Anti-Furry Church Preaches Hate

by kris on 24/08/08 at 11:08 pm

Roleplay or improv theatre? hate as an artform withsacred daleks and anti-yiff spray

By Kris Dibou


Cross in St. Devros Church

Jacada Ansar had a vision.  Like some who have visions, Jacada started a church; a church that can could previously be found at Woodbury Longcat sim.  While puzzling over many churches built in the name of love, yet inciting hatred over those who do not believe as they do, Jacada decided to create a church based on hate in order to make a statement.  And who better, in Jacada’s opinion, to direct that hatred towards than the furry community.

During my visit to Jacada’s church, I witnessed two attacks and one redemption.  The whole thing ran like preplanned role play and certain comments made by Jacada reinforced this supposition. 

Jacada Ansar: This is my church
Jacada Ansar: As you can see it’s a beacon of love.
Jacada Ansar: ;)
You: lovely :)
Jacada Ansar: Its delightfully horrid
You: nice work on the furry cross
Jacada Ansar: Oh there’s two big ones at the front.
Jacada Ansar: We get furfags that try to "raid" us
You: ahhh…
Jacada Ansar: It’s a message to them to stay away
You: the Dracula method of striking fear into the enemy
Jacada Ansar: Indeed!
Jacada Ansar: We also have blooded furryheads on pikes
Jacada Ansar: They give a good friendly message across too ;)
You: tell me about your church here…it looks fascinating
Jacada Ansar: Basically yesterday
Jacada Ansar: I was on the internet reading about the Westboro Baptist church
Jacada Ansar: Then i thought, wouldn’t it be a great idea to build a church that is devoted to hate. Because whether people like it or not, religion incites hatred and thus i built this i think its a good example.
Jacada Ansar: A few people think that due to the anti-fur stuff here that we are linked with the patriotic nigra’s who torment furries themselves.
Jacada Ansar: Which is quite simply bullshit
Jacada Ansar: A pn member came here earlier and attempted to "raid" the sim but teleported once people opened fire on him
Jacada Ansar: There’s a difference between us regular /b/tards and patriotic nigra’s
Jacada Ansar: The nigra’s aren’t even funny, that’s why i don’t understand why they grief.
Jacada Ansar: It used to be funny and people used to get angry
Jacada Ansar: But people don’t laugh and no one really gets angry anymore. It’s pointless
You: yes

(Jacada puts up a large black wall over the church entrance, blocking us in)

Jacada Ansar: I’ve put that door there
Jacada Ansar: because i was sitting behind the wooden screen
Jacada Ansar: and someone started firing glowing orbs in here
You: I’ve noticed that, in general, things have mellowed on the big grid
Jacada Ansar: yes slightly
Jacada Ansar: There’s not as many griefers as there used to be
Jacada Ansar: Something funny
You: did you see the article of the fellow who’s only goal was to get banned?
Jacada Ansar: I did
Jacada Ansar: Quite recent
Jacada Ansar: I think he’s an idiot, and compared to some of the other major griefers he hasn’t been banned that much so the idea of him being someone with the most bans is ridiculous
Jacada Ansar: Furries disgust me
Jacada Ansar: Theres something seriously wrong about finding animals a turn on
Jacada Ansar: DO you have any other questions?
You: blame is all on Walt Disney
You: lol
You: sure, I assume since you were born a few days ago, that you are an alt of a Woodbury regular?
Jacada Ansar: Actually this is a brand new account and i got rid of my old one
Jacada Ansar: and i was a lot more regular in visiting what
Jacada Ansar: With the w-hat group
Jacada Ansar: Then i started coming here as well and spend the majority of my time here
You: how did you come to pick your current avatar? Does he represent someone?
Jacada Ansar: well
Jacada Ansar: I built this one because
Jacada Ansar: Noone suspects an old disabled man in a wheelchair is ever going to cause any hassle ;)
You: ….like Dr. X…
Jacada Ansar: Basically yes :)
Jacada Ansar: plus this av kind of looks like someone who belongs in a church
Jacada Ansar: It seems original to me
Jacada Ansar: I’m planning on erecting a graveyard around it
Jacada Ansar: and yes i think it would
Nodame Offcourse: that would be great :D
You: yes…
Jacada Ansar: and i do invite all furfags to come here and confess there sins
Jacada Ansar: i might try and build some form of gallows
Jacada Ansar: with a furry hanging from it
You: what name did you give the church?
Jacada Ansar: I have yet to think of a name
Jacada Ansar: so far its just "the church"
You: have you collected any followers?
Jacada Ansar: I think i might open it to the public
Jacada Ansar: Oh everyone here is a follower, otherwise i shoot them
Jacada Ansar: I have guns at the back of the church
Jacada Ansar: To the church!
Jacada Ansar: Now i was thinking of reshuffling the church into an entirely new religion
Jacada Ansar: Mainly protesting Furfaggotry
You: religious reform?
Jacada Ansar: Yes
Jacada Ansar: The role of God would have a very small part to do with the goings on of the church
You: like in rl
You: lol
Jacada Ansar: Yes
Jacada Ansar: Then the church would have a collection plate
Jacada Ansar: As i just placed
Jacada Ansar: Basically it should spread the message of how very evil furries are


              Peach Robonaught inside the cockbox

(Suddenly we are attacked by what appears to be Christmas ornament cages, sent in by Peach Robonaught)

Sangria Singh: peach you furfaggot
Peach Robonaught: :[
Sangria Singh: a cockbox upon your house!

