ElGalloDeBorrachos Muliaina — Post 6 Guy

by Alphaville Herald on 16/09/08 at 7:15 pm

[I am used to people being well prepared for our Post 6 appointments. They have sorted out their clothes and hair, they hand in the notecards with their stories, they rebake and relog to look as good as possible. But this was the first time I was given a notecard with the perfect Windlight settings for the location. And it was the first time that I was asked to do an interview instead of getting a text that was well thought through and perfectly aimed at the target group. It was different, as different as the avi that was waiting for me in Kon Tiki West Island, ElGalloDeBorrachos Muliaina. – Bunny Brickworks]


Bunny: What made you join SL?
Gallo: A few people had mentioned it over several months so I signed up.

Bunny: So what did you expect when you joined?
Gallo: Honestly, I had no clue. It was blank canvas.

Bunny: Blank canvas in the artistic sense?
Gallo: Very. The title on the SL website said ‘your world, your imagination’. So I went with it.

Bunny: What was your first impression?
Gallo: The whole interface was a piece o shit. All of it …

Bunny: But you didn’t log off?
Gallo: Hell no. It was new and I play many games.
Gallo: Adapt. And overcome.

Bunny: The perfect attitude for SL! What was the first thing you did?
Gallo: I asked Shyayn what to do. She gave me landmarks to freebie places and that was about it.

Bunny: nods. First getting the avi done and after that?
Gallo: Learning. I got the tech part down then but as for the RP I had much to learn.

Bunny: What kind of RP?
Gallo: This whole game is RP. I play the part of ElGalloDeBorrachos Muliaina, but first I had to figure out who that was.


Bunny: Who is he? Tell me a bit about him.
Gallo: He is a man of great honor and intestinal fortitude, helping those who need help, the ones closes to him the most.
Gallo: Do not cross him. We will make you suffer.

Bunny: We? How much of the person at the keyboard is in El Gallo?
Gallo: Oops I meant I.

Bunny: laughs.
Gallo: He is a lot like me behind the keyboard but aren’t we all?

Bunny: That would be the perfect and idealized version of SL.
Gallo: Do you really think so?

Bunny: Yes. There are too many cheaters and liars in here. People who do and say things they’d never do and say in RL cause they would surely get stabbed :)
Gallo: You have a point there. I used to think it is a world without sin. But karma exists here, too.

Bunny: Yes. But being reborn is easier, thanks to alts.
Gallo: But an alt needs more of a purpose than your main. I think your main is you to some degree, not matter what the fuck you say.
Gallo: But an alt with no purpose is useless.

Bunny: Good point. How does Legally spend his online time? What does he do?
Gallo: Good question. For the last few months, he has only logged on to help friends and a pixel angel, and did not “PLAY” all that much. It is hard to find ones who intrigue me

Bunny: What kind of help is it that you offer to friends and your pixel angel?
Gallo: Building, creative direction, hanging out, playing the game for a few.

Bunny: SL is more a creative outlet for you than a social platform?
Gallo: Sort of but I have never made anything for myself only for the ones close to me.
Gallo: I guess I am shallow. Cause I look at how much work is put into it before I engage in any communication.
Gallo: It makes sense. I tested it many times.

Bunny: smiles. Trial and error?
Gallo: At first … then it’s easy. But I am not purrfect ^^.
Gallo: I like to play with those who challenge me mentally and creatively. And are not bishes.

Bunny: Hard to find!
Gallo: Yes, it’s very lonely here. Except for my SL family.

Bunny: Your family … are those people you have RL contacts to?
Gallo: Some I have spoken to, yes. But not met.

Bunny: After a little more than a year in SL, what’s your summary of it?
Gallo: It is the most invaded game I have ever played. It actually allows toy to create an alter ego in any shape form or fashion.
Gallo: There are no limits here except your imagination.

Bunny: has your RL in any way benefited from your SL experiences?
Gallo: I would think so but you would have to ask her that.
Gallo: She has all my textures. LOL


Bunny: If you went to orientation island and you could give a freshly hatched noob one good advice for SL, what would that be?
Gallo: Be true to yourself. Do not follow the masses here. Remember this is a fantasy world, not REAL LIFE.
Gallo: People here confuse that so much. Or maybe I am just picky. My friendslist is not that long.

Bunny: Mine neither but only cause I spring clean regularly.
Gallo: Good idea.

Bunny: You said a lot of the man at the keyboard is in ElGallo. On the other hand you say don’t confuse SL and RL. Isn’t that a contradiction?
Gallo: No, I know this is not real. This avi lives by certain guidelines.

Bunny: Honor, love, respect?
Gallo: Yes, for those he cares about. Even help noobs who do not ask for sex.

Bunny: has never met a noob who didn’t ask for sex or money.
Gallo: Only a rare few.

Bunny: How much time do you spend online?
Gallo: Not much for a while, but I think it will be more now.

Bunny: If you could make one wish to the Lindens, what would it be?
Gallo: ROFL. Good one.
Gallo: Stable Fucking Grid … get your shit together!

Bunny: Thank you for the interview :)
Gallo: You are most welcome.

13 Responses to “ElGalloDeBorrachos Muliaina — Post 6 Guy”

  1. boring

    Sep 16th, 2008

    Very Gay.

  2. Shyayn Lusch

    Sep 16th, 2008

    I am as proud as a peacock that my Rooster is having his day in the sun.
    Gallo: Thank you for showing the rest of the world why I’m so lucky.
    Bunny: Thanks for the lovely pics, the thoughtful interview, and that purrrfect booty shot. Much love.

  3. Sigmund Leominster

    Sep 16th, 2008

    Mmh. “piece o shit,” “intestinal fortitude,” “get your shit together,” and a picture of a butt. Am I the only one who sees an anal fixation here? Probably. And a “gallo” is a rooster – or a cock!

    Hey, I’m just saying…!

  4. Anon

    Sep 16th, 2008

    lol’d @ butt shot

  5. Seikatsu Koba

    Sep 16th, 2008

    very nice interview Bunny, I like the informality of it, and I like Gallo’s frank answers. Now who is Legally? “Bunny: Good point. How does Legally spend his online time? What does he do?” Did I miss something?

  6. Moggs Oceanlane

    Sep 17th, 2008

    Nice pics – I love the pin striped suit one … it’s kind of gentleman meets gangster :)

    I help out lots of newbies too and for the most part don’t have many bad experiences at all, the last time I was asked for money by anyone was in Stiletto Moody’s and someone wanted L$300. I just laughed.

  7. intersticed

    Sep 17th, 2008

    so his name translates as “the cock of drunks”?



  8. Anonymous

    Sep 17th, 2008


  9. Stephie

    Sep 17th, 2008


  10. whatever

    Sep 17th, 2008

    “Bunny: Has your RL in any way benefited from your SL experiences?
    Gallo: I would think so but you would have to ask her that.
    Gallo: She has all my textures. LOL”

    His answer makes no sense. Too bad Gallo has no common sense to understand the question he was asked lmao. Typical.

  11. Aya Pelous

    Sep 18th, 2008

    LOl @ the street fighter comment and I was thinking he looked more like a DBZ guy.


  12. Oli

    Oct 23rd, 2008

    this is not funny, that is not a good looking as by any means … this is second life people make something nice for Christ sake!

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