Anti-Furry Church Preaches Hate

by kris on 24/08/08 at 11:08 pm

Roleplay or improv theatre? hate as an artform withsacred daleks and anti-yiff spray

By Kris Dibou


Cross in St. Devros Church

Jacada Ansar had a vision.  Like some who have visions, Jacada started a church; a church that can could previously be found at Woodbury Longcat sim.  While puzzling over many churches built in the name of love, yet inciting hatred over those who do not believe as they do, Jacada decided to create a church based on hate in order to make a statement.  And who better, in Jacada’s opinion, to direct that hatred towards than the furry community.

During my visit to Jacada’s church, I witnessed two attacks and one redemption.  The whole thing ran like preplanned role play and certain comments made by Jacada reinforced this supposition. 

Jacada Ansar: This is my church
Jacada Ansar: As you can see it’s a beacon of love.
Jacada Ansar: ;)
You: lovely :)
Jacada Ansar: Its delightfully horrid
You: nice work on the furry cross
Jacada Ansar: Oh there’s two big ones at the front.
Jacada Ansar: We get furfags that try to "raid" us
You: ahhh…
Jacada Ansar: It’s a message to them to stay away
You: the Dracula method of striking fear into the enemy
Jacada Ansar: Indeed!
Jacada Ansar: We also have blooded furryheads on pikes
Jacada Ansar: They give a good friendly message across too ;)
You: tell me about your church here…it looks fascinating
Jacada Ansar: Basically yesterday
Jacada Ansar: I was on the internet reading about the Westboro Baptist church
Jacada Ansar: Then i thought, wouldn’t it be a great idea to build a church that is devoted to hate. Because whether people like it or not, religion incites hatred and thus i built this i think its a good example.
Jacada Ansar: A few people think that due to the anti-fur stuff here that we are linked with the patriotic nigra’s who torment furries themselves.
Jacada Ansar: Which is quite simply bullshit
Jacada Ansar: A pn member came here earlier and attempted to "raid" the sim but teleported once people opened fire on him
Jacada Ansar: There’s a difference between us regular /b/tards and patriotic nigra’s
Jacada Ansar: The nigra’s aren’t even funny, that’s why i don’t understand why they grief.
Jacada Ansar: It used to be funny and people used to get angry
Jacada Ansar: But people don’t laugh and no one really gets angry anymore. It’s pointless
You: yes

(Jacada puts up a large black wall over the church entrance, blocking us in)

Jacada Ansar: I’ve put that door there
Jacada Ansar: because i was sitting behind the wooden screen
Jacada Ansar: and someone started firing glowing orbs in here
You: I’ve noticed that, in general, things have mellowed on the big grid
Jacada Ansar: yes slightly
Jacada Ansar: There’s not as many griefers as there used to be
Jacada Ansar: Something funny
You: did you see the article of the fellow who’s only goal was to get banned?
Jacada Ansar: I did
Jacada Ansar: Quite recent
Jacada Ansar: I think he’s an idiot, and compared to some of the other major griefers he hasn’t been banned that much so the idea of him being someone with the most bans is ridiculous
Jacada Ansar: Furries disgust me
Jacada Ansar: Theres something seriously wrong about finding animals a turn on
Jacada Ansar: DO you have any other questions?
You: blame is all on Walt Disney
You: lol
You: sure, I assume since you were born a few days ago, that you are an alt of a Woodbury regular?
Jacada Ansar: Actually this is a brand new account and i got rid of my old one
Jacada Ansar: and i was a lot more regular in visiting what
Jacada Ansar: With the w-hat group
Jacada Ansar: Then i started coming here as well and spend the majority of my time here
You: how did you come to pick your current avatar? Does he represent someone?
Jacada Ansar: well
Jacada Ansar: I built this one because
Jacada Ansar: Noone suspects an old disabled man in a wheelchair is ever going to cause any hassle ;)
You: ….like Dr. X…
Jacada Ansar: Basically yes :)
Jacada Ansar: plus this av kind of looks like someone who belongs in a church
Jacada Ansar: It seems original to me
Jacada Ansar: I’m planning on erecting a graveyard around it
Jacada Ansar: and yes i think it would
Nodame Offcourse: that would be great :D
You: yes…
Jacada Ansar: and i do invite all furfags to come here and confess there sins
Jacada Ansar: i might try and build some form of gallows
Jacada Ansar: with a furry hanging from it
You: what name did you give the church?
Jacada Ansar: I have yet to think of a name
Jacada Ansar: so far its just "the church"
You: have you collected any followers?
Jacada Ansar: I think i might open it to the public
Jacada Ansar: Oh everyone here is a follower, otherwise i shoot them
Jacada Ansar: I have guns at the back of the church
Jacada Ansar: To the church!
Jacada Ansar: Now i was thinking of reshuffling the church into an entirely new religion
Jacada Ansar: Mainly protesting Furfaggotry
You: religious reform?
Jacada Ansar: Yes
Jacada Ansar: The role of God would have a very small part to do with the goings on of the church
You: like in rl
You: lol
Jacada Ansar: Yes
Jacada Ansar: Then the church would have a collection plate
Jacada Ansar: As i just placed
Jacada Ansar: Basically it should spread the message of how very evil furries are


              Peach Robonaught inside the cockbox

(Suddenly we are attacked by what appears to be Christmas ornament cages, sent in by Peach Robonaught)

Sangria Singh: peach you furfaggot
Peach Robonaught: :[
Sangria Singh: a cockbox upon your house!

