Gina Glimmer — Post 6 Grrrl

by Alphaville Herald on 30/09/08 at 8:13 pm

[I met Gina only once before our photo shoot in world, which was when her 'Japan' exhibition opened. Though there was the typical stress of guests coming and going, she took the time to explain me each of her exhibits in detail and answer my many questions. I was surprised and delighted about her patience. When I was looking for a new Post 6 Grrrl, many of her friends immediately shouted her name. Knowing that her online time was limited, I made a careful attempt at 'recruiting' her and much to my pleasure the red hot redhead was willing to sacrifice a little bit of her time for a photo shoot and an interview in New Toulouse. – Bunny Brickworks]


Bunny: The most important question first. What makes an intelligent and educated girl apply for the Post 6?
Gina: Oh wait a sec, I thought you asked me?!

Bunny grins. Errm… yes!
Gina: I thought it would be fun to be on the other side of the camera for a change. Usually I’m the photographer, even when I’m my own model for most of my nude photos.

Bunny: You take nudie pics? Have you already made an exhibition with them?
Gina: I think the one that is best known is the Spencer Tunick type photo shoot I did on Experience Italy in Jan this year.

Bunny: Any other exhibitions we should know about?
Gina: I’ve recently held an exhibition with Seikatsu Koba, themed Japan in which we both displayed our work.

Bunny: Is that the things you spend most of your SL time with or do you have any other interests?
Gina: Well, I don’t spend that much time on SL at all lately. But photography is one interest and building npirl furniture is another fairly recent challenge, which I’ve taken on. Oh and my friends keep me coming back :)

Bunny smiles. It’s good to have them in SL. You mentioned Seikatsu Koba. Was this your first cooperation with another artist?
Gina: Yes it actually was, and it was also the first cooperation with a close friend. It was really a fantastic experience during which we got to know each other a bit better

Bunny: No creative differences?
Gina: Oh sure, we do have different styles although it was quite stunning to see how close we got with the 2 x 2 photo’s on the same subject.

Bunny: Yes, I saw the exhibition and I was surprised how perfectly you seemed to complete each other’s work.
Gina: Indeed, I don’t think that I could have made such a series myself; they just had a perfect flow among them.
Gina smiles it compliments our friendship as well. We also had great fun scouting the Japanese sims.


Bunny: You mentioned npirl furniture. Is it just a fun thing or also a commercial venture?
Gina: It’s a commercial venture; GREENE Concept is selling my work. But it really started with an idea I had boiling in my head… I’m so NOT a builder but I had a few ideas about furniture in SL which I just had to make, and that was enough motivation to give it a go. I made a few copies of RL things first, like the Flos Stylos lamp, but the idea I had was the ‘hovering table’. It’s a glass plate, which hovers, obviously, and as legs I chose 32 flexible gold ribbons, which are affected by wind

Bunny: That explains the ‘npirl’. Are you successful?
Gina: It’s got some publicity here and there on blogs, so that’s a great success in my view.

Bunny: Building and photography are pretty lonely SL activities but you mentioned your friends. What do you think about friendships and relationships in SL in general?
Gina: Yes my friends… I’m really neglecting them :( I’ve had many different experiences in SL on that matter… really bad ones and really great ones as well. Friendship is a great thing and it also ‘works’ in SL

Bunny: Would you consider yourself a social person? I often see you communicating on Plurk, too.
Gina: I have a very long contact list but I would only call a small handful of them real friends, and those I really consider true friends. I guess I’m a social addict :) I love communicating with people and fooling around :)

Bunny: What made you originally join SL?
Gina: Land prices, people complaining about land prices in a virtual world. That’s what has drawn my attention. That seemed such a contradiction that I just had to check out what it was. And here I am… almost 2 years later and still around.

Bunny laughs. That’s the first time I heard someone joined because of ‘land prices’!
Gina: Curiosity kills the cat they say.

Bunny: What was your first impression?
Gina: I remember I bolted in on Ahern or Morris among some of the craziest noob haters at the time. They called me an alt while I had no idea what it meant, but some nice guy took care of me and explained me some ins and outs about SL in IM.

Bunny: So you had a rough start?
Gina: Yeah, I guess :)

Bunny: But you stayed nonetheless.
Gina: It takes a lot more to wipe out a Glimmer!

Bunny: What were the first steps of Gina Glimmer?
Gina: The first steps? I hung around the welcome a long time, making lots of friends, chatting a lot, shopping. Pretty boring actually… At one point that almost made me quit SL. But then I found Help Island Public and started having fun in helping noobs. Helping noobs got me in contact with Savannah Glimmer who was starting Orientation Station and I joined them. And in September 07 I started doing photography, which I’m still doing.

Bunny: What are the typical FAQ by noobs?
Gina: FAQ by noobs? Oh gosh… 1. Where from? 2. Wanna have sex? 3. See 1 and 2. No, I’m kidding. I actually have met a lot of very interesting and intelligent people when I mentored. Some of them have made career in SL as well.

Bunny: It’s great to see noobs prosper in SL.
Gina: Yes absolutely, it was a very rewarding experience.


Bunny: If you could start all over again, would you change anything?
Gina: I don’t think so, even though I’ve made some mistakes in being too close to some people in the beginning.