(Sangria places a box-cage around Peach, filled with penises)

Jacada Ansar: GOD HATES YOU
Jacada Ansar: FURFAG
Peach Robonaught: fine, no 2L$ for you! >:[
Sangria Singh: she lies
Sangria Singh: she only pays in favors of the flesh
Jacada Ansar: disgusting
Jacada Ansar: We should feed her to furfags
Sangria Singh: harlot
Jacada Ansar: Are you writing all this down Kris Dibou
Jacada Ansar: This is why the Church must get bigger and more popular
You: collecting it along with pics
Jacada Ansar: I might even hire pole dancers
Jacada Ansar: But in religous attire
You: or even czech dancers
Jacada Ansar: Yes

(Peach puts money in the collection plate, thereby absolving her sins against the church)

Hi-Techno Tipjar Blue Giftedition 1.0: Thank you for your donation.
Jacada Ansar: Thank you Peach
Jacada Ansar: God forgives your sins
Jacada Ansar: Yes that’s a good idea
Jacada Ansar: If someone sins they are encouraged to donate to the church’s charity
Jacada Ansar: Which will go towards helping infants who are in need
You: to escape the confines of hell :)
Jacada Ansar: but not of a furry nature
Jacada Ansar: that way the money can be transferred via the interweb to charities such as christian aid
Sangria Singh: be careful, bebe, you might catch the aids
Jordge Schmergel: cant give me anythin i havent already had

(Enter Il Thor, with a flat ‘Luigi’ avatar)

Jacada Ansar: I hereby announce this Church as the St Davros’s due to the holy nature of Daleks
Il Thor: so these orthodox icons have subliminal hidden ‘when you see it you’ll shit bricks’ mindfucks in them right?
Jacada Ansar: Because they give a good example across
Sangria Singh: ill mix the chloroform
Jacada Ansar: Yes they do


             Furry in a cage covered in anti-yiff spray

(…and enter Idair Vhargon, a furry)

Jacada Ansar: FURFAG
Jacada Ansar: FURFAGGG
Alazar Kuhn: Oh Jaysus
Idair Vhargon: WOT?
Idair Vhargon: Wot Jacada?
Idair Vhargon: BISCH >=O
Jacada Ansar: You have to fight to the death with SAngria
Idair Vhargon: kk
Jacada Ansar: You disgust me furfag
Jacada Ansar: How dare you enter this church
Idair Vhargon: WHO TOOK A PIC
Kiddoh Korobase: D:
You: I did
Idair Vhargon: >.<
You: for the paper
Jacada Ansar: Then the menace of your furfags will be known to the world


               Daleks as Holy Beings

Jacada Ansar: Raiding churches with your AIDs
Idair Vhargon: But I shall spread my AIDS to you nigglets
Jacada Ansar: No you won’t
Jacada Ansar: This is the reason this church exists
Jacada Ansar: To rid the world of you unholy cretins
Peach Robonaught: ANTI YIFF SPRAY GO!
Idair Vhargon: Hey
Jacada Ansar: Burn out the sins
Idair Vhargon: Nuuuuu!
Idair Vhargon: Nuuuuu!
Sangria Singh: ive had my gypsy tears
Idair Vhargon: They smell like a pound of BULLSHIT!!
Idair Vhargon: Stop!
Idair Vhargon: It burns!
Jacada Ansar: Take a picture Kris
Jacada Ansar: Oh the burning has stopped
Idair Vhargon: PENDEJOS
Idair Vhargon: MUERAN
Idair Vhargon: PARALE PUTA!
Idair Vhargon: NO MAMES!
Idair Vhargon: CHINGAO
Idair Vhargon: YA
Idair Vhargon: >.<
Alazar Kuhn: AQUI ESTA!
Kiddoh Korobase: D:
Jacada Ansar: Where did it go
You: I smell burning fur
Idair Vhargon: English muthafucker, do you speak it!?
You: ooo…daleks for the inquisition
Jacada Ansar: They are holy beings in this church
You: yessss
Idair Vhargon: Yes I am holy
Jacada Ansar: You are no Dalek
Idair Vhargon: I must get out
Jacada Ansar: The true sentient beings are Daleks
Jacada Ansar: With furries being at the bottom of the "triangle"

