ZOMG!! Military Warfare At Risk!!!

by Alphaville Herald on 31/07/08 at 11:19 pm

Will Linden Lab allow Second Life Militaries to go extinct?

by Adrastos Fhang

During my time in Second Life, many Second Life residents have gone through harrowing journeys. Upgrade after upgrade, Second Life attempts to become the new ERA for PC Games. In all of these upgrades, many things seem to go right, and then starts to wane. This newer threat puts Second Life Military warfare at risk. Few people have discovered that the newest glitch could put Second Life halt warfare until further notice.

This newest mistake from Linden Labs allows any type of bullets to go through prims no matter if they are damage, phantom, training, etc. Many bases rely on their prims for cover such as the Merczateers in Salamis and many more. With this new impediment in the headlines, Many wonder what will be the turn out of these upcoming events. I searched around for some members of the military community to see their opinion on this situation.

Adrastos Fhang: What do you think of Second Life’s latest glitch of any form of bullets going through solid prims easily?
Malcious Vuckovic facepalms
Malcious Vuckovic: i think of it being typical of LL

Adrastos Fhang: Typical of Linden Labs? How so?
Malcious Vuckovic: well they make more bugs than they can fix. they are their own worst enemy

Adrastos Fhang: Do you think it will put Second Life Military Combat at a hault?
Malcious Vuckovic: no. sl combat has been gradually getting worse over time, people always beat the crap out of each other regardless
Malcious Vuckovic: ordo have been working on a universal HUB to replace sl combat and quite frankly I’m all for it, there‚Äôs some really good systems out there, but people will never want to get rid of their one-kill shots

Adrastos Fhang: What does this ‘Universal HUB’ Do?
Malcious Vuckovic: Basically working similar to the CSC HUB, each player has their own health and ammo, and can only carry a certain amount of ammo packs
before they must find an ammo ‘create’ to get more, same applies with health.
Malcious Vuckovic: Bullets would work similar to the one Jamie B tried to make some time ago, only applying 100% damage to head shots, damage differs depending on what part of the body you hit

Adrastos Fhang: Do you agree with this concept?
Malcious Vuckovic: I think with work it could be one hell of a system, and it would definitely bring back some of the old fun sl combat has been lacking of late

Adrastos Fhang: Hello Steve319. I was wondering of what you think of this latest glitch going around with every bullet easily going through prims?
steve319 Cao: it only happens if the weapon is set to high enough velocity

Adrastos Fhang: What do you think of this glitch?
steve319 Cao: pain in the ass

Adrastos Fhang: So Nanao, what do you think of the glitch that allows any type of bullets to go through solid prims?
Nanao Amoufhaz: Well, I believe that this little glitch should be stopped because now it is very likely for people to take over they’re enemies faster.. With this known, people will not get the full military experience they want therefore may lead them to leaving their military for better things.

Adrastos Fhang: Do you think it could put a hault in SL Combat?
Nanao Amoufhaz: It is very unlikely for the newcomers. But for the people who have been here a while, it possibly could seeing how what once was very attracting and fun, is now too boring and dull. Reason being is because 90% of the military factions in Second Life use prims as their shields persay, and without these, they are basically defenseless unless ground is abroad and are able to cover behind that. Prims are a serious issue in SL combat and this should be looked at immediately… Or there may be some upset people in the near future.

After asking many more people, the overall answer was negative. Many people think if it does not get fixed appropriately now, more problems could occur during the future which could in fact put Second Life Military Combat at rest.

I do also believe that this glitch should be fixed fast before it can not be. If this is not fixed immediately, Second Life Militaries could possibly go extinct and forever changing the way combat is played out in the game known as Second Life.

57 Responses to “ZOMG!! Military Warfare At Risk!!!”

  1. lawl

    Aug 10th, 2008

    Shut up eye.

  2. Lance LeFay

    Aug 10th, 2008

    A combat HUD is somehow a new idea?

    Sorry, fellas, but we experimented with the idea in Beta back in Jessie. It always falls apart.

  3. Kastrenzo Benelli

    Aug 19th, 2008

    Last I checked, Eye Korobase is no longer a Merczateer.

    If you want someone to Represent the group, Get someone who is actually in the group, and wasn’t booted out for Sexual Harrasment.

    Stop talking about things you know nothing about, and quite frankly, Just Shut up,Eye


  4. Blade Syakumi

    Aug 19th, 2008

    At Random.

    Did you really have to spend that long writing complete self failure?


    -P.S. The cake is not a lie.

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