Red Guards Overpower Task Force Marines

by Alphaville Herald on 06/07/08 at 4:22 pm

Worker’s revolution also defeats the Alliance Navy, Sparta, Elite Armed Forces

by Caine Constantine

The Task Force Marines of Prize Delta may now be missing their would-be British overlords. On June 29th, an enemy far less humane came by to visit. The Red Guards, foot soldiers of the communist revolution, invaded Prize Delta and slaughtered the inhabitants with all of the terribly deadly efficiency of the army of the worker’s revolution.


Grey Nolder, one of the Red Guards, detailed some of the aftermath of the battle, telling the Herald: “Red Guards assaulted Prize Delta for over four hours, keeping Task Force Marines stuck within the deep confines of their base. Through EAF re-enforcements and the abuse of local teleports; as well as attempts to blacken the name of the Guards, our Comrades carried on, holding the base and a glorious red flag. Long live the Revolution!”


The communists came into Prize Delta without the pomp and musketry of the British. The came in with assault weapons and firebombs, and the Task Force Marines were overcome.

Word is coming in that similarly successful attacks by these mysterious Red Guards were handed to the Alliance Navy, Sparta, and the Elite Armed Forces, though perceptions of success are never agreed on in Second Life combat. One Merczateer claimed that their group was also hit hard by these Red Guards, who he said are ex-soldiers from many militaries.

Eventually, these communists were banned from Prize Delta. Information on their victory is still coming in, but the implications are clear – the Marines should consider inviting the British back to Prize Delta. While the communists burned the Marine base to the ground after their victory, the British tried to help rebuild Prize Delta after their victory.

So as it would seem, the Task Force Marines are now under constant attack, and the Second Life military scene as a whole is now facing a communist threat with some real skill. Perhaps they should look to the combined strength of the British Empire to save them from the red menace?

11 Responses to “Red Guards Overpower Task Force Marines”

  1. Caine Constantine

    Jul 6th, 2008

    Just so everyone is clear – I meant only to say that they are claiming that they have defeated these groups. The only confirmed defeat was of the Task Force Marines.

    My apologize to any offended groups if the information is inaccurate – but the claims that the Alliance Navy, Sparta and the Elite Armed Forces are only claims as I was not directly there to see it. The truth is up to the readers.

    Thank you,
    Caine Constantine

    (Sorry if this comment posted twice.)


    Jul 6th, 2008


  3. Grey Nolder

    Jul 6th, 2008

    Actually; we got unbanned, and we were banned originally for not having our own aircraft. Hahaha.

    [2:37] Grey Nolder: Simply doing some weapon’s training/fun combat.
    [2:38] bennyboy Ball: well we are alles with the mercz and your using a stole plane so banned
    [2:38] Grey Nolder: Negative; it’s a legitimate aircraft.
    [2:38] Grey Nolder: Merczateers are our allies as well.
    [2:38] bennyboy Ball: so
    [2:38] bennyboy Ball: get your own
    [2:38] bennyboy Ball: until then banned
    [2:39] Grey Nolder: Uhm, they let us use them. Give me a legitimate reason for banning my men. We’ve done nothing to breach STABLE.
    [2:39] Grey Nolder: You, Sir, are out of line.

    So yeah; once we finish with our brothel under the Adeptus base, WE WILL RETURN!

  4. Artemis Fate

    Jul 6th, 2008

    Yeah. The Joke is long since over. Stop beating the dead horse.

  5. Sol Cult

    Jul 6th, 2008

    In before Artemis… goddammit…

  6. Steve319 cao

    Jul 7th, 2008

    Ok not being funny here but how many more times are we going to read reports of TFM getting there asses handed to them they are now crying to vanguard every time anyone remotely capable of kicking there ass shows up ,

    God I never thought id say this but bring back the mass over reporting on the AN.

  7. born2kill

    Jul 9th, 2008

    i would like to take on this red guard for training…..would be alot of fun

  8. Arvid Sittingbull

    Jul 9th, 2008

    Where are the stories of us (TFM) pushing back Ordo who came with 50 or 60 men, two days in a row, who we pushed back out of our base while only six men were on our base? Or the stories about us taking over enemies.. You make it look as if we are only losing etc.. Its a shame.

  9. Caine Constantine

    Jul 9th, 2008


    I would love to post stories of a TFM victory! But you need to tell me about the battles as they happen, or afterward. I would like to come to everyone else, but there are so many militaries and only one of me.

    So please send me an IM next time a battle begins and if you win it, I will write about you doing just that.

    I can only post what I have information to post.

    Thank you,
    Caine Constantine

  10. lolwut?

    Jul 10th, 2008

    TFM victories? Seriously Arvid you made me laugh my ass of for a good 10 minutes. Thanks for brightening my afternoon at work!

  11. Proteus Hand

    Jul 11th, 2008

    Mister Constantine, you are the greatest war correspondent ever to grace the herald.

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