(Sangria places a box-cage around Peach, filled with penises)

Jacada Ansar: GOD HATES YOU
Jacada Ansar: FURFAG
Peach Robonaught: fine, no 2L$ for you! >:[
Sangria Singh: she lies
Sangria Singh: she only pays in favors of the flesh
Jacada Ansar: disgusting
Jacada Ansar: We should feed her to furfags
Sangria Singh: harlot
Jacada Ansar: Are you writing all this down Kris Dibou
Jacada Ansar: This is why the Church must get bigger and more popular
You: collecting it along with pics
Jacada Ansar: I might even hire pole dancers
Jacada Ansar: But in religous attire
You: or even czech dancers
Jacada Ansar: Yes

(Peach puts money in the collection plate, thereby absolving her sins against the church)

Hi-Techno Tipjar Blue Giftedition 1.0: Thank you for your donation.
Jacada Ansar: Thank you Peach
Jacada Ansar: God forgives your sins
Jacada Ansar: Yes that’s a good idea
Jacada Ansar: If someone sins they are encouraged to donate to the church’s charity
Jacada Ansar: Which will go towards helping infants who are in need
You: to escape the confines of hell :)
Jacada Ansar: but not of a furry nature
Jacada Ansar: that way the money can be transferred via the interweb to charities such as christian aid
Sangria Singh: be careful, bebe, you might catch the aids
Jordge Schmergel: cant give me anythin i havent already had

(Enter Il Thor, with a flat ‘Luigi’ avatar)

Jacada Ansar: I hereby announce this Church as the St Davros’s due to the holy nature of Daleks
Il Thor: so these orthodox icons have subliminal hidden ‘when you see it you’ll shit bricks’ mindfucks in them right?
Jacada Ansar: Because they give a good example across
Sangria Singh: ill mix the chloroform
Jacada Ansar: Yes they do


             Furry in a cage covered in anti-yiff spray

(…and enter Idair Vhargon, a furry)

Jacada Ansar: FURFAG
Jacada Ansar: FURFAGGG
Alazar Kuhn: Oh Jaysus
Idair Vhargon: WOT?
Idair Vhargon: Wot Jacada?
Idair Vhargon: BISCH >=O
Jacada Ansar: You have to fight to the death with SAngria
Idair Vhargon: kk
Jacada Ansar: You disgust me furfag
Jacada Ansar: How dare you enter this church
Idair Vhargon: WHO TOOK A PIC
Kiddoh Korobase: D:
You: I did
Idair Vhargon: >.<
You: for the paper
Jacada Ansar: Then the menace of your furfags will be known to the world


               Daleks as Holy Beings

Jacada Ansar: Raiding churches with your AIDs
Idair Vhargon: But I shall spread my AIDS to you nigglets
Jacada Ansar: No you won’t
Jacada Ansar: This is the reason this church exists
Jacada Ansar: To rid the world of you unholy cretins
Peach Robonaught: ANTI YIFF SPRAY GO!
Idair Vhargon: Hey
Jacada Ansar: Burn out the sins
Idair Vhargon: Nuuuuu!
Idair Vhargon: Nuuuuu!
Sangria Singh: ive had my gypsy tears
Idair Vhargon: They smell like a pound of BULLSHIT!!
Idair Vhargon: Stop!
Idair Vhargon: It burns!
Jacada Ansar: Take a picture Kris
Jacada Ansar: Oh the burning has stopped
Idair Vhargon: PENDEJOS
Idair Vhargon: MUERAN
Idair Vhargon: PARALE PUTA!
Idair Vhargon: NO MAMES!
Idair Vhargon: CHINGAO
Idair Vhargon: YA
Idair Vhargon: >.<
Alazar Kuhn: AQUI ESTA!
Kiddoh Korobase: D:
Jacada Ansar: Where did it go
You: I smell burning fur
Idair Vhargon: English muthafucker, do you speak it!?
You: ooo…daleks for the inquisition
Jacada Ansar: They are holy beings in this church
You: yessss
Idair Vhargon: Yes I am holy
Jacada Ansar: You are no Dalek
Idair Vhargon: I must get out
Jacada Ansar: The true sentient beings are Daleks
Jacada Ansar: With furries being at the bottom of the "triangle"

(I sent an IM to the furry, to get his take on all this)

Kris Dibou: would you like to tell me all about your battle with the church?
Idair Vhargon: What church?
Idair Vhargon: Who are you?
Idair Vhargon: Who am I ?
Idair Vhargon: >.>
Idair Vhargon: <.<
Idair Vhargon: Are you guys like gay?
Idair Vhargon: Its cool cuz Im gay too
Kris Dibou: I am a reporter
Idair Vhargon: A reporter?
Kris Dibou: writing on a story on this place
Idair Vhargon: Say what>
Idair Vhargon: Oh
Idair Vhargon: This place rox
Idair Vhargon: I love making this people mad
Kris Dibou: hehe
Kris Dibou: I think they love you making them mad
Idair Vhargon: Yep
Idair Vhargon: Their lives are so boring
Idair Vhargon: I come here to make them interesting

Sangria Singh: They are immoral, disgusting subhuman faggots who prey on the normal in order to feed their horrifying array of fetishes. They spread AIDS like wildfire and breed like rabbits. Furfaggotry is an enabler for the sickest fetishes imagionable, from vore to infantilism to pedophelia to male pregnancy, and most important of all, irl zoophilia. When was the last time you saw an infantilist that wasn’t a babyfur?

