Corleone/Nicholas Mafia Gang War Escalates

by Alphaville Herald on 10/09/08 at 7:37 am

Corleone underworld starts organized Abuse Report campaign against Nicholas mafia
Corleone associate claims connections to game god Philip Linden

by Pixeleen Mistral, National Affairs desk

Zito Corleone: assclowns get no respect and the Lab is paying attention

I was listening to the Jay-Z’s American Gangster album on my iMojowire 3g when the Roc Boys track was interrupted by an alert – a public-spirited source had forwarded a chatlog of what appears to be mafia Don Zito Corleone conferring with mustang Letlow.

If this log is accurate, it includes some true gems – such as mob boss Corleone and Letlow comparing notes on how to effectively abuse report members the Nicholas family, which Linden Lab staffers they have influence over, and claims of mafia connections to Philip Linden and Lab staff in charge of account bans.

Will Zito Corleone’s attempt to organize the underworld to fight the Nicholas family by coordinating abuse reports work? How will the Nicholas family retaliate? Which Linden Lab staffers are in the pocket each of the respective mobs? We may never know the full story – but what appears to be a serious metaverse gang war is now underway.

Zito Corleone: their usage of Raine propagated lag master jammers and then the simple fact of using RL info on prim attacks
Zito Corleone: has landed Raine in the dogg house BIG TIME
mustang Letlow: nice
Zito Corleone: all his IMPORTANT accts are wiped
Zito Corleone: Angelo Rosca
Zito Corleone: Ace Corleone
Zito Corleone: Keyser Cosalanti
Zito Corleone: Raine Dowding
Zito Corleone: Raine Downing
mustang Letlow: ya

Zito Corleone: the list goes on my friend…
Zito Corleone: AND
Zito Corleone: the spread of that weaponary has been patterened and track by the Lab
Zito Corleone: …
Zito Corleone: as a Don
Zito Corleone: I dont condone the use of ARs for shit that can be handled the normal ways inWorld
Zito Corleone: BUT
mustang Letlow: right

Zito Corleone: their use of what amounts to DoS
Zito Corleone: Denial of Service
Zito Corleone: is dead wrong
Zito Corleone: and pussy

mustang Letlow: anything that has to do with nicholas is called for AR’s
mustang Letlow: they report us…lets report them
Zito Corleone: true
Zito Corleone: AND
Zito Corleone: CoS
Zito Corleone: Omerta

mustang Letlow: ya
Zito Corleone: thats a load of shit
Zito Corleone: they are weak

mustang Letlow: ya it is
Zito Corleone: thru and thru
Zito Corleone: we know about Valen
Zito Corleone: we know about Apollo
Zito Corleone: we know about Hailey
Zito Corleone: they r all going down
mustang Letlow: nice

Zito Corleone: and you can tell Tony, it’s my pledge to HIM
Zito Corleone: and the rest of you guys
mustang Letlow: keep me updated k bud?
mustang Letlow: i’ll pass any info i get to ya
Zito Corleone: sounds good

Zito Corleone: heres the tip of the day so listen up
mustang Letlow: their bs about spreading rumors of people being pedos is ALSO rights for bans
Zito Corleone: true dat
Zito Corleone: …
Zito Corleone: kk listen up
mustang Letlow is all ears
Zito Corleone: spread this word to who it matters to
Zito Corleone: :
Zito Corleone: When Family and Friends get attacked with DoS tools
Zito Corleone: Lag master spam flooding
Zito Corleone: or
Zito Corleone: SL Kick outs
Zito Corleone: they need to do the ARs post haste
Zito Corleone: like
Zito Corleone: immediately
Zito Corleone: they need to put in the subject line
Zito Corleone: DoS Attack – Nicholas Family – Raine Dowding/Kal Cartier Attack Tools
Zito Corleone: THEN
Zito Corleone: they need to do the include Screen capture to show the @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ flood
Zito Corleone: capisce?

