Furry Love Poem

by Alphaville Herald on 05/07/08 at 2:01 pm

by Kris Dibou, warrior poet/pirate

My love is a little furry thing
With whiskers long and paws so thin
Her tail swishes as she sighs
With lovelight pouring from her eyes

Her pointed ears twitch to my touch
As I scratch them oh so much
And she lays on her back with paws curled up
With 6 small breasts for all her pups

I vacuum the hair when she sheds
A problem with those multipeds
But I love her anyway
Let her purr the night away

How good she’d be in a spicy stew
Lots of meat for us to chew
String her up and dress her out
Gather the bones and haul them out

copyright (c) 2008 – Kris Dibou – used by the gracious permission of the author.

4 Responses to “Furry Love Poem”

  1. Lord Kamina

    Jul 5th, 2008

    How lovely is my flamethrower,
    a burning molten shell,
    making lots of crispy critters,
    watch them as they flail.
    They burn and burn, and burn and burn,
    they are made to yiff in hell.

  2. Jumpman Lane (tm)

    Jul 5th, 2008

    Ur poetry sux hairy nut sax! (just like this ho I know named Aya Pelous O!) Spit em out! Spit em out! I remain, as ever, Jumpman Lane ™

  3. Lykurgus

    Jul 10th, 2008

    What exactly is, to “yiff”?

    Or should I not ask?

  4. dak

    May 31st, 2011

    it was cute…untill the end…

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