Amaliscious Destiny — Post 6 Grrrl

by Alphaville Herald on 26/09/08 at 12:40 am

[It is hard to keep pace with Amaliscious. She's my landlady, she runs Dollz Magazine and Dollz Modeling Agency - two institutions I love to work for - she's my high fashion shopping companion and most of all the most warm-hearted person I have met in SL so far. Her quick changing of plans and ideas makes it hard to keep any schedule and drives me totally nuts but I wouldn't want her to be any other way. She is unique in her personality and in her avi – yes, this girl has hips; she's bootyliscious. A glamour diva without any allures, a true lady who can swear like a sailor and most of all the best friend one can ask for. – Bunny Brickworks]


Wow what to write…

I came into SL and was immediately amazed and in awe of the whole concept of a “virtual world”. Being an avid The Sims fan, I thought this was just the hottest thing since nightclubs.

I remember purchasing my first 512. It was a small plot on Promissa on protected Linden waters. Once I discovered prims, that tiny 512 quickly grew to 5 more plots, which still weren’t enough for me. Yes, I am a prim hog and very much into details. I can’t stand those fake paper cutout objects. Anyhow someone told me that I could rent private property with double prims. I soon found Olive Grove, which was my home for a long while. I adored that sim, and met some wonderful people there. One of which became my SL business partner. He offered me an amazing opportunity and I knew I would never have the chance again so I grabbed it and held on for dear life!

I bought my own Class 5 region with 15,000 prims to use; I have to say I was in prim heaven!!! Soon New England was born and that began my entrepreneurship if you will. I purchased my sim around the time Linden had slashed prices and everyone was jumping on the land wagon. New England was like a sinking ship. I couldn’t get any renters and knew I had to think of something fast if I wanted to stay a float.

I had already established Dollz Cabaret (a Burlesque style theater) and it was taking off nicely. I thought that’s it! Make a town centered on the Dollz and it all just kind of came together from there. In one day, I tore down everything there was of New England. I had a friend terraform the island to look like a heart and went out and bought builds from Barnesworth Anubis, one of my fav designers in SL.


The next day around 5 am SLT, I sat at my computer, coffee in hand and began creating Dollz Town. The Cabaret was built from scratch and given a HUGE makeover and sits on one end of the park. At the other is Dollz Magazine, a magazine dedicated to Burlesque/Pinup with a monthly photo contest. There is also Dollz Photography Studio and Dollz Modeling Agency. Shops are in the center with homes around the outskirts of town.

I drew inspiration from my fav sim besides my own, Tableau. I wanted something with a retro Parisian feel. It took me 2 days nonstop and finally it was finished. Finally my vision had become a reality and within the first week all of the shops were full. I am proud to say Dollz Town is now thriving and so far I have heard great reviews. I have not reached the limits of my imagination so far. Dolly Trailer Park has been my latest project and who knows what else is yet to come.


I came into SL as myself and that is who I remain. I don’t role play, I’m not into the whole pose ball sex thing. I don’t buy the whole SL and RL are separate, to me that’s hogwash! I am crazy, chaotic, charming, passionate, creative, funny, and a visionary. It is hard to keep up with my direction at times, as I tend to run with the ideas when they come to mind. I have made some dear friends here and lost some as well. I am now completely on my own and while it is a great challenge; I wouldn’t change a minute of it.

This is me, love me or hate me.


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  1. Greta Gazov

    Sep 26th, 2008

    *peeks through her fingers looking at her landlady’s boobies* Ooooh nice! You’re a Diva Deluxe but you really shouldn’t go shopping for a dress that matches the runway only one hour before the show starts, that drives your poor work horses insane!

  2. Nate Ninetails

    Sep 26th, 2008

    Wow Bunny, Amali looks very hot!!!
    This is a great Post 6 again. Kudos!!!

  3. Tinsel Silvera

    Sep 26th, 2008

    “To know Amali is to love Amali” and that is just the beginning. I am blessed to count her among my friends. I have known Amali since the first day she entered SL and literally hit the ground a running. She has quickly become a builder and business woman to be admired and respected. I am so proud of all her accomplishments. For those of you who don’t know Amali, it is a loss for you. So what are you waiting for? Get over to New England and check it out! If you are lucky you may just run into Amali while you are there.

  4. NinaA

    Sep 26th, 2008

    Very glam. Love it.

  5. Diva Regina

    Sep 26th, 2008

    Hear hear! Amali is a winner. Congratulations on all your successes!

  6. The King

    Sep 26th, 2008

    the first AV for post 6 with normal tits, and looks somewhat normal, yet in a different way.

    WHAT IS POST 6 COMING TO?! arent we supposed to have fuck ups? :P

  7. Stephie

    Sep 26th, 2008

    I applaud you for having normal-sized tits.

  8. CronoCloud Creeggan

    Sep 27th, 2008

    She’s pretty, and she wears hats. Haaaaats.

  9. Fetisha

    Sep 27th, 2008

    The pictures, the bio, and the person are all great. Easily my favourite Post 6 ever, haha!

  10. Oli

    Oct 23rd, 2008

    those tits are wayyyyyyy too small. And thank god this is second life because if it were real life her head would fall off with that hat … it’s huge man!

  11. sexey

    Jun 3rd, 2010

    the 3 girl is so sexy

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