I went back to look again a few days ago, and the church was gone.  I could not find Jacada nor would anyone tell me what happened to the church.  Did Jacada take it back down?  Did the Lindens ask him to?  Did he just get bored and move on to the next project?  I don’t know, but I, for one, have not forgotten the images.

Now let us suppose for a moment that we are a branch of a southern Baptist church who are actively opposing homosexuals.  Inside we whip the congregation into a fury about the evil being done by these peace loving people.  Then our congregation goes out and makes their stand known to the world, protesting and being protested in return.  I ask you, readers- what is the difference?

70 Responses to “Anti-Furry Church Preaches Hate”

  1. G.W.

    Aug 24th, 2008

    Why do you even give idiots like this essentially a box to spew their idiocy. The anti fur people have no good reason to hate furries and it’s not by coincidence that every single one of them are the same groups that think that flying penis attacks are funny (they’re only funny against Ansche Chung), you’d think that the 12 year old boys of sl that compose these groups could at least mix it up with stuff that’s actually funny instead of idiocy.

  2. mootykips

    Aug 24th, 2008

    w-hat did this better like a year ago

    unlike here, it was actually funny

  3. Angel

    Aug 25th, 2008

    “what is the difference?”


  4. Anonymous

    Aug 25th, 2008

    This is shit.

    Good thing it was deleted by the land owners, it sucked, period.

    The house of fursecution was much better.

    Also, you faggots who get butthurt over it, YHBT.

  5. Alyx Stoklitsky

    Aug 25th, 2008

    Except this is in Longcat, not Woodbury.

    Longcat is owned by Scout Detritus, of Ravenglass Refridgerator fame.

  6. Alyx Stoklitsky

    Aug 25th, 2008


    Not only is this not in Woodbury, it’s no longer *anywhere*.

    Woodbury group mods deleted the building before this article was even posted, due to it being lame.

  7. lemonpickles

    Aug 25th, 2008

    The entire “hate! hate! hate!” crap is lame.

    The people who foster it are even lamer.

    Always got to have a target for their hate, because it’s all these kids know.

  8. Weasel Blackadder

    Aug 25th, 2008

    ‘Now let us suppose for a moment that we are a branch of a southern Baptist church who are actively opposing homosexuals. Inside we whip the congregation into a fury about the evil being done by these peace loving people. Then our congregation goes out and makes their stand known to the world, protesting and being protested in return. I ask you, readers- what is the difference?’

    The difference is that the perpetrator of this anti-fur thing is an adolescent attention-seeking loon, whereas a Christian church of the type described would have arrived at an anti-gay position by an honest misreading of an ancient and serious faith with a long track-records of doing good in the world.

    Now this comment is likely to provoke a number of rather predictable reactions:

    Firstly, someone is probably already leaping to the keyboard with a few selective quotes from the Bible to suggest that text is inherently anti-gay. All I can say to that is that there is a reason they call it ‘Bible study’ and why theology is taught in universities. The Bible is not an airport self-help book and reading it like one is actually slightly silly.

    Secondly, someone else who has yet to have a sexual experience involving another person is probably composing a long list of evils committed by organised religions. Well, a list of evils committed by those who rejected the great World faiths would be somewhat more ghastly and in any case one of central tenets of Christianity at least to recognise the imperfection of man. Belief systems supposedly founded on pure ‘reason’ that consider man to be perfectible always seem to end up with death-camps somehow.

    What I found interesting in this is that the author seems to have fixated on the particular anti-gay imagery that it is fashionable to rail against in the US. There are actually countries in the world where being gay is not only illegal but a capital crime. You would have thought that injustice would be considered rather worse that any minority Christian group using harsh language, but apparently not.

  9. Jacada Ansar

    Aug 25th, 2008

    I would like to point out that the Church was removed by me, due to me getting bored and wanting to build a large castle instead.

    I then deleted the castle and built a shop, then i deleted the castle and set up my office in the Richard Mongler financial building located at the longcat sim.

    If anyone wants to discuss the menace of the furfags or discuss how God can help us rid second life of these evil cretins. feel free to pop along to my office which is on the seventh floor and we can talk about genocide.

  10. Sigmund Leominster

    Aug 25th, 2008

    I’m fascinated by the notion that we can talk about prejudice against Furries when they don’t really exist. In “reality,” Furries are just people who choose to dress differently. I could enter SL as a toaster, along with my friends who dress as blenders, juicers, egg whisks, and spoon rests, but if someone then decides to set up a “Death to Kitchen Appliances” group, I’m going to LMFAO!

