Banned 160 Times – Talkin’ Trash in Ballers City

by Alphaville Herald on 09/08/08 at 3:17 pm

Nicholas mafia member ignores SL rules – attacks other mafias

by Pixeleen Mistral, National Affairs desk

A long-time SL mafia member claims to have been banned from the metaverse nearly 160 times as part of his family’s campaigns against other in-world mafias – the current target is Black Hand/Satriale. Apparently this innovative form of gameplay – olympic-class community standards violation – is a normal part of being an enforcer for what may be the most notorious mafia of them all – the Nicholas family.

some days I get banned for wearing a longcat head

My source was a wise guy running an alt account named NichoIas Bellic – although mafia alt accounts are completely disposable, so it might be better to think of him as “this guy“. I met Nicholas as I was standing by the Ballers City basketball court, enjoying the repeating automated announcements:

Ballers City Staff: Is someone bothering you? To file an abuse report, type !report firstName lastName reason — To kick-vote an attacker, type !vote name

While I was catching up with a few IMs, and watching a pick up basketball game between several furries and two willowy Gorean slave girls – and let me tell you those slave girls have got game – this guy from the Nicholas mafia shows up – and he is pissed off.

NichoIas Bellic: COME ON
NichoIas Bellic: SRS
NichoIas Bellic: NO MATTER WHAT I DO
NichoIas Bellic: STILL
NichoIas Bellic: NADDA

Pixeleen Mistral: banned from SL or banned from here?
NichoIas Bellic: Pixeleen. Enough of the RPfag armyfag articles and lets get down to the nitty gritty real crapolla. RP/Army-fag should be bottom of the totem pole

Pixeleen Mistral: maybe, but I don’t write those
NichoIas Bellic: The totem pole ranks are more like Nicholas > Linden Lab > Patriotic Nigras > Furries > RP Armyfags
NichoIas Bellic: Don’t make us go wipe out all the armyfags so you guys can’t write about them no more – because we will…
NichoIas Bellic: but i cant get banned today. i need to get 2 avs banned today at least so i can hit 160

Pixeleen Mistral: 160 really?
NichoIas Bellic: yah if you knew my main, you would understand

Pixeleen Mistral: is it a competition?
NichoIas Bellic: its a personal mission. i hit 150 last sunday

Pixeleen Mistral: impressive. so this is another game within the game
NichoIas Bellic: Well, kinda, but at the same time it’s a way to put my griefing ability to good use on the enemy
NichoIas Bellic: i have a good mind to IM scout linden and be like
NichoIas Bellic: DUDE
NichoIas Bellic: WTF

Pixeleen Mistral: is there anyone who has more bans than you?
NichoIas Bellic: for those who missed it
NichoIas Bellic: [15:44] Scout Linden: You are being kicked for an hour, as the Governancet team decides the subsequent action
NichoIas Bellic: [15:44] NichoIas Bellic: Epic Win
NichoIas Bellic: [15:45] NichoIas Bellic: >:D
NichoIas Bellic: [15:45] NichoIas Bellic: Governance*
NichoIas Bellic: [15:45] NichoIas Bellic: EPIC FAIL
NichoIas Bellic: [15:45] NichoIas Bellic: ROFLCOPTER
NichoIas Bellic: [15:46] Scout Linden: Very funny.
Sammy Emmons: Epic
NichoIas Bellic: he was pissed
NichoIas Bellic: an hour goes by and nadda

Pixeleen Mistral: how long did it take to get to 160 bans?
NichoIas Bellic: Well, First ban was… late 2003. so since then i suppose

Pixeleen Mistral: pretty much your Second Life’s work then. It sounds like you got bored with playing SL the normal way and went over to olympic ban competition
NichoIas Bellic: Well no, I still have a main and business :P

Pixeleen Mistral: so this is just a sideline?
NichoIas Bellic: It’s part of Nicholas

Pixeleen Mistral: don’t you worry about your main getting banned?
NichoIas Bellic: We destroy our enemy’s and the way to do it is through constant attacks. They have nothing to link my main to any of the alts I use

Pixeleen Mistral: different IP address and computer?
NichoIas Bellic: I change my IP address before and after griefing

Pixeleen Mistral: so basically Nicholas Mafia can wear down anyone else
NichoIas Bellic: Yes, we have proven it time and time again

