenade rezing or sit hacking that happened that night. I will admit, that some of our marines (including me) went down to the town to defend instead of holding the main base. This was done more of a neccesity instead of spite. Cookie Monster’s evil twin brother, next time you decide to take a stroll of the TFM island i want you to take note of certain geographical features. One of TFM’s reputation points (well i guess it depends on who you ask) is that we dont hub kill, in fact its been said that were one of the few armies that allow our attackers out of the hub without camping them. We believe in a fairs fair type of warfare. Now if you would notice that once you leave the hub you have directly two options of attack… option a) go directly across the bridge…or option b)skip to the town. either option provides you a direct access of the town, that was put in place to make things easier for the attacker, and to prevent TFM soldiers from well…camping. Now during the occurence of the British attack, a few of us (3 of us, however at one point a forth joined) went into the town to defend it, as if you will also notice…the TFM main base has no means of natural cover…the only advantage is that it has the higher ground. Now we did this because we were literally outnumbered at least 5 to 1.

    Again though i had a blast. at one point we were joking about how TFM had the britians tea, and we responded that AN had stolen it earlier that day so the brits should go attack them as well. Im not going to lie, i died…a lot… and i likewise returned the favor to the brits. I give them kudos (except for that furry guy with the knife…you deserve to burn in british hell…with no tea…or biscuits…or ‘football’) for they actually did make it into our base, pushed out, made it back in, pushed out, and so on and so forth for what seeemed like forever. I also give TFM kudos, we had only just a handful of members (at the most i counted 7) and yet we were able, for the most part, repel them.

    brits did a great job…but please dont over exagerate things, becasue someone, somewhere, is gonna call you out on it, and not only make you look like an idot, but also an asshole. also those auto-killers are called guns, iknow it might seem hax that you were actually shot…but hey it could happen ;)

  22. Eye Korobase

    Jun 14th, 2008

    Johann Wilberg just totally owned your whole army. You have NO comeback to that and you can’t even try to make up some BS and say you don’t do this or that, when it has been proven by a few armies that you are fail and using fail tactices.

  23. Krow Ames

    Jun 15th, 2008

    I attacked with the British Army… I was killed in the hub multiple times and even had a screen shot of someone saying “Mayra, put up the autokiller thingies, there are too many of them.”

  24. V for Vendetta

    Jun 16th, 2008

    “maybe we should round up all the nazis (and pedo’s) and put them in concentration camps

    they would not trouble us with their presence in society anymore”

    Oooo could we? Seems like Corona finally had a good idea for once! Miracles do happen!

  25. Fox

    Jun 17th, 2008

    I see many serious and complicatedly long-winded comments posted here, to add to the drama of an article that was about something that, let’s face it, is a fail. a bad rip-off of AN, and, at that, a rip off that makes the original embarassed.
    Anyway, due to these comments, I decided to add my own, serious, and long winded one. Here goes;

    ”A Pizza hut, A pizza hut, Kentucky Fried Chicken and a Pizza Hut.
    A Pizza hut, A pizza hut, Kentucky Fried Chicken and a Pizza Hut.
    Mcdonalds, Mcdonalds, Kentucky Fried Chicken and a Pizza Hut.
    Mcdonalds, Mcdonalds, Kentucky Fried Chicken and a Pizza Hut.
    (Let’s eat, to the beat!)
    A Pizza hut, A pizza hut, Kentucky Fried Chicken and a Pizza Hut.
    A Pizza hut, A pizza hut, Kentucky Fried Chicken and a Pizza Hut.
    Mcdonalds, Mcdonalds, Kentucky Fried Chicken and a Pizza Hut.
    Mcdonalds, Mcdonalds, Kentucky Fried Chicken and a Pizza Hut.”

    If you read all that, you are either;

    A) A member of the Ordo Imperialis
    B) Sad (Dispite the fact that B is the same as A, to strenghten my argument, I will post it twice, under a different name)
    C) Damn Bored
    D) Prokofy Neva, searching my obviously informative words for a conspiracy
    E) That idiot who IMd me the other day who claims to be a ”Linden Labs Agent”.

    If you’re still reading, you’re A,B, and E.


  26. Proteus Hand

    Jul 26th, 2008


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