    Having said that, if I come avatar to avatar with someone who despises me because I am a toaster, I may get mildly irritated because they are so stupid – I mean, what person in their right mind hates a fucking toaster!

    SL is populated by thousands of people who dress as cats, dogs, tigers, lions, robots, pixies, elves, gnomes, dragons, vampires, and any number of objects. So anyone who thinks it is funny to go off on a rant against cats, dogs, tigers, etc. can have a field day. And reading Jacada’s comments I can’t help feel that he/she is really just trolling for attention – and getting it here :)

    So where do I get the toaster avatar?


    Aug 25th, 2008

    Yiff in hell furfags. Yiff in hell.

  12. mootykips

    Aug 25th, 2008

    You know what they say. All toasters toast toast.

  13. Lord George A. Zimmer IV, High Inquisitor for his Majesty God Emperor Frizzle of Fry CI

    Aug 25th, 2008

    The difference here, Sigmund, is that as a person wearing a toaster avatar, you’re not going around demanding that people accept you as a toaster, demanding your right to fuck real toasters in real life, declaring toasters a race unto themselves, comparing people making fun of fellow toasters to jews being exterminated and blacks being slaves, and going around filling websites with people just like you, getting someone in a high ranking position in said website, banning anyone who disagrees with your toaster beliefs, then staging a coup and taking the website for yourselves and remaking it for toasters-only.

  14. Lord George A. Zimmer IV, High Inquisitor for his Majesty God Emperor Frizzle of Fry CI

    Aug 25th, 2008

    Also, I lol’d at how he says P­N sucks in the same breath as he talks about Daleks being gods of furfag destruction.

    That was a P­N meme spawned during the birth of SaviorChan. WU hates us but can’t stop obsessing over how awesome we are.

  15. Rape-Ape

    Aug 25th, 2008

    Nothing quite like hearing cries of fursecution from zoophiles who take themsevles too seriously.


    G.W. claiming fursecution to be idiocy when you can easily consider wearing a cartoon animal costume as your erotic alternate persona to be idiocy.

    Then Sigmund Leominster tries to downplay furrydom as “dressing differently” as if it were a fashion trend, like cargo pants maybe 10 years ago, ignoring their fetish, yiffing and attempt at a lifestyle overall. And don’t even get me started on the ZetaToys the majority of furries buy.

    Westboro Baptist Church says it alot better than this Jacada guy, God would inherently hate furries for more than enough reasons.

  16. Zamboni Driveby

    Aug 25th, 2008

    In over 5 years, I’ve never had a furry demand anything.

    You kids are so full of shit. You go looking for this shit and then cry like the little pale-faced, limp-wristed bitches you are, when you find it.

    “I would like to point out that the Church was removed by me, due to me getting bored ”

    Got bored huh? IMAGINE THAT. Take your meds kid.


  17. Alyx Stoklitsky

    Aug 25th, 2008

    “WU hates us but can’t stop obsessing over how awesome we are.”

    I don’t hate you.

  18. General Drama

    Aug 25th, 2008

    Those of us with any amount of theological study under our belts cant help but be entertained by the symbolism.

    Christ was crucified on the cross for being the savior of the jews and other sinners.

    By christian belief, everything about furfaggotry is sinful.

    Ergo, the furfag dies on the cross to cleanse the furfag and other sinners of their sins. As we are all sinners, everyone, to some extent, is a furfag and in need of being saved.

    So generally speaking, everyone needs to accept Jebus Fox as their personal savior and confess to their furfaggotry.

    For the governance team to persecute those who seek to cleanse us of our furfaggotry, they are committing religious persecution, and thus acting in a broadly offensive manner.

  19. Zamboni Driveby

    Aug 25th, 2008

    “Nothing quite like hearing cries of fursecution from zoophiles who take themsevles too seriously.”

    yeah, and nothing like socially retarded kids, who think it’s cool to pretend to be disaffected, and who take furries so fuckin’ srsly and whine like babies about it for years on end. WHO REALLY CARES? they like to dress up as animals and fuck and play house, and they think they should have rights. the only stupider thing is you fucktards taking their bullshit so srsly that you devote countless hours of your lives to protesting it. get a fuckin’ life retards. you’re worse than they are. srsly.

    i fucking PRAY that lightning hits the co-lo and the muthafucka burns down.

  20. Sigmund Leominster

    Aug 25th, 2008

    @ Lord George A. Zimmer IV: OK, you got me! I am not a committed toaster but more of a kitchen appliance wannabee. I just ask that toasters -and similar labor-saving devices – be allowed to live normal lives on their own granite-working-surface sim, until they rust in peace.

    @Rape-Ape: Well, certainly not like cargo pants, whose extreme bagginess does nothing to flatter a well-sculpted figure and are worn primarily by folks who are trying to hide flabbiness. No, certainly not cargo pants. More like a well-crafted, European-cut Dolce e Gabbana suit that’s intended to signal affluence, style, and a certain flair.