mustang Letlow: ya a linden signed in my acct and black listed 2 objects they used to hit me with that
Zito Corleone: Right
Zito Corleone: good point
Zito Corleone: so along with what I just said

mustang Letlow: the Gteam is also on the lookout for ANY reports that do with Nicholas
Zito Corleone: those of your Family and Friends that are premium
Zito Corleone: premium accts are afforded the priveledge of inWorld live chat
Zito Corleone: via the website support page
Zito Corleone: when you use that
Zito Corleone: you say the same things
Zito Corleone: most importantly
mustang Letlow: ya i’ve used that a few times already
mustang Letlow: lol
Zito Corleone: DoS Attack
mustang Letlow: gotcha
Zito Corleone: Raine Dowding
Zito Corleone: Nicholas Family

mustang Letlow: are there ways to keep them out of sl ?
mustang Letlow: even if they hack and change their ip and mac?
Zito Corleone: they will usually hijack the targets acct and look for pattern data and objects
Zito Corleone: like they did with you
Zito Corleone: and like theyve done for others
Zito Corleone: Nicholas is HIGH VISIBILITY
Zito Corleone: I know this 1st hand
Zito Corleone: …
mustang Letlow: as do i

Zito Corleone: as far as your question
Zito Corleone: when the complaints reach a certain level
Zito Corleone: statisically and categorically
Zito Corleone: DoS being the key trigger
mustang Letlow: thats what i thought..i have everyone on my list reporting a list of names of nicholas members daily
Zito Corleone: GTeam elevates the situation to ISP interaction
mustang Letlow: nice good to know

Zito Corleone: in the case of DraineO
Zito Corleone: ahah ah ah ah a ha haha
mustang Letlow: lmfao
Zito Corleone: they shut him down for a while
Zito Corleone: but he needs to keep doing his shit to nail the coffin
Zito Corleone: Capisce?
mustang Letlow: capisce

Zito Corleone: as for the other Nicholas pukes
Zito Corleone: they are watch listed
Zito Corleone: and the passing of shit
Zito Corleone: inventory holdings
Zito Corleone: watch listed
Zito Corleone: …
Zito Corleone: their days are numbered
mustang Letlow: need let me know
Zito Corleone: Dude
Zito Corleone: We got it covered

mustang Letlow: i got numerous people ready to jump at any chance they get on nicholas
Zito Corleone: but thanks
Zito Corleone: info feed is important
Zito Corleone: locations
Zito Corleone: whos been griefed lately
mustang Letlow: gotcha
Zito Corleone: pattern data
mustang Letlow: i’ll get you all that info

Zito Corleone: all important shit
Zito Corleone: theres 3 kind of Nicholas members
Zito Corleone: the sheep
Zito Corleone: no impact
Zito Corleone: the semi business folks that have STAKES to lose
mustang Letlow: right
Zito Corleone: and then theres the whack jobs
Zito Corleone: Semi’s are getting wise do to notifications
Zito Corleone: Whackjobs are getting wiped systematically
Zito Corleone: Sheep
Zito Corleone: ah
Zito Corleone: Fuggetaboutit
mustang Letlow: lmao

Zito Corleone: Raine moved from actually a some what respectable dude
Zito Corleone: to a fucking whackjob
mustang Letlow: i agree

Zito Corleone: he didnt do his homework
mustang Letlow: sammys right there with him
Zito Corleone: and he got duped a bunch of times in a row
Zito Corleone: I know

Zito Corleone: one of my trophies was Kal Campese
Zito Corleone: Capisce?
mustang Letlow: capisce

Zito Corleone: i know Families fight and dont agree on shit
Zito Corleone: I know Families want to have POWER
Zito Corleone: I know Families are a damn hard thing to run
Zito Corleone: but theres fucking class to InWorld action
Zito Corleone: and then theres total assclowns
mustang Letlow: right i agree 100%

Zito Corleone: the assclowns get no respect
Zito Corleone: AND
Zito Corleone: the playing field is starting to wise up and get smart
Zito Corleone: which is about time
Zito Corleone: PLUS
Zito Corleone: the Lab is paying attention
mustang Letlow: very much so
mustang Letlow: took my AR bout 5mins when i said the words nicholas and spam

Zito Corleone: Tony and I agree on what SHOULD be in here
Zito Corleone: we’ve both paid dearly
Zito Corleone: but we both have learned
Zito Corleone: and your a great associate of his
Zito Corleone: so a friend of mine
Zito Corleone: we need to hold tight
mustang Letlow: i would hope to think so
Zito Corleone: fight it together
mustang Letlow: as i said..anything u need lemme know i can get it im sure
mustang Letlow: any info i get..when i get it comes to you