Bunny: Has SL impacted on your RL in any way?
Gina: It has, in a good and a bad way. The positive thing about SL is that some of my close friends have helped me with all sorts of RL issues that keep me busy. Often a listening ear or a shoulder to cry on, it even works in SL. The down side of SL is that it consumes an awful lot of time, time that I should be spending with my husband and son. And that has made me a sort of an appointment resident…

Bunny: So you only log on now when something needs your attention?
Gina: More or less yes, or when my addiction starts acting up again :)

Bunny: Have you got any dream or ambition in SL you’d like to fulfill one day?
Gina: When I was more active in photography I was looking for fame, but I knew that I was lacking certain skills and back ground. Right now my dream is to have a reasonable amount of online time in which I see my friends, meet new ones and do the activities I like doing (photography & furniture).

Bunny: That sounds awfully down to earth :)
Gina: I’m afraid it does.

Bunny: If you could make that special wish to the Lindens, what would it be?
Gina: Only one?

Bunny: So much about down to earth… Make as many wishes as you can think of!
Gina: 1. No more lag 2. Really perfect human shapes without odd corners and such 3. More than 25 group memberships. That would make me a lot happier already. 4. Real gravity 5. Real shadows.

Bunny: Famous last words?
Gina: To the readers: let me hear what you think!

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  1. lolwut

    Sep 30th, 2008

    If it were a real woman, Id hit that.

    But its not.

  2. Moggs Oceanlane

    Oct 1st, 2008

    Raaaawwwww! Gina is sexy, smart and… she takes no prisoners. *laughs in delight*.

  3. Peter Stindberg

    Oct 1st, 2008

    There is so much I could say, so I just say thank you for over one year of friendship, and thank your for 6 bittersweet months of partnership. Three words.

  4. MilosZMilosZ

    Oct 1st, 2008

    She is a man irl.

  5. Gina

    Oct 1st, 2008

    @ #1 I’m glad that you see it that way because I’m not really into being hit on lately, especially by a lolwut… However, hitting you physically seems quite appealing to me after your ‘flattering’ comment. Pffff!

    @ #2 thank you Moggs :)
    What about the ‘takes no prisoners?’ I’ve never joined the pirate thing have I? Maybe I can be a little harsh on certain days :-\ hmmmm….

    @ #3 hugs & kisses to you Peter :)

  6. Ivanova Shostakovich

    Oct 1st, 2008

    Gina, my first friend in SL. I’m so glad you still come around. Your wishes to the Lindens mirror my own.

  7. Stephie

    Oct 1st, 2008

    Is that a radiator you’re wearing in the second picture?

  8. Gina

    Oct 2nd, 2008

    /me hugs Ivanova and shows a bit more of the ‘radiator dress’:

  9. Gina

    Oct 2nd, 2008


    :-O How’d you guess?!

    Okay, I’ve been discovered now… I’m a 24yo male serial killer suffering from multiple personality disorder living somewhere in the world near to YOU!

    I’m only joking of course :)

    Who said that?!

    Can I have a cookie now?

    That’s not me! I swear it! It’s that woman again…

  10. whatever

    Oct 3rd, 2008

    Seriously, when these lame chics get their pics posted, do they immediately run and tell all their friends to post good remarks here or what? It cracks me up to see people come out of the woodwork who have never been here before and more than likely never will post again, just to say ‘OMG I loves my friend/partner/etc she is the besties!!’ *Gag*

    WTF is she wearing in pic 2? Looks like some window blinds I used to have in my room when I was like 14.

    “It consumes an awful lot of time, time that I should be spending with my husband and son.” Oh, and Yet another person who cheats on their RL spouse with someone on SL and doesn’t seem to care. Maybe you should get offline and spend some time with your RL husband and kid instead of posing nekkie, just a thought.

  11. Gina

    Oct 4th, 2008

    Don’t be such a hypocrite! You’re the one who’s calling this lame and yet you judge people you’ve never seen here before! So why do you keep reading this? That really makes you the last person to be telling me how I should be spending my RL or SL time!

    And, you’ve not even read the comments well have you? In my comment to Ivanova I’ve pasted a link to WTF I’m wearing, got it? Or was it just your lame attempt to place a witty remark? Surely it’s not the crap freebie type of dresses you’re used to see on your friends is it?

  12. Leather Aeon

    Oct 4th, 2008


    you look radiant as always. I can’t wait to see you again. this time a promise to be gentle… LOL!

    but seriously, I’m so happy to be your lover and friend. Since our first date at the Acropolis until now, you’ve taught me so much about myself and this crazy worl we live in.

    you’re the best.

    Leather Aeon

  13. MilosZMilosZ

    Oct 5th, 2008

    Gina: You need work getting your hair to sit on your head right. Nothing personal. Just an honest observation.

  14. Gina

    Oct 5th, 2008

    Thank you for your nice comments :)

    But… lover? …first date? …Acropolis? …and your name?

    I hope that you’re pulling my leg!

  15. Seikatsu Koba

    Oct 8th, 2008

    Well, I like the interview, it is very interesting, I learned things about Gina :)

    Gina, I commend your openness her ;)
    Bunny, good job :)

  16. Oli

    Oct 23rd, 2008

    What is she wearing?! can second life designer create something tasteful … WTF man!

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