    Well of course a furry outfit (and I’ll stick to the notion of the exterior appearance being a type of clothing) also serves to reflect a lifestyle – but then what clothing doesn’t? It makes a world of difference in RL whether you wear your baseball cap with the bill at the front flat, the bill at the front curved, the bill at the back, or the bill at the side. And last time I checked, a $50 Timex uses the same 24-hour clock as a $6000 Rolex Submariner but some folks will insist on having the latter – and it’s NOT for telling the damn time!

    And as to the lifestyle, so long as they don’t take a dump on my living room floor or spray my front door to mark territory, I don’t give a monkey’s – literally – what they do with their furry little appendages. My fetish just happens to include women in high heels, plaid skirts, oiled breasts and a couple of cans of Ready Whip. But I promise not to do it in your house or on your sim – unless you ARE a woman with high heels, plaid skirt (cotton, no polyester please), oiled breasts, and a can of Ready Whip.

    Otherwise, don’t be such a killjoy spoiling some kinky fun. Sheesh!

  21. Zamboni Driveby

    Aug 25th, 2008

    “be allowed to live normal lives on their own granite-working-surface sim”

    now that’s funny. more so than anything these lamerkidz ever come up with.

    indeed, the entire comment is a masterpiece.


  22. mootykips

    Aug 25th, 2008

    >”But I promise not to do it in your house or on your sim”

    that’s the point. are you being purposefully oblivious? furries do this _everywhere_. they have _conventions_ to do this shit. this is not some “do whatever in your own home” thing. if it was nobody would have a problem with it (well, maybe except the PN).

  23. Zamboni Driveby

    Aug 26th, 2008

    uhh moodykidz, they are legally allowed to have conventions just like Trekkies and so forth. if they yiff or crap on the floor there they have security to take care of that and they will end up in the county jail. convention halls aren’t your house or yard. a stupid example from an even stupider kid.

    if you don’t like it, move to North Korea, fascist asshole

    i’ve been in SL for going on 6 years and never had a furry intrude on my space, ever, and going out and antagonizing them and basically looking for it doesn’t count, genius. fail, you fool nobody except yourself and your samefag friends.

    for a buncha kids who scream loudly how stupid people are for taking things in SL so seriously, y’all sure do take this shit seriously.

  24. Nidol Slazar

    Aug 26th, 2008

    I’d just like to point out that Zamboni Driver is gigantic cockmongling faggot who ironically bitches about the people bitching about the bitchers…

  25. Zamboni Driveby

    Aug 26th, 2008

    Midol apparently has PMS.

    Say hi to your mom for me as you’re going out the door to the school bus stop in the morning, pansy. Tell her thanks and that I am flattered she wants me to be your father figure, but that I only do one niters with bitches who fucked up so royally at raising their brats.

    Oh and should I point out the irony of you bitching at ME for bitching and adding another layer?

    I don’t buy into chicken or the egg games with over-entitled, spoiled little fucks on forums. These crybabies started the bitching and that’s an open invitation to criticize.

    Don’t like it? Hit too close to home, mama’s boy? Too fucking bad.

  26. lol

    Aug 26th, 2008

    Zamboni Driveby is a blatant furry and sure is raged, and his ranting about freedom makes me think hes into some sick subfetishes, I wonder if he touches his dog.

    Ironic that Zamboni Driveby is freaking out and calling people fascist koreans (a little intolerant of you to associate people you hate with an unrelated country, isnt it?) racists, and children, all just for making fun of a fetish that every normal person can agree is creepy.

    Little too defensive, maybe, Zamboni? Sounds like these “fursecuting hy00mans” struck a chord with you.

  27. Rape-Ape

    Aug 26th, 2008

    @Zamboni Driveby

    Let me rephrase that

    Nothing quite like hearing cries of fursecution from zoophiles like you who take themsevles too seriously and hide themselves badly.

    Why so serious?

  28. Anonymous

    Aug 26th, 2008

    The people who downplay the furfaggots are either completely and blissfully oblivious (and you may want to keep it that way)) or are the furfags themselves downplaying their own bullshit.

    What’s more annoying is they act like they’re the voice of furries.

    Okay, so you arent a vindictive furfag, good for you, except you’re still pushing the fact you like to jerk off to animal porn and letting me know what you do on your personal time. I simply dont care and anything you say will not make me view you any better.

    I dont like you, and I dont HAVE to like you. it isn’t persecution. (fyi, I’m not saying your bullshit fantasy words either) It’s my personal choice. Real persecution is if you were really dragged out of your houses, had them set on fire, and you getting lynched from a nearby tree, or dragged behind a truck for about 10 miles, constantly.

    BUT YOU ARENT. You’re being mocked and laughed at on the internet because some people dont agree with you and think you’re a complete fucking fool, or think you’re sick, or maybe, because you’re fucking annoying.

    Before SA did it, before 4chan existed, MTV documented and mocked furries on some show. That’s right, mainstream media, yanno, people who dont “get it”.

    Well guess what, you see how the media, when it has made furry related shit, it’s always negative, or displayed as something creepy and immoral? That’s how people see the furry FETISH. Not just socially retarded kids. The socially retarded kids just have a much more direct approach at mocking furfags than mainsteam media does, namely because they have nothing better to do than watch furries rage.