Zito Corleone: and kick this assclown circus out da way once and for all…
Zito Corleone: aiiight
Zito Corleone: appreciate that
Zito Corleone: the best thing u can do
Zito Corleone: is get that info I said up a aways to the people that are feeling the BS on the streets
Zito Corleone: educate em how to be effective at reporting the shit thats out of bounds
Zito Corleone: these pukes can’t fight fair
Zito Corleone: they dont fight at all
Zito Corleone: their pussies
mustang Letlow: exactly

mustang Letlow: and the lindens that they have
mustang Letlow: they wont have for long
Zito Corleone: right

mustang Letlow: i have gotten philip linden him self looking into them
mustang Letlow: and the head fraud linden as well
Zito Corleone: good connections to have Bro

Zito Corleone: how did you manage to snag Philip?
mustang Letlow: i know a linden thats in charge of deleting accts
mustang Letlow: and he’s a good friend of philip

Zito Corleone: well i as well as the Underworld appreciate your involvement of fighting the good fight
Zito Corleone: when I was perma banned for 7 months last year
Zito Corleone: I hooked up with some insiders too
Zito Corleone: so our connections dont overlap, your Philip angle takes the cake Im pleased to say, but Ive got one pretty close

Zito Corleone: since I had to negotitate gettting my acct and group back
Zito Corleone: …
Zito Corleone: I think our connections are complimentary
Zito Corleone: PLUS
mustang Letlow: right
Zito Corleone: im real real close to San Fran
Zito Corleone: Capisce?
mustang Letlow: i got what your sayin
mustang Letlow: very nice
Zito Corleone: cool
Zito Corleone: keep me posted
mustang Letlow: same to you my man
Zito Corleone: educate those targets
mustang Letlow: lets take these assholes down
Zito Corleone: Amen

34 Responses to “Corleone/Nicholas Mafia Gang War Escalates”

  1. Alyx Stoklitsky

    Sep 10th, 2008

    Protip: I’m Philip Rosedale’s son.

  2. Sol Cult

    Sep 10th, 2008

  3. Not of ya business

    Sep 10th, 2008

    Is this shit for real???….i almost believe it :D

  4. MilosZ MilosZ

    Sep 10th, 2008

    I think these guys really need to get laid more. And I’m not talking about virtual pus**

  5. Deimos

    Sep 10th, 2008

    It doesn’t matter how many people know Philip Rosedale, he isn’t involved with SL anymore.

  6. Anonymous

    Sep 10th, 2008

    Oh no another ‘mafia’ war…
    these guys are morons…

    Hey yous guyys you better pay up or we’s gonna come and break your kneecaps…

    I see any of you crooked nose fedora wearing freaks around i’ll shoot first and not give a shit.

  7. General Cronon

    Sep 10th, 2008

    My name is Ringo and my Grandmother is the most precious in the woooooooooooooooooooooorld. Raine’s real life name is ********************

  8. Reason

    Sep 10th, 2008

    The Mafias are practicaly dead in SL and have been this is no war this is an argument between groups that hang out at clubs dress in suits and decide to call themselves a mafia. Now when there are gunfights in daycare centers and people getting busted by the feds for selling cocaine over SL then this might be considered mafiaesc.

  9. #######

    Sep 10th, 2008

    Last part of that sounds like a threat to Linden Labs as a company. What LL should do is delete all of these guys accounts and that is the end of it. I wouldn’t worry too much, like anonymous says “I see any of you crooked nose fedora wearing freaks around i’ll shoot first and not give a shit.”

  10. nobodycares

    Sep 10th, 2008

    nobody cares about these morons, next story please. what about that piece on virtual stem cell research Pix?

  11. bweatysonkeymalls

    Sep 10th, 2008

    Aren’t these people a little old to be playing pretend still?

  12. Anonymous

    Sep 10th, 2008

    Somehow i doubt either group has any lindens “in their pocket”

    assclown / PN / or wiseguy you get no respect.

    a thug is a thug.

    Do you guys actually contribute anything to the world, or are you just acting out because the real mafia guys in your neighborhood kicked your ass growing up and now you want to emulate that…

  13. Señor Don Gato

    Sep 11th, 2008


    Yes, son, there really is a Linden in Charge of Deleting Accounts. He has a Masters Degree in Account Deletion and he minored in Typing. His only other duties are deleting thousands of emails from Prokofy and mixing the Linden Kool-Aid.