(I sent an IM to the furry, to get his take on all this)

Kris Dibou: would you like to tell me all about your battle with the church?
Idair Vhargon: What church?
Idair Vhargon: Who are you?
Idair Vhargon: Who am I ?
Idair Vhargon: >.>
Idair Vhargon: <.<
Idair Vhargon: Are you guys like gay?
Idair Vhargon: Its cool cuz Im gay too
Kris Dibou: I am a reporter
Idair Vhargon: A reporter?
Kris Dibou: writing on a story on this place
Idair Vhargon: Say what>
Idair Vhargon: Oh
Idair Vhargon: This place rox
Idair Vhargon: I love making this people mad
Kris Dibou: hehe
Kris Dibou: I think they love you making them mad
Idair Vhargon: Yep
Idair Vhargon: Their lives are so boring
Idair Vhargon: I come here to make them interesting

Sangria Singh: They are immoral, disgusting subhuman faggots who prey on the normal in order to feed their horrifying array of fetishes. They spread AIDS like wildfire and breed like rabbits. Furfaggotry is an enabler for the sickest fetishes imagionable, from vore to infantilism to pedophelia to male pregnancy, and most important of all, irl zoophilia. When was the last time you saw an infantilist that wasn’t a babyfur?

I went back to look again a few days ago, and the church was gone.  I could not find Jacada nor would anyone tell me what happened to the church.  Did Jacada take it back down?  Did the Lindens ask him to?  Did he just get bored and move on to the next project?  I don’t know, but I, for one, have not forgotten the images.

Now let us suppose for a moment that we are a branch of a southern Baptist church who are actively opposing homosexuals.  Inside we whip the congregation into a fury about the evil being done by these peace loving people.  Then our congregation goes out and makes their stand known to the world, protesting and being protested in return.  I ask you, readers- what is the difference?

70 Responses to “Anti-Furry Church Preaches Hate”

  1. mootykips

    Aug 30th, 2008

    Nope, don’t think that’s correct. You might try googling it though :)

  2. lolwut

    Aug 30th, 2008

    “I think you’re mistaken my good friend, for I happen to understand the difference quite well.”


  3. Iron Knight's Fuhrer Krieg Wizenheim

    Dec 28th, 2008

    Ok, I would first like to know why we all have to attack eachother so radicaly? Why can’t we all speak to eachother in a adult mannor and have a respectable conversation? This is why anti-anything has so many flaws. They freak out and screem and rant and rave. They have no controll of themselves, nor thier emotions, they let feelings get the best of them.

    On the other not, I am a furry only in SL. I am not a hardcore furry fan, but none the less I dress like one cause I think it looks cool. I have NEVER had any sort of sex on this game. I find that wrong in many ways. I am also strait for all of you antis calling furries “fur-fags”.

    That also brings me to my second point, it is a game. Sure you can make a RL profit from it but it still is not reality. We need to come back to that, reality. That goes for furrs and antis alike. Allot of people role-play in second life so we are never realy sure who that person may reay be like in RL. A total idiot online could be a realy nice guy/girl in RL.

    My third point is my strongest. The furry fandom is an idea, some people agree with that idea. As long as the idea does no harm to anybody its perfectly legal. Thats the orginal American dream and the dream of second life. The world has become a place of restriction and suppression. Everything has to be so politicaly correct we can’t say simple words without ending up on the evening news for hate crimes. Thats why i have a problem with anti furries. They want to attack a group because they don’t follow the statis quo. Because they think diferently and are not 100% politicaly correct, they are the enemy of the nation. Is that right? Should we attack an entire idea because they arn’t the same? These myths about the furry people being an evil omen or cretens is just uncalled for. Who are you to interpret the holy bible and decide who is evil? Any good God would not declare any one person evil for a harmless idea.

    If furries are doing things that are not appropriate in the sim or area they are in, then they should be punished, but that is up to the owner, not Linden Labs. I have had furries that acted out of controll, I repremended them for it. If they did not listen I filed for a report. The only thing is, is that I have had problems with people who were not furries just as much. There are people with bad judgement everywhere, not just one large group of people. Thats just as bad as saying all black people do drugs, although it said allot, its not true.

    This church was an idea as well, they are perfectly legal in my book. I may not agree with it, but so as long as they do not do anything harmfull to others, go for it, just don’t bother me or press your idea on me.

    One last thing before I finish my speech. Das Waffernamt was a idea too, it was destroyed becase of a anti group. That is why I fight for the furry cause. I don’t wan’t another death of a idea. Long live the Great Cross, and long live the Furzi and Furry cause.