    However, there are those of us who have dealt with vindictive, pushy, and annoying furfags. The kind who wont shut up when you tell them to stop talking about furfaggotry in a completely off topic way, who get pissed and get all their friends to help “take over” a community or chat, or whatever it may be to FORCE people to “accept” them. They do this by chasing off people, or harassing them, trying to get them to become like them.

    These are the same assholes who say “furries welcome everyone with open arms”, yeah, as long as you become like them, otherwise, expect to be chased off and threatened. They also tend to push the envelope when they go to a community that has nothing to do with furries, and they feel that they should make it about them, and start pushing their shitty drawn porn on everyone and everything. Then they feel they’re above any laws or rules because they’re “special” This right here is the real reason most people hate furries, the entitlement bullshit. Somehow, furries are superior for fapping to animal penises, yet because they’re superior, they deserve pity as well.


    So, to furries, stop crying and screaming and getting so defensive and stay away when people say stay away, stop when people tell you to stop, and dont act like you’;re above all laws, and then maybe people would at least tolerate you.


    Aug 26th, 2008

    “uhh moodykidz, they are legally allowed to have conventions just like Trekkies and so forth. if they yiff or crap on the floor there they have security to take care of that and they will end up in the county jail. convention halls aren’t your house or yard. a stupid example from an even stupider kid.”

    Trekkies don’t want to fuck halfanimal children. :D

    And goddamnit Mooty stop taking potshots at us in most of your posts, it’s not nice ;-;

  30. Stephie

    Aug 26th, 2008

    @Sigmund: Furry isn’t a lifestyle unless they wear their fursuit 24/7, in public, everywhere they go. If they only wear it to get off, then it’s a fetish.

  31. Ivy

    Aug 26th, 2008

    There’s hardly any writing in the herald anymore…more just chat logs. If I wanted a chat log, I could IM the guy myself. Does that make me an investigator? Perhaps I should get a job here.

  32. taxideremy.for.the.masses

    Aug 26th, 2008

    The night was dark. The guns were hot. Smoking hot. The Target Shooting Range outside of the Exclusive Weapons store was barking with several shooters sighting in their guns. Many targets to choose from all in an enclosed space. Just squeeze the trigger and BLAMMO the zombie dies. Or looses a leg, or arm or head. A couple of guys and a guy and his girlfriend were there that night shooting at the Zombie target and other targets. Everyone was having a grand time… until a furry showed up.

    At first it was just a black blotch barely noticible in the distance against the dark green nocturnal field in which it was standing, a good ways off in the next sim over. No reason to even notice the problem really. Until it came closer.

    Suddenly, directly across the sim border from the Target Range the distant black blotch had come a lot closer and was now in full view. It was some kind of large animal, possibly a wolf or a bear, standing upright on its hind legs, humanlike, with hair all over and a typical Wylie Coyote type of hairy animal head, with big jowles, a long snout and a bulbous nose on the end.

    And it had 2 huge animal dongs hanging from its loins. The corrupted miserable creature, whatever it was, saw the girl and the next thing you know, it had moved adjacent to where she was and began to masturbate its 2 animal dongs while doing some kind of crazed animal dance that had it jumping around like a monkey. Then the dongs started spurting a white animal substance all over.

    The marksmen who were sighting in their new guns in the Target Range ignored the ejaculating Black Wolf like creature as much as possible. Until the Black Wolf furry lept over the sim border and then lept over the bullet shielding on the Target Range and stood right in front of the target where the human beings were shooting.

    It grabbed its 2 dongs and began its monkey ejaculation dance again only this time it was right in front of the bullseye on the main target on the target range where everyone was shooting. “Shoot me” it howled. “Shoot me if you dare” it taunted as it danced and spurted. Who is going to resist that, I ask you? Some crazed furry with its meat out jacking off in front of your girlfriend shooting fur jism all over everything?

    BLAM BLAM BLAM, ratta tatt tatt, BLAMMO BLAMMO, BOOM (that was the nuke), kaPow kaPow, all the big stuff came out and everyone opened up.

    When the smoke cleared, after a minute, a big black Fur thing came plummeting down from the sky and splatted flat on the ground in front of the Main Target. Would it get up? Was it dead? Would it do something else that was really stupid? Yes, no, and yes.

    Next thing you know about 10 Furries show up in the Exclusive Weapons Target Range. That black Wolf-like ejaculating fur thing had accessed the Furry Continuum with a yiff and a howl and had called in a flash wrecking crew of its fur pals to deal with these humans who were shooting their weapons off in the Target Range.

    The humans were caught by surprise. The next thing you know, the furrys started to babble some magical spell incantations towards this magical staff thing they were carrying and lo and behold the humans were all starting to vibrate wildly at first, and then POOF they would shoot skyward. One of the humans had a type of Movelock turned on and instead of going into orbit, they were held about 30 meters off of the ground, bobbing up and down helplessly.

    The 10 or so furrys grouped around the Big Black Wolflike Wiley Coyote thing and made strange yipping sounds while doing some kind of “High 5″ congratulation with each other only they would bump their paws together by a form of ramming each other. They had owned the humans. All except one.