  14. Ben

    Sep 11th, 2008

    Nothin’ beats watching five year olds try to play Supranos…get a life

  15. Amber Barnard

    Sep 11th, 2008

    Boys and their toys. lol

  16. Orion

    Sep 11th, 2008

    And what exactly is the point of all this virtual mafia stuff? The last role play sim I ran wound up being overrun by a group that claimed they were a role play mafia. However instead of role playing they wound up using the place as a hangout, lagging it out with newbie weapons, gestures, and god awe full ghetto cars. Story wise the only thing they did was continually take over the same buildings and turf over and over again while driving off new players by claiming they were the sim owners and that newcomers were not welcomed. It was pointless and quite frankly childish to the point where we wound up Abuse Reporting the lot of them for suspicion of being under age, then restricting access to age verified avatars only. After reading this, am I to understand that these so called mafias are in fact groups of hackers? Which, mind you raises yet another question. Why on earth would someone go through the trouble of hacking a game? If I’m not mistaken isn’t that a federal offense which could result in prison time? Again, why risk time in the slammer over a silly game!?!?!? Duh?

  17. you dont need to know

    Sep 11th, 2008

    Orion..i couldnt agree more..the group nicholas claims they are a group of hackers all because they are “butthurt” that they SUCK FUCKING ASS and WILL be shut down kthxbai

  18. lol zito

    Sep 11th, 2008

    Protip: Zito Corleone is almost 50 years old LMAO

  19. xal

    Sep 11th, 2008

    mustang uploads pictures of his cock onto SL and shows everyone like the pervert he is……..and hes a report fagg

  20. Anonymous

    Sep 11th, 2008

    jeeez… hopefully he runs his ops better than the kids…

  21. how you bigboy

    Sep 12th, 2008

    is it bigger then yours xal? is that why your so mad over this lil dispute? cause he has a bigger dick then you?

  22. Rock Ramona

    Sep 12th, 2008

    Im going to start a rl campaign,to encourage mothers and fathers that have 20 something year old kids in their basements with no job,to shut off their interweb connections so we dont have to weed thru crap like this in the Herald,maybe we will lose some Goreans in the process….just a thought

  23. Sophia

    Sep 12th, 2008

    I have to agree with the writers that said “Is this **** for real???….i almost believe it :D ” and “somehow i doubt either group has any lindens in their pocket” but as a polysci major I have to ask..who waged the dog on this one?

  24. Bored to Tears

    Sep 12th, 2008

    Quite a desperate attempt at a news story. Give me a bottle of gin and a blank notecard, and I can type up a decent conversation between Philip Linden and a cross dressing stripper.

    Mafia griefers consist of roving bands of yappy little dogs… and it looks likes a ‘wag the dog’ to me.

  25. agrees with rock

    Sep 12th, 2008

    Couldn’t agree moar, Rock. We might lose you too ;)

  26. TRUTH

    Sep 13th, 2008

    Zito is just about 50, hes playing pretend Mafia he sits there day after day watching the goodfather, goodfellas and sopranos and say hey “Lets do this in SL”

    And its TV and Computer him, while he ingores the phone calls from the AARP,
    “Hey! Its time to join today, welcome to the club”

    And its sad if you think about it, this 50 year old idiot playing a pretend Mafia with these 14-19 year olds and they get serious its sad, get a life, not just a secondlife

    And Zito, stop playing games your gonna have a heart attack when LL owns your account.

  27. Irony

    Sep 23rd, 2008

    Im sure pretending to be an a dog, horse, warrior, etc is just as mature as a mafia. Let people be, None of you have a real understanding of a mafia anyways, do research before you post comments

  28. Just Another Second Life Capitalist

    Sep 29th, 2008

    lol man these guys are funny.

    They need to learn real power.

    Maybe when you run a 3-4 mil L$/mo profit corporation, then you might have some real power. In the meanwhile, I am sure my linden contact will have a laugh at this story.

  29. BadKarma

    Oct 4th, 2008

    Censorship reveals weakness!

    BadKarma is a B!tch

  30. i-C-$

    Jan 26th, 2009

    Whats this bullsh!t????
    50 year old hairy lazy f*ckers acting like they the mob……lol…..
    they better stop eating doritos and having DIET coke its affecing their “bRa!nS”
    you wanna get paid??go to colombia get yourself like 5kilo for like $7500-$10000
    ship it to belgium or the netherlands and make like 175000to200000euros depending
    on the provence.

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