Second Life Herald Opens Lively Office

by Alphaville Herald on 27/07/08 at 11:51 pm

by Idoru Wellamn, staff writer

Pixeleen Mistral today announced that the Second Life Herald is expanding it’s “always fairly unbalanced” coverage of the most vital virtual worlds’ news, by opening a branch office in Lively – internet advertising behemoth Google’s first step toward monetizing the immersive social experience.

Ms. Mistral relaxes in a goth chair on the beach in Lively

Taking a break from decorating the Herald’s Lively Google news island with pink google pigs, goth chairs, goth candles, and anything else that might pass as techno-pagan decor, Ms. Mistral said, “Herald readers should look forward to seeing our trademark in-depth reporting and critical analysis expand beyond Second Life and also encompass Google – a company that regularly needs to reminds itself to not be evil. Besides, we can now hold Herald staff meetings somewhere that does not crash continually – running Lively on my MacBook Pro under Parallels is working great!”

7 Responses to “Second Life Herald Opens Lively Office”

  1. whut

    Jul 28th, 2008

    Face it. Your blog is dying, no one cares about your new offices or anything. Any readers here are trolls or morbidly curious as to how soon Uri will just say “FUCK IT I WILL SHUT THIS BLOG DOWN”

  2. JimBean

    Jul 28th, 2008

    That sounds wonderful. You should DEFINITELY stay there.


  3. Alyx Stoklitsky

    Jul 28th, 2008

    “running Lively on my MacBook Pro under Parallels is working great!”

    End yourself.

  4. curious, but not morbid

    Jul 28th, 2008

    @whut: “Any readers here are trolls or morbidly curious”

    So, which are you?

  5. soul4sale

    Jul 28th, 2008

    “Face it. Your blog is dying…”

    Because SL is dying (and remember that I fucking called it, haters), just like Sims Online before it. Pixeleen is moving on to the next VR trend. Nothing new here.

    Lively is no SL, though.

  6. Aya Pelous

    Jul 28th, 2008

    Well this blog is dying not so much second life. Let the people leave though. Less lag for the rest of us staying :)

  7. Sigmund Leominster

    Jul 29th, 2008

    Has anyone decided to run a “Dead Pool” for the Herald? I mean, every other article includes some comment along the lines of “you are dead” yet the bastion of fairly unbalanced news staggers, lurches, and limps along as other periodicals fall by the wayside and end up as cheap, rough toilet paper for the trailer trash generation.

    I suggest someone nominate an official “Grim Reaper” who collects L$1000 from each person that wants to guess the date of the Herald’s demise. The Reaper (don’t fear him) stuffs the cash in his voluminous pockets and flips his sand timer over to watch the hours, minutes, and seconds slip slowly away to the sound – and mailing – of the last post.

    The person closest to the appointed time cops the lot and gets to spend the lindens on celebrating the passing of era.

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