    The girl had excaped. She was a warrior. While the Furrys ganged up on the target shooters, and their guns, which took out a few furries early on, but were overwhelmed by the furry sheer numbers, while the furrys went after the guys, the warrioress that the furrys discounted as not worth keeping an eye on, she retreated.

    Retreated first into the store long enough to record the chat log, which contained her Radar output which had been talking to her, describing the furrys as they showed up. That took only seconds. The furrys saw her then and went after her in the store, but she teleported away just in time to a different sim.

    “Fucking furries” she thought to herself. “Fuckin goddamned furries”. She opened the Radar output notecard and copied all the Furry names into her Omicron “known enemies” list and set the action to take upon encountering an enemy to ORBIT. Then: reset.
    UPDATING ENEMIES LIST, the Omicron said, and she was off, back to Exclusive Weapons…

    The furries were still there. Still out in the Target Range having a little party. The Big Black Wolflike tainted creature was jacking off again.

    The warrioress landed inside of the store and simply and calmly walked out the back door and into the Target Range, and into the middle of the Furries. Furries started shaking in their paws, literally, then one by one, they began shooting up into the sky. All 10 of them! The warrioress rezzed a box on the ground and sat down and waited… What goes up… must come down… and they did, splatedty splat splat splat. 10 up, 10 down.

    Hardly able to believe what had happened to them, the stunned Furries of the FurFagMob hurriedly rezzed cubes on the ground and sat down on them. This was perfect for the Warrioress, who had planned on them doing just exactly that. Because at that moment, one click of a little button on the Dopestyle Hud and PRESTO CHANGEO, all the Furries had a SHIT HAT on. All 10 of them. Big ugly piles of brown crap with flies flying around them. 10 big piles of crap sitting on cubes. Thats what it looked like. Surreal if you think about it. With flies flying around them…

    It was a sneaky trap. The warrioress was in control of 10 furries all at once and there wasnt anything any of them could do but sit there with big piles of crap on their heads. If they tried to click on the Shit Hat to get out of it, instead of escaping, it would deform their avatar and stay in place. If they tried to stand up, the Omicron would whip them up to about a billion meters.

    And Bawwwwww? You should have been there. It was like all 10 of them started yelling all at once at the warrioress who was just sitting there calmly watching 10 crap piles try to talk. One or two of the captured furries tried to fire some kind of lame spell out of their Magical staff or whatever it was, but when they did, it bounced around inside of their own Crap Hat that they were wearing, which came down to about their knees, making all sorts of banging and thumping sounds.

    One by one they decided the fun was over and they were tired of being humiliated so one by one they faded out, teleported out to who knows where. But thats a true story. Saw it happen myself. Don’t have to tell me twice about the nastiness of Furries…

  33. rofl

    Aug 26th, 2008

    taxidermy left out that, despite the furries having griefed the shit out of everyone there, they successfully got the defender banned simply because they were furries, and furries somehow have more pull than normal people.

  34. mootykips

    Aug 26th, 2008

    Zamboni Driveby: “Your mom” went past insult into joke a while back. And after that it wasn’t even a joke. Perhaps you should get with the times. You also shouldn’t be so hard on yourself, even if you make stupid examples that doesn’t mean you’re a stupid kid. That just means you need to calm down and try something else :)

    >i’ve been in SL for going on 6 years and never had a furry intrude on my space, ever

    That’s great, but I don’t think anyone really cares about Second Life. If you want to make this about some stupid grandiose battle this is happening because furries are destructive to the *chans etc. I don’t expect those who play pointless “act out your retarded fantasy in a deserted laggy N64-esque landscape” game like SL, especially for such a long time, to know much about
    anything outside of it (including, as stated above, the deprecated use of your insult), so I hope this was informative.

    IHAVN’TSLEPTINWEEKSJESUSCHRIST: I only do it because it’s true. It’s gone past stepping back and mocking the furries into complete childish idiocy.

  35. sinead mcmillan

    Aug 26th, 2008

    insane. pure fascism. shame on you.

  36. Zamboni Driveby

    Aug 26th, 2008

    Yeah and this stupid handwringing you all do went into jokeland a long time ago as well.


    As for me being a fur, it’s a nice try at a gotcha but, like most of your BS, it’s entirely fictional and designed to get some lulz from your buttbuddies, and not much else.

    I DO have fetishes and they involve my wife and our jacuzzi and the kids shipped off to their grandparents for the weekend. Someday, when you all stop being afraid of your own cocks, you might be able to enjoy something like that. If you ever stop leeching off your parents and get jobs and lives.

    And to the tool who said that trekkies don’t want to fuck animals, GREAT! but that still doesn’t mean that you get to deny furrys conventions and similar things. But then, that’s because they never really bothered you, so you tards have to come up with weak-ass examples of why they should be denied. And did you know, some trekkies like to fuck while still wearing their costumes? ZOMG ALIEN FUCKERS! SOMEONE CALL THE NSA!

    And to Mr. Genius, telling someone to move to N.Korea is not racist, another piss-poor, reaching try. My wife is from Inchon, dumb ass. It’s about politics, not race, and those sort fascist politics (whining like a bitch about furry conventions, etc)would fit right in there. Not even a nice try. Weak.