  4. derkaderkamuhammadjihad

    Dec 29th, 2008

    “Now let us suppose for a moment that we are a branch of a southern Baptist church who are actively opposing homosexuals. Inside we whip the congregation into a fury about the evil being done by these peace loving people. Then our congregation goes out and makes their stand known to the world, protesting and being protested in return. I ask you, readers- what is the difference?”

    One is genuine hatred, the other is attention-hungry mockery?

  5. Sakura

    Jun 29th, 2009

    This “church” is going against god. and besides, God loves furries.

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    Sep 8th, 2009

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  7. AlissonSoller

    May 15th, 2010

    God doesn’t love furries cause God isn’t real.
    Also on topic, do you wanna know why you furfags are so hated and that you’re a very SMALL population?

    It’s because you douchebags cry out “FURSECUTION” when someone criticizes your sick fetish and claim it as a “lifestyle”. Seriously, are you guys that dense? Who goes out and says MAH FETISH IS MAH LIFESTYLE! Do you honestly see people with a rubber fetish or whatever go out in public with that on everyday? No. Get it a real life and start living in reality.

  8. Enix

    Oct 21st, 2010


    int COMMON_IDIOT = 0;
    int SPECULATION = 0;
    int OPINION = 0;
    int EPIPHONY;
    int FACT = 1;
    int MEMORY;

  9. Cornell

    May 5th, 2011

    Thing is,that humans are afraid of difference,anything different scares them,and thus they decide to attack it.I for one really dont care what anyone thinks of anybody,because its just an oppinion and nothing more.I support Furries as well,because I prefer to be at ease with a peaceful being than with a non-peaceful one.Its like giving someone a gun, telling them to point it at you,and trusting them not to shoot you.Far as I know,Furries Are trustworthy,loyal,and know how to really party.

  10. hobo kelly

    May 6th, 2011

    Furries are mostly fags who are simply butt-hurt about how they have to take dicks up their dirty asses to get off instead of having a clean vagina.

  11. Tinker

    May 6th, 2011

    Furries are just like emos trying to get attention……i mean if i was a furri i wouldn’t talk about it or anything i mean i have my fetishes too but i mean i don’t bother people with them seriously if you are a furri i could care less and quite being proud of it because apart from pediphilia and sick fetish i think it is the worst

  12. Eva

    May 6th, 2011

    Ever since my boyfriend started liking furry sex, I’ve hated it really badly..he forces me to roleplay as one, and each time I see one, I have a sudden urge to stab it, and watch it bleed to death.

  13. Nelson Jenkins

    May 6th, 2011

    Bump an article over 2 years old which hasn’t been commented on for over 6 months.

  14. Yep

    May 6th, 2011

    Go getem Tiger :P

  15. Paul

    May 6th, 2011

    It is very sad to see such hate spewed such as exhibited by Hobo Kelly. People who say such things must hate themselves on such a profound level. It must hurt bad to be so alone in the world with your own self loathing.

  16. Reader

    May 6th, 2011


    You forgot to mention basement dweller part…

  17. Anon

    Nov 6th, 2011

    Haters only know how to hate.

    - “It must hurt bad to be so alone in the world with your own self loathing.”

    This. How hard can it be to show respect, tolerance and most importantly, love.
    Embrace your own life and what it has to offer – and STAY THE FUCK OUT of other peoples lives, because they don’t give a shit about what you think about them anyway (rightfully so).

    Forgive my bad mouth.
    But I’m not really the one who should be apologizing.

  18. Anon

    Nov 6th, 2011

    int COMMON_IDIOT = 0;
    int SPECULATION = 0;
    int OPINION = 0;
    int EPIPHONY;
    int FACT = 1;
    int MEMORY;
    //… ”


  19. Furries Forever!

    Feb 4th, 2012

    I’m sorry,but all you people calling furries “furfags” and saying bad things about them,that ALL furries are like that,well that is simply not true. You can’t assume that because some furries are flawed and some people see them in inappropriate ways,does not mean that ALL furries are like that,it’s what other people make of them. The real problem is what people are making them out to be. Furries are just a fun idea and a way for people to express themselves in different ways. I know,I know, people freak out if something is different and weird,then they attack them and hate them because they don’t agree,somewhat like religion. But that’s the thing. This isn’t a religion! This isn’t some huge,important deal that was meant to cause trouble or hurt everyone. It’s your fault for turning furries into a bad thing,so don’t have the furry community,hate the insensetive people who think so highly of their beliefs that they are so close minded and don’t accept anything different.

  20. okami kasai

    Apr 29th, 2014

    so dumb!! what is wrong with you people…furries are awesome and you are wrong. and god is probably mad as hell at you antifurries, putting up pictures of him and saying what he doesnt like. WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? are you god?? is that what you are thinking? you just…know what he likes and doesnt? just…burn in hell. get raped by satan.

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