Is Castronova Book Really About Online Whores?

by Alphaville Herald on 15/09/08 at 5:23 am

by Idoru Wellman, literary cooking student

Amazon using sex to sell books?

Based on’s current listing of Edward Castronova’s latest literary effort as “Exodus to the Virtual World: Ho Online Fun Is Changing Reality”, it appears the Second Life online escort service business really is having an impact on reality. Certainly a number of Second Life residents will concur, as virtual call girls and rent boys make literally thousands of L$ spacebux in exchange for their services – while presumably having fun at the same time.

Or is this an unfortunate virtual bait-and-switch caused by sloppy proofreading at Amazon? If that is the case, perhaps Mr. Castronova – a dedicated World of Warcraft player – might want to tear himself away from his game and mention to Amazon that they have his book mis-titled? Good luck with getting it out of the Google cache.



3 Responses to “ Is Castronova Book Really About Online Whores?”

  1. Thrax Trilam

    Sep 14th, 2008

    ha. good eye. thats a great typo.

  2. lol

    Sep 15th, 2008

    itt someone doesn’t pick up on a subtle pun and flips the fuck out.

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