The Invincible Military’s Demise: Drama

by Alphaville Herald on 31/07/08 at 10:47 pm

by Vinzenz Fiertze

The wars of many,
the invincible crew,
her army at the ready,
Vanguards strength proves true.
With insults some squeeze our necks,
until our faces turn blue,
but it seems that their armies names, we always outdo.
They have no clue,
What they have gotten into.

Let us have a mighty spar,
from parcels, regions, and sims afar.
Put their pickled feelings into a jar.
And cover them avast with feather and tar.

I dare ALL the grid’s armies, to supox, come fourth,
and attack me now (I’ll be waiting in the north).
And after your defeat,
you will see,
how strong a single VG can be!

Let the armies scream at our roar,
As above, the 107th soar.
As the UA below wipe the floor,
With the flags of our (fallen) enemies,
O, the beauty of war!

Let us do this now, with no flaw,
let us crumple them in our hands,
the civilians in awe.
We could have done this,
without breaking the law,
but of course, there was the drama we saw.

Then, the nectar is drawn from our veins,
no longer do our horses have immortal reins,
And when it is time,
to fight again,
the drama ruins so many men.

I assure you however; (you may think luck is on your side),
if you leave ONE left, they will take you for a ride.
Drama surely has consumed you all,
but “VG aint gonna take no fall.”

7 Responses to “The Invincible Military’s Demise: Drama”

  1. sadfklf

    Jul 31st, 2008

    And then a lone black male with a large afro marched in, dropped a cube, and leaves inexplicably, before the entire sim’s population is wiped out in a huge fireball of lol.

  2. steve319 cao

    Aug 1st, 2008

    I only have one thing to say about this latest bit of vanguard rubish.


    Thanks for the lolz

  3. Fox Mulgrave

    Aug 1st, 2008

    Woah, Christoph has either been:

    *Threatening to sue the Herald
    *Threatening to sue members of the Herald
    *Threatening to kil members of the Herald
    *Threatening to make members of the Herald lose their RL jobs
    *Sucking someone high up in the Herald

    I doubt the last one is as likely as the first Four.

    I have no doubt you’ll try to sue me/get me banned for this.. I don’t care.
    Realize that this is a game, and begin acting like an Adult.

    Have fun guise!

    -Commander Fox Mulgrave,
    Rathium Tactical Forces
    Yedo Ymto. Corps 3569

  4. Sigmund Leominster

    Aug 1st, 2008

    Oh great! Now we get the magical combination of poor poetry and boring battles. Why not toss in a few pics of naked men and reference to a Linden then the bottom of the barrel will well and truly have been scraped!

  5. Vladimus Nikolaidis

    Aug 1st, 2008

    Epic fail. That is all.

  6. Weasel Blackadder

    Aug 2nd, 2008

    I turned up to Supox one fine day and VG didn’t want to engage. This was before I became a Merczateer, but most militaries are quite happy to take on freelance attachers provided they fight fair. Anyway, VG suggested that I take myself off to Appledore, Salamis was being remodelled at the time, and so I had a great little skirmish with the duty Merczateers. If this, er, poetry, signals a more agressive approach by VG in defending their sim then that can only be a good thing.

  7. Jiranto Kas

    Aug 2nd, 2008

    Vinzent was ejected from the Vanguard, actually.

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