Pixeleen Mistral: and with 160 bans you must have ground a lot of other mafias down
NichoIas Bellic: We have taken over every significant family and gang in SL
Everyone had this fear of West RYDA$ as the gang who took over everyone else, and because we were in alliance, they assumed Nicholas were ‘under the wing’ of WS. But we always knew that it was the other way around. So when a conflict came about, we decided it was time to prove it.
In only 3 days, we group owned them twice.
And caused both of their leaders to flee SL completely
Out of humiliation

Pixeleen Mistral: so what is next? sounds like you are at the top of the heap
NichoIas Bellic: There are always targets
Some go completely silent and dead for a few weeks
Then they come back talking shit as if nothing ever happened
And they never learn

Pixeleen Mistral: have you thought of expanding to other virtual worlds?
NichoIas Bellic: Well, I took a look around TSO but it’s a piece of crap, tried a few others, but SL is the number one virtual world so it’s the place to stay
It’s diverse and the capabilities are relatively endless

Pixeleen Mistral: I’m sure the Lindens will be pleased to hear that
NichoIas Bellic: In some ways
But I’m sure they don’t like the extra workload of sifting through all these alts.

Pixeleen Mistral: cost of doing business for them. Just part of the overhead
NichoIas Bellic: Well we contribute to their wages so they should be grateful, everyone in Nicholas is a business owner, we aren’t JUST griefers.

Pixeleen Mistral: do you ever target other businesses? that would help you monetize the griefing
NichoIas Bellic: Well, we don’t really just grief for the sake of griefing, we are always after designated targets, if they happen to have businesses, so be it.

Pixeleen Mistral: it does seem that your business could have an edge if the competition gets griefed – that would be like RL mafia
NichoIas Bellic: True, but we don’t target other businesses JUST because they are competition, our conflicts usually stem from other Mafia’s and Gangs – if the business is affiliated, then naturally we target it, guilty by association.

Pixeleen Mistral: so the mafia wars come first – this is about pride and honor
not just money
NichoIas Bellic: Yes, it isn’t all about the money, at the end of the day…griefing is fun, and YES we are griefers BEFORE we are a mafia, but we do what we need to do to reach our goal, regardless of what lengths we need to go to to get it.

Pixeleen Mistral: how should I identify you in my story?
NichoIas Bellic: Well, really this should be linked to the Black Hand/Satriale
As they were the latest targets
Who like ALL the others
Have sat back for a week or so completely silent, and come back talking shit as if nothing ever happened.
They were humiliated by the fact we took Satriale, then by the fact Bella forced Don out of SL due to her reporting. Then after claiming she was nothing to do with Satriale, she challenged us to take Black Hand to impress her. 24 hours later, we did.
Then she was done.
Well, not true, then Sniper decided to challange us to take his account to “impress” him. So again, we did, but gave it back ;)
My main avatars were *** *******, ******* ***** & Raine Dowding
Raine Dowding being the one everyone will know me by

NichoIas Bellic: One other thing
A lot of people claim we are PN-wannabe’s
But you see…PN’s made the mistake of posting everything public, their shit is now literally worthless and is nothing but the shit on the shoe of Nicholas in terms of weapon capabilities.

Pixeleen Mistral: a difference in approach – the PN are a more “wisdom of the crowd” thing but you guys seem more elitist
NichoIas Bellic: We have similarities, in that we are very hard to target, because we won’t go away, and most people won’t even know we are Nicholas members
And having 1 avatar banned, is of no use, Alt’s are merely disposable and used as kamikaze pilots almost.
NichoIas Bellic: All these griefer groups come and go, but we have been around for a LONG time, before PN’s, and we have always been more powerful and more influential. We are just the silent voice. The ones who act but no one knows who did it

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  1. L.T.D.

    Aug 17th, 2008

    Linden Lab > > L.T.D. > Patriotic Nigras > Cockroaches > Basement Dwellers > Nicholas (= furfags)

  2. Maks Vendetta

    Aug 17th, 2008

    I love how these Nicholas faggots operate. Obtaining group ownership of their “victims” and changing the group charters, roles, and whatnot. Wow. “Hxc” hardcore shit right there. Y’all are serious punk rawk anarchy BAMF DGAF.

    So yeah, enlighten me again how insecurities + ego, griefing HUDs, blinged out muscle-faggot avatars, virtual mansions, and their gay viral porn collections give us any reason to take them seriously?

    Verdict – Nicholas fags < half-way crooks. And that’s just..pathetic.

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