Postals From Strange Land: The Awakening

by Alphaville Herald on 12/07/08 at 2:44 pm

Real romance and the virtual world

by Mony Markova

Jan opens his eyes and tries to shake off that dream he just had. Now he needs to find her. See what she is up to. Why the odd messages and the odd words from her mouth; the long pauses in conversations? Even the times she was here, she was somewhere else. And worse, now she is nowhere to be found.


So Jan does the unthinkable and wonders if he needs a password to go after her, into that odd world he had been hearing so much about. In most conversations or stories, some reference to that land soon took over: “Ginger did this” or “Paolo did that.” Sometimes he would hear strange comments of what people can and cannot do in that amazing place he called Strange Land.

To Jan the land seems stupid anyway. There were so many things you couldn’t really do there. But still, he has to see it. Find her. He has the eerie feeling that once he was able to move around he would locate her – maybe catch her in the act. Perhaps she is having an affair? Is an affair in Strange Land is really an affair?

The idea sinks deep into Jan’s heart and floods him with sorrow. His eyes feel shaky and he sees himself alone and in despair. Does she know I love her? Where is she!

If darkness was not already cold in Jan’s soul, he made it worse when he thought, What if she is not the same person there?

In need of finding access, he jumps all over the place, while what is left of his sanity tires to figure out her password. Clues, I need clues, he screams! And so big is his desperation and so huge his pleas that somehow, someway, he manages to open an access door to the land, like a bright light, like a window that opens and fresh air enters. Now he can peek in there, walk it, see it, and yes, get her!


Yet he did not dare. He wants to find proof, so he looks around the house one more time, looks inside the kitchen she has worked so hard on. He reviews his notes and is able to check into many folders on his computer, as well as all of her stuff in the new house. Now he knows he is going crazy. But he moves fast from one thing to another – even shifting things around.

She shares openly, even with strangers! Oh my, where is she? She is such a rare beauty, such a nice friend, seldom bad mouths other people even in the confidence of our bed. She always speaks truth – but now this. She even went to see that sex store in our neighborhood. Oh my God, what a sneak!

And somehow he can walk in the Strange Land, like he has been there before. He moves awkwardly, most likely due to lack of experience or a poorly designed setting. He feels emotions he had never felt. Color, ha, color gives away the trick. This is not like home and people are so odd everywhere. Some move their hands to speak in a funny way, while others give Jan a strange stare. But most ignore him. He is not chatting with anyone now – he is on a search.

With every step Jan finds a reason to mock this Strange Land. He thinks, How odd, how stupid, how unnecessary to have to take a “subway” to “teleport” to the place where I know she is. Why not just open my map of Manhattan, find her, and boom! I am there! Maybe she does not want to be found?


For Jan, some teleports take forever. Once in the tunnel, all goes black for a few moments and Jan hears a sound when his teleport is completed; like a swoosh sound. This is the same as this subway station thing. Teleport into one place, she is not here. He stays seated and the next teleport happens. Two more and he is where she is.

When Jan arrives at his destination, he has to climb some stairs. Dull. What’s the sense of stairs in Strange Land? He comes out of the station and into the light! Oh, this light that hides a coffee place within it! It’s impossible to see in so much sun light! But who would name a coffee shop after Ahab’s second in command? And then, right there, behind real glass, he sees her. Jan’s loved one all alone.

In horrified surprise, she lets go of her coffee and reaches out to Jan. “I can touch you,” she says. “Where you been honey?”

“Why… why… why don’t you come home no more?” he mumbles.

“Is this really you, Jan?” she replies. “Jan did you eat? Your hair! Oh my God you are my Jan from Second Life. You need a doctor!

“What is your real name honey?” she says. “You need money? Come site down here for a minute.”

With a smile, and what feels like a final hug, Jan gently crashes into her arms.


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    Jul 13th, 2008

    oh for fuck’s sake *facepalm*

  3. Ti Dinzeo

    Jul 13th, 2008

    This begins to explore some very interesting topics. I wonder if there’s any more.

    Ti Dinzeo (Bastet to those who know of me but don’t know me)

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    Jul 14th, 2008

    @Ti Dinzeo:

    Take you hands off your sockpuppets, Penance.

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  7. Casady Batt

    Jul 15th, 2008

    No…this could be interesting. Maybe if there were more and something of a plot of method behind the madness..I could almost just dig it.

  8. Vannesa Lutrova

    Jul 16th, 2008

    SL is a humans emotion furnace. This story is about jealousy (more that true love)- and addiction to SL where, the character Jan seems to loose his head… to the point of being confussed what is what life… She does not even know his real name… lol

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