Kiara Mazi – Second Life Dancers’ Union Organizer

by Alphaville Herald on 15/09/08 at 10:58 pm

Jimmy Hoffa reincarnated in the metaverse

by Valentina Tiratzo

Kiara Mazi – International Dancer’s Union organizer

I admit it. I was a lousy dancer. Emote? What the hell is an emote? I thought all I had to do was play with this silly little menu to ogling eyes, and say things like “thanks Bub” or “you’re the best” when I got tipped. Can you blame me? SL club owners nowadays don’t have time to train, they treat their dancers like Boob-bots, and the turnaround at most SL venues lasts less than a dress on prom night. Someone changed all that; a mysterious woman with emotes so artfully written, so sexually charged, that my RL boyfriend thought leaned over my shoulders and said “Wow, that’s what I call one sexually exquisite mind.”

So I got curious her, quickly clicked through her picks and low and behold, there it was – The International Dancer’s Union. A quick TP and I was there, sending my information via a nifty gadget attached to the office’s front door. A couple of hours later, a tall elegant gentleman with an intimidating black suit and black tie, requests my friendship and appears at the office along with a scantily clad woman with flawless skin. “Who told you about the Union?” he asked, and I fumbled through my sentences. “Uh, Kiara Mazi sent me.”

“Really…somehow I don’t believe you, ” he interrupted. “Are you a spy?”

I tried to convince him so I insisted we voice each other.

“Look I just want to know who is behind all this…what do you people do here?” That’s when I saw a smile and heard a chuckle so loud my notebook speakers almost blew out. “Are you a dancer?” he asked. I yelled “Yes! Yes! Yes!”


He walked me into a zen-like workspace and asked me to take a seat, and that’s when I saw her, a sweet angel face with eyes I had never seen before on Second Life, pitch black and darker than night. I squirmed in my chair as she stood there for 5 minutes, the longest 5 minutes of my life, in dead silence. She took a seat and politely introduced me to her organization; a union for Second Life dancers.

“Are you a dance school,” I asked. “No,” she answered. “We are much more.”


Dancers get training and job placement, but most importantly the get “protection.” You’ve got a slave-driving, deranged boss spamming you 24 hours a day? Well, the Union’s “people” take care of it.” When I left, I started to ask other dancers about it, and I was shocked that most of them not only know about the organization, they were members! And the list of venues are up there as some of the highest grossing establishments on SL. What’s next… a worldwide strike? Union deals with the club industry? A deal with the drug cartel?

Expect anything from Kiara Mazi; an underground celeb so underground not even the “The Fragils” can touch her.

8 Responses to “Kiara Mazi – Second Life Dancers’ Union Organizer”

  1. leftover lasagna

    Sep 16th, 2008

    You stopped writing before you were finished, right? There’s more to this isn’t there?

    Where is the interesting part?

  2. Stephie

    Sep 16th, 2008

    Plain long brown hair and brown eyes? :O I’m shocked. Someone who looks normal, if not a clone of Angelina Jolie.

  3. Alyx Stoklitsky

    Sep 16th, 2008

    I’m still curious as to what this article as actually about.

  4. Sigmund Leominster

    Sep 16th, 2008

    No, seriously, it DOES seem like something is missing. This could be a really cool story about the Dance Industry (yes, it does deserve a proper noun) and a little more digging and writing would help. Who is Kiara Mazi? What’s her reason for starting a Dancer’s Union? Is it a social group, a teaching group, or a political group? What’s the nature of the “protection”? Does it work? How many people are in the group? Do group members get paid more than non-group members?

    If there’s more, print it; if not, I’m online tomorrow to track Kiara down and I’m gonna get some answers! Inquiring minds want to know!!!

  5. Becky Lanin

    Sep 16th, 2008

    I love this article! It leaves you wondering…who is this lady??? I guess that’s for us to find out. Sign me up!

  6. David Welsh

    Sep 16th, 2008

    I searched her profile and she has no partner. I’m on that hotty like flies on ssshhh.

  7. Archie Lukas

    Sep 16th, 2008

    She’s only 2 books wide !!!

    Get that girl a burger and fries someone!

  8. Patricia Rames

    Sep 16th, 2008

    I worked with her a back in the day. She is actually a total sweetheart and really talented emoter. I’m so proud of you Kiara! It’s me “Twinkles.”

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