LL Targeting W-Hat Goons?

by Alphaville Herald on 09/08/08 at 4:17 pm

Tardimal avatar maker hit with 3-day suspension for verbal abuse – on his own sim!

by Pixeleen Mistral, National Affairs desk

Logo2gIf Kyro Kilian is to be believed, certain Linden Lab employees may be running alt accounts or doing instantaneous favors for special friends by swinging the ban stick when the gameplay turns sassy.

One of the first messages I got on my brand new black iMojowire 3G phone last week was from Kyro tell me that murmuring the f-word on your own sim could be grounds for a 3 day suspension.

While the punishment seems disproportionate to the crime, it is possible that the Lab is hoping to run a goon pacification effort in hopes of further disneyfication of the metaverse. Another possibility is that something else about the W-HAT sim offended the alleged off duty Linden, and “verbal abuse” was simply a convenient excuse.

Because there is no public record or oversight of the Lindens’ bans and suspensions, here in the hall of mirrors that is the interwebs the world may never know the full truth.

[ after the jump: the text of Kyro’s message ]

Hey Pixeleen,

This is Kyro Kilian,a July 2005 account that has never been suspended/banned in over three years. I run my own business, I have my own shit I do, I’ve got a clean slate. Today however, two furries one of which is a Linden alt, (Murf Stoop and Camron Kuhr) rolled into the what sim, a private estate, and decided that they did not like the way us w-hatters operated. I was banned for the line:

Kyro Kilian: thats it if you fuckin apes dont start taking my offers im going to start firing people into the moon

for THREE days. I attempted to give him a tardimal so he wasnt wearing a Uchi bunny avatar in what (which is a massive target for getting ripped on), and said this, as a joking sassbag threat to send them to the corner of the sim for declining my offers. Literally 3 minutes after I said that, bam, You have been logged out by an administrator. Bam, email saying I’ve been axed until wednesday.

Dear Kyro Kilian,

Linden Lab individually investigates the circumstances of every Abuse
Report we receive. Following a careful review of our server records and
logs, we have determined that your recent actions violated the Second Life
Community Standards or Terms of Service. The violation in question occurred
on August 3, 2008 in the region of what.

Violation: Community Standards: Harassment, Verbal Abuse


As a result of this violation, your Second Life account is
being temporarily suspended for a period of 3 days. It will
return to active status on Wednesday, Aug 06, 2008.

I’m a fuckin’ estate owner for the sim, he didnt have to fuckin be there! I could’ve ejected him without saying a word and this whole thing would’ve gotten ignored, instead one of these bitchy babies needed to use their linden alt to ban me. So what did I do? I tell Loksr, another estate owner, to ban them via IRC. What happens to Loksr?

1 Day Suspension, disturbing the peace. Disturbing the peace of a sim he is an officer for. He got banned for banning two non lindens, and their Linden alt banned him in retaliation.

I’m really fuckin glad these lindens got jobs and all.

Kyro Kilian, President and Proprietor of Tardimals Brand Avatars

55 Responses to “LL Targeting W-Hat Goons?”

  1. Candie

    Aug 16th, 2008

    Wow. After reading all this, it’s a wonder why people are online with no friends. Lawl. Yeah, sure, I get online and am on SL – but you guys get so fired up over this! It’s a game, if you don’t like something – leave. Should you have to? No. Just understand that there is more things to life than acusing someone of being a Linden alt (which he’s not) and thinking that talking bad about him online is epic – you fail at life.


  2. Dasco

    Aug 16th, 2008

    I was banned from some sonic sim for showing up dressed as diglett, I guess I should abuse report them!

  3. anon

    Aug 17th, 2008

    I detect a LOT of butthut and BAWWWWW in this sector

  4. zamboni driver

    Aug 17th, 2008


    Learn to think and do a little bit of research before you start spouting off about things you simply don’t fully understand.

    It’s pretty obvious from your posts that you really have no fucking clue.

  5. Anonymous

    Aug 17th, 2008

    Let’s AR all the lesbian (aka guy’s only) sims. They discriminate on the basis of sex.

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