    But it’s HILLARIOUS being told that by kids who act like they just discovered racial epithets yesterday and who puch that particular envelope to the limit. Someday you’ll get your ass kicked by someone for that. Hmmm, maybe you already have and that’s why you choose to do it as anonymous cowards on the internet that you take so seriously.

    Anyway, N.Korea is waiting for you. Everything is nice and sterile there for little boys who just discovered that their cocks were for more than pissing, and are having major guilt issues because they touched themselves (or possibly each other).

  37. HAHA

    Aug 26th, 2008

    “i fucking PRAY that lightning hits the co-lo and the muthafucka burns down.”

    “for a buncha kids who scream loudly how stupid people are for taking things in SL so seriously, y’all sure do take this shit seriously.”

    Zamboni, wtf are you supposed to be? Redneck white trash barbie or something? I think someone is confused.

    Irrelevant troll is irrelevant. Goodbye Zamboni.

  38. mootykips

    Aug 26th, 2008

    >fascist politics (whining like a bitch about furry conventions, etc)

    “The word ‘Fascism’ is almost entirely meaningless. In conversation, of course, it is used even more wildly than in print. I have heard it applied to farmers, shopkeepers, Social Credit, corporal punishment, fox-hunting, bull-fighting, the 1922 Committee, the 1941 Committee, Kipling, Gandhi, Chiang Kai-Shek, homosexuality, Priestley’s broadcasts, Youth Hostels, astrology, women, dogs and I do not know what else… almost any English person would accept ‘bully’ as a synonym for ‘Fascist’.”

  39. Epicness

    Aug 27th, 2008

    Zamboni thought he meant Korea the country…. Korea the sim. For someone who claims to have been in SL for a long time, you sure dont know shit.

    Thanks for telling us your wife is from Inchon. Mail order bride anyone? LOVE YOU LONG TIME.

  40. ffing lame

    Aug 28th, 2008

    So what is this big difference between PN and ‘regular’ /b/tards?

    From what I see here in this article, its the same shit, different alts.

    ‘The PN arent even funny’

    Neither is this, sweetcheecks.

  41. EFFING lame

    Aug 28th, 2008

    I think you meant “sweetcheeks”.


  42. ffing lame is Corsi

    Aug 29th, 2008

    Ah the missspeelings tell me ‘ffing lame’ is nun other than Corsi Mousehold, whose lack of literacy is legendary among firfag and pee-en aliek, as well as the tendency to use ‘sweetie’, ‘sweetcheeks’, ‘honey’ and other forms of gender disparagment.

  43. Wordfromthe Wise

    Aug 29th, 2008

    taxideremy.for.the.masses : that was so great !

    wish i had seen this myself. this would make a
    great Machinima .. but anyhow ..
    your story was so thrilling//haunting ..
    ty so much ..


  44. ffing lame

    Aug 29th, 2008

    @ EFFING lame: 2 is not a word, it’s a number.
    Pot, kettle, etc.
    Yes I made a little misspelling in my previous post.
    No, English is not my primary language.
    No, I really don’t care.
    No, this post isn’t evidence of the opposite, I just had to comment on the irony of you pointing out my spelling mistake.
    I love the Herald. Hilarity 24/7 :D

    @ ffing lame is Corsi: Wow, am I? Really? I had no idea! XD
    If I’d have known that, I would have done something about the stupid Stargate theme in Furnation AGES ago.

    Seriously tho, way off. Unless Corsi is Dutch, I’m not even living in the same country :D
    Prokking much, *darling*? lol

    Protip for anyone else wanting to take a shot: Not every comment stating how stupid the PN and other griefer antics are, are made by ‘butthurt’ furries.
    It’s just because, well, it’s stupid. Everyone realizes this, except ofcourse the assorted /b/tards, channers, and other idiots. Maybe we should call them /R/tards. More suitable, I think.

  45. Alyx Stoklitsky

    Aug 29th, 2008

    /R/tards it is.

  46. Lord George A. Zimmer IV, High Inquisitor for his Majesty God Emperor Frizzle of Fry CI

    Aug 29th, 2008

    Calling us /R/tards makes us proud that we raged you that much.

    The R is for RAGED.

    PS: Cry more, your tears sustain our laughter.

  47. mootykips

    Aug 29th, 2008

    Zimmer, I don’t think you know the difference between everyone laughing at you and everyone laughing with you.

  48. scout detritus

    Aug 29th, 2008

    Lolwut. Hi5

  49. Giygas

    Aug 29th, 2008

    You cannot grasp the true form of my facepalm.

  50. Lord George A. Zimmer IV, High Inquisitor for his Majesty God Emperor Frizzle of Fry CI

    Aug 30th, 2008

    “Zimmer, I don’t think you know the difference between everyone laughing at you and everyone laughing with you.
    Posted by: mootykips | August 29, 2008 at 06:24 PM”

    I think you’re mistaken my good friend, for I happen to understand the difference quite well. The difference between laughing with someone and laughing at someone is that I’m not a disgraced former PN leader that won’t fade away gracefully, instead opting to linger on like week-old corn in the collective colon of the internet, who continuously argues with his furfag comrades about who is more butthurt about PN’s continued existence.

    Griefing saves lives, week-old corn makes textured poop.

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